Live Action Zako


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Jan 10, 2016
Agent aika live action.
I honestly don't really like this one, the Delmos didn't wear super sexy outfits, the only thing sexy about them was the tight panties they wore. these girls wear panties that are way to big and don't even show off the shape of their butt or pussy. the only thing sexy about the normal delmos was that their panties always showed the shape of their privates so it was sexy when they got KOed. KO Corral did some art work of an idea of these "Neo Delmos" Shabazik did draw pics of them too. I LOVE these designs. micro skirt still show the ass but they also where sexy tops to reveal their belly and maybe some cleavage. I would love an Aika series revival with these designs for the Delmos. maybe we should all pitch together to start a go fund me or a petition to get it made. also the design would be better with a thong or no panties at all.



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May 26, 2015
Can anyone identify what sentai-style series these are from? The white haired sorceress is extremely cute, and has a great fight scene. Unlike in most such shows here you actually feel the hero might lose.
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