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Rita gets Her Just Desserts

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by galvatron88, Apr 23, 2014.

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    This is a giant killing story. with a little vore. hope you enjoy.

    It was late one evening, Rita has just got in from work and shopping. "Im exhausted." She says as she slumps on the door. " Hooooneeeey babyyyy im hoooome!" she yells. she puts a small box with holes in it on the table. Then her husband marcus and her 11 year old niece come in the room. " Hey babe 'smmoooch' " He says as both their fat full lips met. You could tell marcus use to be in shape in his 20's but now in his early 30's he has developed a fat round gut and a bubble butt. He hates it but she loves it.

    " did u brang dem aunty...cuz i hooongy." Her ghettofied niece said as she rubs her big soft belly. " I got them sweety." rita grins as she opens the package. It is a dozen little people, trapped and ready to be eaten by these three giants.

    Later, Rita and her family had went through half the people in the box. rita walk through the house popping them in her mouth like gumdrops with out a care in the world. warring only a black tiny slip that reveals almost everything on her small petite body. Her panties cut into her fleshy fat butt for she is rather bottom heavy. Her husband is lying on his back asleep in a speedo that cuts into his fat. and ritas niece Carman is laying her head on his belly nibbling on one of the small humans. Warring pajamas that are way too small for her curvy fat body, Her niece is chunky all over.

    Rita lays on her bed filling her belly. laughing and making sport of her food. " up into my belly." She says as she opens wide making a small snorting sound. suddenly one of them speak. " You know u have eatin ur last human." Rita looks at the human with an arrogant surprised look. " HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 'snoooortsnoort' HAHAHAHAHA" Rita s laugh was loud and nasty. she wipes her eyes of tears and asks. " Oh little man...and how did you come to that?" And thats when the little man and the remaining others pulled these pins from these canisters from their belts and let out a knock out gas. The three giants are knocked out for three hours and in those three hours the little people set up traps around the house.

    Later, Carman woke up from her sleep. "MMmmmmm." She woke up wiping drool from her soft watermellon lips. she got up and walks to the bathroom. Her fat full belly bounces and jiggle as she walks.

    As she uses the toilet six little people are behind her and they throw a string around her neck to strangle the plump pre teen. she tried to scream but was cut off by the tightening of the string. The people held on with all their might as the 11 year old girl struggles violently: arms flailing, her thick thighs flopping, every part of her body quivers including her lips. pea is all over the place and Her tongue protrudes. her eyes roll up as she starts to relax. convulsing and foaming at the mouth, her arms slowly drop by her sides. All you could hear are gurgling and gagging noises from the poor young girl. she finally stops moving.

    Meanwhile, Ritas husband marcus is laying with his arms up by his head. his hands placed lazily by his face, his head is crooked upright leaning on a pillow. his full belly is big wide and points up like a mountain as it goes up and down as he snores.

    from the sealing they drop a big knife with little people hanging on with a rope at the end. With one swoop they plunge the knife in marcus's bloated soft belly and drag the knife down splitting his belly in two halves. Marcus didnt even wake. he just jumped and shook and his eyes fluttered. They managed to pull some of their friends bodys out of his belly.

    Then rita awakes to find her beloved husband dead. she went into a rage and vows to kill all of them by pulling all of their limbs off. as she jumps onto the floor she slips on some grease they set for. she falls face first injuring her soft belly and fragile head. She was dizzy, drooling and seeing stars. " Uuuuugh" as she came to she saw the little people had a small battering ram. before she could react they rammed it right into her nose breaking it in the process. She got up on her knees holding her bloody nose in pain. She then sat back down on her fat ass leaning against her dresser. With her legs wide open they rammed the battering ram into her pussy. It hurt like hell as it went in then snatched out again. Rita screamed and grabbed her crotch.

    She falls face down ass up. with her cheek mashed up against the floor, The one she was about to eat walks up to her. she begs and pleads for her life. but the harden little person just shook his head. " Your flesh will feed us for two years." This made he pea all over the floor. Just then a shot rings from a distance. In a panic, Rita jumps up and runs for the door. little dose she knows is that she was shot with a make shift high powered needle right through the head. she was dead but didnt know it. " SOMEBODY HELP MEEee ppffffffffffffffffffffff." She only made it four steps before she began to spit out the side of her mouth and make a goofy face for her brain shut down. her head wobbles downward first followed by the rest of her body as it goes rag doll and flops to the ground. twitching. The little people didnt go hungry for years.