More consistent latex gear for "her"


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Dec 16, 2011
Just wanted to request some clothing mods for "her", specifically some more latex/rubber style gear that is consistent in artstyle with these items:

I know that the current version of More Clothing includes some latex gloves already, but the shading on them is super off compared to the items displayed, and stands out sorely. In addition, the existing latex bodysuits/other items in the resources tab all seem to lack the same artstyle.

Some specific items:
- Gloves - arm length prefferably.
- Briefs/boxers that line up with the latex thigh-highs.
- A bondage blindfold with consistent art
- Bodysuit/bodysuit components
- Perhaps more "bindings" similar to the monoglove. Not sure what exactly, anything that works, really.

Hope somebody with some artistic talent and free time can cook some stuff up for me!
Thanks in advance.
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