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Kitana's Sentence

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by wilhitewarrior, Apr 16, 2014.

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    A little Kitana v Mileena fun XD As always comments and suggestions welcome. Hope you enjoy :D

    mku_kitana_render_tmk.jpg mortal-kombat-deception-20040513003728671.jpg

    Kitanamk2dlc.png mileena_mk2_render_by_1chibihater-d5gqnt0.jpg

    Three long days of torture had gone by since Kitana was captured by Shao Kahn's forces. Against her mother's better judgment, Kitana had attempted an assault on Kahn's fortress. It had seemed that his forces were occupied dealing with an insurrection in a small town started by a young girl named Li Mei. All that had been a trap, however. Li Mei had long since been captured and executed. Kahn had used it to fake vulnerability to lure Kitana into a trap. It had worked just like he planned. Some of her forces had managed to retreat but it was already too late to save Kitana herself.

    Kitana was thrown into the throne room of her enemy, falling onto her hands and knees in front of him. At his right side, where Kitana had once stood, was the face of the one who called herself Kitana's sister. She wasn't that at all, however. She was a clone created by Shang Tsung at the request of the man she had once called father. She now called him enemy.

    At Kahn's left side was the head of Jade impaled upon a pike, her wide open eyes staring down at her old friend whom she had died defending.

    Kitana rose to her knees but no higher than that. The beautiful princess' defiance had been broken in the torture chamber. All she was left with now was fear. Kahn was without mercy and would not hesitate a moment to have her executed. That was, after all, why she had been brought before him now. It was time for her sentence to be passed.

    “Well well,” Kahn said with a smile as he looked down, satisfied by the terror in her eyes. “My lovely daughter. The one I cared for. Nurtured from childhood. Raised as my own for thousands of years... then betrayed me!” He shouts angrily and stands up. Kitana shudders at his shouting. “Now is before me... to face judgment for her actions.

    Kitana was not Shao Kahn's daughter nor had she ever been. She had always been treated as more of a slave than a child. She was going to be executed when Kahn no longer considered her useful. Inside she wanted to say these things to her but her fear got in the way. She knew defiance would certainly get her killed. What came out instead was, “Forgive me...”

    “Do you admit your guilt?” Kahn asks of her.

    “I...” She hesitates.She felt he was the guilty one but in his eyes she was guilty and nothing would change his mind of that. Her only chance was to plea for mercy. “Yes.” She admits and hangs her head.

    “Princess Kitana! You are guilty of high treason!” Kahn passes down the verdict. “What have you to say for yourself?!”

    “Only... that I throw myself onto your mercy, father.” She says and shakes. “I beg your forgiveness... and your mercy. Please, father... Do not kill me. I beg... Spare me, please.” She pleads with her head toward the ground. Swallowing every ounce of pride she had to beg this man for her life.

    Kahn grinned at her begging. Long had he wanted to see the Princess reduced to this state. Part of him was inclined to grant her plea for mercy. Another part wanted to see her head roll for what she had done. Then the answer came to him as he looked at Mileena by his side. She was greatly enjoying this as well.

    “Mileena. You have always sought a showdown with your sister, have you not?” Kitana's eyes widen at hearing that. Mileena had wanted Kitana dead for as long as she had existed.

    Mileena's teeth curled into a smile. “I have, father.”

    “Very well. My judgment is this. You and Kitana will do battle in Mortal Kombat in the living forest. Mileena, if you are the victor, I will grant you the beauty you seek.” Mileena squeals happily at that thought. “Kitana. If you are the victor then you will not be executed. However you will return to my side as my servant for all time, never to be freed.”

    “Father, I am in no shape to fight!” Kitana protests.

    “You would prefer we execute you now then?” Kahn answers.

    Kitana hangs and shakes her head. This was her only chance. She would either beat Mileena and again be a slave to Kahn, or she would die.


    “But mother,this could be our chance!” Kitana argues with Sindel in her throne room.

    “And it could also be a trap, child.” Sindel argues back. “You know Kahn is tricky. If you do this you'll be playing right into his hands. And if he captures you, you know what he will do to you.”

    “I will take the chance, mother. If we don't take this chance we might not get another for centuries. The longer we wait the more people die.”

    “And if you die, my daughter... then I will lose the last family I have.”Sindel says sadly. “I'm sorry, Kitana. This, I can not permit.”

    “Mother... I love you. But we will never win this war if we fear to take risks.Forgive me, but I must do this. With or without your consent. Kahn must be stopped and now is the time to do it.”

    Sindel knew her daughter was stubborn and she had made up her mind about this.There would be no stopping her. She pats her daughters leg softly,gripping it in fear for her life. “Use caution then, my dear.Whatever you do, be sure you return home.”

    Kitana gave a nod and her mother a quick kiss. As Sindel watched her walk out of the throne room, a terrible premonition filled her that it would be the last time she ever saw her daughter.


    “I'm sorry, mother.” Kitana says softly as she's led to the battleground,wishing with all her heart now that she had listened to her mother.

    Kitana had been given some time to clean up and her ninja clothing given to her to fight in. She made her way to the living forest where she saw her opponent ready to fight her.

    “Mmmm, killing you is going to be fun!” Mileena exclaims with an excited squee, walking toward Kitana and running her hands along Kitana's hips.

    “Don't count me out yet.” Kitana says, though sounding unsure of herself. She could barely take Mileena when she was perfectly ready. Kitana's body ached in places she didn't even know existed. She had been granted only an hours sleep every night for three days and barely fed. She was legitimately afraid for her life.

    Mileena responded with only a sly grin as she took three steps back from Kitana, getting into position. Both girls take their fighting stances.

    Shao Kahn sat on a small throne that had been brought to the battleground for him.“Mileena! Show me you truly are worth the effort put into you!”He says to her. Mileena smiles slyly.
    “FIGHT!!” Kahn shouts.

    Mileena immediately curls herself into a ball, rolling at Kitana. Kitana attempts to side step away from her but one second too slow,Mileena's roll catches Kitana's right leg, sending her flying off her feet. Mileena's reflexes being very well honed, immediately springs back to her feet and delivers a rising uppercut to Kitana's belly.

    “OOF!!” Kitana grunts as the fist collides with her gut, knocking the wind out of her. Kitana quickly retaliates as she falls by throwing one of her fans at Mileena. The bladed fan makes a whirring sound as it flies through the air and cuts into Mileena's chest.

    “AAH! MMM!Oh that's good!” Mileena says with a smile. The cut was fairly deep but not nearly bad enough to take Mileena out of the game. She was actually getting off on the pain. She smiles and as Kitana gets up, Mileena teleports behind her and slams her knee into Kitana's back. Kitana arcs her head back and cries out in pain as she feels her spine crack at the impact!

    Mileena wasn't done yet, however. Wrapping her arm around Kitana's waist with one arm and pulling out one of her sais with the other, she shoves it deep into Kitana's hip!

    “AGH! Oh! Ohh..” She cries out in pain and moans as blood pours from the three wounds.

    Kitana retaliates with an elbow to Mileena's jaw, knocking out two of her razor teeth. Mileena spits one of her teeth out at Kitana which sticks into her shoulder. Kitana inhales a sharp intake of air at the pain as Mileena quickly follows up with a roundhouse kick to her jaw.

    “OOF!” Kitana grunts and spins around at the impact. Mileena continues witha side kick straight to her cracked spine. “AAAH!!” Kitana cries out in intense pain as it shoots all the way up her body. Grabbing Kitana's shoulders, Mileena flips around to Kitana's front and slams both feet into her chest. Kitana groans in pain but grabs Mileena's leg and throws her over the shoulder and down hard to the dirt. She then lifts her leg and slams her high heel boot deep into Mileena's lower spine.

    “AACK!!” Mileena cries out in pain. That one had really hurt. Still, Kitana was hurt a lot worse. Mileena scissor kicks Kitana's legs out from under her then quickly springs back to her feet as Kitana falls. She sends one hard kick to Kitana's ribcage, feeling and hearing three of them crack as she does. “AAAGH!!” Kitana cries out in agony as the force of the kick forces her to roll over onto her belly. Mileena takes this opportunity and teleports high into the air, falling from the sky, putting all her weight onto one foot aimed squarely at Kitana's hurt back.

    “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” Kitana's scream of absolute agony echoes across the entire forest as multiple discs slip out of place and cracks resound below Mileena's foot. Kitana's body arcs upward as she screams, her nails digging deep into her palms, even through her gloves and drawing blood. “Ah! Ahh... Oh... Ohh...” Kitana moans as Mileena jumps off of her. Poor Kitana struggles, trying to get to her hands and knees.After several long seconds she at least manages that, but it didn't matter. The fight was over now and everyone knew it.

    “FINISH HER!!” Shao Kahn shouts, declaring the match at it's end.

    Kitana whimpers in fear as Mileena wraps her arms around Kitana's waist from behind and pulls her back to her feet. Kitana leans her body backward into Mileena's while Mileena rubs her crotch with one hand and gropes her breast with the other. A soft moan escapes Kitana's lips, not daring to resist and again, begins pleading for mercy.

    “Please... Don't do this.” Kitana pleads for her life, tears welling in her eyes, much to the amusement of Mileena and Kahn. “I beg of you... Don't kill me.”

    “Aww, you poor thing. Scared out of your mind, huh? Haha! Scream nice and good for me!” Mileena taunts, enjoying her sisters pleas for mercy. Mileena spins Kitana around and throws her back-first into one of the living trees. Kitana lets out a deep gasp off right as she realized what Mileena has done. Vines shoot around Kitana's thighs, waist and upper arms as the roar of the tree permeates her ears.

    “NO, PLEASE!!” Kitana begs the sentient tree as it arcs her backward, pushing her headfirst into the trees enormous maw. Kitana was an immortal. The idea of death was something that had rarely even crossed her mind. Only when she was deep in combat had she even thought about it. Even when she was talking about it with her mother, part of her had never even really thought of it as a possibility. Now, however, there was no doubt. Kitana was about to die, and in one of the most frightening ways she could imagine: Being eaten alive.

    “NO! NO!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Kitana's terrified protests fill the air as Kahn and Mileena watch with evil smiles. Kitana flails and kicks her legs helplessly, unable to do anything else. Her upper body up to her waist inside the tree now.

    “AAAAAAAAHH--” Kitana screams in terror until it is cut off as the trees teeth chomp down onto her belly. “Agh... Oh... Oh...” She lets out moans that Mileena finds arousing as blood pours forth from her belly. “Agh...Ah...” Kitana gasps as the teeth come down again onto her belly.She vomits a cascade of blood from her mouth this time, turning her blue mask red. Her only thoughts were again that she had listened to her mother. On the outside her kicks slow as Kitana's dying moans begin to soften.

    One more chomp of the beasts jaws and all consciousness flees from the beautiful princess, with one final spasm, her legs stiffen then hang limp as the vines pull them into the beasts hungry mouth as well.

    “Mileena wins. FATALITY!” Kahn declares.
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    Shao Khan is just the WORST father ever, I swear. I always feel bad for Kitana.

    Excellent choice of fatality at the end, WHW. Truly an awful way to go.
  3. wilhitewarrior

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    Thanks, TCR! :D I liked it too. And yeah I don't think Khan is gonna win father of the year anytime soon. :p