Krissy Irons: The Joker and The Thief


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Apr 29, 2011
"What?...again!?" said Krissy Irons. The 24-year old Amazon lay on her favorite couch, her muscular mesomorph frame stretched out over the sofa, her shapely legs resting over the table in front of her. Her muscular arms were with busy a controller, her hands pulling off just frame combos in Tekken with ease. Her green eyes barely looked down at the buttons she pressed.

As usual she was nude, her round tear drop breasts glistening with sweat along with the pecks of her hard six-pack.

"I thought I kicked whatshisname's ass last time?" She replied as her friend Jess walked up and playfully messed up her short pixie-cut red hair which were almost shaved on the sides.

"Stop that!" She protested tugging her arms off.

Jess laughed, her curvy body decked out in a casual T-shirt and jeans.

"Has anyone told you how cute you look with those adorable dimples of yours?" She said pulling at her dimpled cheeks. "Hey!" Krissy protested.

"Awww man, now look what you made me do! I lost the freaking match, now this 13-year old kid won't shut up in my ear" Krissy pulled off her headphones and threw them at the table.

"Do I have your attention now?" Jess handed Krissy a tablet with a picture of tough Russian dude. He was big and looked like a blown up doll with his puffed chest and biceps. His bald head was weirdly curved more to the right and a scar ran across his left eye. His name was Anton Agin and he had met Krissy in battle five times and failed to beat her even once.

"Yeah so? I have seen this creep before. What's he going to do this time?" Krissy looked Jess perplexed.

"Oh lighten up will you? We have a repeat customer here! He has paid us good money for the last five fights" Jess pulled the tablet away from Krissy.

"Yeah and he also wants to fuck me if I loose! Failed to mention that little stipulation last time, didn't you?" Krissy got up off the couch and stretched.

"Look it's not like he's going to succeed! You are a freaking superhero and he's a...well...guy!" Jess threw her a pair of shorts and a sports bra but then took them back when Krissy looked at her and went "Really!?"

"Oh come on! It will be fun for you, besides he has a new stipulation to add too this time!"

"Great! Like it isn't enough he wants to fuck me!" Krissy sighed.

Jess spread her legs apart and puffed her chest playfully mocking the Russian's wide hipped walk.

"Dearrr Jessica! Arrrrghh ! Tell zat bitch Krrristina zat I vill fight her again! Arrrrghh ! Zis time I pay double in exchange forrr my usual stipulation and one morrre" Krissy laughed hard at Jess' hammy acting.

"Okay fine!" Krissy said her cute dimples forming on her cheeks. "What's the stipulation?"

"Kome midnight on 23rrrd, I vill meet her at abandoned varrrehouse outside city. It's a surrrprise for herrr once shes zere." Jess grumbled with a laugh.

"The 23rd? That's today and midnight is just an hour away! Why do you always do this? You could have told me before!"

In an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city, Anton Agin's large muscular frame paced up and down, his large boots echoing through the empty space. He wore short purple briefs barely big enough to contain his gigantic bulge.

"I vill be victorious today" Anton grinned. He flexed his biceps and kissed them, "Ve have been waiting a long time for zis day yes?" His maniacal laughter filled the warehouse.

Half an hour before the scheduled time, Krissy's beat up old compact pulled in front of the warehouse. It stuttered and then died as Krissy got out.

"What is with this guy and old warehouses?"

The old warehouse was an abandoned Ice factory where large slabs of cold Ice still hung from the ceiling.

"Perfect hiding that's his little stipulation? A game of hide and seek?" Krissy wondered aloud.

Echoes of maniacal laughter filled the warehouse. "Always with the stupid evil laugh!" Krissy shook her head.

She disrobed and wore her black sports shoes, then her shoulder and knee pads foregoing any clothes, her nude body stood surrounded by thick slabs of ice.

"Yo Anton! We doing this or what?" She lumbered up, stretching out her body and took her fighting stance. Krissy heard something move behind her and turned around catching a glimpse of his huge body as it appeared and then disappeared in a split second.

A second later she felt his large biceps grab her short red hair and fling her face-first into one of the Ice slabs. Krissy's cheek slammed into the ice slab with tremendous impact fazing her enough for Anton to attack with a fist to her lower back.

She bent her torso back and grimaced in pain. Without allowing her a moments reprieve, he grabbed her by the back of her neck and sent her rollicking to the concrete with a devastating neck-breaker slam.

"Unhhh..." Krissy winced as she instinctively grabbed the back of her neck and slumped to one side. Taking advantage of the opening, Anton kicked her in the back with his large black boot eliciting a pain filled groan from her.

When he tried it again, Krissy ate the blow but caught on to his leg and tripped him over.

"My Turn!" She said fuming with rage when suddenly an ice slab to her right broke free. She turned over when she heard the noise only to see the ice slab smash into her face sending Krissy to her back again.

Anton laughed watching her fall to her ass. "Beetch you arre playing by my rules today!" He bellowed and proceeded to stomp a mud hole in her belly.

Krissy lay there for a while taking hits from his gigantic boots on her stomach as they left footprints and bruises on her chiseled abs. Thinking fast, she grabbed his feet again. Krissy tripped him but this time did not let go of his feet instead she maneuvered his body to slump face first and quickly followed him and grabbed his other leg, posting herself on his back and bending his legs toward her chest for a brutal camel clutch.

"Who's the Beeetch now ugly?" She quipped with a cocky grin on her face.

Her happiness was short lived however as she heard another Ice slab break away from the ceiling. Tied to a rope, it gained momentum in an arc as it headed towards her. "uh-oh" she said as the slab made contact with her chest sending her flying.

There was serene quiet outside the warehouse before Krissy's body came bursting through the front door. Her body cartwheeled, careening across the pavement before she found herself face first on the dirt some feet away from the warehouse.

She slowly willed herself up, getting to one knee first before standing up, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs. She saw a silhouette of Anton inside the warehouse before he disappeared into hiding again.

Breathing hard, she began the slow walk back inside, her body still aching from the blow. "The things I do for money!" She muttered to herself.

About halfway to the entrance, she heard a sound coming from the right. Barely audible at first before slowly increasing in volume. Dirt began to circle at a point in the ground, slowly picking up speed until the area around it seemed to distort, like it was sucking in everything close to it into a singular point.

With a loud flash, a door materialized out of thin air seemingly floating in place. Krissy quickly ran up and hid behind her broken down compact watching as the door opened and a figure emerged from within. It was a metallic organism, it's torso cylindrical and it's limbs made of tough metal wire. It's conical head had a circular depression and embossed within was a singular red light.

"Crap!" Krissy said to herself. "A Galvatron! Have to lead him away from here"

Before she could do anything however, she could feel Anton breathing down her neck and slowly turned around to see his large mass standing in front of her. She was on her knees hiding behind the trunk of her car and had a goofy smile on her face, her cute dimples forming on her cheeks. "Uh...Time-out?" She quipped.

Krissy felt his large fist connect with her nose as the back of her head hit the metal rim under the trunk. She lay there slumped back first in a sitting position. Anton sent two stinging knees crashing into her, the first one connecting under her chin and the second landing in the middle of her breasts, leaving her coughing and breathing hard slumped over face first on the floor.

"Be...a...superhero...they...said...ahhhh" She winced as the tip of Anton's large boots connected with the side of her stomach. " said...uffff!" Anton stomped her back hard. Thinking fast, she grabbed a handful of sand and threw it in his eyes, blinding him.

"Arrrrghhh! I cannot zeeee!!" Anton winced as he stretched his arms out in front of him, prodding the air.

"What a pussy!" Krissy quipped as she sent a kick to the back of his head, knocking him out cold.

"Right now to deal with this Galvatron!" In a instant Krissy transformed into the mighty Starlight. A chain mail bra appeared over her breasts while a metal chain appeared around her waist with a tiny bit of the metal fabric dangling in front of it in the shape of a V just enough to cover her camel toe. A piece of metal appeared out of thin air contorting to the shape of her forehead and eyelids completing the ensemble.

The machine stood at its full height of six feet, scanning the terrain for anomalies, red beams moving up and down from its circular red depression. It was a machine out of time, an anomaly itself sent accidentally into the future as a result of The Kilead Catastrophe a few years ago.

The incident had caused a massive rupture in space and time. While most of the damage had been undone, as luck would have it, Krissy had managed to stumble into a few of the remaining pockets of cracked equilibrium. The only way to fix it was to disable the Galvatron, so that it could stop creating the wormholes.

Starlight found the machine some feet away from the warehouse, away from civilization and thankfully away from the eyes of Anton.

"Yo! You unilateral tailpipe!" screamed Starlight.

The machine's conical head pivoted first, spinning 360 degrees to the back. It saw the heroine standing with her hands on her hips and spun its body around. Krissy watched its wiry arms bend into an unnatural V shape and its hands reformed into two fists.

Starlight smiled as the machine took its fighting stance.

For a few seconds there was quiet then the air was penetrated by loud sonic booms as the two rushed at each other. They met at the center, throwing and ducking punches and kicks that moved in the air around them at incredible speeds.

One eventually found its way through Starlight's defenses and landed flush on her cheek snapping her head to the side, a trail of blood flying out of her mouth. The machine grabbed her short-red hair with one hand and with the other unleashed sinister blows to her chiseled abs. The blows landed fast and brutal, nearly at the speed of 20 a second before the machine let go of her hair and Starlight's body flew back a few feet away from the area.

She barely got to her feet when the machine sent its pointed elbow into the small of her back arching her torso backwards. Starlight felt the wiry knee of the Galvatron crash into her chin as her head sprang backwards, her body on its knees. The Galvatron wrapped its flexible arms around her throat like a rope and lifted the heroine off her feet dangling her in the air.

It choke slammed her so hard in the ground that Starlight found herself buried in a hole, the shape of her body. Grabbing her short red hair, it lifted her in the air again but this time Starlight was ready. Placing her feet on either side of the joint that connected the machine's arms, the heroine ripped it straight off and kicked the machine right in the chest of its cylindrical metal torso denting it.

With a metallic groan, the torso gave way exposing its internal circuits. It stood there motionless as its red eye slowly dimmed.

"Phew! What a workout!" Starlight quipped and transformed back into Krissy, her body nude once again save for the elbow and knee protectors. She ran on her black sports shoes back to her car only to find that Anton had disappeared again.

"For the love of..." Before Krissy could even finish the sentence she felt a large hand grab her hair and slam her face first through one of the car's passenger windows. As she lay there slumped over half in and half out of the vehicle, Anton took advantage and rammed hard knees into her crotch.

"Unhhhh...You little...uffff...aahhh!" She screamed as knees and fists rained on her crotch. After a while, he dragged her with him to the roof of the car. He punched her hard in the stomach bending her over and rammed her head in between his thighs. He lifted her up to a seated position on his shoulders, Krissy's crotch in his face.

"Thiis iis it beetch! Now I end you, then fuck you!" Unknown to him, Krissy had already made up her mind to wrap him up in a head scissors when suddenly she saw the Galvatron walking toward them. "Shiiiiiiiittttt!" were the last words from her mouth as the top of her head hit the roof of the car hard and her body bounced up and fell to the ground from the impact of the sadistic pile driver.

The impact of the move caved the cars roof inward and she watched as Anton lost balance and fell off the vehicle, right in the machine's path. It revved up its red eyes again as it looked to fire a laser straight on Anton who was out cold again.

Ignoring the throbbing in her head, Krissy got up to her feet as fast as she could and jumped in between the trajectory of the laser, transforming mid-air into Starlight and taking the beam to the chest in place of Anton. She fell to the ground, completely drained from the beam's impact.

The Galavatron walked slowly towards Starlight who slumped chest first on the floor, her head tilted to one side breathing hard. She threw her head backwards in pain as the machine raked her back with the fingers of its one good arm, it's metal claws leaving scratch marks all over.

The machines arm revved up and picked her up by Starlight's short red hair. Without letting go, the machine sent the tip of its metal feet into the side of her face, snapping her face to one side. "Unhh!" she winced and bent over as Starlight felt cold steel collide in her stomach, the machine's sharp wiry knee sending pain racing through her body.

The Galvatron flung Starlight next to the car and just as she was getting on her knees, it ran up and kicked her hard in the side of her abs sending her body sideways into the passenger door. The machine saw her face down on the floor and ripped the passenger door clean off. Starlight felt the metal impact against her back as The Galvatron struck her with the door.

Starlight slowly stirred and got to one knee as The Galvatron revved up its laser again. Starlight slowly got up to her feet and rested her back on the vehicle. The machine had its laser ready to fire and with a bright red flash let it rip. Except, nothing happened and the machine stood in silence it's singular red light now flashing yellow. Starlight laughed and jammed her fist into its conical head and pulled out its eye. "Forgot I damaged your firing system did ya big boy? That dent into your chest is there for a reason!" She said as she held the eye in her hands laughing hard.

The machine planked to the ground and slowly disintegrated into minute metallic particles, the eye in her hand following suit. As evidence that the machine ever existed evaporated into aether, Starlight also shed her superhero form and returned to being Krissy.

Krissy's nude body lay on the vehicle slumped over on her back, exhausted and breathing hard. Thankfully, Anton was still out cold.

"Oh...I am so going to regret this!" She said aloud as she stood back up on her feet.

She bent down to her knees and took a large gulp of air before she stood up straight in a fighting stance.

"Hey you" She whistled. "Here boy!...get up..." She motioned with her hands.

Krissy's whistling sounded like it came from miles away to his ears as Anton slowly stirred shaking off the static hiss in his brain. It eventually morphed into words and then into whistling as he got to his knees. He turned around to see Krissy standing there motioning him to get up.

"That's it!...That's a good boy!" She whistled again as Anton's eyes turned red with rage.

"Come on boy!...Come here...come to...Momm..ufff" Anton rushed her and tackled her back through the now non-existent passenger door of the car. They found themselves on the long, couch like seat of the compact, Anton straddling her and pinning her arms between his legs as he sat on her chest.

He began raining down punches on her face. "You darrrree mock ze the great Anton!" He cried as punch after punch bloodied her face. When he was done, there was a fist shaped bruise on top of her left eyelid, her nostrils poured blood all the way to her chest and a cut opened up on the side of her lips.

She lay there panting, gasping for air. Anton grabbed Krissy's feet and pulled her out to dump her on the ground. He grabbed Krissy by her waist and squeezed her hard in a bear hug.

"!" She blurted out as Anton dumped her on the ground and stomped Krissy hard in her stomach.

"Ufff!" She grimaced through her blood red teeth as she felt the impact of the massive boots on her chiseled abs.

Anton grabbed her by the throat and choke slammed her hard on the bonnet of the car. Grabbing both of Krissy's feet and swinging her body around like a mop, he first jerked her body to the left and without letting go of her feet he swung it back to the right and watched as she went through the windshield, Krissy's back hitting the plastic of the steering wheel.

"!" She winced as pain shot through her back.

He pulled her out of the wreckage by grabbing her nipples. " overgrown gorilla!" She cried out in pain as Krissy's muscular frame was led out by her now sore nipples. He threw her on the ground and stomped her back hard, causing Krissy to jump and turn over wincing in pain.

He grabbed her by the hair and got her to her feet laughing hysterically as she stood groggily on her feet.

"I can feel it...ze victory will be mine" He cried as Anton sent a fist hurling towards her chin. "Yessss...I vil win and I vil...fuck..." Krissy grabbed his fist inches away from her face, "you?"

Anton heard the sound of his bones crackle and break as he fell to the ground writhing around in pain grabbing his broken fingers.

"Enough! I givvvve...aiiiii...ooooh...the....painnnn...aiiiii" Anton shouted in misery.

The last thing he remembered before passing out were the words "What a wimp!" and her black sports shoe stomping him in the center of his face.

It was 10 am in the morning when Jess opened the door to Krissy standing outside, her nude body covered in dirt and gravel. She had Anton slumped over her shoulder.

She walked in as Jess stared at her blankly and dumped the big Russian on the floor.

"I don't wanna talk about it!" was the only thing she said as Krissy hit the shower.
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