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  1. Lashes of the Sea

    [PC] [Unreal Engine] [Patreon] Lashes of the Sea - adult BDSM 3D Game

    BIG NEWS: Slaves of Rome Steam Release and… BEHOLD, OUR NEW GAME! “Lashes of the Sea”! Patreon link ->Lashes of the Sea | Patreon After proudly completing our first game "Slaves of Rome", which also started as a Patreon-Funded project, we are honored and proud to reveal our next project...
  2. Felldude

    A promising method to unlock Unreal Engine modding

    A lot of games that are considered untouchable (Unreal engine) use Nvidia NVAPI or Nvidia NGX (Nvidia DLSS) the source code is available behind a developer wall (Easy to gain access) The NGX Beta source inculdes the code for the old image up-scaler and a program called ISR. A program that...
  3. deluded

    Deluded [Adult Survival RPG] [v0.3] [Unreal Engine]

    Hello! We are SRT and we are creating a game called “Deluded”. It's a mix of storytelling, sandbox, survival, RPG, and adult genres. Our game is inspired by adult Skyrim/Fallout mods. ~v0.3 available for Deluded+ supporters~ Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Deluded Discord...
  4. Gosling

    [UE5][WIP] Head Game - Realtime 3D DT Sim

    Hi everybody! I am creating the deepthroat and cumshot simulator HEAD GAME! If you like what you see and want to assist me on my journey of becoming the ultimate CUM LORD please consider supporting me on Patreon. It would mean a lot to me :) If you want to keep up with the current progress feel...
  5. mylustwish

    [Patreon] [Unreal Engine] My Lust Wish - new adult 3D RPG sandbox Game

    MY LUST WISH Hello guys! We are SunRaysTeam and we're creating a new game called My Lust Wish. My Lust Wish is an Adult LifeSim RPG Sandbox. Our team was inspired by adult Skyrim/Fallout mods, and such games like Bully. The game tells about a young girl Ashley, who came to a small sweet...
  6. Corintio

    [PC] [Unreal Engine] Kalyskah: Action RPG where you play as a vampire

    Kalyskah is a fully voiced RPG where you control Kalyskah Karnstein, a noble lady of a long-dead vampire family who wakes up after thousands of years of slumber. What awaits upon her awakening is a world that has changed for the worse. It is up to you, the player, to help our heroine (or...
  7. Chikimaro

    Aideth the Reborn (Survivor game development)

    Hi there, i'm Chikimaro a C++ Game developper/Moder/Cheater/You can call me what ever you want , today i want to share my game development with all of you and to get some opions about it. A few months ago, I saw a thread related to creating a hunting game. I liked the idea, so I started...
  8. RWBlackGames

    [Unreal Engine] [Patreon] Real Life Sunbay City - adult action-rpg 3D Game

    Patreon page: Tom is creating 3D Adult Action-RPG (18+) | Patreon Welcome to Sunbay City! The land of opportunity and city of sexual freedom, where you can f*ck almost anyone! A big playable open world area in Miami style at the beach side, Hollywood area near the hills with rich citizens and...
  9. AdeptusSteve

    [PC] Wild Life - Open World Adult RPG (Development Thread)

    September 2018 Public Build: Copy of PatreonBuild09_2018_Public.zip September 2018 Patreon Build: Patron (10$) Build September 2018 | Adeptus Steve on Patreon Greetings and welcome, Im Steve, my team and me are creating Wild Life - an open world adult RPG. Just recently we have released a...
  10. VenturousGamer

    Street Fighter V Modding Tips & Tutorials

    These are some clarifications for anyone playing the game including some tips. Firstly; yes, you can play online and not get banned. With that being said, I would still be wary because Capcom planned to update this unfinished abomination until at least June. By the time May rolls around, I...

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