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What is League of Corruption?

League of Corruption is an adult parody of the popular game League of Legends made with RPG Maker MV. Its story revolves around a young summoner apprentice in a tough situation. One day Noxian High Command’s lieutenant shows up at his door with an offer, which doesn’t have “No” as an option. Where will this adventure lead our hero? You’ll choose his path via decisions throughout the game.

LoC offers you classic RPG gameplay with humor and hot sex scenes. Enjoy the journey with League of Legends female champions on seven different continents. Build your team and overcome obstacles in your way. Get and improve your own castle with various bonuses and opportunities. Embrace the sweet offers of corruption or stay pure.

One way or another, your actions will cause different events and shape the future of the entire world. Will you be its savior or executioner?

Check out Patreon page for news and updates. The latest public releases:

Windows – Google and Mega.

MacOS – Google and Mega.

Linux – Google and Mega.

Check these troubleshooting guides for MacOS and Linux if you encounter any problems with the game.


RPGMaker? What’s the difference between LoC and more than a thousand other games?

True, there are a lot of RPGMaker games nowadays. I try to make League of Corruption stand out in the crowd with a number of features and unique traits. The list is constantly growing both from my own ideas and player’s suggestions / feedback. You can check out planned features here:
  • Widescreen 1280x720 resolution instead of default 816x624.
  • A non-linear story with a lot of cutscenes and a fitting soundtrack to set up the atmosphere.
  • Sex scenes featuring a rich narrative and non-static graphics with your favorite champions. LoC has the album feature for replaying scenes after unlocking them.
  • Personal game experience with a lot of adjustable options, including a switchable PoV for sex scenes.
  • Branching plot with a variety of quests and different ways to solve them.
  • LoC has several global endings planned. Each champion will have personal afterword depending on your decisions and their state at the end of the game.
  • Affection and corruption progression system for the main character and his team.
  • Customizable combat skills, changing environment and minigames like blackjack.
  • Optional hardcore zones for challenge-hungry players.

Adult Content

League of Corruption will include a decent amount of different fetishes. I tried to make a fitting selection for League of Legends champion and lore base. Events with specific kinks will have a warning and an option to skip scenes if the player decides to do so. Here's the list of what is planned for the main plotline:

Pairings – Male / Female, Female / Female and group versions. No pure furry / futa content.

Main kinks – Corruption and mind control.

Secondary kinks – Group sex, BDSM, humiliation, moral degeneration, nuns, prostitution, public use, piercings and tattoos, creampies, squirting, bukkake.

Why should I support you? What will I get?

I would hope you’ll support me because you like what I'm doing and want me to keep doing it – with increasing quality and quantity. LoC is constantly improving and growing more features, so you can influence what I will add next and increase the development speed. Will it matter? Yes, you will and the difference may be as big as comparing a ride on a creaky bicycle with cruising in a luxury sports car with both feet on the gas pedal.

Patrons have early access to all released content, plus they have a number of unique rewards which will never go public. These rewards include: hi-res sex scene art + extras, special variations of H scenes, special previews, polls and all the bonus goodies I will come up with during the development.

What will you do with my pledge?

My goal is to create a game that looks and plays great but to do this I have to hire talented people. All your support will be focused on commissions for high-quality art, music and other features. If the Patreon is successful, I’ll use this opportunity to expand from one-man-band to a small studio. More gifted people = greater amount of awesome content for games.

Your support will directly affect the scale of LoC. I want to give players a chance to see their favorite champions in the game with a new plot branch. It will interact with the main one and feature new characters, which patrons will decide via a poll. Speaking plainly, LoC’s world will have more events, sex scenes, characters, quests and other challenges. Such additions will improve player experience and replay value of League of Corruption.

Want to ask something or submit feedback?

Send me a message on Patreon or email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for checking League of Corruption and I hope you’ll have a great time playing my creations. Even if you didn’t decide to pledge for now, please don’t hesitate to share your feedback. Players gave me awesome ideas which evolved into LoC’s features.

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I was putting final touches on the Saturday’s update and suddenly an idea popped up. Dialogues in sex scenes can use some non-verbal details like feelings and emotions aside from basics of what goes where. What do you think guys?

I created a poll to see what players prefer – you can participate here. If results will be towards additional lines, we can implement them right in Saturday’s update.

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0.3.0 is ready – you can get it here.

11 scenes, 3 animated scenes -> 12 scenes, 4 animated scenes

23.8k words -> 28.7k words without counting PoV variations.

23 custom soundtracks -> 27 custom soundtracks

22 quests -> 24 quests

Visit your castle’s courtyard after visiting Shadow Islands to get the new scene.

Arena challenge

Townsville’s pub received a very special guest who’s interested in inviting players to participate in Coliseum. The arena offers 5 levels of difficult enemies with an extra reward for completing the first league.

Animation changes

With Kadokawa’s very pleasant surprise – releasing 1.6.0 version of RPG Maker MV, I couldn’t finish integrating animation plugin in time for 0.3.0. Kadokawa outdid themselves with this one: crashes after 5-10 minutes of working in the editor, vanishing maps and events, crashing on assigning graphics – I actually may continue this list but you’ve got the idea.

The integration itself is pretty close to completion and it will allow for smoother animation with more variety of speed/movement options. Plus, I think it will allow bypass cashing stage for animations so they would play without any preparation. Anyways it needs further testing on live scenes and I can’t release it as is.
Oh, and in case anyone wanted to ask how my support ticket about Linux x86 is doing… Still waiting for the answer.

Balance changes

Adjusted some NPC enemy’s power across the board. Added more rewards for defeating elite guards.

Interface changes

Now you can switch difficulty, PoV or cache options anywhere you want via the main options menu. I split it into two categories – general and sound. The sound is self-explanatory and general has the usual always dash, memory switches plus all the options you had in the castle. All enemies and puzzles react to your choices instantly – you don’t need to leave your current location or restart the game.

Bugfixes and other improvements

Fixed water banks on some maps to allow birds and other flying NPC to pass over them and not dive under. Couldn’t check all maps – work in progress.

Fixed new equipment pieces – they were available only for Nidalee.

Fixed a misplaced layer in the castle outskirts map.

Fixed a bug which caused the first “intro” scene forget about counting towards the overall clear of the album if players didn’t watch it later. Now the credit is properly awarded during the scene + at album’s opening. Thanks goes to Elyngas for finding this bug out.

That’s it, stay tuned for the news – I’ll make an info post about what’s going to happen next around 11th.

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Status update

Hello, guys! I have both new and bad news for you. Let’s start with the later. After dealing with all the piled up real life issues, I drafted fixes for League of Corruption. My conclusion is - LoC has to wait. Mainly because of these three reasons:

1) The usual artist is no longer available. Thus, I need to find a replacement with a similar style and adequate prices. Still, the art would be not the same so this would introduce new problems.

2) Lack of a specific understanding which game elements need fixing and how to fix them. I wasted a lot of time figuring out potential issues and ways to change them. I ended up with a list of such ideas and went researching successful Patreon projects to compare my thoughts and the reality.

Well, this made my confusion even greater. My "bad" decisions are working out in other games so my whole list became irrelevant.

3) General viability. I’ve spent a lot of time going through real-life problems accumulated during LoC development, then had a few free evenings to think it through. This moment forced me to understand how much time and effort I wasted on LoC. Compared to a few quiet evenings, one-man development experience from League of Corruption seems like hell.

What now? Am I done? No. While LoC needs to sit on the shelf for some time, I want to try another game project. This time it’s an original story with anime graphics and less time-heavy features. Here are some more sketches from the preparation stage.


Patrons can check an uncensored version of the body sketch here.

Why the new project? I want to improve my design/development skills on a relatively small number of features and use this experience to give LoC another whirl. This way I can focus on improving existing features and better balance development with real life. After finishing the new game, we’ll see how it will turn out and decide what to do next via poll.

What will this new project be? You can think of it as a less convoluted and more H-content oriented game. More details will appear before the launch.

No exact release date for now. I’m still working out details with the artist and have a bunch of tech problems to go through.

I also plan to change several goals and patron tiers to better suit the new project. Small stuff like the main page needs adjusting too. Anyway, it will be a gradual process and I’ll post at least one more status update before releasing the demo. Then Patreon page will switch to the usual “per month” cycle.

League of Corruption download links will stay up. I will check the email for your bug/problem notifications and fix them. But LoC won’t have content updates until the new project is over.


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Hello. Thank you for posting about your game here at Undertow. I've deleted several old outdated update posts. They add little if any value to the thread, and make it more difficult for members to find the current information about your game.
Please delete any previous up[date posts when you make an update post with links to a new release, .
Very respectfully,
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Hello, guys! It’s time to announce my current project – Yorna: Monster Girl’s Secret.

The game will use fantasy setting with monster girls. Lots and all kinds of them. Mages found a way to harness their innate power, opening infinite possibilities for humans. Yet not everyone is happy about such development. What will happen? Stay tuned and check back May 28th – the release date for Yorna.

You will control female protagonist Ada, a mage from a noble family, with the ability to use monster girl’s power as her own. It’s not an easy task, so she needs to “synch” with them to do so. What does it mean? Depends on the girl, her character, size and umm… let’s say tastes and openings. Synching with monster girls gives Ada new skills, ranging from combat to charm and seduction. Combine them to create your own play style!

And by style I mean not only the approach to overcome obstacles but also the heroine's mindset. Will she remain a decent, noble lady or turn into a manipulative seductress? Perhaps you’ll stir her to ascend as a succubus? This depends on your decisions. Yorna:MGS can turn into a serious story or a diary of temptress based on your choices.

There won’t be any blocks for content where you have to get X for parameter Y and then a scene unlocks. No, the game will use your style and offer a suitable narrative. The same encounter can picture Ada as shy and timid or a bold siren, up to a wee bit of femdom.

H content will be present in three types: fun with monster girls, battle fuck with monsters and intercourse with humans. Pick your favorite! This time around, the game will have more art than just H scenes. As for the kinks, I plan to implement these for the main plotline (aside from “regular” sex):

Yuri, Straight, Group sex, Аhegao, Creampie, Squirting, Bulges, Titfuck, Bukkake, Tentacles, Voyeur, Toys, Corruption and Seduction, Battlefuck.

Oh, and there will be mutable sound effects during the scene to set up the “mood”.

Didn’t find your stuff? Don’t worry, the list will go on along with updates. I’ll post a quite a few polls for many types of content - from monster girls to dresses and fetishes. Stay tuned and vote for your favorite kinks.

The gameplay will be faster compared to League of Corruption with more H scenes and less trivia/lore between them. Still, story-oriented players will find the lore base in optional dialogues. Still, action-oriented gamers may proceed with the plot unhindered. I plan to create optional content for puzzle lovers too. Unlike League of Corruption, such minigames will not require any special skills like musical hearing. So, not the pipes. *Horrid flashbacks.* No-no-no.

Yorna:MGS will have a simple crafting system for your gear and some special items for scenes. No skills required. Collect all the ingredients and visit the crafter. As for the craft parts, you’ll find them all over combat zones in craft nodes and battle spoils.

Also, there will be a pack of life-quality improvements over LoC. Like a global gallery without ties to your current playthrough. Just unlock the scene and you can watch CG or replay it anytime you want from the main menu. I decided to abandon the idea of throwing bad ends at players, so lost combat will not force you to reload. Still, it will have consequences for the heroine.

Okay, that’s a mouthful. Hope you liked the idea behind the game and will give it a spin on May 28th.

I’ll create a separate topic for Yorna once it releases to give LoC some rest.