New Doctor Who


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Well, what does everyone think of the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi? I do like the idea of an older Doctor, having grown up with the original series. It's gotten away from being a kids show, which is okay, as kids are more mature now. (Not sure that's necessarily a good thing, but I digress.) I do like less of the lovey dovey companion stuff. The Doctor and Romana didn't really count as they were both Time Lords. Sarah Jane and the Doctor were really, really close. Jamie and Zoe were more like students and the Doctor was the teacher trying to keep them out of trouble. The old series hinted at it with Peter Davidson and his Hotties, but it was never as overt as the last few seasons, even with Amy being married.


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I think Capaldi has done an excellent job. His first season was really up and down quality-wise (that Robin Hood episode was the worst since the series rebooted IMO), but that was due more to the writing than anything else. This last season was fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing how they move on next year.


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Saw the christmas special yesterday - one of the best episodes with Capaldi and the best xmas special I can recall since the reboot. Sad, great, beautiful and highly recommended.

Heh, so I guess DW fans of this site got a little kick out of Clara getting hit by the raven, eh? ;)


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lol. I'd like to see the camera angle info for that in the script:

Clara arches her back and sticks her tits way out, then gets punched really fucking hard in the gut by a death bird. We view this from the side to maximize focus on her body. We'd like to have been able to take her top off, but apparently this is still considered a family show. Fuck.