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Jan 23, 2017
I'm sort of surprised this doesn't seem to be talked about more, but I was wondering about the development of a precum mod. Basically the idea is that precum is generated at the tip of the penis at a certain rate, which may be tied to his pleasure.


I'm thinking the precum could just be the same "stuff" as spit, but maybe with an additional mechanic where it can collect in her mouth like cum. She can collect it under two circumstances:
  1. The penis is in her mouth, but she's not deepthroating. In this case, whenever precum would be generated (as a visible object), instead just add some amount to her mouth fullness.
  2. The penis enters her mouth while there is already precum on it. If the precum does behave like spit, and there's a strand of precum hanging from the penis, I would imagine she can't actually "consume" it like she can consume cum; that's fine. But maybe just check if precum currently exists, and if it does, add some amount to her mouth fullness and then set precum_exists to 0.
It would also be a nice optional feature to generate additional precum when certain conditions are met, like when she licks the tip or balls.

One problem that may come up is that once some liquid is in her mouth, that liquid already behaves like cum, which is fine for all purposes except when you lower her head and it drools out and triggers dialogs meant for cum and stuff. It would also be more opaque like cum. Still, that wouldn't be that bad.


Variables I have in mind:
  • precum_min: the rate of precum generation at 0 pleasure
  • precum_max: the rate of precum generation at full pleasure; the actual rate varies linearly between precum_min and precum_max based on pleasure.
  • precum_penislick: the additional amount generated when she licks his penis
  • precum_ballslick: the additional amount generated when she licks his balls
  • mouthful_proportionality: the larger this value, the more her mouth is filled with precum for a given amount of visible precum generated. Maybe some people wouldn't want to SEE very much precum, but they would want to know that her mouth is getting full quickly. Those people would set this to a high value.
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