The Dungeon Of Terror


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Aug 10, 2015
The Dungeon Of Terror
Chapter 1

It was a warm summer's day when five people got a letter that contained an intriguing invitation, and a DVD with some highly unusual entertainment on it.

Ryoma Hikari got out of his luxury sedan along with his body guards at the location that he had been told to go to in the unusual invitation to met with the man who had not only sent him the invitation but also the highly arousing video of two girl fighting one another before the red headed girl in the video went all lesbian rapist on the dark haired girl that she had beaten into submission after a hard fight.

I wonder who these people are? “ he thought to himself as he saw two other men and two women at the same location as him as he felt slightly tense that he and the strangers with him were walking into an ambush.

Who the hell are these people? “ Alistair Angelsin thought to himself as he saw two other men and two women at the location he had been told to go to in the strange invitation he had gotten a day ago, he looked at one of the other men and saw that he was a japanese man who looked to be in his 50's with black hair and beard that was just started to to whiten with age along with two other younger japanese men that stood at a height of five foot, nine inches and looked to weight about a 160lbs of muscle.

Next he looked at one of the women and saw that she stood around the five foot, seven inch mark with a curvy body and large breasts, she looked to be in her early 20's with long platinum blond hair and icy blue eyes as for her weight he could not tell as she was dressed in a conservative business jacket and skirt.

Next he looked at one of the other men and saw that he stood at a height of six feet, five inches tall with a medium build, short black hair and a short black beard with strange eyes that were completely white which made him think that the man was blind but yet when the strange man looked right at him he knew he was not blind as he as feeling sightly uneasy.

When he looked at the other women he saw that she was around the five foot, four inch mark with short black hair with black eyes and fair sized breasts who looked to be in hear early to mid thirties and he noticed she had a slightly sadistic look in her black eyes.

The man simply known as the Gambler was watching the one of the men who looked to be in his early fifties with short black hair, black eyes and a tall, thin build who stood at the five foot, ten inch mark looking at the dark haired women with his pure white eyes and he could see that the the older man was becoming attracted to the middle aged dark hair women.

Sarah Ortega De la Cruz lit up a smoke as she was waiting for the stranger who send her the invitation to meet him as she looked at the four men and one other women.

" Gods that was exciting! " she thought to herself as she took a drag from her smoke as she thought back to the video that had come with the invitation that showed a cute, young blond haired grail being beaten into a crying fit by a slightly older red haired girl who then face raped the crying blond girl.

But what had really made her hot and wet between the legs when she watched the video was that she knew that the beating and rape of the cute, crying blond girl was not faked because she was running a bussine that specialized in ryona porn and no matter how realistic she made the videos they did not excite her because she knew it was all faked.

" Damn it!, I need to get laid! " she thought to herself as she felt herself becoming warm and damp between the legs as she thought back to that video she had been sent by the stranger who had sent it to her along with the invitation for a face to face meeting.

Seraphina Black was smoking a joint as she was waiting for the stranger who had sent her the invitation for a face to face meeting as well as the video of of a girl fighting a tall muscle bound man who beat and raped the young girl to death which had so aroused her that she went full S&M rape on one of the family's maid servants.

Given that she was from not only an *old money* family but also she and her family are decedents from old European nobility she along with the rest of her family had some how say we say *unconventional* tastes for the *finer* things in life as well as being so rich they could live the most debouched and depraved lifestyle for years on end and not even make a dent in the family fortune.

Suddenly there was a strange sucking sensation that filled the area that startled the gathered people before a glowing neon green swirling portal opened in front of them all.

From the glowing swirling came a man who stood at the five foot, eleven inch mark, what set this strange man apart from other men was not only his short stark white hair and shockingly deep, dark cobalt blue eyes but also that four men and two women got the feeling this was not a man to take light from the sense of power that was radiating from the strange man.

Welcome my friends, I am Grayson Dreadmoore and I am happy to see all of you here. “ the strangely disturbing white haired man said with a friendly tone of voice and a slightly cocky smirk on his face.


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Aug 10, 2015
I know it's a bit slow going but trust it it'll be worth the wait for the *action* to kick in

The Dungeon Of Terror
Chapter 2

Grayson Dreadmoore could see the looks of fearful confusion in the eyes and on the faces of his guests and felt the right corner of his lips turn up into an amused smirk.

I know you are most likely to be confused at this moment in time but don't worry you are in no danger so relax and let me fill you in on what's going, ok? “ he said with a friendly and smirking tone of voice that was under-laid with a tone of voice that made it clear to Ryoma and the others that he could not only be a good friend and a man to work with and gain untold riches but all you piss him off your death will be a long time in coming.

Ryoma vowed to all the gods, demons and devil that he was going to be on his very *Best* behavior.

Oh SHIT! “ Seraphina thought to herself as she felt both badly intimated and misleadingly aroused by Grayson.

The Gambler took a closer looked at Grayson and just knew he would not only not cross this man but treat him with the up-most respect and honesty as he realized that he was vastly outclassed by Grayson.

Sarah felt herself becoming a boiling swamp of lust as she knew that this man was a deadly predator in human form as she could see that nearly hidden violence in his calming blue eyes that made her feel so powerless and insanely horny.

Note to self, DO NOT! Piss this man off, just don't do it, it's not worth the *pain*. “ Alistair thought to himself as he took a moment to look at Grayson and even though it was devote desire not to piss off Grayson he could not help but to take an interest in the young man who who had badly intimidated him.

I know each of you have something in common with one another and with me and that is we have some *Special* taste in entertainment. “the others heard Grayson say to them with a conspirtal tone of voice and a knowing look on his face that made them feel a deep sense of shame.

Why should we trust you for? “ Alistair asked Grayson after working up the nerve to speak to him.

I know none of have any reason to trust me and I get that, lets just say I'm a *Businessman* and I'm looking to expand my market base by offering a fair and honest deal with you five. “ Grayson said to Alister and watched as look of interest appear in Alister's as well as a look that said, *So he wants to wheel and deal, GAME ON!*

Sara looked at Seraphina and they smiled at one another as they felt their competitive sides kick in because they were damn sure that Grayson was not only richer then the Gods but he was also highly arousing and that there could be one *Bitch* that belonged to Grayson and that neither of them where going to hold back trying to prove that they were the *One* he was to claim as *HIS*.

The Gambler was thinking of just what kind of business that Grayson was into as he got the feeling that Grayson was a man of wealth and taste that went way past what humans would call a *Lifestyle Of The Rich And Shameless.* by light years.

Ryoma could not help but let out a grim smirk as he was damn sure that Grayson would be called The Apex Predator of the business world with more then enough money, power and guns by the metric shiton that he could easily topple every nation on Earth without some much as braking a sweat which not only made him feel a certain amount of respect for a fellow *Businessman* but also excitement as he was going about getting the *Best Deal* he can out of everyone else in this meeting.

I know that you are wondering what the portal that behind me is, well lets just say that the location of where I do Business as well as entertain my guests is not on this world. “ Grayson said to his guests and hopefuly business partners.

Don't worry I assure you that none of you will be harmed or messed with in anyway unless you bring it on yourselves and the portal is big enough that you can drive your vehicles into it. “ he added and as expected he saw the others get into their vehicles and knew that they would follow him to his office and home.

After Grayson walked into the portal Ryoma and the others drove their vehicles into the portal and when the last vehicle drove past the entrance to the portal, the portal winked out of existence.
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