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Naruto: Ino Yamanaka vs Sakura Haruno

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Jade1503, Nov 6, 2016.

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    Oct 19, 2015
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    Ino Yamanaka climbed into the ring the minute Hinata left, looking down at the defeated Sakura who was trying to crawl away. With a smile, Ino pulled Sakura up onto her feet by her armpits and spun her around. When Sakura was facing her, Ino slapped her hard in the face before kneeing her in the stomach. Sakura gasped.

    ‘With you weaken, I may finally get a chance to beat you slut!’ Ino smiled wickedly as she held Sakura by her hair.

    ‘You… Bitch…’

    Sakura gasped when Ino slapped her hard in the face. ‘Hush you slut! You’re mine now!’

    Ino pushed Sakura into one of the corners and shoved her fingers into Sakura’s hairy vagina, fingering her hard. Sakura moaned loudly as Ino’s fingers crawled deeper into her insides, arousing her greatly. Desperately, Sakura slapped at Ino. Ino grinned.

    ‘Your slaps are like kittens. Looks like I need to tame you down first!’

    Sakura gasped loudly and saliva flew from her mouth when Ino lowered herself and slammed her shoulder into her stomach. Sakura yelped as the blonde kunoichi lifted the pink-haired girl into the air, facing the mat. Ino beamed as she paraded Sakura around the ring before walking back to the middle of the ring. With a grin, Ino lifted Sakura over her head and slammed her back onto her knee in a backbreaker.

    Sakura screamed loudly and rolled off Ino’s knee, arching her back in pain. Ino grinned and grabbed Sakura by her hair, pulling her up onto her feet. With Sakura groaning before her, Ino slammed her knee into the pink-haired girl. Sakura screamed as she vomited out saliva, making Ino smiled. Ino grabbed hold of Sakura’s wrist and Irish whipped her into the ropes, running to the other side of the ring.

    Sakura gasped when her back hit the ropes, rebounding from it and running towards Ino who also rebounded from the ropes. They met in the middle of the ring and before Sakura could defend herself, Ino leapt into the air and thrust her chest forward. Ino’s busty breasts slammed into Sakura’s chest as she landed on top of her rival, a loud thud resounding throughout the cave. Sakura screamed in pain as Ino grinned, pressing her hard nipples into Sakura’s.

    ‘Hehehhehe…’ Ino giggled. ‘Looks like my melons is making you horny. Here, have a closer look!’

    Ino then slammed her breasts into Sakura’s face, smothering her. Sakura flailed her arms wildly as she gasped and gagged, her air being cut by Ino’s breasts. Ino laughed as she grabbed Sakura’s head and forced Sakura’s in between her breasts, cutting her air supply. When she felt that Sakura’s resistance was weakening, Ino lifted her breasts off Sakura’s face: allowing her to take in some breath.

    With Sakura breathing heavily, Ino pulled her up onto her feet by her armpits and slowly lifted her into the air. She hold Sakura over head for a while before slamming her into the mat, Sakura’s back hitting the mat. Sakura screamed in pain and arched her back, gasping loudly when Ino slammed into her. Ino hooked one of Sakura’s leg into the air and went for the pin. The kunoichis outside of the ring counted out loud.

    ‘1… 2…’

    Sakura kicked out, breaking the pin. Ino growled and slammed her fists into Sakura’s stomach, making the pink-haired girl gasping loudly. Once she was sure that Sakura was too winded to fight, Ino pulled Sakura onto her feet again. The blonde growled and grabbed Sakura’s arm, Irish whipping her into one of the corner. Sakura gasped when her back slammed into the turnbuckle, writhing in pain. Smirking, Ino lowered herself and roared her battle-cry. Like a bull, she charged towards Sakura: ready to slam her elbow into her stomach.

    So Ino got a nasty shock when Sakura moved away from the turnbuckle at the last second, making the blonde slammed her face into the turnbuckle. Ino moaned in pain and gasped when Sakura kicked her in the stomach, forcing her down onto her knees. Ino only managed to look up in time to see Sakura raising both her fists and slamming it down on her head. Ino almost black out as she fell onto her sides, holding her head in pain.

    ‘How’s the headache bitch?’ Sakura cried out. ‘That’s what you get for cheating Ino-pig!’

    Sakura growled and grabbed Ino’s head, lifting her onto her feet. Ino screamed loudly when her head was slammed on top of the turnbuckle, Sakura slamming Ino’s face harder into the turnbuckle. Ino can only moaned in pain as Sakura’s pulled her way from the turnbuckle and back to the middle of the ring. When they were in the middle of the ring, Sakura leapt into the air and slammed Ino’s face into the mat in a face-buster.

    Ino screamed in pain and hold her face, rolling onto her back. Sakura fell onto her knees and pinned Ino’s arms above her head. With a wicked grin, Sakura lowered herself and began licking Ino’s sweaty armpits, making the blonde gasped sexually. Moaning lewdly, Ino cannot even defend herself as she felt Sakura’s wet tongue running up and down her armpit.

    ‘Ooohhhhh…’ Ino moaned out loud.

    Sakura grinned as she shoved two fingers into Ino’s hairy vagina, fingering her roughly as she continued licking her armpit. Ino’s screams filled the cave as she felt Sakura’s fingers inside her vagina, stroking the walls of her insides. It was not long before Ino orgasmed all over Sakura’s fingers and onto the mat, screaming in ecstasy.

    Sakura grinned and pulled her fingers out from Ino’s vagina, licking the cum off it. When she was done cleaning her fingers, she pulled Ino up onto her feet by her armpits and held her standing: slamming her knee into her urethra. Ino gasped at every knee missiles slamming into her urethra until she urinated on the mat, a pool of urine forming beneath them. She did not resist when Sakura waited for her to finish urinating before turning her upside down.

    Sakura held Ino upside down for some time before roaring, pile driving Ino’s head into the mat. Ino screamed loudly when her head slammed into the mat, making the entire ring shook at the impact. Her eyes were already closed when Sakura let go of her, allowing Ino to fall unconsciously onto her back. Ino moaned as Sakura shoved her hairy vagina into her face, face sitting on her. With Ino’s shoulders pinned to the mat, the other kunoichis began counting the pin.

    ‘1… 2… 3!’

    Sakura grinned and flexed her biceps as Ten Ten made the announcement. ‘Winner by pin-fall: Haruno Sakura!’

    Sakura smirked and opened Ino’s mouth with her fingers, making sure her vagina was above the blonde’s opened mouth. She giggled as she urinated into Ino’s mouth, filling it with her urine. That woke Ino up, making her gagged as she was forced to swallow the urine.

    ‘Serve you right Ino-pig!’ Sakura said as she was done urinating. ‘That will teach you to cheat! I hope you learnt your lesson, bitch!’

    Ino whimpered on her back, coughing out the foul liquid in her mouth, as Sakura stood up: posing triumphantly before the girls watching from outside.