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Shining Angel vs the Enforcer and the General part 1

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by marvelfan1234, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. marvelfan1234

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    May 14, 2012
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    An RP by gigi and marvelfan1234

    [15:04] <gigi> I am totally out.
    [15:05] <gigi> I still fell the pain of my past humiliantion.
    [15:05] <gigi> Enforcer beat me hard
    [15:05] <gigi> I am naked, tied and totally defeated
    [15:06] <gigi> The dark material stone is near from me not allow me to recover my powers
    [15:07] <gigi> After many tries, the hostage get free from the chains
    [15:08] <gigi> (Hostage) Shining Angel, are you alright?
    [15:08] <gigi> The hostage grabs the stone and throw away
    [15:08] <gigi> aaaaaahhh aaaahhh
    [15:08] <gigi> th...thannks
    [15:09] <gigi> (hostage) Shining Angel, please, talk to me
    [15:09] <gigi> I feel my powers returning
    [15:09] <gigi> The pain is going now
    [15:10] <gigi> my powers makes me cure from my wounds
    [15:11] <gigi> my breasts are recovered, my pussy do not hurt anymore
    [15:11] <gigi> Hiiii, thank you for your help
    [15:12] <gigi> (Hostage): Shining Angel, how do you fell?
    [15:12] <gigi> I´m fine now, thank you for throw the stone away
    [15:13] <gigi> (I take my bra, panties, shorts and boots and dress again)
    [15:13] <gigi> I need to reach enforcer, did you see the direction that he followed?
    [15:13] <gigi> (hostage) yes, he went to the north
    [15:14] <gigi> The north? Well, if he have a hideout, should be on the docks
    [15:15] <gigi> Thank you, now I must go
    [15:15] <gigi> Bye bye
    [15:15] <gigi> (hostage), please, be careful
    [15:15] <gigi> (yt)
    [15:16] <marvelfan1234> Shining Angel flies over to the docks as fast as she can
    [15:18] <marvelfan1234> once you reach the docks the only thing there is a boat house
    [15:19] <marvelfan1234> you go inside hoping to find the enforcer
    [15:19] <marvelfan1234> but inside its's complety dark
    [15:20] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [15:21] <gigi> Enforcer, are you there? Surrender now! You don´t have your stone anymore. Surrender and I will not hurt you.
    [15:21] <gigi> Appear, I know you are here.
    [15:21] <gigi> (yt)
    [15:22] <marvelfan1234> Hello again Shining Angel I wasn't expecting to see you so soon
    [15:23] <marvelfan1234> Still too dark you can barly make out where hes standing
    [15:24] <marvelfan1234> Welcome to my little hangout let me get the lights for you
    [15:25] <marvelfan1234> the lights imediatly turn on showing that I'm not alone
    [15:25] <marvelfan1234> another man apears from behind who had turned on the lights
    [15:25] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [15:26] <gigi> Hu, so... you brought a friend? No matter, I can beat you both
    [15:28] <gigi> I that you are in the center of a circle like a ring, but, without ropes, for some unknow reason the light just focus there
    [15:28] <gigi> You both, surrender, you don´t have how to beat me
    [15:28] <gigi> I walk to the ring
    [15:29] <gigi> When I make contact with the light, I fell a little strange
    [15:29] <gigi> (yt)
    [15:31] <marvelfan1234> whats wrong angel? you look a little off
    [15:32] <marvelfan1234> you see this light right over you
    [15:32] <marvelfan1234> it's admitting the same power from that stone you always complain about
    [15:33] <marvelfan1234> just a little security measure if you were ever foolish enough to find me
    [15:34] <marvelfan1234> my partner walks into the ring
    [15:35] <marvelfan1234> how rude let me introduce you to my friend he was just some criminal that you've stopped many times
    [15:37] <marvelfan1234> he wanted revenge so I'm here to help I know his real name I call him the General, sounds better
    [15:37] <marvelfan1234> (the General) been waiting a long time for this
    [15:37] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [15:37] <gigi> General, hu?
    [15:38] <gigi> You and your dirty tricks
    [15:38] <gigi> Enforcer, I will stop you and general right now
    [15:39] <gigi> (Thinking) I am become weaker even more, I must to finish this as soon as possible
    [15:39] <gigi> Now I launch myself right to enforcer and attack with a punch
    [15:40] <gigi> (yt)
    [15:42] <marvelfan1234> your punch hits me in the face I stumble a little
    [15:44] <marvelfan1234> ha good one angel, now lets have some fun
    [15:44] <marvelfan1234> I punch you in the face
    [15:45] <marvelfan1234> you fall back to the general who grabs your arms and holds you back
    [15:46] <marvelfan1234> one more thing angel before we really start you see that camera over there?
    [15:47] <marvelfan1234> I'm filming all of this and straming it on the internet as we speak
    [15:48] <marvelfan1234> so the whole world can tune in and watch as we defeat and humuliate you
    [15:49] <marvelfan1234> everyone will know that Shining Angel is a weak pathetic heroine not strong enough to protect them
    [15:49] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [15:50] <gigi> You crazy pig
    [15:50] <gigi> turn off that thing, now
    [15:51] <gigi> I struggle to free myself, but, I am weakening
    [15:51] <gigi> (yt)
    [15:52] <marvelfan1234> turn it off?
    [15:53] <marvelfan1234> I don't think so I think everyone is going to want to see this
    [15:53] <marvelfan1234> I punch you in the stomach
    [15:54] <marvelfan1234> don't forget to smile
    [15:54] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [15:54] <gigi> oooouuuufff
    [15:54] <gigi> The force of your punch make my body curve
    [15:55] <gigi> General pulls me back. I am ready for another one
    [15:55] <gigi> (yt)
    [15:55] <marvelfan1234> I punch again
    [15:56] <marvelfan1234> your body starts to curl
    [15:56] <marvelfan1234> (general) hey boss what about me
    [15:56] <marvelfan1234> sure go for it
    [15:57] <marvelfan1234> why can't we both have fun
    [15:57] <marvelfan1234> general spins you around punching you in the face
    [15:58] <marvelfan1234> sending you over to me as I punch you in the face back at him(yt)
    [15:58] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [15:58] <gigi> aaaaahhh
    [15:58] <gigi> aaaahhh
    [15:59] <gigi> (thinking) this can´t be happening to me, not again, I can´t be defeated again
    [15:59] <gigi> (yt)
    [16:01] <marvelfan1234> hitting you back and forth the general punches you in the stomach
    [16:01] <marvelfan1234> then a hit to the face
    [16:01] <marvelfan1234> you fall to the ground
    [16:02] <marvelfan1234> I go check the video as you lay there on your stomach
    [16:02] <marvelfan1234> well look at these coments
    [16:03] <marvelfan1234> "please stop!!"
    [16:03] <marvelfan1234> "you can't do that to her"
    [16:03] <marvelfan1234> looks like we're a hit
    [16:03] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [16:04] <gigi> These words makes me feel shy and humiliated
    [16:04] <gigi> I struggle to stand up, but, I am too weak
    [16:06] <gigi> I look to the door of the boat house, it´s opened, I crawl into the direction of the door
    [16:06] <gigi> (yt)
    [16:07] <marvelfan1234> (general
    [16:07] <marvelfan1234> hey where are you going?
    [16:08] <marvelfan1234> he kicks you in the stomach flipping you on your back
    [16:08] <marvelfan1234> he starts taking off your boots
    [16:08] <marvelfan1234> (general) you won't be needing these anymore
    [16:09] <marvelfan1234> he starts hittling you with your own boots
    [16:09] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [16:09] <gigi> aaaaaaah
    [16:09] <gigi> aaaah
    [16:09] <gigi> aaaaah
    [16:09] <gigi> don´t do this
    [16:09] <gigi> give my boots back
    [16:09] <gigi> (yt)
    [16:10] <marvelfan1234> I walk over and flip you back on your stomach
    [16:11] <marvelfan1234> the general grabs and pulls your legs back while I grab your head and pull it back
    [16:11] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [16:12] <gigi> I feel like my body would be broken in 2, the pain is terrible
    [16:12] <gigi> I look to the door and strech my arm as I could reach
    [16:13] <gigi> AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH
    [16:13] <gigi> (yt)
    [16:13] <marvelfan1234> we let go
    [16:15] <marvelfan1234> I flip you over and grab your arms back while general kicks your pussy
    [16:15] <marvelfan1234> (yt)

    [16:25] <gigi> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

    [16:25] <gigi> aaaahhh
    [16:26] <gigi> my body is hurting so much
    [16:26] <gigi> (yt)
    [16:26] <marvelfan1234> (general) lets take these off
    [16:26] <marvelfan1234> he takes off your shorts and panties
    [16:27] <marvelfan1234> he spreads your legs
    [16:28] <marvelfan1234> he takes the camera for a closer look while I start to squeeze your breasts
    [16:28] <marvelfan1234> any words Angel?
    [16:28] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [16:29] <gigi> aaaaaaaaahhhhh
    [16:29] <gigi> noooo, please
    [16:29] <gigi> stop
    [16:30] <gigi> this is much exposure
    [16:30] <gigi> I try to strggle, but, I am weak
    [16:30] <gigi> You and your partner are too strong for me
    [16:30] <gigi> (yt)
    [16:31] <marvelfan1234> I take off your bra
    [16:32] <marvelfan1234> lift you over my head in a backbreaker
    [16:32] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [16:32] <gigi> uuuuuoooohhhh
    [16:33] <gigi> my body curves on your knee
    [16:35] <gigi> my small nipples go up and down as my breasts tremble by the force of the impact
    [16:35] <gigi> (yt)
    [16:36] <marvelfan1234> the general starts pounding your stomach, breasts and pussy while still in the backbreaker
    [16:37] <marvelfan1234> (general) just giving you a little massage angel hahaga
    [16:37] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [16:37] <gigi> aaaaaaaaaaaahhh
    [16:37] <gigi> ooooofff
    [16:37] <gigi> oooouuuh
    [16:37] <gigi> uuuooohh
    [16:37] <gigi> ssss...sss..toooo.pp
    [16:37] <gigi> (yt)
    [16:38] <marvelfan1234> your getting weak
    [16:38] <marvelfan1234> I put you back on your feet
    [16:38] <marvelfan1234> you can barely stand leaning against me
    [16:39] <marvelfan1234> I grab you into a bearhug while general grabs you from behind
    [16:39] <marvelfan1234> we both start to squeeze hard as we can
    [16:40] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [16:40] <gigi> aaaaaahhhh
    [16:40] <gigi> aaaaaaaaah
    [16:41] <gigi> OOOOhhhh
    [16:41] <gigi> UUUUUhhhh
    [16:41] <gigi> AAAAA
    [16:41] <gigi> AAA...AAAA
    [16:41] <gigi> aaaaaaaahaaa
    [16:41] <gigi> My body go from back to foward and foward to back
    [16:42] <gigi> I am weak like a ragdoll
    [16:42] <gigi> I can feel every squeeze on my body
    [16:42] <gigi> (yt)
    [16:42] <marvelfan1234> (general) looks like shes about to go out
    [16:43] <marvelfan1234> oh no not yet she needs to say some words to all her fans
    [16:44] <marvelfan1234> we drop you on the floor
    [16:45] <marvelfan1234> I grab your hair making you sit up
    [16:46] <marvelfan1234> hey general hows our internet sensation going
    [16:46] <marvelfan1234> (general) we have over 3 million views
    [16:47] <marvelfan1234> I walk over dragging you with me
    [16:47] <marvelfan1234> look at all these comments
    [16:48] <marvelfan1234> "please stop"
    [16:48] <marvelfan1234> "you beat her now let her go"
    [16:49] <marvelfan1234> "Shining Angel will get out of this and beat those guys"
    [16:49] <marvelfan1234> "what are you going to do with her?!?!?"
    [16:49] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [16:50] <gigi> these words, hurts my mind
    [16:51] <gigi> I feel sad, because I will disappoint them
    [16:51] <gigi> These guys are really destroying me
    [16:52] <gigi> not just my body, but, my mind
    [16:52] <gigi> (yt)
    [16:52] <marvelfan1234> I grab your bra
    [16:53] <marvelfan1234> put it around your neck and start choking you
    [16:53] <marvelfan1234> the general takes the camera for a better look
    [16:55] <marvelfan1234> while choking you I start rubbing my hand over your breasts while the general starts rubbing your pussy
    [16:55] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [16:56] <gigi> ah
    [16:56] <gigi> ...ah
    [16:57] <gigi> I try to take some air, but, is too difficult, I am even more weak
    [16:58] <gigi> my arms try to remove your devil hands, but, I don´t have enough force to do this
    [16:59] <gigi> my mouth is opened and I am salivating
    [16:59] <gigi> (yt)
    [16:59] <marvelfan1234> you can't stay awake much longer
    [17:01] <marvelfan1234> you look up at the light draining you
    [17:02] <marvelfan1234> you look over at the computer and barely make out all the comments of your worried followers coming in every second begging and pleading for you to be spared
    [17:04] <marvelfan1234> before you drift off into unconsciousness again angel do you have any meaningfull words to all your fans all over the world?
    [17:04] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [17:05] <gigi> a...a...a...aahh
    [17:05] <gigi> no, you will not make me sssss...aaaaay nothing
    [17:06] <gigi> (yt)
    [17:07] <marvelfan1234> Nothing? oh don't worry you will have plenty to say very soon
    [17:08] <marvelfan1234> we have to leave your fans wanting more
    [17:09] <marvelfan1234> everyone will see you again very soon when you wake up
    [17:10] <marvelfan1234> the general grabs your panties and puts them over your head while I choke you even harder
    [17:10] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [17:13] <gigi> I try to scape, but, the only thing I can do is rub my body against yours, I am too weak to make any strong move.
    [17:13] <gigi> I don´t have air to breath
    [17:14] <gigi> My counsciousness is going
    [17:14] <gigi> going
    [17:14] <gigi> going
    [17:14] <gigi> Until I fall on sleep
    [17:14] <gigi> defeated and humiliated
    [17:14] <gigi> (yt)
    [17:14] <marvelfan1234> I release your bra
    [17:15] <marvelfan1234> your naked body slumps to the floor
    [17:16] <marvelfan1234> the general walks around you getting evey single close up
    [17:17] <marvelfan1234> There you go world the defeat of Shinning Angel but don't worry
    [17:18] <marvelfan1234> we will be back this is only the begining
    [17:18] <marvelfan1234> I place my foot on top of your stomach
    [17:19] <marvelfan1234> the camera zooms in to your face then fades out
    [17:19] <marvelfan1234> To be Continued...
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    Excelent RP.
    Waiting for the next part
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    Thank you prince
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    Thank you