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Shepard's Fatal Birthday Assignment (Mass Effect 2)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Demon141, Jul 17, 2016.

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    Shepard's fatal birthday assignment (Mass Effect 2)

    Background: Shepard has finished most of the loyalty missions and is attempting to help Samara. However, this mission has some disastrous consequences.

    Shepard's background: Colonist, Sole Survivor, romancing Garrus.

    Physical visual description: Medium-length red hair, blue eyes, almost pale skin.

    Loud thumping music was playing throughout Afterlife. Samantha Shepard was no stranger to loud clubs, and nothing should be out of the ordinary. Before committing to further investigations into the Collector abductions, she had been prioritizing on squaring away the crew's issues just to make sure the mission doesn't get half-assed. Shepard donned the black satin leather dress Kasumi gave her when infiltrating Bekenstein. Compared to her other civilian clothing, this would have to do. After all, she needed to attract the attention of a sex-crazed asari. However, this sex-crazed asari is an Ardat-Yakshi who is wanted by her mother, Samara. Samara would be shadowing Shepard while the latter tries to get into Morinth's apartment.

    As a plan B, Shepard enlisted Garrus Vakarian's aid for retrieval duty if complications were to happen. As a precaution, Garrus placed an audio tracking device in Shepard's necklace so he could storm in the second she calls his name.

    Entering Afterlife's VIP lounge was simple, and creating incidents to attract Morinth's attention was executed like clockwork. She helped a civilian reporter escape a targeted assassination, danced gracefully on the dance floor, and fist-fought a turian attempting to rape an asari.

    Shepard needed a drink from the bar to calm the nerves.

    Take it easy. It's your birthday. After this, we can spend the night with Garrus.

    It was often said that a woman peaks when she hits 30. Despite being biologically 32, the two-year-coma froze the aging process for her. Regardless of this, Garrus had a romantic interest in her, especially after getting his issues with Sidonis squared away.

    As Shepard walked to the bar, she was approached by an asari in a black leather outfit.

    "She kills with sex and I have no plans to sleep with her." Shepard said as she reviewed a victim's holojournal.

    "Perhaps you have the right to be glib, Shepard, but caution is wise here. Morinth speaks to you on many levels. Her body tells yours it will bring unimaginable ecstasy, her scent evokes emotions long hidden. Her eyes promise you things you were always scared to ask one another. Her voice whispers to you after she is done speaking." Samara warns.

    "She sounds like my kind of asari." Shepard said with a small mischievous grin.

    "You joke Shepard, but for all your might, you will be in great danger."

    "My name is Morinth. I've been watching you. You're the most interesting person in this place. I've got a booth over here in the shadows. Why don't you come sit with me?"

    Good. I got Morinth's attention. Shepard thought as she followed Morinth to a nearby booth.

    "What's your name?"

    "Allison Gunn." Shepard responded, deciding to use her undercover identity.

    "I might have seen you on the extranet somewhere before, Allison."

    "I get that a lot." Shepard responded, trying to downplay her real identity.

    "Some nights, I come here and there is no one interesting here to talk to. Some nights, there was just one person. Tonight, it's you. Why is that?" Morinth asked with genuine curiosity.

    Shepard had been a trained soldier for almost a decade, but despite her career, she did take some acting lessons on Mindoir, where she learned how to make colorful commentary when needed.

    "I know what I like." Shepard said with genuine confidence.

    "Do you?" Morinth asked rhetorically.

    "Do you know anything about art?" Shepard asked.

    "It speaks out to the darkest places in me." Morinth said plainly.

    "Do you know the artist Forta?" Shepard asked, using what she learned from the holojournal.

    "I didn't think anyone around here knew him. He's sublime. Art comes in many varieties. I've seen vids that were more powerful than a sculpture sitting in a gallery." Morinth said with genuine interest.

    "Do you know Vaenia?" Shepard asked, going through her mental checklist of Morinth's likes.

    "My favorite. The two actresses on it are so glamorous." Morinth said with a genuine smile.

    "I'll have to watch it." Shepard responded, ready to move to the next subject.

    "Maybe we could do that together." Morinth said longingly.

    "I've traveled over the galaxy." Shepard continued.

    "It changes you, doesn't it?" Morinth asked,

    "Real travel means going to dangerous places." Shepard responded, confidently knowing Morinth would open up with her button-pushing.

    "Where you can see and do things most people can't imagine?" Morinth asked inquisitively.

    "Yes." Shepard responded.

    "When I travel, I find myself drawn to dark, dangerous places."

    "Violent places?" Shepard asked.

    "Violence is the surest expression of power."

    "Violence is a means to an end. Power is that end." Shepard said.

    "But violence is a charming way to reach that end." Morinth added, drawn to Shepard's conversational skills

    "What do you think of the music here?" Shepard asked.

    "Dark rhythms, violent pulses, it stirs something primitive in me. What about you?"

    "I'm curious about a band called Expel 10."

    "They get in my head and tear it to pieces. They're in concert soon. Maybe we should go together. You can lose yourself in the music here. There are ways to enhance that, you know?"

    "What do you think of Hallex?"

    "Do you want to get out of here? My apartment is nearby, and I want you alone." Morinth said with a genuine smile.

    Morinth stood up from her seat, prompting Shepard to follow her.

    The scent Morinth emittted from her body has become intoxicating, prompting Shepard to exercise some extra caution. Shepard was never the type to fall for women, even monogendered species like the asari. Samara's warnings about Morinth was not unwarranted, and Shepard could understand why after being in her first conversation with her.

    Over fifteen minutes had passed since Morinth led Shepard to her apartment, and as soon as they entered, Morinth decided to sit on an L-shaped leather couch, prompting for her guest to sit beside her.

    Shepard gave a silent nod as she fixed her dress and sat in the adjacent seat, closing her legs instinctively.

    Sorry Morinth, I'm only spreading my legs for Garrus. Shepard thought to herself.

    "I love clubs, people, movement, heat. I can still hear the bass, like the drums of a great hunt, out for your blood. But here, it's muted, and you're safe. Is that what you want, Shepard?"

    Shepard cleared her thoughts on cue and responded, "People feel safest right before they die."

    "It's true, we're never safe. I've never understood the fascination with safety. Some of us choose differently. Independence over submission. I think we share that, you and I." Morinth said as she moved next to Shepard's position. Her words started echoing into Shepard's ears.

    Shepard resisted and said, "We've both killed many times, but that's where the similarities end."

    Morinth showed alarm in her face, "Why do you say that I've killed? What do you know? Let's stop playing games."

    Morinth's eyes turned black, "Look into my eyes and tell me you want me. Tell me you'd kill for me. Anything I want."

    Shepard found herself mesmerized by Morinth's sight, and no amount of conviction could let her resist Morinth's gift. The sole survivor of Mindoir and Akuze could not resist Morinth's charm no matter how hard she tried. She felt overpowered, as if Morinth is attempting to brainwash her. She also felt her bodily functions paralyze as if in fear, and felt as if she was growing sexually attracted to Morinth. To put it in Matriarch Aethyta's words, Shepard's black panties caught the proverbial fire. Things also didn't help matters when she remembered watching a group of bar patrons at Club Eternity oogling over an asari dancer, recalling that anyone romantically interested in an asari would look like an attractive member of their own species.

    Shepard strained with the words, "I want you. I'd kill for you. Anything you want."

    Shepard's brain was screaming for Garrus's name, but it never came out of her mouth.

    "Tell me why you are after me."

    Shepard attempted to resist and all she could muster was, "Someone is after you. I needed to warn you."

    "I thought as much. I will reward you for warning me, Commander Shepard."

    Shepard should have known that Morinth would eventually deduce her identity. Being a hero on the Citadel would have caught the galaxy's attention at some point, even for the most wanted fugitives.

    Shepard tried to look around the apartment and saw a drell appear out of the shadows.

    "Give her just reward for her loyalty to me."

    The drell nodded silently and sat on top of Shepard's lap before smothering her with a kiss.

    "Prolonged human to drell skin contact can cause small rash, itching. Oral contact may cause mild hallucinations." Shepard recalled Mordin Solus's words when trying to learn of the biological aspects of human romantic relations with aliens back on the Normandy.

    As soon as the unidentified drell kissed Shepard, Shepard heard Harbinger's voice at the start of her hallucination, "I know you feel this Shepard."

    The hallucination became too strong for Shepard to resist, causing her to scream, "This can't be real!"

    The unidentified drell gave Shepard a Carnifex pistol, and in Shepard's eyes, the front door to the apartment opened.

    In Shepard's eyes, she saw a Collector footsoldier. She raised the gun and said, "No, this can't be a Collector!"

    As she looked, she saw an image of Garrus ordering her to shoot the perceived enemy.

    "No, it can't be. Garrus! Garrus! Help me!"

    "I don't have a weapon! You're the only one that's armed!" The person she perceived as Garrus had Garrus's voice down to a science, even sounding very confident. It had to be the real Garrus, from the amount of time she spent with him.

    Shepard shot the trooper in the head, unaware that in reality, the person that stormed in was Samara.

    Shepard barely had any free will in her hallucination, seeing nothing but husks in her point of view. She fired wildly as she screamed in fear until the thermal clip was empty.

    Gunfire was rattling around the apartment complex.

    "My mother did not come alone! Take care of our intruders!" Morinth yelled.

    Morinth lifted Shepard over her shoulder and brought her to her bed, laying Shepard in a supine position.

    Harbinger's voice was heard in Shepard's hallucination, "I've assumed direct control of Morinth. The Reaper invasion will go unimpeded with the full might of the Collector army. You will no longer interfere with our plans, Shepard."

    Morinth laid on top of Shepard and started grinding her as she held her hands. Shepard attempted to fight by moving her legs, but wasn't able to fight Morinth's hand grips with her upper body. Morinth activated a wave of biotic energy and cupped Shepard's crotch before giving a small squeeze. Shepard gave an orgasm, prompting Morinth to give a smothering kiss of her own.

    Shepard gave a muffled scream amidst the gunfire and her body shook violently during Morinth's grind. Morinth knew this was going to be her final ride of her life, and she would have to make the most out of it. Shepard was going to be Morinth's masterpiece, her magnum opus before her inevitable death. As the finishing touch, she resumed the remaining seconds of her kiss and used her trademark kill, overloading Shepard's brain.

    The last thing Morinth heard from Shepard was a long drawn out moan, with her bright-blue eyes rolling backwards and her mouth hanging open. Visually, blood started to pour out of her nostrils, and her body laid at rest in a very feminine position.

    Before Morinth could savor the moment, Morinth was greeted with a sniper rifle shot to the head by Garrus.

    Garrus yelled as he sprinted to Shepard's position, "Shepard!"

    Garrus sat next to Shepard's lifeless body and pleaded desperately as he attempted to check her pulse, "Spirits! Don't die on me, Shepard."

    The last thing Shepard could hear before a white light flashed before her eyes was Garrus whispering as he lifted her body and laid it on his lap, gripping her hand, "Stay with me Samantha..."
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