1. sclover13

    Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer) Dynamic Hair [DHE] [LOADER] 2.1 LDR

    Nezuko Kamado Dynamic Hair [DHE] [LOADER] Character from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Fully Dynamic+ hair (incorporates Stuntcock's Dynamic Hair Extender [DHE]) with wild and crazy strands to really bring Nezuko's unruly demonic locks to life. Some of the art has yet to be completely...
  2. TOlive

    Leah (Diablo 3) 2012

    Leah (Diablo 3) by TOlive Character Code on FAQ Red Corset pending upload
  3. CrazyPanda2121

    My Dialogue Thread

    I am taking requests. If you have any, just reply below and I'll see what I can do if it's reasonable. I only do basic dialogues. No loaders.
  4. L

    Evelynn Static Hair (League of Legends) 1.0

  5. L

    Evelynn K/DA Static Hair (League of Legends) 1.0

  6. ManzelotX

    Lower moon 4 Mukago Static Hear - Kimetsu No Yaiba 3.0

    :3 x2
  7. P

    Charlie (Hazbin Hotel) - Static Hair 2

    Four different hairstyles for Charlie...
  8. Hank East

    Tekken - Kunimitsu 1.0

    Combined the mask from the old Kunimitsu hairs from the archive with SyntaxTerror's RGB Dynamic Bunches (02) though saddly I had to sacrifice the dynamic part :P Includes Kitsune and Oni versions, for the 2 player experience :)
  9. V

    Bat/Demon/Vampire Wings Fix 2019-08-23

    This is a fix of @Calla's mod Demon Wings. It makes the mod unload properly and adjusts the animation.
  10. V

    Demona Wings 2019-08-22

    This mod is a combination of @Perdition's 4 edits of @dantethedarkprince's Demona into one mod using @stuntcock's code in Thicker Ass and Legs. Now when you change skin tones the wings automatically change as well. I also contoured the right wing to the body better and changed the inner part of...
  11. Perdition

    Twiska Thigh Bands 2019-04-27

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Twiska Outfit' mod, this mod isolates the thigh bands and makes them RGB adjustable. Comes in both a version for the A and B legwear slots and a left thigh only or right thigh only version for both.
  12. Perdition

    Twiska Top 2019-04-16

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Twiska Outfit' mod, this mod isolates the top and makes it RGB adjustable. Is NOT breast slider adjustable.
  13. Perdition

    Samsiel Wings+Tail 2019-04-06

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Samsiel Outfit' mod, this mod isolates the wings and tail. Comes in both a body mod and an RGB adjustable panty mod. Panty version uses the secondary RGB slider.
  14. Perdition

    Lucifer Horns 2018-11-22

    Based on Mineur's static hair mod 'Lucifer', this mod places her curved horns on her head. Uses the headwear slot and is RGB adjustable.
  15. Perdition

    Baalah Earless Hair 2018-11-18

    Based on @Anoon's static hair mod 'Baalah', this mod removes the ears.
  16. Trigon

    [PC] RJ219794 DepraviA EgrigorI

    Hey everyone. Here's a little something for the guro H-game fans around here. It's called DepraviA EgrigorI, and it was released about 2 weeks ago. It is the sequel to the very good 2014/2015 game DepraviA, and basically improves upon the original in just about every way. These games are made by...
  17. Perdition

    Sexy Devil Tattoo 2018-09-03

    RGB adjustable upper arm tattoo of a sexy devil. It uses the glove slot and the secondary RGB slider.
  18. A

    Cute Imp (feedback appreciated)

    Hey all! I recently made a cute demon character (at least, that was my goal) and also wrote a dialogue to go along with her. I went a little bit nuts with the dialogue, and actually think I might make it a series (in case you haven't guessed, I have no life, lol). Anyway, the concept is pretty...
  19. Widget

    Maribelle Static Hair 1.0

  20. Perdition

    RGB Demon Horns 1.2

    Based on @RajasGrime's 'Demon Horns' mod, this mod makes it RGB adjustable..... honestly, this one was so easy to make RGB adjustable I'm surprised he didn't make the standard mod so.


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