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    Kai'sa K/DA Static Hair (League of Legends) 1.0

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    Evelynn K/DA Static Hair (League of Legends) 1.0

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    Akali K/DA Static Hair (League of Legends) 1.0

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    Ahri K/DA Static Hair (League of Legends) 1.0

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    K/DA Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai'sa

    I would like to make a request for these lovely ladies to be modded into the game. I'd like if they were made compatible with the loader (not vanilla). I was shocked that they hadn't been done yet, but then I tried to look up the references, and that was... oof So, I've got some bad references...
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    Irelia Static Hair (League of Legends) 1.0

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    Le Blanc Static Hair (League of Legends) 1.0

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    Riven Static Hair (League of Legends) 1.0

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    KDA Akali static hair 1.0

    KDA akali static hair made by myself. You might notice some imperfections since it's basically a png cut. Hope you don't bother. I advise you to play it in mirror mode, in order to have the "KDA" letters the right way.
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    Karma Static Hair (League of Legends) 1.0

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