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Chun Li had faced grapplers before, but they tended to prefer the large, powerful moves. She had had several done to her before but her rigorous training allowed her to withstand these moves, or at least a couple anyway. Despite not being a wrestler herself, she had defeated many of them simply by taking their hardest slam and then using her powerful legs to kick them unconscious when they reacted in shock that their move had failed in knocking out what they thought was "just" a woman. Chun Li was not "just" a woman. She was as trained and dangerous in fighting arts as anyone, and many an opponent had lost to her by underestimating her. Unfortunately for her, her current opponent was not quite so unsavvy.

King had faced all sorts of grapplers before, of all sizes and both genders. He had seen a lot of things and had learned not to underestimate anyone. A lesson often learned the hard way, as the memory of his loss to the mysterious Jaycee constantly reminded him. It was deeper into the fight, and the woman across from him would not stay down. Despite his mighty German suplex and the ring-rattling powerbomb he had delivered, she had almost seemed unphased. She could be hiding the pain, or not currently registering it due to adrenaline. Either way, he knew he could not let this get into his head. He had seen she had a propensity for kicks, and was proficient at several unique ones. Indeed, more than a couple had bounced off his face, stunning him on more than one occasion. It was now that Chun Li attempted to put the fight away with another new kick. King could only guess at what was coming, but he found that the tables would soon turn.

Chun Li's kick never landed. Her leg seemed to get stuck in the air, and it was only after a couple second that she registered she had been caught out. She tried to pull away, but those two seconds were the ones that sealed her fate in this fight. Throwing down her leg, King simultaneously kicked her in the stomach, leaning into it, knowing he would have to punch through the defenses of her abdomen. The little extra oomph he put into that kick was the difference as Chun Li's body resisted the first 90%, but the kick kept going and bypassed her musculature, drawing the wheeze that King was looking for.

King knew when he had an advantage and when an opponent was on the ropes, and as Chun Li bent over to hold her stomach, he struck with the speed of a snake, bending over and grabbing her ankles, at the same time putting his head between her legs and picking her up so her neck rested on his shoulders. He jumped into the air, landing on one knee as Chun Li's neck came down hard into his shoulder, the damage being amplified by her own bodyweight piling on top of her in that awkward position. She screamed in pain, but was never going to give up the fight. All she had to do when she got out of this was land one of her kicks, and she knew just the one.... But something was wrong... she wasn't out of the hold. King held her there in place by her ankles, folding her body over and spreading her legs, allowing everyone to get a good look at her panties. It wasn't like she was any stranger to that, but usually it was done on her terms, giving the crowd a (small) show while kicking the daylights out of her opponent for their entertainment. The focus usually returned to her ability quickly.

There was none of that this time... just her legs being opened without her being able to do anything about it. "Wh-what are you doing??" she cried out. "Stop that! Let me go and let's fight!" But she would soon find the second side effect of this hold, as how he began to pull downward on her ankles as well, folding her more and increasing the pressure on her neck and shoulders.

"Haha! I'd like to see you get your way out of this!" King shouted. The pain in her neck flared up like a fire getting hotter, as she realized she was trapped in a submission hold now. She screamed in pain as the hold ground her neck and shoulders into his own.

"KYAAAHHH! I... I can't submit...!"

"Well, then, let's just see how much of this you can take...."

With a quick motion, he dropped to one knee again, once more jarring her neck and shoulders.

"GYUNH!" Chun Li groaned as she grit her teeth.

"Had enough yet??" shouted King.

"Piss off, I'm not losing like this...!"

"Well, suit yourself. Truth be told, I kind of like having you up here anyway!"

King pushed himself back to his feet, and then began doing squats holding Chun Li as if she were a barbell. The up and down motion made her neck and shoulders throb and ache, and she realized she was in trouble.

"Wait, I-" She didn't get the words out before once more King dropped to a knee, rattling her once again.

"Nnnngh...." she moaned this time, thick and painfully. Her arms went limp and her eyes began to roll into the back of her head as pain overwhelmed her brain. She would surely have fallen to the arena floor... if King hadn't helpfully been showing her pussy off to the screaming, cheering crowd. Camera flashes washed over the fighters, everyone wanting their souvenir of tonight's fight. King was all too happy to give it to them as he stood up again and slowly turned a circle, allowing the whole arena a 360 degree view of the beaten down brunette and her sexy legs spread for everyone....

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