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Mood changing dialogue?

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by Jeriah, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Jeriah

    Jeriah Potential Patron

    Mar 14, 2012
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    Noobish question, perhaps...

    Is there any way to change dialogue depending on the girl's mood? And if so, can it be done through simple dialogue changes, or needing to mod it?
    I hoped it would be kinda simple, like:

    if [NORMAL_MODE] = "It's... so big...!"
    if [HAPPY_MODE] = "Wow, it's huge!"
    if [ANGRY_MODE] = "Hey, stop waving it at me!"
    if [AHEGAO_MODE] = "..."

    It's great we can change her features with different moods, even in the middle of our dialogue, but I'd also like it to be a part of what she's saying! ;) (And if it's been done already, I'm just sorry for not looking so hard I could find it, and that someone could point me to it... ;))
  2. tonyh5144

    tonyh5144 Potential Patron

    Dec 7, 2011
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    Yes, I hoped there'd be something like that too, but I haven't found it yet!

    The closest thing I can think of at the moment is to have one dialogue for each mood - but the user has to change between the dialogues him/herself, which tends to break into the fantasy... :(

    You could use custom types to choose a mood, but that way you'd get a random mood each time - which probably isn't quite what you want, unless she's supposed to be multiple-personality or very capricious!

    I don't know if there's a mod of some sort to allow this - if there is, will someone kind please tell us!

    (If I remember rightly, with the standard dialogue she doesn't talk when she's in ahegao mood - so presumably SDT has the ability to tell what mood she's in. Perhaps it's something to consider for future expansion!)
  3. T0mcat

    T0mcat Avid Affiliate

    Feb 5, 2012
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    You can "choose" a different mood for before and after the first_throat.
    If I'm not wrong, before you achieve the first_throat there will be random lines displayed from the INTRO lines if there's no activity. After the first_throat the "game" will use lines from the GENERAL lines.

    If there's text to be displayed in a AHEGAO_MOOD line, then she talks ;)
    And considering the ability of SDT to tell what happens... well.. if two things happen shortly after another, one is "forgotten" - should be easy to prove: just get the girl unconscious, then continue the old in'an'out until the guy comes.. shoot it all over her face, while she "wakes up" and see about what she complains.. ;)
    SDT also often seems to forget about FINISH / RESTART lines..

    All in all it seems, dialogue is a stepchild of SDT. Kona seems more busy to make new clothes/gadgets/hairstyles.. So, if there's someone out there to come up with a mod or something getting the ability to control SDT's action by dialogue, that would be great..

    Right now the whole system is quite... boring. Too much randomness and repetition.. and some things come up with unexpected results..

    INTRO lines - Will be displayed randomly during inactivity before the first_throat
    GENERAL lines - displayed randomly during inactivity after the first_throat AND one line is displayed right after the guy shoots a load (which shouldn't be the case, as other lines should be used..)
    FIRST_THROAT lines - repeated randomly each time the guy pushes a bit deeper than before.. so not really "FIRST" throat, right?
    HELD lines - seems like two random lines will be displayed after holding her
    VIGOROUS lines - seems like random lines will be displayed after treating her rough
    CUM_ON_FACE lines - depending on the amount of cum on her face, more than one line may randomly displayed
    SWALLOW lines - depending on the amount of sperm she has to swallow, several random lines may be displayed

    Then there's still the problem with some expression actions - like [COUGH], [CLENCH_TEETH], [SWALLOW], [TONGUE] - stopping the display of dialogue, if they are interfered by the guy penetrating her mouth. Makes writing dialogue for the auto mode quite difficult ;)

    Ah well, we can all but hope...