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Sacred 2 Better Bodiy nude drayd (playable)

Discussion in 'Adult Mods (Archive)' started by fleet, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. fleet

    fleet Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 16, 2012
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    Game Name: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

    MOD NAME: Better Body Fully Nude Dryad

    VERSION: v 5

    MOD AUTHOR: fleet

    DESCRIPTION: This mod uses a different model for the playable dryad and makes most armor invisible
    (at least all that I could find and test)

    INSTRUCTIONS: Uncompress the rar file to a temporary folder on your hard drive, then copy the models
    and mq folder into the pak folder in your game directory

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This skin works with version 2.34 of the North American release of Sacred
    2. Because it does not use a modified itemtype.txt file, it should work with other versions of the North
    American release.
    To uninstall the change, delete the mq and models folder from the pak folder. If you have other mods that
    use these folders they will be deleted when you do this. The difference between this and version 1a is that I
    changed the hair when she is not wearing a helmet; version 3 tried to hide the shrunken heads, and
    removed some unused files. Version 4 tried to fix a glitch with the shrunken heads, and changed the public
    hair. Version 5 fixed the shrunken heads glitch.

    This mod does not conflict with my nude high elf or Seraphim mods (nude playable character, invisible
    wings, and hair color). It might conflict with Ize's and wuzzel's mods, and any character other mods that use
    a modified itemtype.txt file.

    If you make any derivative mods using my work, please give credit. Do NOT upload to other sites.

    Thanks to Ize for showing a decent nude mod can be made for this game, and to Wuzzel for showing more
    can be done. I learned how to make my work better by studying theirs.

    THIS FILE ORIGNATED FROM the old gamevixenzone

    View attachment betterbodyfullnudedryad5.rar