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Site Custom Reviews

Discussion in 'Ryona' started by thesteedman, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. thesteedman

    thesteedman Ryonani Teamster

    Aug 15, 2011
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    Heya guys! Just thought I'd give you guys some personal input on customs I've got from companies in the past. You might have seen one or two of them lingering around if you visit the sites I've got customs from. It was during a time when I had spare money to splash, though since moving into my own place, that cash has been scarce and so they won't appear as often.

    Still, I thought it would be interesting to give my two cents on companies I've dealt with getting customs and tell you my experiences and general ratings. Bearing in mind I often get the same thing for my clips so once you've seen one you've generally seen them all given my unique ryona interests. Anyway, I'll begin with the first place I ever got a custom from.


    Fem Wrestling Rooms Main Entrance

    This was the first company I ever approached for a custom clip. I've had three from them in total, known as the Breathless series which consists of my favourite two holds holds. The fact that I got three clips says it all really about this site, I think it generally is worth getting customs from them, though I have since branched away since there are cheaper options. The guy running the site is very patient and follows requests very well. I tend to write novels for scripts and he did very well following them despite how much writing I sent him the first time (twas my first time sending a script after all)

    He kept in regular contact with me, and I was very pleased with two our of the three customs, whilst still being satisfied with the one that didn't quite reach the same standard as the other two. He has a great selection of sexy wrestlers to choose from who really give it their all, and thanks to previews in other clips you can get a good look at how good some of his girls are. My fault with them lies only in the price, though the footage provided is fantastic quality and he does deliver the goods, or at least in my experience with him.

    Great Roster of sexy girls and capable wrestlers
    Good site manager who follows requests
    Good quality footage

    A little on the pricey side for 10 minute clips, which lets it down for me a portion.

    Overall, it's a great site, and if I was still rolling in cash I wouldn't hesitate to try and get one or two more customs from them. It also holds a nostalgia element since it was my first site I went to for a custom, and so the site holds a special place in my heart. A solid place, though somewhat expensive.

    Rating:- 4/5


    Gia Primo

    This was a much more recent custom I got from the very well known and very established Gia Primo. There was a fair few pros and cons to this one, but overall the pros did outweight the cons for me. For one Gia was easy enough to talk to via email and her responses were quite quick. Some issues came from a lack of roster or updates at the time of whom was available and there wasn't many girls to choose from, just who Gia was working with at the time. The biggest issue I had with the custom was ordering a 20 min custom but only getting 15. Such a thing would normally set me off into a huge rant, but it was a cheap custom and ultimately I didn't mind letting that slip... though perhaps I shouldn't have.

    The clip itself is not filmed with the best quality of cameras and it shows with varying contrast throughout the clip. Also, it just felt a little too fast paced and hyperactive between Gia and the other girl in the custom. Holds did not last as long as I would have liked, and that lack of 5 mins showed as each hold felt kind of rushed. Still, I'm focusing too much on the bad, and despite its flaws I was still pleased with the final product. It was a much cheaper custom then normal, it arrived very quickly and despite the lack of camera quality I still enjoyed it.

    My rating I think might be harsh since I did like the clip, but I imagine if these flaws happened to the majority of people they might not be so forgiving or pleased, so whilst I'd love to score it higher, I can't really super recommend Gia just for the flaws I encountered. So tread carefully if you do wish to custom from her, I certainly wouldn't say stay away completely as she did deliver, just approach with caution.

    Clip was finished pretty fast
    Gia was nice and easy to talk to and took attention to most of the details

    Not the best camera quality
    Roster is limited
    Missed minutes from Custom

    Raring:- 2.5/5



    I'd had my eyes on this site for a while since I quite liked the roster. Whilst the style of the site was not so much to my liking mostly being about brawling, I figured that would change if I got a custom made to my own liking. The guy behind the site was very approachable and quick with replies when I emailed him about the query, though I was not too into it when I had to sacrifice half of my desired script to make way for the usual brawling style of the site. Despite this I was keen to custom since I though his roster was great, and for a time I was willing to bite the bullet and paid for a custom despite the compromise.

    After a while it began to daunt on me that I felt I was paying full custom price (which wasn't cheap) for half a desired custom, and as such I brought my concerns to the main guy behind the site. I requested a refund having cold feet and to his benefit he offered to do so, but mentioned he would be willing to make 80% of the clip more evolved around my favourite holds rather then the brawling side. As such I was willing to give it a shot.

    The final product was of great quality, with both girls really doing a great job, but it did not feel like it was my custom at all. Instead of 80% I probably got about 20% of what I asked and paid for, and as such I was ultimately very disappointed. I approached the guy with my concerns, and whilst he apologized it felt like very little was done to satisfy the paying customer. He offered to make a condensed clip featuring the parts that were suppose to feature my custom requests, claiming it went over 10 minutes. I never heard from him since, and having done the job myself it barely scraped 4 minutes. I personally can't recommend this site as a result of my disappointing experience, I felt robbed of money by the end.

    Great Roster
    Very well choreographed fights
    Great effects

    Doesn't follow custom scripts

    Rating:- 1/5


    More to come!
  2. TheCrimsonRisk

    TheCrimsonRisk Ryonani Teamster

    Jun 10, 2010
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    This was an awesome post Steed! Getting into customs is a pricey and somewhat daunting venture and any information is helpful. I think you covered the most important bases of customer service, speed, performance, video quality and overall enjoyment.

    You definitely shouldn't have been so forgiving with Gia, no matter how cute she is! :p Sorry to hear that you got short-changed on video length. I hope for her company's sake that that's not the norm.

    I'm even more sorry to hear that you had a custom script that wasn't fulfilled to your liking! >:( For me, that is one of the most important aspects of ordering a custom, knowing that an idea I've had brewing in my head can be fully realized. If the custom makers deviate too much, what's the point? Again, thank you for posting this so that the rest of us know what we're getting into should we decide to order from any of these companies. I might hijack your thread with my own thoughts if I order another custom anytime soon.
  3. Face-Kick

    Face-Kick Potential Patron

    Jul 24, 2011
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    I figured I'd share me own thoughts on this, given that I've ordered well over 100 customs from various producers over the last ten years or so. Oh, and for the record, I'm not especially rich or anything... I've just always had a very misplaced sense of priorities, where the opportunity to get a new custom eclipses trivialities like rent and food.

    For the most part, I've usually ordered multiple customs from various producers, so a lot of these reviews will cover my experience as a whole, rather than that of an individual video.


    An odd place to start perhaps, given that Lusa are currently not producing custom videos. But back in 2008, their custom service was like a well oiled machine. They had a site specifically set up for customs, and would always shoot over a few days at the end of the month. The site let you pick the girl(s) that would be available, the duration of the match, the outfits, the style of combat, etc. Once selected, you would add your script and be sent a quote based on the criteria selected (which was always pretty reasonable).

    It was either case of good or bad timing with my discovery of Lusa's custom service (depending on your perspective!), as it was at a time when I had just come into a bit of money. After my first commission, I was immediately hooked, and over the next year, I commissioned a total of 30 customs from them, ranging from one-on-one bouts to double-team matches to 45 minute best-of-5 encounters (complete with an alternate ending!).

    Safe to say, I was happy with the product. And then, as suddenly as it had begun, it was over. Lusa made an announcement they would be taking a break from customs and that was that. Perhaps fortunately for my wallet!

    Of those 30 customs, I'd say there were only 3 or 4 that I wasn't 100% satisfied with. The rest met and often exceeded my expectations.

    sumhands1.jpg sumhands2.jpg

    Simple to use website and scheduled shoots (plus quick turnaround on completed product).
    Very talented performers with a real understanding of the vibe of my scripts (Summer, especially!).
    Good value (for back in 2008, anyway!).

    One or two girls weren't the best at selling (although that's only really a con if take a punt on a wrestler you haven't seen in action before).
    Some of the facesitting was actually face-hovering. Not all the women on the roster would do facesitting, which was perfectly fine. However, if you say you're happy to do it, then actually do it.
    They aren't doing customs any more. :disapointed:

    Overall Rating = 9/10

    Sleeperkid's World

    At the last count, the number of customs I've commissioned from Sleeperkid over the years is around 47'ish, something like that. I'm the guy that changed Angelina from everyone's jobber to bad-ass heel and who created the 'Fists of Sumiko' series... with a few other random videos along the way too.

    There's a reason why SKW is so successful, and it's that they deliver what you ask for - and often more. Simple as that. All my scripts from SKW have been realised exactly as I envisioned them, often better than I might have anticipated.

    sumiko__s_split_victory_pose___3__special_request__by_sleeperkid-d4te0jh.jpg sumiko_kick__by_sleeperkid-d5haqn0.jpg 424969_129883107168464_417985759_n.jpg IMG_6345.JPG IMG_6754.JPG

    Years of experience and a genuine passion for the genre.
    Great direction and editing skills (particularly in punch/kick based videos).
    Varied roster with home grown talent and numerous visiting pro-wrestlers.
    Variety of style available, from standard wrestling, to martial arts style combat to boxing to superheroines and more.
    Not a 'clock-watcher' - 90% of my customs have gone over the ten minutes commissioned, sometimes significantly so.

    Occasionally, some girls may not be the most effective at selling a punch/hold. It's very rare at SKW and to be fair, this is a risk attached to any custom from any producer.
    Turnaround to completed video can sometimes take a little while. But that's really only if the video needs extensive post-production (like the addition of numerous punching and kicking sound effects!).

    Overall Rating 9/10

    Slammin' Ladies

    I've commissioned around 15 customs to date from Slammin' Ladies. And for the most part they've ranged from OK to very good. There have been a few mis-steps along the way. Two of the customs ran shorter than I had paid for. On both occasions, the site gave me a 50% discount on my next commission, so that seemed fair. It was frustrating though, particularly as one of the videos was probably one of the best they'd produced for me and it end up barely reaching 8 minutes!

    On a separate occasion, I received a video that barely followed my script. Worse yet, that actually ended up being irrelevant as the camera work for the video was awful. And I mean awful, to the point of never staying still and often missing the action completely. I got another discount at that time too, but in retrospect I probably should have asked for all my money back as the video was basically unwatchable.

    Most recently, I received a custom that I had commisioned as one-sided 30 minute iron-woman match. The very basic premise was that one wrestler would dominate the entire match scoring numerous pins and submissions until a final KO. Unfortunately, something either wasn't communicated to the wrestlers (or was perhaps misunderstood by the wrestler who was on the receiving end), and what I actually got was a 30 minute iron-woman match where one wrestler dominates but fails to score a single pin-fall or submission until a final KO... Which obviously changed the vibe of the match completely.

    Those occassional fubars aside, I have had some good videos from Slammin' Ladies - although it is a site where you need to choose your wrestlers wisely if you want the match to be taken seriously.

    (76).jpg (48).jpg Lorelei vs Tracey 72.jpg rhia01.jpg

    The opportunity to script matches for your favourite pro-wrestlers and, if both women are available, you can book those 'dream matches' that you always wanted to see - and choose the outcome!
    An experienced and very talented roster of indie wrestlers.
    A ring setting.
    Referees available (if you want them).

    Wrestlers not always taking it as seriously as you'd like.
    Botches or other mistakes are never reshot.
    Might sometimes veer away from your script/outline.

    Overall Rating 7/10

    Kick-Ass Kandy

    I guess it was inevitable in a way. If you order as many customs as I have, at some point I was bound to encounter a producer that... Well, let's just say wasn't on the same wavelength as myself.

    The story of my custom with KAK starts a looooong time ago... Well, a couple of years, anyway. I wasn't really a fan of the site, purely because they were only producing f/m videos, which isn't my cup of tea. However, despite my lack of interest in the theme of their videos, I could recognise their talent. And so, I always hoped they would one day either branch out into f/f material, or start offering customs. And eventually they did.

    I made an initial enquiry about a short f/f movie, but when they quoted a price of £800 for a 8-10 minute clip. And so I was out. A few months later, they got in touch again and came down to a price of £500 for a ten minute clip. I was still on the fence, given that's more than twice what I generally pay for customs (which are normally around the $300 mark for at least 10 minutes, which is about £230, give or take). That said, the two women involved ('Kix' and 'Silver') were both women I'd seen on the KAK site and knew they would be able to put on a pretty incredible match. And so I went for it.

    At least, I would have done. Unfortunately, Kix's schedule became too busy and weeks turned to months turned to a year and I figured that was that. Until KAK contacted me again, towards the back of last year. Kix was back and they had a new talented kick-boxer/model and was I still up for my custom. I was still a little cautious, but as mentioned above, I'm not really one for thinking! And so, I zapped 'em the money, along with a clear, but not complicated script (basically of a kick-boxing match), even including a link to a montage of fight scenes that I had edited together and put on youtube so as to illustrate exactly how I wanted the fight to finish.

    About two months later (the wait wasn't an issue, the video had been shot just before Christmas, so that was fine), I received my video. And it was... Well.

    The first thing I noticed, cos frankly you couldn't miss it, was the presence of a bloke. Which I thought was odd, cos there hadn't been a bloke in my script. The fact is, I cannot stand seeing blokes in f/f videos. I won't even buy a wrestling video (however good the match might be) if it has a male referee. Or male commentary. So, as you can imagine, the presence of this dude (who was playing the bad girl's 'corner man) was NOT a welcome sight. The one redeeming factor what that he was never present during the action. But between the rounds of the fight (which I also hadn't requested, for the record!), there he was, like a walking, talking cold shower. :pissed off:

    The action itself was good. I knew Kix could deliver, and deliver she did. Her opponent, the new girl was OK. But she wasn't the best at selling the action when she was on the receiving end. Don't get me wrong, I've seen worse. But I've seen better too. The match generally followed my script, albeit up until the end when the big, epic, one-sided demolition that I had essentially choreographed, didn't happen. In fact, the one part of the fight scene that I had asked them NOT to replicate was the one thing that they DID! :wtfsmilie:

    Oh, and right at the end, another dude turns up.


    And so, in the end, the custom video that I have paid the highest fee for to date, turned out to be the most disappointing. By a very, very long way.

    Talented roster (most of them!)
    Good production values

    Deviations and unwanted additions to script
    VERY high price

    Overall Rating - 4/10