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Shinning Angel vs the Enforcer and the General part 2

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by marvelfan1234, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. marvelfan1234

    marvelfan1234 Vivacious Visitor

    May 14, 2012
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    part 2 of an RP by gigi and marvelfan1234

    [18:10] <marvelfan1234> camera turns on

    [18:11] <marvelfan1234> Hello world I'm the enforcer and welcome back
    [18:12] <marvelfan1234> last time we had a little run in with Shining Angel who thought she could take us in a fight
    [18:13] <marvelfan1234> long story short we beat, stripped, humuliated and knocked her out and now we think shes ready for more, so enjoy the show
    [18:15] <marvelfan1234> the general points the camera over to you still knocked out and naked from before with your arms tied above your head
    [18:15] <marvelfan1234> lets wake her up
    [18:15] <marvelfan1234> I punch you hard in the stomach
    [18:15] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [18:16] <gigi> UUUUUUOOOOOHHH
    [18:16] <gigi> It´s too hot, my body is so sweaty that shines.
    [18:17] <gigi> The force on your punch makes me shake and the sweaty on my body flies
    [18:17] <gigi> (yt)
    [18:19] <marvelfan1234> oh good your awake angel, do you remember what happened how do you feel?
    [18:19] <marvelfan1234> I punch you across the face
    [18:19] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [18:19] <gigi> uuuhhh
    [18:22] <gigi> Your punch makes me spit, my head is pushed back and falls foward, so begins to drip saliva from my mouth
    [18:22] <gigi> (yt)
    [18:23] <marvelfan1234> good you still have some left in you
    [18:24] <marvelfan1234> we thought since last time after we beat you what else could we do to you
    [18:25] <marvelfan1234> then we thought we should just keep on torturing you with every creative idea we can think of
    [18:26] <marvelfan1234> and still stream it live for everyone to see so to soften you we are going to use you as our own punching bag
    [18:27] <marvelfan1234> the general joins me as he kicks you in your pussy
    [18:27] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [18:28] <gigi> uuuuuaaahaaa
    [18:30] <gigi> the kick hits my almost shaved pussy, the few pubix hairs that I have are crushed by the force and violence of the kick
    [18:30] <gigi> I pee a little
    [18:30] <gigi> (yt)
    [18:32] <marvelfan1234> aww carefull general she had an accident lets not focus there just yet lets just tenderize her
    [18:33] <marvelfan1234> we start taking turns punching your face and stomach over and over
    [18:33] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [18:34] <gigi> uuuoooh
    [18:34] <gigi> aaaahh
    [18:34] <gigi> oooofff
    [18:34] <gigi> uuuaaaahaaa
    [18:35] <gigi> my head go from the left to the right and from the right to the left
    [18:35] <gigi> the punches on my stomach take my breth away
    [18:36] <gigi> (yt)
    [18:37] <marvelfan1234> (general) ha shes really feeling it now
    [18:39] <marvelfan1234> by the way angel those chains your tied with? that and every little toy we are going to use on you is made out of that dark material you love
    [18:41] <marvelfan1234> I punch you hard and leave my fist into your stomach
    [18:41] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [18:41] <gigi> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH
    [18:42] <gigi> Your punch take my breath away I feel a great pain and salivate
    [18:42] <gigi> (yt)
    [18:43] <marvelfan1234> hows the video going general?
    [18:45] <marvelfan1234> (general) we're getting even more views than last time
    [18:45] <marvelfan1234> "no please, not again!!"
    [18:46] <marvelfan1234> "please just let her go you monsters!!!"
    [18:47] <marvelfan1234> looks like everyones worried about you angel I think it's time switch things up a bit
    [18:48] <marvelfan1234> I untie your arms, your naked body falls into my arms like a raggdoll
    [18:49] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [18:53] <gigi> I am being carryed like a sleeping baby, I am too weak to make any reaction, my head is placed on your shoulders
    [18:53] <gigi> my arms are totally out of action
    [18:54] <gigi> my legs are weak and can´t support me
    [18:55] <gigi> my breasts and pussy are pressed against your body
    [18:55] <gigi> (yt)
    [18:57] <marvelfan1234> I carry you over to a nearby post and tie your arms tight around it with your feet barely touching the floor
    [18:58] <marvelfan1234> I softly rub my hands around your breasts
    [18:59] <marvelfan1234> you have such beautifull tits angel lets see how much punishment they can take
    [18:59] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [19:01] <gigi> aaaah (groaning)
    [19:01] <gigi> my nipples become hard as you touch my breasts
    [19:01] <gigi> wh...wh..what a...aaare you saying?
    [19:01] <gigi> (yt)
    [19:03] <marvelfan1234> I then squeeze tightly on your hard nipples
    [19:04] <marvelfan1234> lets just say we're going to have some fun whipping them into shape
    [19:05] <marvelfan1234> the general walks over with a whip made out of the dark material
    [19:05] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [19:09] <gigi> uuuuiiiihhh
    [19:09] <gigi> n...n...ooo
    [19:10] <gigi> ple...ple...ple...ase no
    [19:11] <gigi> just the presence of that whip makes me even more weak
    [19:11] <gigi> that thing is making me feel terrible
    [19:11] <gigi> (yt)
    [19:12] <marvelfan1234> Haha I knew you would love it
    [19:12] <marvelfan1234> I let go of your nipples
    [19:13] <marvelfan1234> go ahead general
    [19:14] <marvelfan1234> (general) I'm going to make your tits feel good and tender
    [19:15] <marvelfan1234> he starts slowly whipping your breasts one at a time
    [19:15] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [19:16] <gigi> aaaahhh
    [19:16] <gigi> ooohh
    [19:18] <gigi> The pain is terrible, besides the fact of my breasts are eing attacked by a whip, the effects of the dark material passes through my nipples to my breasts so, to the rest of my body
    [19:20] <gigi> A wave of weakness invades my body
    [19:20] <gigi> (yt)
    [19:21] <marvelfan1234> the general stops whipping
    [19:22] <marvelfan1234> your breasts are brusied and weak from the beating
    [19:23] <marvelfan1234> I think it's time your pussy have some fun too
    [19:24] <marvelfan1234> I untie your arms your body falls over dangaling over my shoulder
    [19:25] <marvelfan1234> I walk over to a nearby chair as I rub my hand across your pussy and butt
    [19:25] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [19:25] <gigi> aaah[
    [19:25] <gigi> aaaah
    [19:26] <gigi> I try to avoid your hands, but, I don´t have ways
    [19:26] <gigi> as just a weak and destroyed girl
    [19:26] <gigi> (yt)
    [19:27] <marvelfan1234> I sit you on the couch your hands still tied
    [19:29] <marvelfan1234> I spread your legs and tie your ankles to the bottom of the chair showing your pussy to the camera
    [19:29] <marvelfan1234> this next one might come as a shock angel as the general takes out a taser
    [19:30] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [19:30] <gigi> nnnnnnnnnnnn....o
    [19:30] <gigi> do...n´t do this
    [19:30] <gigi> (yt)
    [19:32] <marvelfan1234> I walk over to the computer and read out loud the comments while the general shocks you in the pussy
    [19:32] <marvelfan1234> "angel, please no"
    [19:32] <marvelfan1234> Oh god someone do something"
    [19:33] <marvelfan1234> "you monsters are going to pay"
    [19:33] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [19:33] <gigi> I cry in pain
    [19:34] <gigi> The shocks makes me urinate
    [19:34] <gigi> the pain is torturing me
    [19:34] <gigi> It´s terrible
    [19:35] <gigi> I feel my pussy being fry
    [19:36] <gigi> the worst part is to know that everything is happening just to my fans watch and beg for mercy to me
    [19:36] <gigi> (thinking) sorry my fans, I can´t do nothing
    [19:36] <gigi> (yt)
    [19:37] <marvelfan1234> general switches over and starts shocking your nipples
    [19:39] <marvelfan1234> your waist hardly moving from the pain to your pussy
    [19:40] <marvelfan1234> does your pussy hurt angel let me rub it to make it feel better
    [19:41] <marvelfan1234> I place a vibrator against your pussy
    [19:41] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [19:42] <gigi> aaaaaah
    [19:42] <gigi> aaaaaaaah
    [19:42] <gigi> oooohhh
    [19:42] <gigi> pleaaaase, sssssto...ooo...p
    [19:43] <gigi> That thing was really sucking the little power that I have
    [19:43] <gigi> soon, I will have no powers
    [19:43] <gigi> (yt)
    [19:44] <marvelfan1234> the general stops
    [19:44] <marvelfan1234> I untie your arms and feet
    [19:45] <marvelfan1234> I'm really sorry angel make it up to you by giving you a hug
    [19:45] <marvelfan1234> I lift you off your feet in a strong reverse bearhug
    [19:45] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [19:46] <gigi> uuuuuuuuoooohhhh
    [19:46] <gigi> uuooooaaaah
    [19:47] <gigi> oh no, that hug is taking my rest of life that I have
    [19:47] <gigi> (yt)
    [19:48] <marvelfan1234> the general takes some dark material clamps hung from the cieling and clamps your breasts
    [19:49] <marvelfan1234> don't worry angel hang in there as I let go from the bearhug leaving you hanging there by your breasts
    [19:49] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [19:50] <gigi> uuuuuooohuuu
    [19:50] <gigi> uuuooohhooo
    [19:50] <gigi> ooohuuuu
    [19:50] <gigi> NOOOOOOOOOO
    [19:50] <gigi> Sttttooooooooooop
    [19:51] <gigi> That pain is even worse
    [19:52] <gigi> The weight of my body being used against me
    [19:53] <gigi> that clamps are really torturing my breasts
    [19:54] <gigi> I can´t reach the clamps to remove, because every time I try to reach, the presendo of the dark material takes my force away... the little force I have
    [19:54] <gigi> (yt)
    [19:55] <marvelfan1234> the general and I begin you punch your stomach, back and pussy as you swing back and forth
    [19:56] <marvelfan1234> hahaha now this reminds me of playing teather ball during recess
    [19:56] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [19:56] <gigi> I am having horrible feelings
    [19:57] <gigi> The pain
    [19:57] <gigi> the humiliation
    [19:57] <gigi> my mind and body are being totally destroyed here
    [19:58] <gigi> Oh my! what more they have to me? They make every little thing that can torture me and humiliate me
    [19:58] <gigi> exposing me like this way to my fans
    [19:58] <gigi> making me suffer like this
    [19:59] <gigi> what more they have to me?
    [19:59] <gigi> (yt)
    [19:59] <marvelfan1234> I unclamp your breasts red from all the pain
    [20:00] <marvelfan1234> your body falls into my arms
    [20:01] <marvelfan1234> I lay you down on the floor and put a dark collar around your neck attached with a leash
    [20:02] <marvelfan1234> come on angel get up as I tug at your leash
    [20:02] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [20:03] <gigi> ooohhh
    [20:03] <gigi> ooohh
    [20:03] <gigi> (yt)
    [20:04] <marvelfan1234> come on now angel
    [20:04] <marvelfan1234> I walk forward while the general gets the whip and hits you
    [20:04] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [20:05] <gigi> I fall on my knees
    [20:05] <gigi> aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
    [20:05] <gigi> I...I...I caaaaaan´t do this
    [20:05] <gigi> (yt)
    [20:06] <marvelfan1234> I keep walking almost dragging you
    [20:06] <marvelfan1234> the general follows whipping at you
    [20:06] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [20:07] <gigi> My body have no reaction
    [20:07] <gigi> Being whiped and dragged at the same time by things made of dark material is really draining my life
    [20:09] <gigi> I try to stand up and walk, but, the collar takes my force, so the pain caused by the whip don´t let me stand again
    [20:09] <gigi> (yt)
    [20:09] <marvelfan1234> time to get moving angel
    [20:10] <marvelfan1234> I pull hard at the leash swinging you into the nearby wall
    [20:10] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [20:10] <gigi> AAAHHHHaaa
    [20:10] <gigi> (yt)
    [20:11] <marvelfan1234> yeah that will get you moving
    [20:11] <marvelfan1234> the general looks over at the computer
    [20:12] <marvelfan1234> come on general she needs a little motivation what do the people have to say
    [20:13] <marvelfan1234> (general) "stop this you monsters"
    [20:13] <marvelfan1234> (general) "you are terrible people"
    [20:13] <marvelfan1234> (general) "get that collar off of her"
    [20:14] <marvelfan1234> (gneral) "how can you be doing this to the worlds most favorite superheroine?!?"
    [20:14] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [20:15] <gigi> I look to general and say:nooo, please, can you stop to read? I can´t hear this anymore
    [20:15] <gigi> (yt)
    [20:16] <marvelfan1234> hahahaa superheroine?
    [20:16] <marvelfan1234> oh no your no superheroine anymore
    [20:17] <marvelfan1234> as I grab your collar and pull it closer
    [20:17] <marvelfan1234> your now our little pet slave
    [20:19] <marvelfan1234> don't you agree angel? admit that you submit and that your our pet slave
    [20:21] <marvelfan1234> I squeeze your collar slowly knocking you out
    [20:21] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [20:22] <gigi> n...ooo...ooo I will not do anythiiing you want
    [20:22] <gigi> (yt)
    [20:23] <marvelfan1234> I punch you in the face
    [20:25] <marvelfan1234> if you don't agree we will go and find every person who has commented and torture them just for being your fans
    [20:25] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [20:26] <gigi> my head fall back
    [20:26] <gigi> my face is up and I am looking to the ceiling
    [20:26] <gigi> Nooo
    [20:26] <gigi> Don´t do nothing to them
    [20:26] <gigi> (yt)
    [20:29] <marvelfan1234> don't worry angel why would we do anything to them as long as we have you
    [20:29] <marvelfan1234> I start punching you back and forth
    [20:31] <marvelfan1234> you struggle to stay awake but the pain is too much for you to handle
    [20:31] <marvelfan1234> any words before you pass out again angel?
    [20:36] <gigi> A...aaall right you won, if you have me and do nothing to my beloved fans, I surrender to you.
    [20:41] <gigi> (yt)
    [20:42] <marvelfan1234> well thats all we wanted to here
    [20:43] <marvelfan1234> hope you had fun watching everyone I know we did and especially angel
    [20:44] <marvelfan1234> I slowly walk out of the room dragging your naked and defeated body behind me
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    One of the best Rp´s on the forum
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    Thank you prince I'm glad you liked it
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    thank you prince
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    lovely rp