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Tera - A guide to swap costumes(uncomplete)

Discussion in 'Tools & Guides' started by WhateverYouSay, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. WhateverYouSay

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    Jul 2, 2012
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    I just started to mess up with Tera's GPK files, especially costumes(screw armors o<), and after reading some complicated guide, I decided to make on myself for basic swaps.
    [Important Note]
    This guide so far its as simple as incomplete, it only allows the swap of certain costumes and it doesn't include the animations, which result in buggy clothes.
    So any costume which has animation(say, skirts) will not be displayed properly, however, even some buggy ones are acceptably displayed, so its up to you if its worth or not.
    You can see in this guide a list of swaps that works, and swaps that doesn't, sadly, not many swaps works, but feel free to explain me how to swap these,and I'll update this guide right away.

    ...make a backup of your GPK files before messing with them, always.

    [Help Wanted]
    If you know how to properly swap the costume animations, please let me know, I'll update this guide so everyone else can learn about it.

    [What you need]
    (1)An Hex editor software(No need for any Hex knowledge, just follow the guide step by step)
    The program I use for this guide is a very simple and portable editor (means, no installation required),and can be downloaded from free at:
    HxD ? Portable Hex Editor | Portable USB Applications
    Name's HxD, its freeware, doesn't require installation, what possibly you could ask for? :O
    (2)The GPK files
    Which are located in Tera's installation folder, which is:
    C:\Program Files\Tera\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Art_Data\Packages\CH\PC
    (Note that installation path my differ depend on the system you're using and/or where you actually installed Tera)
    (3)At least a couple of costumes in game
    Because, you know, to swap the costumes you actually have to have one at least.

    Yep, not just some costume's animations, there's more, due to my lack of knowledge in modding, I can only swap costumes whose file name doesn't finish with"A",like the following GPK files:
    I don't know how to swap these costumes, feel free to contribute to this guide and explain me :o

    [Which GPK Files are costumes?]
    Easy enough, the costumes names are from "PC_Event_01",to"PC_Event_26"(the more they'll release, the more GPK files there will be), for a total of 33 files(again, may be more). So first things first, make a backup copy of these files somewhere, just in case.

    [Which GPK File is which costume?]
    This is a work in progress, I'll update this guide as long as I compile the list.

    [Does it work with all races?]
    Yes as far as I know and as long as that race have a version of the said costume(you know, some costumes are only for some and not all races)

    [So what's the deal?]
    It simple, you buy the cheapest costume you can find in your Tera version, check which GPK file its from, and then locate which GPK file is the costume you want to switch to.
    Example? the cheap pirate costume(cheap, at least in Tera Europe), its "PC_Event_08.gpk", if you want the Conjurer's Costume(which is file"PC_Event_26.gpk"), you will have to work with the PC_Event_26 file to make it look like the PC_Event_08(while in fact, it isn't).
    As for a cheap costume with an"A", I would go for the black magic / bunny costume, which is pretty cheap in the Shop, again, at least in Europe.

    [Safe gpk files installation]
    You can test your gpk files in game without having to move/replace your original ones, simply make a folder named "_PC"(with the underscore prefix) in \Tera\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Art_Data\Packages\CH\, the game will first read the files in the "_PC" folders and then the ones in the"PC"folder(the original one), so, for example, if you have an edited PC_Event_22.gpk file in the"_PC" folder, the game will ignore the one in the standard "PC" folder and instead the one in the"_PC" folder.

    Okay, let's get into the How-To,unlike most guides you can find in the Internet, mine are always precise and very step-by-step, you can't be wrong unless you've read wrong or you skipped a step.

    [->]In this example,I'll swap the Pirate Costume(PC_Event_08),with the Conjurer's Costume(PC_Event_26)

    - Start the Hex editor(HxD as I suggested above), or you can associate the gpk files with it(so you just have to double click them)
    - Copy the PC_Event_26.gpk file located in (..)\Tera\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Art_Data\Packages\CH\PC\ into the "_PC" folder you made earlier which should be in (..)\Tera\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Art_Data\Packages\CH\_PC\
    - Open the PC_Event_26.gpk file located in (..)\Tera\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Art_Data\Packages\CH\PC\
    - Looks complicated? it will be a joke really, just press CTRL+R or go to "Search">"Replace",and type:
    PC_Event_26(In"Search fo" Field)
    PC_Event_08(In"Replace with" Field)
    Also make sure that data type"Text-String" is selected.
    - Click on"Replace All"
    - Did that?, save the file
    - Now rename the PC_Event_26.gpk file into PC_Event_08.gpk
    - Done, really, that was all

    Now you can have any costume in game as long as you have a matching replacement(Either one with a ## or ##A gpk file).

    Costume Identifier(Incomplete)

    (Note that the costume's names are from Tera Europe version!, the names for America/Whatever version are different)
    (Also I used a face mask in these screens to protect my girl's privacy, you know, serious business)

    Various Swimsuits
    [Good Swap]
    Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B51.jpg Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B52.jpg
    "2012 Swimsuits"
    -Swap not working-
    -Swap not working-

    -Swap not working-

    -Swap not working-
    (And client crash too)

    -Swap not working-


    "Black Magic"+"Lady in Red"+"Leopard Leotard"

    -Swap not working-
    (And client crash too)

    -Swap not working-

    "Heavy Snow Suit"
    "Pirate Costume"
    Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B42.jpg Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B43.jpg
    "School Outfit"
    Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B58.jpg Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B59.jpg
    "Captain Outfit"
    [Good Swap]

    Various Swimsuits
    Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B38.jpg Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B37.jpg Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B36.jpg
    "Steampunk Outfit"(Missing an element in the arm, otherwise good swap)

    "Ballet Dress"
    "Mafia Costume"
    Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B28.jpg Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B29.jpg
    "Japanese Random Superhero"(Unreleased in USA and Europe!)
    [Good Swap]
    Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B24.jpg Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B25.jpg

    Succubus Costume(Not Dyable/Plain One)
    [Good Swap]
    Festive Costume(Not Dyeable)
    [Good Swap]
    Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B19.jpg Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B20.jpg
    "Nightshadow Kimono"
    [Good Swap]

    Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B17.jpg Senza%u00252Btitolo%u00252B-%u00252B18.jpg


    Maid(Bad Swap,Skirt Position Bugged)

    -Swap Not Working-
    -Swap Not Working-
    -Swap Not Working-
    "Teddy Bear",or whatever you call it
    -Swap Not Working-
    -Swap Not Working-
    -Swap Not Working-
    "Alice in Wonderland" Dress
    Chinese Dress,Not Dyeable Version
    -Swap not working-
    [Good Swap]

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hello, can a mod correct the Thread's title? I wrote uncomplete instead of incomplete....:eek:
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  2. lulu

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    May 14, 2012
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    after looking for days for one mod i just tried this. it worked,
    very easy and fast. thank you very much for this guide
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