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Aug 21, 2012
Thanks so much! You are awesome. That video is an upgrade in video quality from previous clips and other sources that circulate around.

I still want to see a better quality copy of that movie, but I can't order the one that is in HD available in Japan. (as noted on page 81 of this thread)
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May 14, 2016
27 min later, I'll keep it up for a week.
You are awesome, thanks!

Found few interesting links on henchwomen on YouTube:

Come on, did you not recognize the first one? I thought that show was pretty famous. Kinda like Lara Croft as a TV show. Tia Carrere is hot.

By the way,i found a surprising,
Run a search next time, I posted the whole henchwomen scene just a few pages ago.

An unfortunately unsuccessful assassination attempt on those three evil hags... :D Seriously the "heroes" on Charmed are some of the most horrible people I have ever seen, even to each other. I mean here they are being shot at but they still shriek at each other about whose fault this is. :D

So I stumbled on this. This is a updated version of Target: Terror game called

"Target: Terror Gold"

My question is that. Are the video files within has much more better quality compared to the Wii version?

Unfortunately it seems this is a literal giant game console for very rich fans of this game...
So unlikely this will be ripped as you would need to buy this huge thing for it.
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