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Mai (KOF) vs Sigmund: An RP Log

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Cuntington, Mar 17, 2015.

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    • Player 1:‎ The roar of the crowd is deafening as the two combatants enter the arena, filled as it is with the scent of sweat and blood, enhanced by the exhilarated cheers of the people in the audience, clamouring and clawing at one another to get a better view of the fight.
    Standing on one side of the arena is a young man, possibly no more than 30, clad in an immaculately white suit and black turtleneck, wearing trousers made of silk. His hands are covered in white gloves that too have the same silken sheen as his trousers. He is handsome to be sure, his lightly tanned face, the only part of his skin visible, is fine and soft, bearing a strange contradiction to his sharp, almost birdlike features, lending him a certain predatory air.
    He lowers his glasses with a gloved finger, seemingly to get a better look at his opponent. He smiles.
    "Tonight's challenger is a new one, folks! Hailing from Berlin, Germany; let's hear a big hand for SIGMUND!!!" The announcer bellowed over the mic.
    The crowd cheers with several female squeals and screeches audible amongst the crowd, but it would no doubt pale in comparison to the cheers for his opponent.
    (over to you)


    • Player 2:‎ Mai Shiranui steps onto the stage and waves to the crowd. Everyone cheers loudly for the well-known fighter, both men and women alike. She gets lots of cheers, as well as catcalls, and some even dare to call her lewd and nasty names. She just smiles and waves to them all. She's clothed in a kimono with her signature red and white colors, her hair bound up in a proper bun. She winks at the crowd and starts to twirl. After some movements that could barely be followed by the naked eye she changes to her fighting outfit, a sexy kunoichi outfit in red and while that shows off her assets. Her breasts were exposed after her transformation, which made the crowd roar deafeningly that Mai winced from the noise, but she calmly grabbed her top and slid it over her ample bosom. Her breasts were only partially covered, since the top did give a generous view of her cleavage and sideboob, but at least her nipples were covered. She then went into a series of sexy poses for the crowd, making them go wild again, before turning her attention to her opponent and giving him a smug smile. "And on the other corner, hailing from Japan! Mai Shiranui!!" And the crowd exploded.

    • Player 1:‎ Sigmund smiled as he effortlessly and fluidly slid off his jacket, revealing his skin-tight black turtleneck. With one hand he hung the jacket on the post of the ring, no doubt intending to retrieve it later, a calculatedly arrogant gesture.

    Slipping off his glasses, he calmly tucked it into his jacket's pocket as he strode over to the center of the ring where the famous kunoichi awaited. He'd studied her fights for hours at a time, ripping through his opponents, ungainly, sweaty male creatures for a chance to break the goddess of the fighting scene. He knew all her flashy showy moves and had prepared himself for this day; the day he would shatter her warrior spirit and bend her to his will like so many others.

    "Guten morgen, Fraulein Shiranui." He bowed respectfully with a flourish, standing shortly after to smooth back his platinum blonde hair. His icy blue eyes purposely glancing down to her bouncing assets and snapping back up to her face, forcing himself to blush slightly.

    Let the girl think her distractions are working, he thinks to himself, keep her off-guard...
    "May I be the first this day to say how ... lovely you look..."

    (over to you)

    • Player 2:‎ Mai smiled at him, stood straight with both feet together, and bowed down low. "Ohayo, Sigmund-san," greeted Mai, then struck a sexy pose for him, "Domo arigatou. You're not looking too shabby yourself, care for some tea after I kick your ass?" she said to him as she got back to her fighting pose.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]
    • Player 1:‎ "Tea would be lovely, liebchen." He smiled politely and nodded but stood casually, hands clasped behind his back as he looked at her contemplatively.

    "Pardon my curiosity, but your outfit... It must be terribly difficult to keep on amidst such... Vigorous activity ... Why do you wear it?"
    • Player 1:‎ (over to you)

    • Player 2:‎ "Because I just feel like it," she said to him, "it isn't hot and gives good mobility and the cloth does help in combat." The announcer then said "FIGHT!" with Mai reacting by throwing her fan and yelling "Kachousen!" She then reached into her top, her other hand opening it and giving him a nice view of her breast, as she pulled out another fan. "And I know it drives people wild seeing me in this outfit."
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    Player 1:‎ "An interesting answer." He replied as he dodged the first two fans. "It must be liberating, isn't it? To feel the wind kissing your bare skin.It must have an almost... risque appeal, nein? Not just with the wind... But the sense of danger, the rush ofyour foe's strikes as they whistle by, that taboo element of sexuality and vulnerability..."
    He chose his words well, carefully painting an image in her mind that pandered to her exhibitionist nature, dodging her fans until his words would take hold and cause her to falter.

    • Player 2:‎ Mai smiled at him, "You could say that," she said to him, though she didn't want to add that it could also distract her opponents, "But doesn't that makes fight even better? The risk and risque?" she says as she winks at him, dashing in and twirling for a "Ryou en bou!"
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]
    • Player 1:‎ He drops to his knees and leans back, sliding his arms out to the sides to dodge the fiery charge attack she would doubtlessly employ. As she sails past, he quickly swipes with a gloved hand, gently caressing her inner thigh as she goes past, letting her momentum carry the caress up to her nethers to throw her off balance.

    (over to you)

    • Player 2:‎ Mai gasps as he caresses her in the right spots. Still going with her spin, she then delivers a roundhouse kick aimed for his head.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]
    • Player 1:‎ Sigmund is quicker still as he leaps into a handstand and spitting on the laws of physics, launches into the air before her kick can connect and strikes her in the head with an upside-down side kick. "I'd say-SO." his words exclaim slightly as his foot lashes out, calculated to briefly stun her and set her up for his next move.
    • Player 1:‎ (over to you)
    • Player 2:‎ Mai barely dodged the kick, his shoe scraping her hair as it sailed past. She avoided it by allowing her body to fall in the direction the kick was heading and roll in that direction. After finishing the roll, she was on her knee and throwing two fans at him.

    • Player 1:‎ Sigmund smiled, amused; the key was to keep moving; it helped that his style wasn't in any textbook; he took such trouble to create one uniquely suited to him, one without openings that an opponent may research and exploit as he had done.

    "Now she would expand the gap and - the fans. Excellent." He thought to himself as he twisted in the air to avoid them, landing in a sideways roll, disguised as a defensive maneuver but its purpose was to close the distance. There was always that split-second pause after she threw them. Now, what will she do next...

    (over to you)

    • Player 2:‎ Mai saw him roll and avoid her fans, drawing another one she raised it high, intending to smash it down on top of his head.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]
    • Player 1:‎ Ah yes, the downward strike, Sigmund mused as she raised it high. A lot of power in that strike, but leaves her wide open in its recovery.
    He half-stepped back at the last moment as she brought it down but as she raised herself for her recovery, Sigmund chose his moment to strike; adapted from his dance lessons, he stepped into her now open guard and using a series of calculated steps, spun round in a tight zone of centrifugal force, his gloved hands swiping like a tornado as several slap-like strikes to her chest further sensitizing her, with even near misses levelling a flick-like sensation to her nipples.

    Given the size of those things Sigmund mused, it was impossible to miss.
    • Player 1:‎ (over to you)

    • Player 2:‎ Mai couldn't help it but cry out in both pain and pleasure, her breasts bouncing wildly from the series of slaps. She staggered backwards and grabbed her breasts, feeling hot all over and wet in the crotch. She then turned to him in defiance and started to spin for Ryou en Bou.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ She would not get to spin for her fiery conflagration he allowed himself a slight smile as he slid a leg between her thighs and siezing her behind in a commanding, sensual grip, dragged her moist and ready nethers along the soft, silken folds of his trousers that dressed his lean, muscled thigh.

    (over to you)

    • Player 2:‎ She wasn't able to finish the move and grabbed on to his thigh as she moaned out loud. Her hips bucked once and she got even wetter. She staggered backwards, a bit confused and dazed from what just happened.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ He smiles as he lets her stagger back, her outfit dishevelled with her erect nipples for all to see and her loincloth soaked trough. No matter who won this fight, Mai Shiranui, the untouchable, invincible queen of fighters was finished.

    "Perhaps this was what you hoped for, hm, liebchen?" He smiled as he stood, seemingly nonchalant about her predicament. Confusion and arousal; next will come humiliation and rage; he was sure of it.

    "Defeat suits you; and you wear it so well!" He grinned from ear to ear. That's right, he thought. Get angry. Get reckless, and that will be the end of you.

    (over to you)
    • Player 2:‎ Mai did get angry. A surge of power came out as she did a small back flip, then launched herself towards him, hands clasped together, with her elbow forward to deliver the blow. Her body was burning with the technique, the kunoichi intending to finish this with that move.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ Sigmund's eyes widened in alarm as she ignited herself with her focused energy and he felt a surge of genuine joy as he sidestepped the attack, siezing the flaming kunoichi by her waist and overriding the searing pain to gain purchase. Yes, it hurt, by god it hurt; but Sigmund decided she was worth it.

    Where he thought her just another fighting floozy using her body to gain an easy win he had found such focused rage and indomitability.
    Sigmund was overjoyed.

    He had found his muse.
    And she would be his masterpiece.

    • Player 1:‎ (over to you)

    • Player 2:‎ Her technique stopped and the flames dispersed. The kunoichi, incredulous at how he stopped her move, twisted to deliver an elbow to the side of his head.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ The elbow struck, but the pain was lost to Sigmund, who could feel only joy as he snatched her out of the air and slammed her onto the ground. Such spirit, he mused.

    No more observing.
    No more analysis.
    For the first time, Sigmund felt truly alive.

    • Player 2:‎ Mai cried out as she hit the ground. Her back arched as a response to the pain, pushing out her breasts, abdomen and crotch while making her legs spread out and giving people a good view of the drenched cloth covering her mound.

    • Player 1:‎ Sigmund stepped over her, all composure and detachment lost as he stood astride her, his blue eyes crazed with lust, his turtleneck and gloves burned to ashes that float away, exposing his lean, sinewy and toned form. His immaculate hair was dishevelled and he was clearly only half dressed.

    He didn't care. His desires, long since repressed were fuelling his chi and with a backwards swipe of his hand, an unseen force tore off the remainder of Mai's outfit, sending sandalwood fans clattering across the floor, some shredding and burning up like moths to a flame.

    "... You are mein." He whispered.

    (over to you)
    • Player 2:‎ She looked up at him in fear, then desperately she pulled her legs together and curled into a ball, her feet pointing up. Using a spring motion and with her hands, she launched herself upwards, both feet leading the way as her body started to become a missile hurtling towards his face.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ Sigmund took the strike, going instantly erect as the kunoichi delivered a kick to his face.

    He was vaguely aware of the coppery taste of blood in his mouth.

    Such spirit, he mused and before his head could even snap back into position, his arms had already grabbed her in mid flight, in the hopes of siezing her by her midriff and planting her into the ground headfirst in a seated piledriver.

    (over to you)
    • Player 2:‎ Mai couldn't even cry in protest as her head was slammed against the ground. Dazed, she slumped in his arms, her legs spread and knees on his shoulders, giving everyone a good view of her in that lewd position.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ Sigmund allowed himself a chuckle as he lay her gently on the ground. He gently stroked her body, knowing that dazed as she was, she would still feel so sensuous a caress.

    "Fraulein Shiranui, sweet, sweet liebchen... My muse" he whispered, gently, teasingly blowing in her ear.
    "Your hand is revealed, your weapons are sundered; your spirit is broken and if you continue, your body will follow suit... But do not despair; after all, you wanted this... All your tricks, your... parodical fighting style. You secretly wished for defeat, to feel the rush, the exhilaration as your spirit is consumed by one far stronger."

    "Admit defeat and I promise, I will be gentle. Then... We shall go for tea." He finished with an inappropriately tender smile as he lovingly stroked her face.

    (over to you)
    • Player 2:‎ Mai just moaned on the ground still recovering from the blow while the crowd roared for him to get it on, to take her, to rape her. She then came to and realized she was naked and tried her best to cover up, trying to get into a sitting position.

    • Player 1:‎ "Alas, it seems you are done." He chuckled.
    Sigmund smiled as she struggled, pinning her wrists down as he ground his bulge against her sex, circling her nipples with his tongue.

    (over to you)
    • Player 2:‎ Mai moaned, and arched her back, pressing her sex against his bulge. "No! Stop that!" she cried out, struggling to get out of his grasp. She was still a bit dazed from the blow, unable to really use her full strength, and the arousal was leaving her a bit weaker than usual, her sex clearly glistening.

    • Player 1:‎ "You had your chance, liebchen." Sigmund kept both her wrists pinned with one hand as he began to undo his fly, button by button, his eyes never leaving her all the while.

    As it emerged from its place, his phallus was... Generous to say the least and Mai could feel its throbbing warmth as it rolled out, turgid and with a glint of moist excitement at its tip.

    • Player 2:‎ "No! STOP!" she screamed, still struggling, but she was panting now, her eyes looking at that cock with a mixture of disgust and longing. She then struggled harder while her sex dripped more.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ He smiled at her protests and savoured it as her voice shook and lost its resolve when his tongue reached her neck, skilfully assisted by his lips. In fact he didn't even need to pin her wrists down anymore, his hands working her breasts as hers in turn pawed and gave a token half-hearted resistance.

    (over to you)
    • Player 2:‎ She only seemed to be pushing as she grabbed onto his body, the kunoichi still yelling "Stop!" and "No!" and whatever else came to her mind. She ground her crotch against his cock, her juices glistening on the bottom of his shaft as her sex kissed it.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ One hand braced upon the floor, he slid the other beneath her lower back, expertly massaging it with his fingers as he raised her lower regions, gently easing the tip into her moist, pink folds.

    Her body was ready for its defeat.

    (over to you)
    • Player 2:‎ She moaned lewdly as he started to slide into her, then she bucked up and slid him in deeper, making her arch her back and cry out in lust. She broke down and hugged him tight, crying as she whispered to his ear, "Fuck me," then bit his earlobe as she said, though gritted teeth still holding onto his lobe, "Hard!"
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ He smiled as he felt the last of her resistance crumbled and thrust in vigorously, filling her completely as he lanced her like a beast.

    (over to you)
    • Player 2:‎ She moaned and screamed like a whore, bucking back hard at him. She knew they were watching, knew that they saw her being fucked in the ring, knew that she was bucking back and loving it. And she loved it! She kissed him torridly, giving in to her desires. She thought of his cock plunging into her and her cunny clenched down hard and milked him. She thought of all the cocks that would want a piece of this ass. She was never really a good girl, sometimes fucking random strangers or whoring herself out, but those times were mostly kept hidden from the public. But now here she was, in front of hundreds of people and being watched all over the world on live TV, screaming as she was fucked. And yes, she did scream. She thought of other fighters who had given in and now she understood how they felt, and she relished it.
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ Sigmund was exhilirated, consumed with desire as he felt her tighten around him, the glow of her perspiring form was marvelous to behold as she, like he had given in to desire. she had lost the fight; she knew it and he wordlessly promised that her orgasmic cry would be heard for miles around.

    (over to you)
    • Player 2:‎ "Fuck me harder!" she cried out, wanting more, wanting it hard! She bucked back harder, legs wrapping around him as the kunoichi gave in. "Fuck me! Pound my pussy!" she cried out, lewd words she's used to but never imagined she would be using in front of millions of people. "Can you hear them? They want you to do it. They want you to do me hard!'
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ Sigmund could only laugh before he redoubled his efforts, his lips sucking on her neck, fingers alternating between her back and teasing her nipples, all the while whilst pounding her over and over again until her moans and the thumps reverberated throughout the arena that shook with the force.

    He continued to pound, his fingers and lips skilfully working her body; any minute now, he thought, she'll be finished, and when I'm done?

    She will be mine.

    (over to you)

    • Player 2:‎ Mai screamed as she arched her back some more, cumming hard. She shuddered and spasmed as she came, eyes rolling up the back of her head in sheer pleasure. "Oh, yes! YES! AAAAAAAA*"
    • Player 2:‎ [over to you]

    • Player 1:‎ Accentuating her climax with one final thrust and a pinch of both nipples, Sigmund knew her finale would be earth-shattering, the crescendo's peak of her own concierto.

    He bit his lip as he too reached his limit and for the first time, he Sigmund was satisfied; his warmth filling her.

    He gently lowered her to the floor and as he stood, he lifted her up, high above his head for all to see positively aglow and dripping in her nude, vanquished glory.

    Mai Shiranui's days as a fighter were over.
    … but her days as his muse were only just beginning.
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