[PC] Passion Beats!



Made by DD from a Taiwan H forum.

Battle is regular RPG battle, the more damage you take, the less you wear.
CG events seems to be made with 3D-custom shoujo.

To play this game you require the Chinese font.

And also install the RPG Maker XP RTP

And finally, Install the game.
Download Link

Part 1 : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jnicmlzn3a22t3n
Part 2 : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?rhnunynynzyan3m

*Most of the events are yuri. With a fair bit of /d/ stuff as well. (Bondage,Tentacles , Monster girls etc...)

How to play

Arrow Key : Move
Space Bar : Action
X : Menu (Translation in the screenshot below.)


**Fairy Calling option only availalbe after you've met her in the beginning of chapter 2 and onward. She serve two purposes.
Calling Fairy # 1 : She will extract some "Juice" from you(See the picture below...heh heh) which can be used as an ingredient for crafting items.

Calling Fairy # 2 : She will craft items for you. Recipes and Difficulties depending on the type of an item you want to create.

Some more rough translation in the battle phases.

Oh...There're two main heroines by the way.

Izumi Aoi (Grey hair) and Izumi Ai (Black hair).They seem to have an ability to "switch" their bodies at will but you can play as only one girl at a time.(Not sure if they're sisters or dual persona.)

Ai : Her class roughly translated as "Sacred Miko". She's well balanced and has a lots of area of effect attacks that doesn't require much mana/power. Her weapon is fan and wooden sword
Aoi : Her class roughly translated as "Battle Miko". She has less defense than Ai (She can't equip a fan.) but more destructive attacks that can deal a lots of damage. She uses Katana as her weapon.

They also have different stats/skills and super moves.(Different event CGs as well)

[B]Use this skill to switch between Ai and Aoi[/B]


Different skills works on different type of enemies.They have their own strength and weakness.

Also, Some skill hit only one enemy at a time but deal a lots of damage,Ideal for using against strong enemies such as boss.
While another may hit the whole enemies on the screen which can be very useful in the sticky situation when the horde of monsters are surrounding you.

One more thing I must add. Aoi and Ai have different skill set so don't forget to upgrade their skill accordingly.

Added note : Oh...I'm sorry I forgot to tell you.

Your character won't get in the water with their clothes on. So you'll have to get naked to get in the water.(Or change into the swimsuit if you've got one).

"Birthday suit" (Cough)

"Two pieces" (Gift from axe girl boss in Chapter 2 if you choose swimsuit)

"Legendary Swimsuit" (The loli dragon in chapter 1 will give you these stickers-uh...swimsuit if you choose to spare her.)

Last but not Least : Boss battles have both "victory" and "defeat" scenes. Save your game before fighting them if possible.

Sample (Playing as Aoi)





Chapter 1

Pretty straight forward route in this chapter. You'll never get lost here.
BUT there are also some secrets hiding out there as well.

Tips :
1.Buy a lots of pickaxes (Hammers) and keep your eyes peeled for the loose cave walls. You'll get some items,money or sometime a hiding passage from digging.
2.Buy quests from the trader as well.(Below the option to buy items. Buy all of them if possible.) Some events ONLY activate AFTER you've bought a quest.
3.There are two hot springs that you can use to replenish your HP and powers. One at the cave wall near the lake that will lead you to the trader. Another one at the canyon near the entry way to stage boss's cave.

Boss encounter with scenes : Have you missed any one of these?

1. Tentacles chest : Main quest. You'll never miss this.
2. Evil sword : Lower right corner room in the cave where you get naked for the first time.
3. Gladiator Girl : A map below the trader (You'll have to go down through the water.) Also main quest.
4. Water Dragon(A.K.A. Lizard Girl) : Secret boss. You'll have to buy a quest from the trader first. Then you can activate the crystals (Total 5 of them IIRC. One of them you'll have to dig a hidden passage way to get to it.) Buy a lots of potion and save your game before activate the 5th crystal because you'll instantly teleported into her chamber as soon as you touch it. And she's real tough one despite of her pretty face.
After you've defeated her she'll beg you to let her go. The choice is yours.
Spare her : She'll give you a "Legendary Swimsuit" (See the pic above).
Finish her : You'll have some scenes with her.
5. Kobold : Still remember the bipedal dog cretures that raped Ai as soon as the game started? They're hiding somewhere in the cave that will lead you to the Stage boss (You'll need a hammer to dig through them). Find them and exact your revenge!(Or get raped again.)
6.Samurai Girl (Stage Boss) : She's at the end of the cave tunnel. Pretty straightforward route you can't miss her. And hope you've stored up your potions AND your level before you meet her. She's formidable opponent and the store in Chapter 2 is quite hard to find.


Chapter 2

The forest in chapter 2 is one of the most confusing (and frustrating) part of the game. I can't pinpoint the exact way to navigate through the maze. I just get out of there by the sheer luck myself .

Allright, Here's the quickest way to get through the first maze.

Warning! : Plot spoilers!

Remember , Get naked/Change into swimsuit before get into the water.



(From the lake where you've met the fairy.) Lower left > Lower left > Upper left > Down the water and to the right. > Up the land and go down. > To the left. Here you will meet Ariel (Purple hair maid.) She'll talk with you for a bit

Head back and to the upper right. You'll found a big tree with something glittering there. Press space bar (Activate) on it.

A girl with weirdo mask will appear...uh...Isn't she the first stage final boss?
(She will teach you some new skill)

(Time advanced to evening) Head back to Ariel's. She will give you some nice "massage" ...(See the goodies by yourself. I won't spoil the fun here....lol)

Ariel left and time advanced to dusk. Head to the upper left and you'll found a store there.

And that's it for how to navigate through the first maze.

Additional tip :

1. In the map with three logs in the middle. There's a narrow passage to the pond which you can use to replenish your HP and another two power bars. You can easily spamming your level and items here.

2. Invest a skill or two on Healing can be a great help in this chapter. Not only it will save your money and HP potion but some healing skills can cure you from negative status effects as well.

3. Memorize the landmarks and paths. Also, save game often.

4. No need to rush through the store. Some glittering objects scattered through the map (often lying on the tree) can be searched. And you may need to level up your character/crafting new items first because this stage bosses can be quite a challenge to beat.
Second Maze

- Find a House. There you meet and fight Nena. If you win you'll get an Axe item. After the fight you will have a scene with her. After this you can get from her 2 Swords or Clothes and Shoes or an Accessory or a Special Outfit (like the 'Hero Bikini'), depending on your choose.

*If you lose against Nena the outcome is still the same(Game isn't over). Except that you won't get any item from her.

- After that the Maze changes a little. Try to find this map. (As I said I can't pinpoint the exact way how to get there. Sorry)

*Important note: There's the map that looks exactly the same with this one. Except it has a glitch that you can walk down to the water without taking off your clothes. That's the wrong map. Try to find another one. (You can test if it's the right map or not by trying to walk down the pond in the middle of map.)

- The route to the right (passage#2) will take you to the Waterfall where you'll take a bath and meditate. And then Undine (Water spirit/Slime girl) will appear and attack you. She can be a bit challenging because she caught you off the guard and you'll have to fight her while you're still naked. If you win you'll get a Blue Feather. After the fight you will have a scene with her.(Scene different whether you win or lose against her. But game won't over) As you leaves the room where you fought Undine you can see a dialogue with a Mysterious (???) person.

- Return to the crossway and go down to the passage #1. You'll find another House where you meet Ariel again. She fights you (you can learn a Special move). If you win you will get her weapon. Scene with her.
- Just after this fight you will meet Esther. You can save, just before the fight. During the fight you will get an event about learning a Special move. After you defeat her, you can win a Metal Lingot? (To forge).
- Just after this, you will fight again Esther but in her ESBurst? form. You can't hit her in the first 2 turns, but in the third turn you will Fully recover all stats and you will learn a very powerful attack. You can use this attack one more time and then use other attack to defeat her. You will win a Spear? from her.
- After this you will get a Scene with Esther and Ariel.
- And then the END of the chapter and the introduction of Chapter 3. Esther will present you a parting gift which you can choose between Sexy Nightwear or Maid Uniform.

* Note : Even if you lose the fight against either Ariel or Esther. You still have a "Good Ending" with them but your journey will ends here.
Spoiler Ending :

Instead of beating and raping you like other bosses would do when you lose them.
Ariel and Esther make love with you passionately and you fall in love with them.
You(Aoi if you lose against Ariel/Ai if you lose against Esther) become Esther's new maid and live with them happily after.

Chapter 3

Before we start. Let me explain about some new skill that you've learned from the last chapter.


#1. Notice the new power bar in the green circle? This is the power gauge for supermoves which you must have full 100% in order to perform supermoves. You can fill up this power gauge by attacking enemies or receiving any damages.
#2. "ES Burst" Can be use after you've filled up the gauge to 100%. This skill will increase your stats (Noticibly your attack power)by 50% . But lasts for only 3 turns so you might want to follow up with some very high damage attacks

#3. "ES Break" Can be perform after you've activated the ES Burst mode. This skill deal devastating damage to all enemies on the screen (Starting at 12,000+ pts.) Can wreck havoc on normal enemies or deal a serious blow to the boss in just one attack. (Can be use only once per ES Burst Mode.)

(Damage points may varies depending on your character stats and equpiment.)

Side notes:
1. Supermove can be perform by both Ai and Aoi. Ai supermove will hit all enemies on the screen while Aoi supermove will hit single target but deal a lot more damage.
2. Skills names above were made up by me. If anybody fluent in Chinese want to help me correcting these names I'd be appreciated.)

Walkthrough Chapter 3 : Part One

Tips :
1. Enemies in this chapter will be even harder to fight than before. Especially the treasure guardians. But they do have their own weakness. Most of the enemies in the volcanic cave sections are vulnerable to water based attack. While the water based creature in the icy cave are vulnerable to lightning based attack.. And don't rush in to fight with the boss since the beginning. You'll need to level/gear up your character first in order to beat them.
2. This map is not a maze like the forest in chapter 2. But still it's a large compound of cave which you can easily get lost here. Use your pathfinding skill. Memorize the landmarks and paths and save your game often.
3. There are two power replenishing places in this chapter (a pond and a hotspring.). Use them to your advantage. Stick around there and kill your enemies as many as possible with your most powerful area of effect attacks and replenish when you're low on mana.
4. Many of the forging ingredients are scattered throughout the map. Some of them are just lying around (crystals/plantation) Some of them can be dig up with a pickaxe. And some of them are guarded by powerful guardians.

Now you've descended down the volcanic cave. Good old fairy will appear before you.
She will give you underwears in exchange with your "second kind of juice" (See the pic below...eww)

She will then show you the list of new items she can forge before she leave.
You can call her later whenever you have enough items to forge or whenever you just want her to "juice you out". lol
From now on you are free to explore but don't get yourself lost and don't go to fight with the boss unless you're ready.

Notable Places

The store


(From the starting map) Lower left ---> Lower right.
Don't forget to buy quests from the trader as well.

Underground pond


Upper right map above from the trader's. Will fully recover your HP mana and power. Useful for spamming your items+level with fire based creatures.

Hot Spring



Lower left from the beginning map(Or upper left from trader's)---->Stair on the upper right---->Cross the water---->Dig a passage to the right. (Left is dead end while center will lead you to the treasure guardians.)
Will also fully recover your HP mana and power. Useful for spamming your items+level with water based creatures.


Ready for some actions? Okay, here we go!

1)Red Slime



When you enter the room you'll encounter Rimu (Girl with tentacle box from the first chapter) again. And she ran into some "slimy" trouble.

Tip : Red Slime is very resistant to almost any kind of attack EXCEPT Ai's "Dark Energy" based attack. (Example of these skills below.)

After you killed the slime. Rimu will tell you to claim your prize in the big chest in that room. But at the moment you open the chest she'll show her true color.Knife at your throat , Force you to strip , tie you up before give you a sweet love with some kind of..."Giant Bug"?

Which will morph living Bio-Suit/Armor afterward. For the time being Let's call this suit "ES Booster"

Info : "ES Booster" is a living armor which offer only minimal protection compared to newer Miko outfit that you can forge from fairy. And it will slowly damage the wearer as long as you're waering it but your Supermove Gauge will fill up very fast. (2-3 times faster than normal.)

2)Hot Spring



Travel down to the lower right from the icy lake. Break a crystal and dig the loose cave wall here. You'll found a nice hot spring inside. If you take a bath here you will automatically switched to Aoi and she will somehow get turned on in the hotspring. Just when she's starting to touch herself the masked girl will appear before Aoi again to have a sweet time with her...This time she identified herself by the name "Cold Wind"

3)First Boss
Don't forget to stock up your potions before proceed any further because you can't go back to the shop after this.And you should be at least Level 30 to fight with the first boss.

There are two ways to reach the boss chamber
3.1.1) Volcanic cave : At far right end of the cave where there's a pile of fire blocking your way. Put out that fire (Don't forget to buy a quest before this.) and head to the passage way where there's a light.
3.1.2) Icy Cave : From the first hotspring map. Go to a map BELOW and to the right. Break the crystal that's blocking your way and there should be a stair that will lead you to below.

Just when you've descended down, Tunnel will collapse behind you so you can't going back to where you're coming from anymore. Prepare yourself.

The next room is the dungeon with three door.

Right : You'll find a bunch of naked people lying in the room. Did they just finished their sexual marathon? (Your ES (Supermove) Gauge fill up by 20%)

Left : You'll find a guard in here. He has a key to the middle door so you'll have to attack him. Don't worry he's very weak.(He can't hit you at all and he will gone down in just one hit.) After that you'l have a scene of you "interrogating" him and get a key.

Middle : Door is lock unless you have a key from the guard in the left room. This door will lead you to the boss.

Boss Battle : Olga Goskov

The dark skinned SM queen is the first boss in this first half of chapter 3. She can attack you TWICE PER TURN which can be really annoying. Since her multiple whip strikes can deal up to 2000+ pts of damage and has some nasty negative effects as well.

Tips :
1> Try not to let your health gone down below 2000. If so,There is a fair chance that she will knock you out in one shot.
2> Use your healing skill that's also cure you of your negative effects instead of just using HP potions. Her debuffs can severely weaken you if connected.
3> She's immune to lightning based attack. Use something else. ES Break is also works very well.
4> You will automatically switch to Ai when fighting Olga. Don't forget to upgrade her skills/equipment before the fight.

Sample victory scene : How do you like the taste of your own medicine!?"

And that's it for part one.

Walkthrough Chapter 3 : Part Two



A few series of cavern will lead you to the "hole" where there's a bridge inside. Cross the bridge and you'll find an imp trader from the first chapter there. Well...This little prick wants your panties before he'll do any business with you. You can either give it to him or just showing him.

Encounter : Harpy

Go upstair from the imp trader's (The path above him will lead you to the teasure guardian. Quite a tough one I must say.) And on top of the hill in the next cavern you'll see girl in the red suit fighting with a green dragon. And the dragon seems to have an upperhand against her. What will you do?

- Help her : You attack the dragon and it'll get away . The harpy will get angry and fight with you instead. If you managed to beat her you'll get a feather.

- Don't help her : Harpy will manage to defeat the dragon by herself and she'll talk with you. Then you'll have some scene with her.

Try to find the way to the top of the cavern. You'll find a passage way to the ice cave. Go along the way and you'll on the top of lava cave and then cross the long bridge that will lead you to the passage way to boss chamber. Be sure that you've got everything you needs before entering because you won't be able to come back anymore.



Encounter : Tentacle man

Just when you're climbing up the long ladder. Some tentacle will pop out from the cliff and trying to grab you. You'll get dragged into their lair if you get hit by any of them.


Boss Fight : Tentacle man

Tentacle man first form isn't very hard to beat. The problem will be it's Gundam-ish second form which has some high damage skill attack. Be careful
You'll automatically teleport back to the cliff after you've beaten the Tentacle man.

Climb up the ladder again to the top of the cliff. You'll find a door to Stage boss room right there. You need to be at least level 35 to be able to beat her.(Level 40 or more is recommended.)

Stage Boss : Yolanda

Pale white skin girl with a violin is the stage boss of this chapter. First fight with her shouldn't be much difficult. But after she reveal that she's holding Shizuka as her hostage. (One of Ai's friend. She has a cameo appear in the prologue of the first chapter.). This time she will summon her pet to help (Big black eye thing with tentacle.) And things will get quite sticky here since they both will attack you at the same time.

Tip :

1. Yolanda is immune to lightning and water based attack.
2. Try to kill her pet first. The fight will be much easier than fighting with them both at the same time.

(This section of the walkthrough is still incomplete. More information will be update later)

Chapter 4 - Coming Soon


Chapter 5 - Coming Soon
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Although this isn't my kind of game, let me commend you for your excellent presentation! Full description, instructions on how to play, so many screenshots... well done mate! I wish every game thread had a first post like this :thumbsup::thumbsup:


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Apr 26, 2010
yes , it's a NICE game and a very very very gooood tutorial.. keep on , man !


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Feb 22, 2010
Try to guess
Thanks for the nice tutorial. But now I'm stuck at the beginning of the second chapter with that maze forest. Can you help me to get out of it?


I know we never met before but I'd love to have your baby.
Thankyouthanksyouthankyou so much!
Uh...thanks. lol

(Walkthrough moved to the first post)
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Where do you meet the lizard girl?

Also, where do you meet the fairy? I'm at the lake at the beginning of chapter 2, but I don't see any fairy

BTW, I'm playing the english version of the game
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Where do you meet the lizard girl?

I've updated my walkthrough section. See the first post.

Also, where do you meet the fairy? I'm at the lake at the beginning of chapter 2, but I don't see any fairy
BTW, I'm playing the english version of the game

Well THAT's the problem. English version is incomplete and you'll get stuck in the middle of nowhere in chapter 2. Not to mention some bugs as well. That's why I posted Original Taiwanese version.

You'll encounter the fairy as soon as you go to the right of the starting map in chapter 2. You'll take a bath at the lake and found her there. (Different scene depending on who you're playing as. Ai or Aoi)
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Jul 28, 2010
I heard about this game and, although I can't understand chinese, its a great game. Walkthough was very helpful too. Keep up the good work


Is anyone know how to get the crystal which is near the small boss of first chapter? I find it, but I do not know where to enter that map.


I feel this game is very hard. Can anyone post their save data before every boss?


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Jul 28, 2010
All you really have to be concerned about is buying enough potions early game. There's a walkthrough in the first post, and you can run from battle as long as its not a boss fight. I don't see how the game can be that hard.

Just explore. I'm learning the game too, so you're not alone in that.


I feel this game is very hard. Can anyone post their save data before every boss?

You can change the game difficulty if it's too hard for you.
At the Easiest level the enemies will be ridiculously easy for you to beat....At least in the first chapter anyway
Also, Don't forget to use the Skill attacks on boss. (See the menu translation in my first post.)
Edit : I added the location of two hot springs in the walkthrough of the first chapter. They should make things much more easier for you.

Is anyone know how to get the crystal which is near the small boss of first chapter? I find it, but I do not know where to enter that map.

You mean those crystals in the first chapter that will lead you to the secret boss?
You'll have to dig a tunnel to get to one of them. (Buy a pickaxe from the store)

(B.T.W.I'm making a walkthrough for chapter 3 right now.)
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just so those who are playing the english version know i'm pretty sure its only chapter 1 and stops after that mainly because sisustar finished it before the full version was finished and its about half the full versions size


Thank you. I have find the last crystal. I think the chapter 2 is really like a maze. It is very hard to find where to go.
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