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Jet Force Gemini ryona

Discussion in 'Videos' started by TheHumbleFellow, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. TheHumbleFellow

    TheHumbleFellow Potential Patron

    Jul 18, 2012
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    It's my first thread!

    Here's a ryona scene of Vela from Rareware's overlooked masterpiece, Jet Force Gemini.

    Getting hurt in this game is pretty basic. You get shot, and the character flinches and lets out a small groan. I always found Vela's little gasps sexy.

    The unique thing about this game is that after the character dies, the enemies keep shooting at them while they're on the floor, and they keep flinching.

    This was recorded on a ROM. Unfortunately, the ROM doesn't have one part part about this game's deaths. When a character dies, their eyes close.

    Vela was my first video game crush. I really liked her design, with big blue eyes, blue pigtailed hair that framed her face, large breasts, slender legs, and the shortest miniskirt in history. And this subsequently led to my first sexual experience. I didn't know what it was at the time, but something about watching Vela, face down on the floor, getting hit over and over, flinching but not truly reacting, was very endearing to me. Especially when one of those flinches caused her to raise her head enough to see her face for a split second, her eyes closed.

    Hope you enjoy!
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  2. onlinehero

    onlinehero Swell Supporter

    Dec 15, 2009
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    Oh hi! It's always nice to look back to ryona from old games :) I don't even remember all old games where I found the heroine sexy even when she was really low polygon model and hit animations were bad... Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences :P

    JEFFMAN2 Potential Patron

    Feb 19, 2011
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    Apologies for necro'ing an old thread, but I found out today that Project64 version 2.1 emulates the closing eyes correctly now!

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  4. carl_fennin

    carl_fennin Avid Affiliate

    Feb 17, 2013
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    Call it strange. Call it weird. I just like the aspect of seeing Vela's body twitch which she gets shot after dying. It's stupid I guess... I like the idea of enemies being overly aggressive and keep shooting at an already downed heroine making her lifeless body twitch and flinch. But yeah, I guess I'm just echoing what TheHumbleFellow had already said on the matter. Kind of wish there was just a bit more like this; like one or two more videos showing Vela defeated.

    I always thought Vela was quite something back when I played Jet Force Gemini as kid. Rare really gave her fan service with her outfit, the panties, and even very slight breast physics. Of course, looking at it now, it's a dated polygonal mess, but I can still see some enjoyment out of it.

    One thing I wish someone would make, seeing as it's another Rare game and theme of ryona on the matter, is one on Goldeneye and seeing Natalya or Xenia in those replay game overs from the single player. The idea of seeing Natalya or Xenia do that slow standing to fall on their knees to faceplanting on the ground as guards shoot at them with the replays from various camera angles sounds... strangely pleasing to me.