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Shining Angel Vs The Dark Material Robot

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by gigi, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. gigi

    gigi Potential Patron

    Nov 17, 2013
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    This is a RP between me and marvelfan1234

    [22:52] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) Excellent job professor I knew you could pull it off
    [22:54] <marvelfan1234> (professor) I couldn't have done it without that large amount of Dark Material you sent me
    [22:55] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) and theres plenty more if you we can convince these buyers to invest in our little toy
    [22:57] <marvelfan1234> (professor) the demonstration is going to start soon and we don't even have a test subject yet
    [22:58] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) don't worry I know the perfect heroine we can test it on
    [22:58] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [23:01] <gigi> After suffered a terrible defeat to Enforcer and General, I am relaxing day at home
    [23:02] <gigi> Oh my god, what can I do now? Enforcer have the dark material and ways to work with it as he want
    [23:03] <gigi> at least, my body is recovered, I have to rest now to be well prepared when he appear again
    [23:03] <gigi> (yt)
    [23:07] <marvelfan1234> you suddenly get a distress call from a panicked scientist
    [23:08] <marvelfan1234> shining angel is that you please help us the enforcer is here and has trapped here as our hostages we're in the factory please hurry before he kills us
    [23:08] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [23:09] <gigi> hello
    [23:09] <gigi> hello hello
    [23:09] <gigi> who is?
    [23:09] <gigi> Enforcer you monster, this time I will finish you
    [23:10] <gigi> I go to my secret room and take my second uniform
    [23:11] <gigi> a pink bikini
    [23:11] <gigi> pink bra, a little sirt and pink panties
    [23:11] <gigi> and a pink boot
    [23:12] <gigi> As fast I can I fly to the factory
    [23:13] <gigi> I arrive
    [23:14] <gigi> Everything is calm, no hostages, no Enforcer, no movement
    [23:14] <gigi> this can´t be good
    [23:15] <gigi> the normal would be a chaotic situantion with cops and persons running to every sides
    [23:15] <gigi> Enforcer, do you want me? I am here
    [23:15] <gigi> (yt)
    [23:17] <marvelfan1234> you enter a small white room with a large crate centered in the middle
    [23:18] <marvelfan1234> the door locks behind you
    [23:19] <marvelfan1234> the speakers in the room turn on
    [23:20] <marvelfan1234> hello angel, thank you for coming to my demonstration
    [23:20] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [23:22] <gigi> Who is there?
    [23:22] <gigi> Where the hostages?
    [23:22] <gigi> What demonstration?
    [23:22] <gigi> (yt)
    [23:24] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) How could you forget my voice angel?
    [23:26] <marvelfan1234> I'm sorry but I lied about the hostages but I wanted you to test out this little toy I help funded
    [23:28] <marvelfan1234> you can't see us but I'm here with some potential buyers interested in whats in that crate there
    [23:29] <marvelfan1234> we're watching through this two way mirrior so we don't miss a second of this
    [23:29] <marvelfan1234> by the way angel love the new outfit
    [23:29] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [23:32] <gigi> You idiot, no matter what you want to test, your "toy" will fail
    [23:32] <gigi> (yt)
    [23:33] <marvelfan1234> well lets see about that
    [23:34] <marvelfan1234> I press a button and the crate opens to reveal a robot standing motionless with glowing red eyes
    [23:35] <marvelfan1234> just the sight of it makes your body feel weaker
    [23:36] <marvelfan1234> oh did I mention angel that my new toy is made out of your dark material
    [23:36] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [23:37] <gigi> (thinking) No! Not again, this is not good, but, I can´t show him that I am worried about this
    [23:38] <gigi> I must fight untill my last breaht
    [23:38] <gigi> (yt)
    [23:40] <marvelfan1234> well buyers this robot is yours to comand, it will carry out any order you give it
    [23:41] <marvelfan1234> (buyers) lets see how it does in strength compared to her's
    [23:41] <marvelfan1234> the robot begins to move towards you
    [23:42] <marvelfan1234> it grabs your hands in a test of strength
    [23:42] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [23:43] <gigi> uh uh uh uh uh
    [23:43] <gigi> It´s so hard to me
    [23:44] <gigi> I have to fight against the robot´s strength and the effects of the direct contact with dark material
    [23:44] <gigi> uuuuhhh
    [23:44] <gigi> uuuuuh
    [23:44] <gigi> aaaaah
    [23:45] <gigi> I am pushing as hard as I can
    [23:45] <gigi> (yt)
    [23:45] <marvelfan1234> the robot pushes you almost to your knees
    [23:47] <marvelfan1234> (buyers) very good but if its going to be usefull it going to have to fight dirty
    [23:47] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) very well
    [23:48] <marvelfan1234> the robot kicks it's foot into your pussy
    [23:49] <marvelfan1234> you fall on your back letting go of the robot's hands
    [23:49] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [23:50] <gigi> the effects of it´s kick penetrate inside my pussy
    [23:51] <gigi> a kick can really hurt, but, a kick from dark material is a torment to me
    [23:51] <gigi> aaaaaaiii
    [23:51] <gigi> a make a little masseage on my pussy
    [23:52] <gigi> I back to the action and try to kick the robot
    [23:52] <gigi> (yt)
    [23:53] <marvelfan1234> your kick hits the robot but it dosen't react
    [23:54] <marvelfan1234> to retaliate it punches you in the face sending you flying against the wall
    [23:54] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [23:57] <gigi> my body hits hard the wall, I slide slowly and fall sitting
    [23:58] <gigi> Oh no, not again, I am helpless, this machine is so strong and... and... the dark material is making me weaker
    [23:58] <gigi> (yt)
    [23:59] <marvelfan1234> the robot grabs your hair to pull you back on your feet
    [00:01] <marvelfan1234> (buyers) she still has some powers left in her is there a way it can completly drain her
    [00:02] <marvelfan1234> the robot grabs you in a bearhug and begins to squeeze hard
    [00:02] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [00:04] <gigi> uuuuuooooohoohoooooooo
    [00:04] <gigi> My mouth and eyes are wide open
    [00:05] <gigi> I try to kick and punch the robot
    [00:05] <gigi> everything useless
    [00:06] <gigi> The contact of my body to the dark material and the force of the squeeze is draning me too fast, I don´t have time to make any reaction
    [00:07] <gigi> my arms fall motionless my head fall back and my legs stop to kick
    [00:07] <gigi> I still feel my body, but, I don´t have powers
    [00:07] <gigi> (yt)
    [00:08] <marvelfan1234> (buyers) excellent weaken her back even more
    [00:08] <marvelfan1234> the robot raises you over it's head in a painfull backbreaker
    [00:09] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [00:10] <gigi> CRAAKKK
    [00:10] <gigi> AAAAAAAAAAAhhhAAAAAAAA
    [00:11] <gigi> The pain is racking
    [00:11] <gigi> I fell like my body is broken in 2 parts
    [00:11] <gigi> (yt)
    [00:12] <marvelfan1234> the robot throws you on the floor
    [00:13] <marvelfan1234> you land on your stomach holding your back in pain
    [00:15] <marvelfan1234> the robot slams it's foot on your back grabbing your arms in a surfboard
    [00:15] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [00:15] <gigi> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    [00:15] <gigi> aaaaaaahhh
    [00:15] <gigi> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeu
    [00:15] <gigi> heeeeeeeeeee
    [00:16] <gigi> The pain is even worse
    [00:16] <gigi> I feel my arms being pulled to the limit
    [00:17] <gigi> my spine is being pressed almost being crushed
    [00:17] <gigi> (yt)
    [00:18] <marvelfan1234> the robot lets go
    [00:19] <marvelfan1234> it kicks you in the stomach making you turn on your back
    [00:19] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [00:20] <gigi> oooohhhh
    [00:20] <gigi> nnnnnnn...ooo
    [00:20] <gigi> not again
    [00:20] <gigi> Enforcer your coward
    [00:20] <gigi> can´t you make at least one fair fight with me?
    [00:21] <gigi> (yt)
    [00:23] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) fair? that would be too boring, now you being beaten up by a robot of mine while I watch like an excited fan watching football now thats way more fun
    [00:24] <marvelfan1234> the robot places it's foot on your face slowly crushing you against the floor
    [00:24] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [00:25] <gigi> aaaaaaaaahhh
    [00:25] <gigi> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....hhhhhhhhhhh
    [00:25] <gigi> oooooohhh
    [00:25] <gigi> aaaahhh
    [00:25] <gigi> Oh no
    [00:25] <gigi> my head will be crushed!
    [00:26] <gigi> (yt)
    [00:28] <marvelfan1234> (buyers) it seems shes pretty beaten but what if we want savour our victory and have fun with her
    [00:28] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) oh it can do that and even more
    [00:29] <marvelfan1234> the robot picks you up and throws you against the wall
    [00:29] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [00:30] <gigi> my body hits the wall
    [00:30] <gigi> aaaaaaa
    [00:32] <gigi> My weak and floppy body give some steps foward, I roll my eyes showing the white part
    [00:32] <gigi> (yt)
    [00:34] <marvelfan1234> it picks you up and starts throwing you around the room
    [00:35] <marvelfan1234> everytime you hit the wall your boots and skirt start to come off
    [00:35] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [00:36] <gigi> oooohhh
    [00:36] <gigi> aaaaaauuuuhhh
    [00:36] <gigi> heeeheeee heeee
    [00:36] <gigi> eeeehhh
    [00:36] <gigi> ooooouuuuhhh
    [00:37] <gigi> Thinking: Noooo, this can´t be happening.
    [00:37] <gigi> Is this the end of Shining Angel
    [00:39] <gigi> Thinking while my body is throwed: This monstrous machine play with me as a toy, I can´t even defend myself
    [00:39] <gigi> too weak
    [00:39] <gigi> too defenseless
    [00:39] <gigi> Almost... almost defeated
    [00:39] <gigi> (yt)
    [00:40] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) have I mentioned this robot comes with his own accesories?
    [00:41] <marvelfan1234> to tentacles shoot out of the robots back wrapping themselves around your arms and lift you in the air like a ragdoll
    [00:44] <marvelfan1234> the tentacles pull you in closer to the robot and rips off your bikini and bra using your breasts as it's own personal punching bags
    [00:44] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [00:46] <gigi> hitting the right breast: aaaaaooouuuuhhh
    [00:47] <gigi> My head fall foward to the direction of my breast
    [00:47] <gigi> Hitting my left brest: AAAAAAAAAHHHH
    [00:48] <gigi> My body is shudders by the force of the punches
    [00:49] <gigi> My breast go up and down as the punches land on them
    [00:49] <gigi> (yt)
    [00:50] <marvelfan1234> (buyers) very nice may we have a closer look?
    [00:51] <marvelfan1234> the tentacles turn you around and slam your body front first towards the window
    [00:52] <marvelfan1234> your body hits hard pressing your breasts up against the galss
    [00:52] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [00:54] <gigi> aaaahhh
    [00:54] <gigi> aah
    [00:54] <gigi> ah
    [00:54] <gigi> (yt)
    [00:57] <marvelfan1234> the tentacles pulls you back as the robot punches it's fist into your pussy
    [00:57] <marvelfan1234> pulling back it's arm it rips off your panties
    [00:57] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [00:59] <gigi> nooooo.... nnnnn...ooo
    [00:59] <gigi> Please no
    [00:59] <gigi> this
    [00:59] <gigi> this is...
    [00:59] <gigi> too much exposure
    [01:00] <gigi> (thinking to me) He is just playing with me, my bikini is gone
    [01:00] <gigi> I am naked and exposed
    [01:01] <gigi> (yt)
    [01:02] <marvelfan1234> more tentacles shoot out from the robots back wrapping themselves around your breasts
    [01:03] <marvelfan1234> while hanging only by your breasts the other tentacles begin whipping you all around your naked body
    [01:03] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [01:04] <gigi> Whip: AAAAAHHH
    [01:04] <gigi> Whip: OOOOOUUUUh
    [01:04] <gigi> Whip: UUUUOOOFFF
    [01:05] <gigi> Whip: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHAAA
    [01:05] <gigi> (yt)
    [01:06] <marvelfan1234> (buyers) incredible this robot is so powerfull
    [01:06] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) there is one more thing he can do
    [01:07] <marvelfan1234> the robots tentacles begin to electrify you starting in your breasts as the schock travels through your body
    [01:07] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [01:09] <gigi> uuuuh uuuh uuuuh uuuhh
    [01:09] <gigi> aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
    [01:10] <gigi> The eletricity torture me
    [01:10] <gigi> making my body suffer
    [01:11] <gigi> I feel like I am frying
    [01:11] <gigi> (yt)
    [01:12] <marvelfan1234> (buyers) amazing I din't know it could do that
    [01:12] <marvelfan1234> the tentacles begin to wrap themselves around your nakes body
    [01:14] <marvelfan1234> the start squeezing and constricting your arms, legs, stomach and your pussy as hard as they can
    [01:16] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) once a strong super heroine now our own personal bondage slave
    [01:16] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [01:17] <gigi> AAAAHHH
    [01:17] <gigi> OOOOOHHH
    [01:17] <gigi> AAAAAAhhhAAAAAA
    [01:17] <gigi> (yt)
    [01:18] <marvelfan1234> another tenatcle wraps itself around your neck choking you
    [01:20] <marvelfan1234> the robot uses its tentacles to controll your arms like a puppet forcing you to punch yourself in the belly and pussy
    [01:21] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [01:21] <gigi> oooouuuufff
    [01:22] <gigi> I struggle trin to remove the tentacle that is coking me, but, I am too weak to do anything
    [01:23] <gigi> I try to keep myself wake
    [01:23] <gigi> (yt)
    [01:24] <marvelfan1234> you can't stay awake for much longer
    [01:26] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) so angel what did you think of my little robot here? I hope you had fun playing with him
    [01:26] <marvelfan1234> (yt)
    [01:26] <gigi> I almost can´t hear you
    [01:27] <gigi> My mouth is open, I am salivating
    [01:27] <gigi> My body don´t make any reaction
    [01:28] <gigi> My body is mushy
    [01:29] <gigi> I am unconscious
    [01:29] <gigi> Defeated
    [01:29] <gigi> (yt)
    [01:30] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) well buyers what say you?
    [01:30] <marvelfan1234> (buyers) amazing!!
    [01:30] <marvelfan1234> (buyers) excellent
    [01:31] <marvelfan1234> (buyers) I'll take five of them
    [01:32] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) why thank you and also great thanks to our amazig test subject Shining Angel
    [01:33] <marvelfan1234> (enforcer) we're a success what do you think professor?
    [01:33] <marvelfan1234> (professor) I'll start making an army of them hahahaha
    [01:34] <marvelfan1234> the robot drops you on the floor and places it's foot over your naked and defeated body in victory
    [01:35] <marvelfan1234> the end
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    hey guys, great rp.
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    Nice work
    I hope to rp with some of you soon
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    Thank You
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    Awsome RP