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Welcome to Korra Trainer [DS] By Crossphase Studios. this is one forum topic that will be used during the development. so that each idea will flood in with ideas and thoughts including my previous ideas from previous Korra Trainer concept i was on last year ago. these ideas might and actually be added to our Korra Trainer. you guys can also share some of your own as well.
~ Korra

thread title tags:

what does it mean:
DS = Development Stage (discussion of game and ideas, thoughts to add and make game better)
CS = Concept Stage (bringing into visuals of how our models, characters, outfits and ideas etc should look like in the game before selected)
DC = Digital Concept (items, characters and more should look like in-game as described)
DPS = Digital Production Stage (produces items, characters and rest etc that will be part of the game)
DP = Digital Production (final items and characters, etc that's been selected will be in the game)
WIP = Work In Progress (ongoing development of the game)
DU = (daily updates of the game.. such as fixes, new additions etc)
WU = (weekly updates, we're considering this feature as team)
MU = (monthly updates, considering this feature as team too)

Name of my company:

how it was formed:
created in January 2012 as future game company where we can bring back fun to video games by creating full games without dlcs including full games with dlcs. in response to many game companies not following the traditions of full games as it once used to offer in old days of gaming.

Why was it re-transformed:
today as of August 10th 2017, Crossphase Studios was transformed into a porn game company due to our very own first hentai game being in development.

and now.. the first thing we need to work on is our Korra Trainer. i will compile a list that will be used for our team to make this game from development to release.

We need:
1. Name Title for our Korra Trainer
2. Stories
3. Combat
4. Characters
5. Clothes/Outfits
6. Items
7. Vehicles
8. Elements
9. Sex
10. Slave Training
11. Love/Slave Route
12. Favors
13. Missions/Quests
14. Areas/Locations
15. Demo game
16. Game Modes

to do that, we NEED:
1. knowledge of Ren'py hentai game program
2. Programmers
3. Developers
4. Storywriters
5. Content Designers
6. Production Designers
7. Artists
8. Voice Actresses (if needed for hearing some hot girl's voice lol)
9. Fans to share ideas with us
10. Permission to use certain items from Creators such as iahfy and studiofow
10. Funding

this is idea from my previous korra trainer 2016 game concept on other forum:

Slave Korra: when you capture the Avatar, you can make her to wear what outfit you desire or make her to wear nothing at all etc etc. you break Korra into being your slave through demands or sex. she has four options: she has to do what you say. force her to do something that she doesn't want to do. threaten her that her mother will be put in same position as she is in if she doesn't cooperate with you. agree to do a favor for you in exchange for her freedom.

Outfits for Korra:

First choice of Korra being tied up like that in Maid outfit, all topless and pantless except stockings and armwears.


second choice of Korra being bound and made to pleasure herself in front of you.


third choice of Korra where she has to spread herself open to be used to pleasure you and herself.


fourth choice of Korra when she is bound while bent over, to be used. this will be also applied to Korrasami version of the game which will be built as part of game modes for players.


fifth choice of Korra when she has to wear it to serve you.


sixth choice when she has to wear it to meet your standards and to keep you happy.


seventh choice to appeal to your tastes.


eighth choice for the Avatar.


ninth choice of outfit for the Avatar.


tenth choice for the Avatar.


three select outfits would suit the Avatar that you want her to wear.

this is one of story modes included for the game.

Stripper Korra Mode:

The Avatar would have to strip for you or for men to pay off her debts to you. who holds the Avatar's release. if you are happy with her performance, you release her. if not, she has to do some more to appeal to you.

such Stripper outfits would be these:


first choice


second choice


third choice

Added Test00's Korra Suggestion to the game concept:
Let's say, Korra have a mood "gauge" or something, when you start, it's in the middle, you are pretty much a stranger to her and so on (so, nothing much happen porn wise)
And depending of your choice, either her mood improve (which would basically be her wanting to fuck "normally", being in love or whatever, with the player) or in the contrary, making her angry which would lead to more sadistic things, as treating her like a slave, fucking the shit out of her, rape and so on
(In one case, she'd want to try the outfits, in the other case she'll be forced to wear them, to give a small example about how it could work)

It'll make the game more complex to develop, but on the other hand, waaaay more people would be interested in (me included, which is why I'm probably annoying you with all my question, lol)

Waddya think about it ? (Or any people over here that read my idea, of course)

what do you think? feasible enough to make it happen?

if you happen to like this, please do share your ideas with us :)

Will have Asami Sato as an Slave - August 11th 2017
Futa mode which turns Korra or other ladies into Futa. - August 11th 2017
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did you guys click on spoiler icon?
You're viewing images hosted on ulmf.org, and then trying to hotlink them from another domain. That's not going to work. Even if I sign in to ULMF, I still can't view the images hosted at those URLs.

If you know where the images came from then the simplest fix is to mirror them onto another website (such as imgur) and then edit your post so that it includes the new URLs. If you already have the files saved to your local disk then you can upload them directly to imgur or a similar imagehost.

Alternatively: you could find the original source locations (e.g. artist's pixiv or deviantart page) and then link to those webpages instead of directly embedding the images into your post.


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okay. i can see the images on my end, probably this site hasn't been configured for such hotlinking. i'll see if i can fix the urls, thank you for bringing it up. and they're hosted from my album on ULMF. i'll go fix it.


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What engine will you develop this on? I think this will give us better understanding of limitation. For instance, combat on renpy is.... probably wasting time. RPG Maker also has limitations and the gameplay loop is very common by now. I think it is still one of better engines, take look at Sierra and Nomo's LoL game for inspiration. I also like exploration. Maybe potential for other characters.... Asami and Opal :grin::grin::grin: Maybe even Jinora

Maid is simple and standard.
Slingshot bikini zzzzzzzz. Boring and over use imo. It can potential look good I think because not many character is tone like Korra.
I think Korra look really nice in tv so I would prefer if we have alteration of her different tv costumes. Something lore fitting is nice. If you have progress in corruption you can have her unlock inhibition and exhibition clothes.


I like idea of Korra making cloth wet with waterbending.

I think Korra regular would be nice if adapting. So you can take of piece by piece.
original clothes

or make tight maybe nipple protrude

Maybe shirt can cut lower to show some more skin first and more skin later when she get familiar



I think training and athletic very good look. She has very nice muscle body
Sarashi look good and can come loose in fight.



korra sleepwear



slave and defeat korra should look good. I like the chains

Maybe slave should have rags. With holes so not too much is cover.

If you have sport scene or game, maybe to make Korra earn money. Have her sport gear

Make it sexy to bring in more viewership to make more money.:grin:

I think Korra hair look good. I like short hair best.

Korra with long hair none tie is nice too I think for slave or defeat look.

Bonus Asami need some love for dirty girl

Maybe I can volunteer for scene ideas.


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excellent choices. and yeah. i suggest you try out Mity's Four Elements Trainer and see what you do think? it's pretty good.


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Yes it is good. Shame we did not have Korra in it. Maybe she is last section bonus girl with all 4 elements. I look forward to more chapters and see difference.
she's here, her shape outline is shown on the game. she would be the last section to make. last i heard from Mity is that she's working on Toph. her outline is also here too, so i think Toph is next to be added.

also, the game is quite good. so it has comedy too. that's kind of game i want to make. i should add comedy to it too.


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update: we now have first storyboard writer for the game. a user from my discord server has signed up on it. he works on Muplur's Korra Trainer Book 5: Untold. Muplur has even support the game.


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hey there guys. sorry for late reply. it's been difficult for me. not easy to explain. lot of things have happened that impacted my life. but the work on game still continues. some of my stories for the game are actually published. one being the Amon's Pet. Legend of Korra: Amon's Pet.

the elements of the game are actually there in the series. we start out with Amon and me. (mistaken for Avatar Korra) Amon's Pet Series has four chapters, but the fifth and sixth are still being worked on. this is pretty much a erotica series. very good one. gives you a taste of the game's elements, story, genre. and the tags of what happens in the series. Amon's Pet currently is planned to advance from Book One to Book Five. that's five seasons worth of content. these chapters shown are pretty much Book One.

other korra series are also published. we have TNA, a alternate version of Book One to Book 2 series. TNA stands for The New Avatar. the rest of TNA is completed pretty much. NT is New Threat, also alternate version of Book Two series. and so forth on.. my stories are what helps me deal with things that are difficult. it helps support the game as well.

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