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Imagine this scenario. It was 1st January 2016, Ryona City camapaign just started once more anew. Several players now finally begin the canon and RPing, pulling out their characters and groups for all to see... But what of the story? On the New Year in canon, many companies and group suddenly popped out and be active in engaging each other as well as the rest of the City.

With varying players, characters as well as motivation and goals; it would be safe to say its not only ridiculous but it wouldn't allow for much character development and story expansion for myself and everyone involved. So with this I would like to propose a simple solution.

In about one month, all the players will have an opportunity to establish their characters and story. I do not need to know everything about them personally, though that might help give me some DMing ideas. All I would want from any characters or groups who would like to be involved in Ryona City is for them to tell me how they were established, their reputation as well as relations with other players and the city itself. What are their influence on key figures and groups? Informants in the police? Having a multi-national corporation? Your own territories and areas? Being a well known philantrophist? Being a feared criminal eventhough you were framed? All this and more is possible, but all subjected to approval, but not impossible so long as it didn't have significant advantages over the other players.

Ryona City is a very dynamic and interrelated world right down to factors like political discourses, price of food, and even different NPC gang dominance and interactions...all laid down in tables and charts hidden away to avoid spoilers and predictions. Those and many other factors, human and environmental would change depending on what the players chose to do. By giving me the information that I requested would allow and help for all players alike, old and new alike, to be more engaged and interwoven into the stories and the city itself.

The Deadline would be 3rd of January. Please either in this thread or inform me on the chatroom if there is not enough time for that. Ryona City can start after this thread is done and the story as well as the city is tweaked to include the players' input. Not compulsory, but not doing so would start you off as a 'new' group/people who started from entirely scratch, having a completely blank slate and unknown status. No reputation nor influence of any kind.
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Character Profiles: Ryona City

-Shirou Katarn


Age: 21

Nationality: American

Occupation: Law Enforcement Investigator, Private and Public service sectors

City Reputation: Good/Neutral

Affiliations: Ryona City Police Department, Stray Sheep Members Club

Backgrounder: Shirou Katarn is one of Ryona City’s better known police officers and detectives, mostly due to his appearance, having both his arms replaced with cybernetic prosthesis. He’s well known for his investigative skills and combat prowess, having learned several forms of martial arts and versed himself in the use of a wide variety of weapons. His no-nonsense attitude and determination to see any case solved, using violence or not is often seen as a good asset by his superiors and sometimes strike the envy of his colleagues. As of current, he is handling and overseeing the training of a young detective candidate that’s been selected due to her unique ability to solve crimes.

(Side Note: The mismatched name is intentional)

-Mana Strife

Age: 18

Nationality: Japanese

Occupation: Detective Trainee/Junior Investigator (Special Case)

City Reputation: Good/Neutral/Bad (To some Chinese Dim Sum shops downtown due to owing them money)

Affiliations: Ryona City Police Department, Shirou Katarn, Rin Lazaro (Formerly Eizbern—but it rhymed too much with [Kira] Fateburn)

Backgrounder: Hailing from Hokkaido, Japan. Mana was a freshman college student attending in Tokyo University. She was an average student at best, with her grades fluctuating from something that’s marginally acceptable up to actually failing classes at rare times. Her classmates are distant from her at best due to her weird attitude and senseless love for gyoza. One thing that shines forth from Mana though is her strange and unique sense of investigation skills… where in as, for an unexplained reason—as long as she has enough details and evidence on a crime—she can immediately deduct who the culprit of a certain crime is—and this skill has been tested and verified by her helping the Japanese Police force solve 3 crimes, two of theft and one of murder. After learning of her skills—a black op deal happened between the police Superintendent of the Hokkaido Police department and the Ryona City Police Department—assumedly the latter giving Mana a full scholarship run with her Criminology college course in exchange of her assistance in Ryona City’s crime investigations in turn.

-Kira Elizabeth Fateburn


Age: 19

Nationality: British/Filipino

Occupation: Student Photographer

City Reputation: Good/Neutral

Affiliations: Fateburn Pharmaceutical, Rin Lazaro, Beatrice Dagon, Houhin Kyouma (Not his real name), Cyrille Amos, Stray Sheep (The Bar itself)

Backgrounder: The youngest daughter of the famous Fateburn family, well known for their contributions in the medicinal and military weapons development over the years. Kira has deemed it for herself to strike it out on her own and live independent of her family’s massive wealth and has done so on a good note, avoiding any sort of familial conflict due to her own decision. She is currently living in Ryona City and working as a part-time waitress in the Stray Sheep as well as moonlighting as a Student Photographer. It is undeniable that she still receives support from her overly protective older brother who currently runs their company’s Ryona City branch. Surrounded by her own circle of friends and co-workers, she deems to make her own mark upon the world and to live life at its fullest despite not swimming in cash and the luxuries of wealth.

-Rin Lazaro


Nationality: Japanese

Occupation: Figure Sculptor

City Reputation: Good/Neutral

Affiliations: Iori Toy and Hobbies Shop. Most of Ryona City’s Otaku community, Kira Fateburn’s Group

Backgrounder: Migrating from Japan due to her parents urging her to take up a degree in America’s more prestigious universities, Rin found herself residing in one of the most dangerous cities in the country, Ryona City. But rather than hide and wallow in fear and despair, she rather chose to press on with her past-time back in Japan—making anime and game figures, custom making them (for a price) to tailor to her clients’ needs. She garnered a massive following and good reputation with the J-Culture starved denizens of the city and the country, creating income of her own. Though rumors has it that she has some hidden ties in Ryona City’s criminal underworld, this has yet to be confirmed and she’s currently living a normal and peaceful life within the city with her circle of friends.

-Stellar lähetti

Age: 16

Nationality: Finnish

Occupation: Not Employed

Affiliations: Arash

City Reputation: Good/Relatively Unknown

Backgrounder: An immigrant from Finland who intends to continue her studies in America, Stella came to the country with hopes that staying within Ryona City’s streets would mean a bright new beginning for her as compared to her less than joyful life back in Finland. As present, she’s merely an ordinary student studying in one of the schools in Ryona City, living her life completely unaware of the inner and more corrupt workings of the city around her. Also, the difficulty of seeing stars through Ryona City’s night sky is quite annoying for her.

-Arash Kamāngīr

Age: 20

Nationality: Persian/American

Occupation: Mechanic/Cook

Affiliations: Stellar. Jamal’s Scrap Shop and Mechanics. Jamal. The Boss (Due to his running tab in the Stray Sheep)

City Reputation: Good/Bad (Among the Stray Sheep.)

Backgrounder: Marked as Stellar’s indefinite babysitter, Arash has been unduly entasked to protect the girl as she studies in Ryona City while maintaining his 9 to 5 job of being a mechanic and a sideline cook. Life is hard when one has to pay for their debts and would do anything to ensure that the debtors don’t send armed mafia men to take him out on a ride he’ll never come back from. Currently working in one of Ryona City’s less than reputable Scrap and Mechanic shops… one that’s all too often rumoured to have ties with the criminal elements of the city. One’s gotta have a place to stash and

-The Boss

Age: 56

Nationality: Unknown

Occupation: Bar Owner/Degree Holding Mixologist

City Reputation: Good/Excellent (To his patrons)

Affiliations: The Stray Sheep Bar and his clients. City drunkards and at least 90% of the gangs that prowl Ryona City. The Dog named Dog.

Backgrounder: The mysterious shades wearing proprietor of the Stray Sheep. The Boss is only known to his patrons by his nickname, taken from a famous video game character of great renown. Not much is known about the wise old man aside from his great love for his bar and his desire to make a place where all rival gangs and its members could all drink in peace without the fear of having to shoot one another in the skulls. Those who have broken the bar’s solid and fine rules of peace and neutrality has been known to disappear from the face of the Earth, never again to be heard of—no matter how strong nor Godlike their status is, thus most gangs and criminal groups tend to just groan and give each other intimidating looks when inside the bar and drinking.


Age: 4

Nationality: Stray Sheepian

Occupation: Bar Bouncer

Affiliations: Stray Sheep. The Boss. Kira Fateburn’s left leg.

Backgrounder: Despite its name, the Stray Sheep’s mascot and bouncer is a dog named Dog, owned by the Boss himself. Most would take this as a coincidence that the aforementioned video game character of great renown that Boss based his name after from has a dog of his own—but that’s merely coincidence. Dog is a Labrador Retriever, so there. Dog often lurks around the Stray Sheep, mostly minding its own business and pestering one of its waitresses… usually showing its affection upon the girl’s left leg. Although when less than pleasing events caused by some patrons press on the bar… Dog will ensure that it stops immediately and messily, often leaving a large pool of blood as to where the trouble happened, much to the Boss’ dismay. Medical Bills are never cheap these days.
(Side Note: Yes, he's that badass that he has his own background)

Known Factions

Fenrir Defense Corporation

City Reputation: Neutral (General Public)/Feared (Criminal Populace)

Backgrounder: Established sometime around 1960-1975 (During the Vietnam War era), Fenrir has been long since an anti-terrorist Special Forces unit and operates throughout the world. Fenrir has first been recorded to have operated within the German territories, hunting down remnants of the Third Reich—specifically those that would wish to incite another world war in the name of their ideals. Soon after they expanded their influence throughout the globe and has its personnel scouring through the planet, rooting out and destroying any and all terrorists and warmongers that threatens to break the world’s peace. The long arm of Fenrir’s Justice reaches all over the world and is intent to crush all that opposes peace and deems for war.

Side Note: Despite Fenrir’s global influence—at present they do not have any direct influence over Ryona City specifically—although their reputation as a Peacekeeping force would still be known to its people… at least those who are aware of the news and current events.

Fateburn Pharmaceutical Institute

City Reputation: Neutral/Good (Especially when you need high quality medicine.)

Backgrounder: A large and well known company based from the United Kingdom and has also established a research and development branch in Ryona City due to the high amount of potential clients and customers within the region. Aside from providing the city with at least 2 hospitals and several pharmacies that sell generic medicine that’s more easily accessible to the general public, they also are in ties with Sarif Industries, an extremely advanced and one of the pioneer companies in Biotechnology and weapons development—the two companies often taking contracts for the military’s Research and Development projects.

(Side Note: Told ya I'll add pics, ze~)
(Side Note2: I'll add more profiles later.)
(Side Note 3: Enjoy and look at the drawings... steal them at your own demise.) :3
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Alrighty then, here it's my profiles for my characters of Ryona City. I had to change a few origins and mechanics with them but now it's all good. It's pretty much the same from last world.

Baku the Dog

Real Name: Baku of the Haku
Age: Hard to tell, it's in dog years
Background: Once a small time smuggler on the city importing ilegal stuff that he called "Magical" and "Cursed" to make a living,he won himself a little of a reputation both as a scammer and as a dealer of powerful items. However unknown to him a person was following him closely watching his every move. He then got captured and was subject to an experiment that fused him with a dog to a molecular level, dissapearing for a mothn he next re appeared with white hair and long white dog ears.Now able to turn into a giant white dog this man is out as a free agent to destroy it's creator.
Powers and Abilities: Super Agility, sharp claws, big teeth, mild super strenght, hightened sence of smell, higtened sence of hearing, can turn into a big white dog (Huskie) a half dog man and a more beatly half dog man.
Personality: Like a dog he is very trusting and loves people that feeds him, he also over protects them to the point of hurting those that he does not know, quick to anger and even quicker to apease this dog man can be a very loyal ally. He doesn't have a good memory so he is messy and very forgetful
Influence: He doesn't have any, he has a few contacts on the underworld and it's able to talk to other animals but other than that he is pretty much on his own.
Relationships: He doesn't know why but he likes both the pearls and Maia Amos. He is very nice with the citicens and since he is a big dog not many people try to pick a fight with him. However when ever he sees someone that even remotly smells or looks like one of the Red Circus Gang he will not hesitate to attack untill that person is turn to shreds

Lavender Avenguer
Real Name: Lila Parks
Age: 23
Background:Lila is a tall librarian that used to take martial arts as a way to take off stress of her life but never really had the courague to fight back, no matter how hard she trained she never could bring herself to win a match, eventually quitting many martial arts clubs she secluded herself on the public library even getting a job there. However one fatefull day she woke up covered in a stangue purple sustance that covered her entire body, this sustance then entered through her skin forcing itseld paifully into her veins. After the prosses was done her hair turned lavender and so did her eyes. She then possed super power and adopted a new identity to fight crime.
Powers and Abilities: Super strenght, high endurance to pain and fatigue, mild matial arts training, a super mode that makes her stronger. She can turn her hair and eyes to black to purple. They turn a pink color when she is horny and a dark purple when she is mad.
Personality:While she is on her civilian form she acts like her real self, shy, evassive and often runs away from conflict and people.
Influence: None really, She is just starting her career as a heroine and it's contacts are not much.
Relationships:She hangs out a lot with her friend Ruby Sue. She pet's Baku and doesn't know of his human form

Target Practice
Real Name: Ruby Sue
Age: 26
Background: All her life Ruby had run away, run away from her past, run away from her powers and runned away from her sins. After a life time of failed new starts she ended up stranded on Ryona city where she was forcefully recuited to the Red Circus. After dying a lot on the place she was finally discarted by it's leader when he found "something in her". She was killed off but lucky for her, her former employer did not know how deep her powers protected her. Now she roams the city going from job to job trying to not die
Powers and Abilities: She can heal but only if her body has sustained lethal injuries taking her into a death like state to recover herself, however if her head is cut off or her body is depraved of oxygen she can die.
Personality: She is clumsy, forgetfull and lives on the clouds most of the time. She is a coward and altough she has her power she tries to run away from danger.
Influence: None, To the city she is only a law abiding citizen
Relationships: She is afriad of Baku, She serves as Lavender confidant and sometimes sidekick to her dismay.

The Red Circus
Once a long time ago, a circus tent was put on the outskirts of the city. As any good circus it had performers, clowns, freaks and animals alike came with the circus to bring joy to the people of a town. But then a man, no a creature had other plans. People say that day the tent of the circus turned red due to the blood of all those who died that day.
It was long ago, the story became a rumor, the rumor became a tale,a tale told to children to scared them. A tale, that if they missbehabed the red tent circus would come for them and it's ringmaster would kill them or worse, make them slaves to his will.
Maybe this circus did came from the death to take everyone with it, Or maybe just a gang took this old wives tale as their simbol. But now a group of performers, clowns, freaks and animals alike have came to the city with the only purpuse of seeing the city burn.
The Members of the Circus:
Real Name: Several
Age: 100 Years
Background: "You do not remember it, but you and me. Used to play a lot together. I used to out big shows for all of you to play in. You were amazing on it and killed my henchmen on spectacular ways, the public loved and you came back over and over...
Now? She did something...Someone pulled the plug, A new universe started and I was trapped inside in it. My beatiful palace of Carnague is long gone and I need the blood to keep myself alive. Not just any blood. The blood that comes from dying in combat. Lucky for me; This city always provides"
Powers and Abilities: People claim to have seen him melt into goo, this gelatinus form helps him evade attacks, scape capture, shape change, change into sharp objects and enter peoples ear to brain wash them.
Personality: Coocky and Playful, no regard for life even it's own.
Influence: The City underground knows this name and fears it. If you think it's only a wives tale. Pray to god it stays that way.
Relationships: One and only leader of the Red Circus.

Real Names: Lost long ago
Age: Several members, several ages.
Background: The main force of the Red Tent, this clown ladies use mostly black and red dresses with diamond paterns all over them. They are the pawns at the front like to be killed.
Powers and abilities: Each of the diamonds has a standart gear of a gun, a crow bar, a pack of dinamite and a minidress that covers their bodies from bullets. Most of them are very agile.

Real Names: Lost long ago
Age: Several members, several ages.
Background: These women are the Diamonds that have won their own name by being stronger than the other diamonds or having some sort of special power. Often using other circus performance gear and have a variety of weapons at their disposal plus a little batalion of Diamonds at their comand.
Powers and abilities: Each of the Hearts have their own different weapons and powers.

Real Name: Lost long ago
Age: Several members, several ages.
Background: Not all people are lucky enough to gain their place on the red tent by being human, many of them have been modied genetically to look and act like animals. Most of them have given inn to their instincts and lost all humanity becoming a powerfull beast. Half human, half beast these creatures are tricky to deal with.
Powers and abilities: Each of the Spades can do what their animal counterpart can do plus a mild superstrenght and agility bonus.

Real Name: Lost long ago
Age: Several members, several ages.
Background: Not all Spades were succesful experiments neither do they are convined with animals, the fact is only a hand full of the half animal half human experiments are effective, the rest are a bunch of mutated abobinations that dweal around on the Red Circus. Their pain is too much that they attack whatever they see whenever it's from the Circus or not.
Powers and abilities: Each of the Clubs has it's own little terror of extra body parts plus a mild superstrenght and agility bonus.


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Family-owned Business
Established: Late 1800's
Type: Hotel, fine-dining, traditional entertainment
Reputation: Excellent, iconic
Influence: Little
Political Stake: None/Neutral
Holdings: The Dragon Pagoda (Headquarters), Little Pagoda (Planned restaurant business)
Known Members:


Zizhuo Shen-Long (Patriarch)
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Han Chinese
Occupation: Owner of the Dragon Pagoda, leader of the Dragon Family
Marital Status: Widower

Known Skills: Martial Arts master
Bio: Little is known of the mysterious Shen-Long, though urban legends surrounding the man and the hotel he owns say that he has been around for at least 100 years, as records of a 'Shen-Long' date back to the turn of the 20th century. Whether it is the same Shen-Long or simply a successor however, is unknown. What is known about him is that he is the owner and proprietor of the Dragon Pagoda, one of the most well-known luxury hotels and restaurants in Ryona City, and that according to other reports on his person is an extremely skilled martial artist with no equal. No public photographs exist of the man, and all business dealings with him are handled through his 'sons'- four young men who he has adopted as his own children.


Zhou Huo-hu
Age: 26
Nationality: Chinese-American
Occupation: Co-manager of the Dragon Pagoda
Marital Status: Single
Known Skills: Expert martial artist, sous chef
Bio: The oldest of Shen Long's adopted 'children', Zhou takes it upon himself to be the face of the business. Each quest who arrives at the hotel will often see Zhou's face first out of all the other members of the Dragon Family. This is because he can most often be seen around the reception and admissions desks working closely with his subordinates. He prides himself on making the Dragon Pagoda the best experience that tourists have when visiting Ryona City, and his younger 'brothers' often look to him for leadership and guidance.

Yet despite his positive qualities, he has been known to be somewhat of a pushover, and often lets others take advantage of his generosity and easygoing personality. However, those who have come to know him on a personal level know better than to push the man too far, for he has not gained the nickname "Sleeping Tiger" for nothing. In combat, Zhou is fierce and unrelenting in his Kung Fu. He is considered by most to be the star pupil of his 'father' due to his skill, and even his 'brothers' avoid sparring with him if they can help it.


Zihuan Bing-feng
Age: 24
Nationality: Chinese-American
Occupation: Co-manager of the Dragon Pagoda
Marital Status: Single
Known Skills: Expert martial artist, spokesman
Bio: Known as the 'face' of the Dragon Pagoda and being the second oldest of Shen Long's adopted' sons', Zihuan takes his duties very seriously. He is a skilled and shrewd speaker, showing little to no emotion to those he speaks to. Because of this, he often comes off as a rather intimidating sort. This reputation suits Zihuan just fine, as he enjoys having the benefit of his opponents being afraid of him. Even to those he considers friends and family, he can come off as a bit cold and callous. But one should never mistake his attitude for a lack of caring for those important to him. Indeed, Zihuan will place his very life on the line for those he loves if need be.

In combat, Zihuan practices the same style as his father and brother before him. However, instead of focusing on mastery of all the techniques taught to him like Zhou, Zihuan instead has developed a more direct and forceful style of fighting. He sees little value in toying with his foes and prefers to beat them into submission as soon as possible, even if it means killing them. This cruel style has earned him the ire of his siblings as Zihuan has no compunctions of killing someone if they have wronged him. Luckily for them, Zihuan has acknowledged that he tends to let his temper get the best of him at times, and has made efforts to curb it.


Zixiu "Idoro" Hei-Lei
Age: 22
Nationality: American
Occupation: Co-manager of the Dragon Pagoda
Marital Status: Single
Known Skills: Expert martial artist, entertainer
Bio: Of all the 'children' of Shen Long, Idoro is definitely the one who stands out the most. This is most likely due to the fact that he has blonde hair and blue eyes. Indeed- Idoro is of plain ol' American descent. When asked of how he came to be adopted by Shen Long, he simply responds, "I guess I was lucky". If it wasn't enough for Idoro to stand out from his 'brothers' the most due to his appearance, he also has an attitude that far differs from his older 'brothers'. He takes his role as co-manager very loosely and often acts irresponsibly when on his own. He is totally engrossed within the culture of Ryona City and often likes to play practical jokes on his friends, families, and even random strangers (mostly women.) He is however, tolerated and loved by his 'brothers' despite his brash and rebellious attitude. In recent months, he has even turned his put-offish demeanor into a comedy act at the Pagoda, and will often entertain the visiting guests at the lounge and restaurant. If Zihuan is the public face of the Dragon Family, Idoro is definitely the more personal one, and together with his younger brother, he does his best to ensure that those who visit the Pagoda return to visit. He is also rumored to be somewhat of a womanizer.

As a combatant, Idoro does indeed practice his father's style- however he is a very unorthodox fighter in that regard. He prefers to improvise when it comes to some of the more complex techniques of the style, and at times will outright eschew some of the more complex methods for a more direct approach. He is also not above landing cheap shots and low blows on his foes. This is due in part to his upbringing on the streets- where he would have to resort to less-than-honorable tactics to gain an edge over his opponents. Nothing pleases Idoro more than someone challenging him to a fight- a tenant his oldest brother will often scold him for. Behind his tough and rebellious exterior however, Idoro does deeply care for his adopted family, and will not hesitate to protect them from danger should the opportunity arise.


Jiang Lu-Feng
Age: 21
Nationality: Chinese-American
Occupation: Co-manager of the Dragon Pagoda
Marital Status: Single
Known Skills: Training martial artist, college graduate, pianist
Bio: Being the youngest of his siblings, Jiang has always felt that he has had much to prove. Therefore, at a young age he re-entered school and clearly set himself apart from his peers by excelling at his studies and advancing through the grades quickly. For someone who had never gone to school before age 10, Jiang quite literally exceeded all expectations when he had his high school diploma at the tender age of 14. He would then go on to graduate college with a masters' degree in several subjects just a few years later. By his current age, he is currently pursuing a degree in literature and computer science. Because of his advanced education, his other 'brothers' often look to him for guidance in subjects such as history, mathematics and the sciences. However, while his studies give him a large degree of technical knowledge, he lacks a bit when it comes to practical knowledge. Due to this fact, he has sort of a reduced role in the managing of his family's business, instead preferring to assist his family in accounting matters, spending and of course, penmanship. Jiang is a man with lofty ideals and can often be seen daydreaming and lost in his video game worlds.

When it comes to the martial arts, Jiang is still learning much from his father. Due to his high intellect however, Jiang can often overcome physical challenges through the use of wit and careful planning. His father in fact praises him for his original ideas and stresses that "The best way to win a fight is to not fight at all". This way of thought may cause Jiang to come off to others as a bit weak and reserved, but could not be farther from the truth. None should underestimate the 'Baby Dragon' when it comes to his skill in Kung Fu, for they do so at their own peril.
Non-profit Organization
Established: 2015
Type: Charity, focus on improving conditions in impoverished neighborhoods, teaching teenagers to respect themselves and each other
Reputation: Positive, growing
Influence: Growing
Political Stake: Liberal, progressive
Holdings: None
Known Members:


Vivian Akina
Age: 22
Nationality: Asian-American
Occupation: President of the Akina Foundation, heiress
Marital Status: Single
Known Skills: Bachelor's Degree in Communications
Bio: Vivian Akina is the daughter of a billionaire CEO who owns an auto company. But unlike many other rich daughters in similar positions, Vivi does not flaunt her status or spend her money extravagantly- quite the opposite in fact. At a young age, she took a small amount of money from her trust fund to pay her way through college and now that she has a degree, has established a non-profit organization along with her friends. Vivi grew up in Ryona City as a privileged elite- never experiencing the pressure and horror that tends to happen daily within the various ghettos and projects that dot a large part of the city. Upon meeting a girl from this part of the city however, and becoming fast friends with her during their first encounter, she learned over the course of a few days the true spirit and soul of the City- unkind to many, and favoring just a few. To someone like Akina, who had a rather fair and educated upbringing, she found this type of treatment towards her fellow citizens unbearable. And thus, she set out to do something about it.

Founded in the twilight of the year 2015, the Akina Foundation is the result of all of Vivian's hopes and dreams- to establish a better future for the citizens of Ryona City, to educate its youth on the importance of respect for themselves and others, and to improve the quality of life for all its citizens, rich and poor. Through her organization's efforts, she hopes to turn the negative reputation of her city around and make the city a place where people want to move to- not avoid. Though such ideals are lofty and perhaps even unrealistic, Akina hopes to win the hearts of her opponents through the use of her self-proclaimed "irresistible charm and savvy" and has taken it upon herself to begin educating herself in the ways of politics. Already she is a rising star in the media, and the future does indeed look bright for her. Perhaps her dreams are really not so far away...


Elizabeth Bradbury
Age: 27
Nationality: British
Occupation: Vice President of the Akina Foundation, former ambassador
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Skills: Master negotiator, champion cricketer
Bio: Elizabeth Bradbury is an expatriate from the United Kingdom. At a young age, she was sent away to a small eastern European country to live with her aunt and uncle. Since that time, she had worked hard to develop her social skills, primarily in the areas of public speaking and other types of communications. By age 21, she had a college degree in those fields, by age 23 she was married, and by 24 she was working as an ambassador from Europe to her country of residence. On a trip to America, she happened to meet up with Vivian Akina and the two formed a close bond which did not even break upon her return to Europe. Unfortunately, in the coming year, her relationship with her then husband deteriorated and they soon divorced. Finding herself starving for some sort of purpose, Elizabeth resigned her position as ambassador and moved to the United States, seeking a working relationship with Vivian in a new business venture she was pursuing.

Elizabeth is second-to-none when it comes to negotiating terms or settling disputes between two parties- it is for this reason that Vivian values her counsel. As a person, Elizabeth is a very caring and motherly figure- perhaps another reason as to why Vivian and she had bonded so easily, for Vivian's mother died when she was very young. Elizabeth is awed by Vivian's spirit and passion for what she believes in, and it is for this reason that she has thrown in her lot with her organization. After all, what better way to make use of her talents than to bring happiness and progress to those who are in desperate need of such things?


Mathilde Knochenfräser
Age: 24
Nationality: German
Occupation: Hired guard
Marital Status: Inactive
Known Skills: Master in various styles of swordplay
Bio: Little is known of Mathilde, other than what she has told people herself. She had moved from Germany to the States only a few years prior to the establishment of Vivian Akina's foundation. She was hired on by Vivian's father to be her bodyguard, and now it is rare to see Vivian without Mathilde close by her side.

As a child, Mathilde claims to have been taught by her 'guardians' various styles of swordplay, and some certain 'lost' forms of the art as well. Beyond this, she has shared no other details about herself. However, on a few occasions she has displayed her skill with a sword and proven to be amazingly proficient, to the point where several videos of her exist on the internet, displaying legendary levels of agility and finesse of which could normally only be replicated through means of cinema and animation. For this, she is considered the 'real deal' by many and her presence alone deters anyone from approaching Vivian Akina without her approval. Because of her demeanor, she obviously doesn't have a social life to speak of, hence why so little is known about her.


Precia "Pearl" Velor
Age: 21
Nationality: American
Occupation: Charity worker
Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Skills: Gymnast, trumpeter
Bio: Bubbly, chipper and always with a great idea on her mind, Precia (or Pearl as her friends call her), never seems to be down about anything- ever! An atttitude that has helped her get by in life. Growing up in one of Ryona City's most notorious ghettos, Precia lost a lot growing up. One of her parents, two of her 6 siblings, and even had a close-call with an overly aggressive ex who attempted to rape her. It is because of her harsh upbringing that she endeavors to end this sort of existence for anyone else currently living in such conditions. She became a charity worker at a young age and since then has always managed to devote some or all of her time to working to benefit others.

Precia and Vivian Akina met at a young age- two girls from quite different walks of life having a chance meeting one day at a benefit for a recently deceased city councilman, who had established one of the charities Precia worked for (and happened to be a good friend of Vivian's father.) Being of similar age, the two started talking and Vivian was immediately taken by Precia's humor and cheeriness while Precia was impressed by Vivian's charm and maturity (originally judging her for being nothing more than a rich daddy's girl). Since that day, the two have become best friends and have even created a Foundation together. Despite Precia's harsh past and abuse-filled upbringing, her hard work and dedication to her dreams have nearly paid off. In her own words (and the lyrics of her favorite song), "Some day, things are gonna be much brighter!"

More to come soon...


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The Watcher
Nationality: American
Occupation: Unemployed, Formerly the CEO of watcher Inc.
Skills: Inventor, kick boxer, gifted speaker
He used to have it all: Wealth, Power, Fame. In another world, the watcher ran his own security company called Watcher Inc. It quickly evolved from just mundane security purposes as he was finally making deals with the us military by building a battalion of mechs. However, The Watcher wanted more so he was developing a multi dimensional device. The device malfunctioned during testing and transported everyone inside watcher inc to a foreign world. There, the watcher was fighting a losing war which lasted for 5 years. The watcher managed to escape only with two of his elite soldiers. The trio landed in Ryona City. It looked similar to the Ryona city they came from but a lot of things changed. Most importantly to the watcher was the fact that watcher inc. never existed. While his elites were shocked and demoralized, The Watcher took this as an opportunity for change within his self and his friends. Vowing to do good, The Watcher decides he will create a team to help fight crime. After all, No matter what universe he's in, Evil will always lurk within Ryona city.

(More to Come Later)


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Bai Bi Company
Family-owned Business
Established: Middle 1900's
Type: Medicine, fashionista, furniture
Reputation: Medium, growing
Influence: Growing
Political Stake: None/Neutral
Holdings: Bai Bi Building (Branch, headquarter in Ryona City)

Known Members:

Bai MeiHua
Age: 35
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Owner of Bai Bi Building. Ryona City branched Bai Bi's leader.
Marital Status: Single
Known Skills: Basic martial arts
Bai MeiHua, or Ms.Bai is a granddaughter of Bai Bi's current CEO. MeiHua succeeded quickly at school and enrolled in a university at a very young age. She is now one of the main chief of Bai Bi company. With her intelligent and beauty, Ms.Bai is one of the most prominent business woman in the world.

She posses a calm personality and can make a wise decision even in a dangerous situation. Even with cold expression, she cares for her bodyguards, the Petal.

MeiHua has learned some Chinese Martial arts and be able to use handgun. So she can protect herself from some ordinary thugs, but not a skilled attacker.

Petal Lang
Age: 21
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Bodyguard, Bai Bi's staff and model
Marital Status: Single
Known Skills: Martial arts, expert gamer
“Petal Team” is one of an elite soldier groups of Bai Bi Company. These all female team’s members, called “Petal”, are an expert combatants. Despite their lightly equipped appearance, Petals are a force to reckon with in close combat, using quick strikes to takedown an opponent. Lang is one of them, trained to be one since young age. Her name, Lang, was given by Bai Bi like other Petals.

One of many Petals Bai Bi sent to accompany MeiHua for their business in ryona city. Lang is a confident, brave woman yet polite in a business moment. And can be a caring person when it's about her Petal teammate.

She likes shopping in the new city.

In fighting, Lang uses Petal's version of Changquan (Long Fist) Kung Fu style, which are combined with other martial art. Not only she can move and engage her enemy with high speed, her acrobatic movement makes her hard to be caught. And even in close range, Petal possesses quick fists, feet, grab, hold and throw techniques to deal with an enemy.
Petals also possess an ability called "Chi Armor". It lets her cover her skin with a layer of "Chi" and absorb an impact caused on herself, acting as a no-weight armor. Although chi armor has its limit, Lang can fight with higher protection without hinder.

Petal Hui
Age: 21
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Bodyguard, Bai Bi's staff and model
Marital Status: Single
Known Skills: Martial arts, cooking
Another Petal accompanies MeiHua along with Lang.
While Petals are trained to have a polite manners for being Bai Bi's main face of elite bodyguards, Hui is more, if not most, polite and sweet of the group. Hui usually smiles most of the time and helps enlighten the Petals. She is also skilled in lady-like activities like sewing, cleaning or cooking.

In fighting, Hui uses the same fighting style with Lang's, as well as the chi armor.
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Real Name: Noriko Yashida
Age: 48 (looks to be early 20's)
Nationality: Japanese/British
Occupation: Private Investigator
Powers: Fast healing, Enhanced toughness
Skills: Master Detective, Small Firearms Training, MMA Style Training.

Noriko is better known as her nickname Kage in Ryona City. Her early career was spent in the police force, famously becoming the youngest member of the "Magnificent 10". The M10 were a group of elite detectives that managed to make a difference against both criminal organisations and against corrupt members of the police force in R City. Eventually the 10 made too many enemies with their growing success, and most were killed during the "High State Shootout", a tragic event in which seven members will killed by corrupt police officials after a previous shootout the M10 had against drug dealing criminals. To this day, there are only 3 surviving members of the now deformed M10. Officially it has been claimed the drug members killed the majority of the M10 after a drug bust went wrong, but only the few that survived knew otherwise.

Noriko managed to escape the massacre, and managed to make a deal some time later to retire and keep quiet about what happened rather then risk her life further against corrupt officials that wanted her dead. When a deal was struck, Noriko was allowed to walk away so long as she didn't reveal the truth about what happened to her old team. Struck with survivors guilt, Noriko struggled to keep away from the life of an investigator, and so took up private work to help those in need.

Noriko has been active ever since. Though she often pokes her nose and disrupts various operations from criminal organisations, Kage has managed to survive thanks to her resources, intelligence and her special powers. Though pushing 50, her abilities have helped her to retain the appearance of a young lady in her early 20's. Kage has become a well known name within Ryona City thanks to her high success rate as a PI.


Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Mercinary, Assassin
Powers: Shapeshifter, Fortitude, Super Strength
Skills: Stealth, Self Taught Master of Hand to Hand, Great speed & reflexes

The myth of the Squeezer has existed in Ryona City for a long time. Of an unusual but stunning looking woman who came to steal the breath away from young beautiful women in the dead of night. There is indeed a truth within the myth, the Squeezer is real. She has served as an agent of the night for many untold decades, a merc for hire, available only to those few who know of her existence. Even said individuals have never met Squeezer in person, often having to deal with her "Squeeze Toys", agents who have been captured and mentally shattered before being mentally rebuilt to serve her. Only they have free contact with her.

Squeezer is often hired to kill, capture, injure or cripple or sometimes simply scare her victims. She only chooses female targets, and can often be sadistic and perverse with those she sets her eyes on. Squeezer is still largely a myth to Ryona City, but in a modern age, where a camera is in reach of virtually all people, remaining a secret is becoming slowly more difficult.


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Thanks very much for all the entries, but it seemed that some actually isn't sure whether or not they are allowed to join.
You can. If you can read this, you can join this.
No need for anything too fancy or detailed...just ask me in Ryona City Discussion thread, or in the forum Private Message, or in the IRC, if you need assistance with character creation or have any other questions.
I also heard that some of the current players wishes to edit or add in to their post later on...

...with this I decided that as a Late Christmas gift as well as a grace period for the New Year Hangover, I will extend the date to the middle of the month. 16th of January is the absolutely last day, the cut off date...I hope this is enough for everyone to settle and think about it properly before the scene gets set.

Once again thanks for chipping in, I will see you all in Ryona City soon enough.


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This happens in the Undertow chat a while ago:

[01:16.17] * TheQuietAuthor ([email protected]) has joined channel #Undertow
[01:16.41] * TheQuietAuthor is now known as SingerInWhite
[01:16.54] * SingerInWhite2 ([email protected]) has joined channel #Undertow
[01:17.14] * SingerInWhite and SingerInWhite2 starts a duet
[01:17.26] <SingerInWhite> "Die Wunden, die Fortuna schlug, beklage ich mit nassen Augen,Weil sie ihre Gaben mir entzieht, die Widerspenstige."
[01:17.41] <SingerInWhite2> "Fortune plango vulnera stillantibus ocellis, quod sua michi munera subtrahit rebellis."
[01:18.05] <SingerInWhite> "Zwar, wie zu lesen steht, es prangt, ihr an der Stirn die Locke,doch kommt dann die Gelegenheit, zeigt sie meistens ihren Kahlkopf."
[01:18.19] <SingerInWhite2> "Verum est, quod legitur, fronte capillata, sed plerumque squitur occasio calvata."
[01:18.34] * SingerInWhite raised her arms
[01:18.45] <SingerInWhite> "Zwar, wie zu lesen steht, es prangt, ihr an der Stirn die Locke,doch kommt dann die Gelegenheit, zeigt sie meistens ihren Kahlkopf"
[01:19.01] * SingerInWhite2 joins in
[01:19.07] <SingerInWhite2> "Verum est, quod legitur, fronte capillata, sed plerumque squitur occasio calvata."
[01:19.23] <SingerInWhite> "Auf Fortunas Herrscherstuhl sa* ich, hoch erhoben,mit dem bunten Blumenkranz des Erfolges gekr*nt."
[01:19.42] <SingerInWhite2> "In Fortune solio sederam elatus, prosperitatis vario flora coronatus;"
[01:20.01] <SingerInWhite> "Doch, wie ich auch in der Bl*te stand, gl*cklich und gesegnet:jetzt st*rze ich vom Gipfel ab, beraubt der Herrlichkeit."
[01:20.21] <SingerInWhite2> "Quicquid enim florui felix et beatus, nunc a summo corrui gloria privatus."
[01:20.37] * SingerInWhite 's pace gets faster and louder
[01:20.50] <SingerInWhite> "Doch, wie ich auch in der Bl*te stand, gl*cklich und gesegnet:jetzt st*rze ich vom Gipfel ab, beraubt der Herrlichkeit."
[01:21.05] * SingerInWhite2 also rises in tone and speed
[01:21.17] <SingerInWhite2> "Quicquid enim florui felix et beatus, nunc a summo corrui gloria privatus."
[01:21.34] <SingerInWhite> "Fortunas Rad, es dreht sich um: ich sinke, werde weniger,den anderen tr*gt es hinauf: gar zu hoch erhoben,"
[01:21.49] <SingerInWhite2> "Fortune rota volvitur: descendo minoratus; alter in altum tollitur; nimis exaltatus."
[01:22.04] <SingerInWhite> "Sitzt der K*nig auf dem Grat: er h*te sich vor dem Falle!Denn unter dem Rade lesen wir: K*nigin Hecuba."
[01:22.17] <SingerInWhite2> "Rex sedet in vertice caveat ruinam! nam sub axe legimus Hecubam reginam."
[01:22.31] * SingerInWhite held hands with SingerInWhite2
[01:23.05] * SingerInWhite2 embraces SingerInWhite closely
[01:23.27] <SingerInWhite> "Sitzt der K*nig auf dem Grat: er h*te sich vor dem Falle!Denn unter dem Rade lesen wir: K*nigin Hecuba!"
[01:23.48] <SingerInWhite2> "Rex sedet in vertice caveat ruinam! nam sub axe legimus Hecubam reginam!"
[01:24.15] * SingerInWhite bows to the audience
[01:24.25] * SingerInWhite2 courtseys
[01:24.47] * SingerInWhite and SingerInWhite2 began disappearing
[01:24.49] * SingerInWhite ([email protected]) Quit (Connection closed)
[01:25.20] <SingerInWhite2> (What other way to tease and start Ryona City? Coming soon.)
[01:25.30] * SingerInWhite2 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: +http://www.mibbit.com, ajax IRC Client)

Essentially a little hint/tip/teaser for the upcoming Ryona City opening event....a wedding! Hope that you all can come and watch the matrimonial event! See you there...the wedding between Robert Fawkes Grey and Delilah Frances Brandon!


Potential Patron

Krysten Rowan

Age: 20

Nationality: American

Occupation: Mercenary and actress

Marital Status: Single

Reputation: Good

Affiliation: Serpentfang Mercenaries

Known skills: Martial arts and espionage. Highly acrobatic and skilled sword fighter. Highly intelligent and resourceful, speaks four languages (English, French, Japanese and Mandarin). Also a great cook, learning it from her mother. specializing in cakes and pastries.

Bio: Krysten grew up in a caring and loving home. Krysten always dreamed of becoming a movie star. Something she still attempts to pursue sometimes. Along with her brother, Sabin, she was raised by two parents who had seen much pain and adversity in their lives. From her mother, Jenia, she learned a deep sense of compassion for those in need... and from her father, Razael, she learned that some don't deserve that compassion or pity. She also learned how to fight from him, and how to kill if she needed to. She killed for the first time at age 15 when she stumbled on a street gang relentlessly beating a young boy as a message to his father who owed them money. She put five people in the ground that day. After coming to terms with her guilt, she dedicated her life to protecting those who could not protect themselves. She now works for her father's private mercenary unit, Serpentfang, taking work to fight against those who prey on the innocent and take advantage of the poor.


Razael Rowan

Age: 48

Nationality: American

Occupation: Mercenary

Marital Status: Married

Reputation: Good/Neutral

Affiliation: Serpentfang Mercenaries

Known skills: Ex-soldier, ex-spy. Speaks four languages. (English, Russian, German and Arabic) Leader of Silver Wolf mercenary unit. Strategically intelligent and streetwise. Believes he can cook, but eat his cooking at your own peril.

Bio: Once considered one of the greatest soldiers of his time, his age and wounds are beginning to catch up with him. He now has to rely on others to do most of his fighting for him. Razael walks with a slight limp on his right leg. Razael has a dark past that he shares with very few people. He has little regard for the lives of his enemies but he does posses a sense of morality. Still knows right from wrong and will not take on jobs he knows to be wrong, but might take those which are morally grey. Though often gives off an apathetic air, he cares deeply for his family and friends.


Jenia Rowan

Age: ?? (YOU ask, I'm not!)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Doctor and medic for Serpentfang

Marital Status: Married

Reputation: Good

Affiliation: Serpentfang

Known skills: Jenia is a skilled physician and is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, but uses it solely for self defense. Also an exceptional cook.

Powers: Possesses a healing ability which she can use to heal wounds, but it comes at a heavy price to herself. Jenia's healing ability also slows her aging drastically, making her appear much younger than she is. (But don't say that within earshot of her.)

Bio: Very kind-hearted and compassionate, Jenia has a deep respect for life and refuses to kill under any circumstances, but she will still fight to defend herself and others. She possesses the power to heal wounds, but in so doing, she uses a part of her own life force to heal them and she feels the pain of their wounds. Though she can usually recover fully, if she expends too much of her power too quickly, she can fall into a coma and die. She discovered her power in her adolescence upon finding a young girl in the mountains, dying from her wounds. While attempting to bandage the girls wounds to prevent her from bleeding out, her hands began to shine with a golden glow and she felt intense pain in her abdomen. Though she knew she should move her hands away, she didn't, instead keeping them there and when the pain passed, the girls wounds were gone. Jenia passed out from exhaustion shortly thereafter. She can heal wounds with her power, but not diseases, so she became a doctor in order to help those whom she could not help with her power.

Selene Braedon

Age: 31

Nationality: American

Occupation: Senator

Marital Status: Divorced

Reputation: Unknown

Affiliation: US Government

Known skills: Very intelligent and manipulative. Selene is a skilled con artist who used her ability to get to where she is.

Bio: Little is known of Selene's past, but she is very conniving and a skilled manipulator. She seduced a Republican senator then secretly made their affair public, causing his marriage to fall apart. She later married the same senator and used his influence to run for office herself. Destroying the opposing candidate's reputation by exposing a number of corporate scandals, she easily worked her way into the senate, but what her true goals are there remain a mystery.


Calia Leclair

Age: 17

Nationality: British

Occupation: Serves as vice president of Leclair Financial

Marital Status: Single

Reputation: Good

Affiliation: Leclair Financial

Known skills: Can fire a bow and gun with pinpoint accuracy, but is not a soldier by any means. She learned to shoot as a hobby. She inherited her fathers business sense but uses it in a very different way.

Bio: Calia Leclair grew up in a wealthy home but she always cared more about those less fortunate than her father. She sees it as her responsibility to help those not as lucky as she was. She despises the corporate greed and corruption in the world and fights it at every opportunity, calling out those who take advantage of the poor and abuse their status. She frequently helps aid and donate to charitable causes and fights corporate and government corruption. As a result, she has made a number of enemies among them. Though her father is one of those corrupt individuals, she still loves him and tries to convince him to be a better man.

Caiden Leclair

Age: 52

Nationality: British

Occupation: Owner and CEO of Leclair Financial

Marital Status:

Reputation: Neutral

Affiliation: Leclair Financial

Known skills: Very skilled businessman and salesman

Bio: Growing up in a poor home, Caiden Leclair was determined to make a better life for himself. He earned his fortune at a very young age, using his charm and business sense to slowly work his way up the corporate ladder until he finally made his way to vice president. After a falling out between himself and the president, Caiden broke away and began his own bank and financial company. He later lost his wife in a riot by protesters and was forced to raise their daughter, Calia on his own. Over the years, Leclair Financial has grown by leaps and bounds, becoming one of the more well known banks in the world. Caiden is very intelligent in business but he rarely considers how his business practice could affect the lower and middle classes, instead blinded by his own self-interests.
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Maya Lazarus

Nationality: American/Japanese
Occupation: Student
Reputation: Neutral
Affiliation: Combat School
Skills: Studying many forms of hand-to-hand combat, quick reflexes, and has an enhanced combat suit for when the situation gets really bad.
Bio: Maya goes to school for fighting. You wouldn't really expect that kind of thing from a 19 yeard old school girl. She always appeared quite frail when she was little but she wouldn't turn away from a fight when the time came. She wanted to be able to protect her family with whatever she could after she found out she was going to have a little brother. Her older brother was off living on his own and so she took it upon herself to keep her family safe. They used to live in a bad neighborhood where crimes were pretty common. Burglary, home invasion, you name it and it was there. But Maya kept her family safe. She met with a strange woman who had given her an invitation specifically addressed to her. The invitation was some kind of miracle of gift from above because not only was it an invitation to a school where education was all about combat but the woman she met had promised to pay for her family's living expenses and move them out of the neighborhood right away. Maya agreed on the spot and has been at the school ever since. After a year, she developed all kinds of techniques and was given a combat exo-suit only supplied to students who had the potential to use them and she received special resources for anything she needed. Which was all possible from the request of that woman. Maya had wanted to know how this woman knew who she was and was to get all this for her. To do that, she would have to first find the woman again which is gonna be harder then she thought in a place like Ryona City. At heart she's kind and sweet like a golden flower who wants to do what's right for her family. But when the time comes the thorns rise out of the golden flower and the flower becomes a feral beast.
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