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Ryonani Teamster
May 30, 2011
Team Rocket grunts were causing quite the chaos in Azalea Town, as they tried to steal Pokémon and valuables from inhabitants in a rather bold operation. As the attack happened in the morning, the townspeople were caught by surprise. Amongst them was a young man of a relatively fragile appearance named Stephen. His face trembled in fear, not just from the severity of the situation, but also from the thought of what might happen if he released the occupant of the only Poké Ball he had on him.
A Machop that took fighting too seriously. He used to be under the guidance of a strong martial arts master. However, a local mobster had attacked the old man at his home. Stephen was caught in the crossfire, but his appearance, as if fated, distracted the attackers, who had already killed the Machop's owner, sufficiently to allow the Machop to unleash his fury. By the end of his horrific revenge, the men would have drastically altered anatomies, and Stephen had a strange protector- the Machop may have felt that the boy was too weak to survive on his own, and, still under some influence of his departed master's noble teachings, wished to go with the boy.

The creature, although at peak physical condition even for a Machop, and being taller than an average specimen, had suffered severe mental stress, which would shape his view on the world and himself, almost from the moment of his master's death. As he gradually entered puberty, the Machop began experiencing sexuality. A sign of evolution becoming closer and closer, he would find arousal in something that was dangerous: combat, injury and destruction. Stephen wished to help the Pokémon that had protected him by providing conditions for the Pokémon to train himself- ranging from sandbags, dummies and instructional video tapes. However, during these training sessions, the Machop would get an erection. Stephen had seen this, and thought of this as weird, but would not say anything. He was 13, and had no clear idea of what was normal for a human when it came to sexual matters, let alone a Pokémon.
What was happening, in fact, was that the unbridled violence Machop had resorted to on that fateful day, became the focal point of his sexuality. Stephen remembered the first time the Machop had truly shocked him out of his wits, before he gripped that Poké Ball, having no other choice, as a few thugs advanced at him and a group of other people:

The young man, not really cut out for a true Pokémon Trainer journey due to health reasons, had attempted to reach a Pokémon researcher that had at that point, been studying the health of wild Pokémon on routes close to Goldenrod. He hoped to find a job as one of his assistants, since he had picked up a lot of general medical knowledge from his stays at hospitals.
At one point, he heard a loud voice calling him out: ˝Hey, you there! Let’s fight! ˝ Turning his head to face the source of the voice, the brown-haired male noticed a trainer with a very excited, and confident look on his face. He wore a cap turned backwards. Stephen was no trainer, and despite having that one Poké Ball, his response was predictable: ˝I do not fight…this Pokémon had lots his master…I was accidentally there…now it’s with me.˝

˝Wimp! You’re scared of losing, huh? Call the Pokémon out, or I will make you!˝, the trainer was very aggressive. Stephen tried to stay calm and responded persistently: ˝I’m no Trainer, again. I have no Pokédex, or a Trainer’s license.˝
˝Bullshit!˝, the other one shouts, and comes right at Stephen, punching him in the nose, as he also tried to take the Poké Ball away from him. ˝If you won’t fight, I’ll take the Pokémon! You don’t deserve it! ˝, the impulsive bully shrieked, as he tried to grip the spherical object. Stephen winced, as the punch connected with his mouth, but the resistance he gave to the attempt of the cap-wearer to take the Poké Ball, would be crucial. In the tug-of-war, the button that releases the Pokémon was pressed by accident, while the item itself ultimately rolled out onto the ground.

Both Stephen and the violent trainer looked at the flash of light that soon took the shape of a Machop. ˝Wow, a Machop! I’ll add you on my team- you are wasted on this loser! ˝, the trainer said, as he was positively surprised and stoked by the thought of having a potential powerhouse on his team. However, the Superpower Pokémon certainly did not reciprocate the feeling. Seeing his protégé of sorts on the ground, dazed and holding his mouth, with the boy standing over him, told the Machop that this person had attacked Stephen. The Machop grit his teeth, killing the boy with his look, first. The boy reached for a Poké Ball of his own, but it was too late.

Leaping with speed, the Machop kneed the vicious Trainer in the head, almost knocking him out right then and there. Stephen was stressed, but this was okay. The Machop protected him, and taught the Trainer a lesson. When the Machop clenched his fists and went closer to the downed male, Stephen realized something was dangerously wrong.
˝Don’t! He’s out! We can leave, Machop- he’ll be regretting this enough.˝, the frail teenager tried to talk the Fighting type out of further violence. A sharp ˝Ma-chop! ˝ told him the creature disagreed with him on the amount of punishment the attacker deserved. Stephen had no chance to stop him. He could only watch.

As the attacker’s head rose slightly, a sign that he was regaining his senses a bit, the Machop gripped his left ankle in his right hand while falling down to the ground as his feet locked around the leg. Stephen knew immediately what the move was. With unwavering control and skill, the Pokémon fixated his legs on the targeted limb, having previously tucked the ankle and foot under his right armpit, and then pulled back, while also twisting sideways the lower leg of the Trainer in a perfect heel hold.
A wet CRRKK was mixed with the instantaneous scream of the boy, as his whole body flailed from the overload of pain caused by the ripping of tendons and bone in the attacked leg. The Machop groaned…it was an indicator of pleasure. Quickly, his penis began to stir. He wanted more. Stephen had gotten up in the meantime, and could see the hard-on forming in the Machop. His eyes inflated, and the lower jaw dropped in complete shock.

The injured Trainer tried to grab one of the Poké Balls that were attached to his belt, but the Machop wouldn’t have any of that. Grabbing the right hand of the boy with his left, the Machop slid his right hand underneath the targeted limb, and then gripped his own left hand, before sharply torqueing the trapped arm away from the boy’s body. The boy immediately began to cry, and when the arm snapped grotesquely, he began convulsing hard, as he could barely speak ˝Please…call him away…please…! ˝ The pain had paralyzed his vocal chords after the first few sharp cries.

Stephen nodded, and as he came out of his dazed state, he looked for the Poké Ball. However, he wouldn’t get to recall the Machop in time. The creature’s boner had grown immensely from that arm lock, and, as he sought ejaculation, he saw Stephen looking for the Poké Ball. Not wanting to be denied his pleasure, he went for the kill swiftly. Reaching forward and around the head of the crying Trainer, the Machop put him into a neck lock. At first just squeezing and pulling back slowly, choking the boy out, the muscular Pokémon must’ve seen his fellow traveller grab the red-white sphere, or heard him. Whatever had happened, the outcome was not in doubt.
CRAACKRCK! The Machop had pulled back on the cap-wearing Trainer with mighty force while keeping the head trapped in his bulging arm, finishing him off by snapping the neck in one go. Stephen could only see the trainer spasm briefly, before his body fell limp. He was about to save his attacker by activating the Poké Ball, but, it wasn’t meant to be. He could only think about what would happen to him if the police caught him.

As Stephen thought of what to do, the Machop fucked the dead boy’s mouth, thrusting violently as he enjoyed his deadly superiority over a human. Soon, he cried out in sheer pleasure, and to the consternation of Stephen. He not only ejaculated into the corpse, but also used his legs this time to break more vertebrae in that neck, in what looked like head scissors. Stephen could now understand it fully- the Machop enjoyed killing with his body. The look on his face, a mix of focus similar to the one when he was training himself and sexual lust gave the impression that the creature used his victim as a live practice for some of the techniques he had learned.
˝How will I avoid jail now…you are with me, and have just killed a human.˝, Stephen asked, in a rather resigned tone, full of worry, and discontent. As he turned around to squarely face the Machop, he was carrying the corpse at great speed. ˝W-what…? ˝, the boy was at a loss for words. The tireless muscles allowed the Stage 1 Pokémon to reach a nearby hill soon. Out of Stephen’s sight, he crushed the three Poké Balls of the dead Trainer, before launching his body into the hill.
Stephen had contemplated running away, as it would take a few minutes for Machop to come back. Maybe calling the police. He was afraid they would still charge him, though. In his indecisiveness, he wasted time. Machop came back, seeming friendly and even looking at his mouth and nose. Stephen felt unnerved by this. Was Machop just extremely protective? Either way, this event forever changed Stephen…

Stephen said nothing, hoping that, in the chaos, he would not be identified as the one having released this deadly Machop. The Fighting type came out, and quickly saw Team Rocket grunts attacking everyone in sight. Gritting his teeth, he leapt towards a Ratite, connecting with a flying knee to send this common Pokémon into a large, sturdy house. An Ekans is caught as it attempts to wrap itself around the Machop, and hurled by the spinning fighter, as if he were competing in Olympic hammer throw. High and far the serpent goes, away from the area.
Stephen is nervous, but so far, the Machop had attacked Pokémon only, and not with excessive brutality. An angry Rocket grunt makes a mistake that would change this. He throws a binding device at the Machop, thinking the light-based restraints would take care of this insolent creature. The Machop sneers, even as the restraint squeezes his torso and arms. However, within seconds, with a sharp cry, the Pokémon engorges his muscles, which exert tremendous force on the device, causing it to break immediately.

Shocked to the point of figurative petrification, the grunt does not retreat in time, and is met with an angry face, before being tackled to the ground. Trying to push off the Machop is futile, and the left arm that he used to attempt this, pays the price first. With great speed, the Machop fixates it with his legs, as he moves to the side of his target. He pulls back with fury, completing the cross arm bar. The scream of the grunt was enough to grab the attention of civilians and other grunts, as it perfectly conveyed the pain he was experiencing from his crippled limb.
While Stephen couldn’t watch the scene after that arm bar, the Machop had to act quickly. A Drowzee had showed up. Closing his eyes to deny it eye contact, the Machop moved to the head of the grunt, and as he thrashed from the pain, the Pokémon wrapped his right arm around the neck of the grunt so that his face was close to Machop’s right armpit. A dragon sleeper. The grunt resisted verbally, but Machop just jerked his bicep upwards. The loud, sick crack stunned even the Drowzee, let alone the townspeople, some of which had begun to cheer on the small, but mighty Pokémon.

Turned on by that nice, fast-paced submission hold combo, Machop had a boner, and wanted more. The dangerous Drowzee had already attempted a Confusion attack. Feeling the pain and disorientation already, the Machop looks around for solutions. Here, Stephen empathizes with the Pokémon, and instead of doing nothing, he tosses a wood splinter at the Drowzee, buying Machop critical seconds of time. The Machop looks at Stephen, and smiles slightly. Using the time, he manages to grab a Koffing that had floated to assist the Drowzee. The floating spheroid being is full of gases, and is prone to exploding. Machop knows this, and his left arm starts glowing, before sparkling commences. Stephen gasps. ˝Thunder punch.˝, he realizes. It happens, as Machop launches the Koffing at the Drowzee with an electrified fist, even amidst newly growing pain in his head. He wills himself to jump away, and as the electrical charge starts a catastrophic chemical reaction with the gases constantly coming out of the levitating Poison type, the Machop tries to roll away, as his late master had taught him in a judo falling exercise.

The desired explosion happens, and the fireball consumes the Drowzee, two grunts, and even a few of the people that were under attack by the thugs. Shrapnel and bone fragments cause more damage. Stephen is fortunately, only lacerated.
Getting up after he managed to hide behind a small shed to avoid the full force of the blast, Stephen surveyed the area where the Machop would have been, even though his ears were ringing, and smoke obscured his vision. There was fire generating more smoke, and the boy thought that, as nothing indicated Machop was alive, this situation would be over. Apart from any surviving grunts, that is.

Suddenly, he saw a faint light in the smoke. A strange, whitish light. The sound accompanying it was specific, though. He’d seen it before. Some Pokémon was likely evolving. Now, the frail boy was shocked. Could it be that Machop was going to become a Machoke? It could be a Pokémon belonging to the Grunts, which would be a considerable issue. Stephen just stood there, as the light grew brighter. Other survivors look at this, as they recover from the blast. Soon, the light glows no more, the sound of cells multiplying and tissues reshaping stops, and a thud lightly shakes the ground. A bluish, thick leg steps out of the smoke, before the body of the incredibly muscular Pokémon is visible in all of its glory. He has scars, but the Machoke looks strong, and victorious.

One of the people that had cheered the Fighting type on during the battle is ecstatic to see him alive and stronger than ever before. The Machoke senses this. His briefs tent, as he beckons the fan to come to him, while cracking his knuckles. The male comes closer, having no idea what would happen to him. Machop had not only evolved physically, but his personality also changed. Self-adoration, the need to make others worship him, and deadly domination became the only important things to this creature. With a body like his, these goals would be quickly achievable. Very quickly.

(A Pokemon-based story where a lot of death is supposed to happen. Comment, if you like the idea.)


Ryonani Teamster
Jun 10, 2010
Very, very cool concept and some great descriptions here Parasitoro. A wild, uncontrollable, and violent Machamp (now Machoke) sound scary!

Would love to see you continue this, though my preference is definitely towards female characters. I, for one, would not complain if May or Jessie (cliche, I know) were to cross paths with this rampaging beast.


But whatever you decide to do, I think it would be worth adding at least one more chapter to this. Have fun with it :)

Nice work!


Ryonani Teamster
May 30, 2011
Thanks. The creature is a Machop at first, but now became a Machoke. May is more likely, since this is a game universe thing. I could also do a oneshot where Blaziken snuffs Ash, Brock, Max and Norman, while claiming May and her mom.


Ryonani Teamster
May 30, 2011
Part 2 -He wants to be the very best

The fan, who had not known what the Machoke truly wanted to do with him, approached the buff Pokémon at his beckon. As he came, the Machoke wasted no time in exposing his stiff erection. Naturally, the male human that had come close, and everyone else who saw the impressive penis and testicles of the Fighting type gasped and shouted in surprise and disbelief, as they didn’t expect a breach of public morals, not even from a Pokémon.

The fan had not backed off though, and Machoke would not have wanted him to do so, anyway. Pointing to his hard dick, Machoke grunted, and then gestured at the male, indicating the ground in front of himself. The fan gulped, but quickly nodded, dropping to his knees before the Pokémon, who wasted little time.

As the male’s mouth was open, Machoke simply thrust inside it, while using his hands to hold the head in place. The male moaned, feeling himself lose all control of his body. Yet, he sucked the cock in his mouth, even using his tongue to try and reach Machoke’s balls.
While he groaned in pleasure from the received act, the muscular Pokémon already positioned his hands in key places, gripping the top of the human’s skull, and the underside of the lower jaw, close to the throat. He knew what would enhance his upcoming ejaculation best: a neck break. Stephen had noticed these preparations, but not in time to do anything.

Before he could say: “Oh, shit…” he heard the Machoke groan as his erect dick twitched once, while the male on his knees gulped, trying to swallow the seed. He didn’t expect to be killed within seconds. The hands of the Machoke twisted the fan’s head upwards and to the right.


The male human urks, as his limbs go limp, and twitch morbidly, while Machoke lets out several loud groans of pleasure as he keeps cumming hard into the mouth of his victim. As eyewitnesses are struck with fear and their feet turn to stone, the Fighting type twists the head of the barely alive human to the opposite side, yearning for more of that incredible sound destroyed vertebrae make.

The second craaaaack is longer than the first one, and the Pokémon spurts more cum, thrusting into the mouth of the fresh corpse, which he lets go after a few more seconds. The fan’s head is facing to the side, away from his limp body as many people realize they might be next. Screams that started after the first snap get louder, and there is shouting as well, as people encourage each other to make a run for safety.

The Pokémon wasn’t going to allow all that many people to escape, though. Grabbing the corpse with both arms, he reaches between its legs while wrapping the left arm around the torso, and then launches the body like a projectile over his head. Stephen remembers that Machop studied wrestling moves, too. It was something called an exploder suplex, he thought.

The body of the male fan strikes the back of a woman, causing her to grunt and fall on the ground, just as she was trying to get away with the man whose arm she was holding onto. Her fall pulled him down along with her, just a short distance from the Ilex Forest entrance. The Machoke would have fun with them later, but now, he was trying to quickly stop escapees. To block off this route, he kicked a tree down with a running thrust kick, so that it fell across the path to the forest.

Going through an area where the smoke was blowing towards, an older man was attempting to hide and escape from the rampaging Machoke together with his granddaughter. The idea was decent, but the noise he made while coughing sentenced both of them to death.
As the man walked slowly, thick blue hands wrapped around his neck and right leg, from behind. His cry for help made the young girl halt, instead of running away. She turned around, only to see the shape of her grandfather being lifted easily by the mass of muscle. Then, the Machoke slammed the old man across his right knee, instantly producing a loud crrrunchhh and a ghastly groan from the victim.

“No! Grandpa…!” the girl cried out, but couldn’t do anything about this. The Pokémon pushed down on the legs and face of the bent victim, overstressing the spinal cord and the nervous system of the old man. This made his twitching intensify briefly, before he went completely limp. The horrified girl was the next target.
With a blow to the stomach, he made her double over in pain, and then hooked his left arm under her neck and gripped that hand with his right one, securing a powerful guillotine choke. Her frantic scratching and punching turned him on, as he watched her go limp over the course of about 7 seconds. He wanted to knock her out only, for now. Carrying her out of the smoke-filled area, he looked for more escapees.

A fit adult male was running away to the east of Azalea, towards Union Cave. It was a fair distance away, though, and Machoke knew he would win the race. With a steady, fast pace, he followed the human who was tiring slowly. As the man realized the Pokémon was gaining on him, he tried to swerve, heading towards the trees that lined up to his right. However, he gave his pursuer a deadly idea.
The Machoke broke into a sprint, lowering his body in a very specific way. He was heading right for the male, and a tree happened to be right behind him. The full force of the Machoke speared the unfortunate escapee into the sturdy tree, shattering his ribs and causing spinal damage, as he slumped down with a yowl.

The Pokemon entertained the idea of sex with the broken male and had even begun to strip him, but he would be “lucky”, since certain developments forced Machoke to give the escapee a fairly quick death. A Team Rocket grunt was coming towards the cave, most likely. When he saw the Fighting type getting ready to violate a human, he froze in fear, and then turned around, willing his body into a run, past the fatigue and minor injuries from the explosive blast from before.

The Machoke smiled perversely at the man following this up with a four-punch combo to pound him into coma at the very least. Just to make sure, the Pokémon applied a neck lock with his right arm, hooking it around the man as he yanked back.

Yet another delightful snap set off Machoke’s orgasm as he came hard all over the victim’s bruised, blue face, coating it with copious amounts of cum. A few seconds afterward, he got off his chest, and headed for the cave. From it, he took a few bigger rocks to block the entrance for humans. He then went over a rocky outcrop in order to take a swim in the waters close to the route, to see if someone had such ideas of saving their life.

Coming back this way, he heard screams that surprised him. After all, those were far away, and he could not have been the cause, as much as he thought highly of his muscle power.
As it turned out, the grunt was rather committed to being a criminal. Instead of hiding, he took advantage of the couple at the blocked Ilex Forest entrance when he arrived there. The male was down, and the grunt was sexually molesting the woman.

Machoke was pissed off. Perhaps the vestiges of his pre-puberty self that fought injustice were the trigger. More likely, he didn’t want a pathetic human touching the woman he set out to have. In any case, he came up from behind the grunt, even as the man on the ground watched in shock, and grabbed hold of his right ankle, yanking him away from the almost-naked female by it.

The Rocket grunt screamed in horror, but had no chance. The Machoke, whose body shone from the droplets of seawater, wrapped his legs around the targeted limb, securing an ankle lock. He twisted abruptly with his hands, and the scream of the grunt, combined with the crunch of his ankle caused the Pokémon to ejaculate right there on the spot, shocking the woman he “saved”.

He smiled in her direction, and as the grunt rolled around in panic and agony, the humanoid/reptilian Pokémon sat on his back, wasting no time in locking in a quick straight armbar to destroy the right arm and shoulder, producing yet another scream, before he interlocked his fingers around the grunt’s chin, applying a camel clutch. He pulled back within a few moments.
Many pops and cracks joined into a single, chilling sound that Machoke loved almost more than himself. Letting the head fall down to the ground, he stood up, flexing his biceps and showing himself off to the couple. They were both terrified, but to the descriptive gesture of the muscular being, the woman responded by taking off the only remaining piece of clothes the grunt had not removed: her panties.

Machoke smiled, nodding at the right choice the woman made. He would showcase his sexual skills with women, in which he was absolutely confident. With his penis fully hard and ready, barely a minute after cumming to that perfect ankle lock, he knelt between her legs, and used both of his hands to grope at the brunette’s ample breasts, making circular motions as he kneaded both of these.
The woman moaned, arching involuntarily into the rock-hard chest of the male Pokémon. He took this as a signal of her gradual submission, and lowered his right hand to finger her pussy. Ignoring the reflex closure of her legs, he kept probing her privates while replacing the arm on her right breast with his mouth and tongue on the nipple.

The man beside her, who was actually her husband, could only watch in shame as the Machoke successfully made her scream- in pleasure. As the thick tongue worked its magic on the hardened nipple of the woman, and the blue finger became coated in her juices, clear words of betrayal came out of her mouth:

“Y-yes…please…more…you can put it…in…”

She was visibly embarrassed, and was on the verge of covering her face with her left hand, but the deed was done. With a nod and a simple “Choke.”, the Pokémon took her up on those words. As he lined up his long dick with her slick folds, he raised the wet finger to her mouth, aiming to push it in.

The initial penetration of her vagina caused the woman to moan and open her mouth, which that wet finger plugged. She began sucking almost immediately, which was rewarded by strong, yet slow thrusts, for now. The Machoke massaged her left breast as she sucked on his finger while his mouth sucked on her neck. The intensity and loudness of her moans, even when muffled, pleased the Machoke.

Pulling the finger out from her mouth, he actually noticed the woman’s husband was right there, looking away, distraught and humiliated. Poking him with a finger to get his attention, the Pokémon decided to attempt to communicate something.

He raised his right thumb up, then slowly rotated it downwards, and ended everything with an interrogative “Ma-choke?”
While fucking the woman somewhat faster, he gave her husband a choice of life or death, opening a way out from this embarrassing situation for the outmatched human.

Perhaps motivated by his wife’s moans and gasps of pleasure, the husband bit his lip, and sighed.

“I will take a quick death…,” he said, and Machoke nodded, and thought up a fancy way to end him.

As the woman gasped in shock at those words, the Machoke turned the man around, and pushed him on the ground. While his dick struck against her womb with increasing pace, he wrapped his right arm around the man’s head lifting his head off in a dragon sleeper. It wasn’t fully locked in, so the discomfort of the brunette’s husband would be minimal, until the fatal pull upwards happened.

The Pokémon felt his balls tighten. With his left hand, he pushed the brown-haired woman’s head up, meshing his lips with hers in a fierce kiss aimed to trigger her climax. The tonguing that ensued produced a muffled moan of passion that triggered Machoke. Three very hard thrusts followed, and before the last one, he tightened the dragon sleeper hold on the husband.

The final thrust happened just as the woman’s body became rigid, and her juices washed over Machoke’s dick. He blew hot load after hot load, after a sharp SNAP of the humiliated husband’s neck made the Fighting type groan and cry out his name in ultimate victory.
For the woman, seeing her husband’s head jerk upwards and then hearing that snap, as his whole body shut down and limbs fell down limply, lengthened her orgasm and put her into a state of shock. She had an incredible orgasm while this Poké-stud killed her husband. It wasn’t right to cooperate with this uncontrollable killer, yet he had pleasured her so well.

A part of her wished to die as well, as she and Machoke realized that several people were watching all of this, from the windows of houses. As she dealt with her embarrassment and guilt, he got up, feeling his erection return instantly, hard as steel, upon realization that these humans were going to worship his muscular form, by dying in droves.
He cracked his knuckles and beckoned people to come to him, getting ready to put on an even bigger show.


Ryonani Teamster
May 30, 2011
Part 3- Machoke used Submission!

The town known as Azalea was in its final hours of existence as a populated settlement. The fate of its inhabitants was sealed, because a Machoke with an insatiable drive to kill had taken over, having evolved during a battle following an attempted takeover by Team Rocket.
He was taller than many humans and perfectly sculpted- a shining example of masculinity, literally. His bluish skin shone from a light layer of sweat on top of it. This emphasized his strength and vitality, and made him too attractive to most of the inhabitants for them to try and flee the area after they witnessed the start of his bare-handed killing spree.
Not that it was easy to escape Machoke’s killing grounds. He had blocked the entrance to Ilex Forest by felling a tree, while the Union Cave exit had been sealed off by setting down boulders too large and wide for an adult human to squeeze past. Smaller life forms could still get in and out, however.

The stage for an outrageous work of art had been set. It was to be a masterpiece of strength and death. Machoke knelt on the ground, flexing his biceps and displaying his naked body to the townspeople, as he aimed to put on a show. He beckoned people to come to him from the front and back, confident he wasn’t vulnerable to sneak attacks in this position. He fully controlled matters, and he knew it, just like everyone else knew it.

Soon, from the rear, a meek scientist approached, walking cautiously, as he feared death, yet was fascinated by the strength levels of this Machoke. From the front, a couple walked forward, a naked older teenage girl and her embarrassed boyfriend.
To the girl, Machoke gestured an order for her to give him head, which she quickly obeyed after whispering something to the Pokémon, kneeling before him and lowering her head, as she engulfed his erect rod in her mouth, moaning while her boyfriend and the scientist approached, even though they expected to die.

Once they came within range of Machoke’s arms, he quickly acted, wrapping his right arm around the scientist’s neck in a dragon sleeper, while simultaneously setting up a guillotine choke on the boyfriend of that sexy dark-haired girl he was going to fuck after snapping his neck.

The two males wheezed and swallowed their saliva loudly, as breathing quickly became almost impossible for them. The youthful girl seemed to enjoy giving the Machoke a blowjob, meanwhile. His grunts and noises encouraged her, as she was thrilled by the idea of Machoke breaking her boyfriend. She got him to come get killed amongst the first ones walking in line, by promising to ask the Machoke to fuck her in front of his eyes.

As much of a brute and bully Machoke was, he actually hated lies and breaking promises, just like any good person would. Thus, his nod to her request meant that the neck snaps performed on the teenager and the scientist would not be identical.

The researcher’s head was yanked upwards hard, producing one loud snap, and then, to ensure he was dead, the Pokémon twisted the scientist’s head to the side by sharply moving his bent arm to the right and down, as if he was turning a valve. This had the effect of topping the intense twitching triggered by the first break, rendering the man with messy blonde hair dead.
The boyfriend of the lucky girl, felt very painful squeezing on his neck, and it took only a slight pull upwards to stress his neck past the breaking point. Machoke broke it in a place where the victim would not die instantly, but be left fully paralyzed. The pained groan of the teenager, as well as his limp limbs, told Machoke he’d done it right.

An immediate testament to his own lethal skill, this double neck break triggers the Fighting type’s release into the girl’s mouth, further stimulated by her deep moan upon hearing the sounds of death and critical damage. The sight of this, as well as hearing the tall, blue Pokémon roar in triumph, had the unusual effect of stimulating more humans to approach him, and accept their fate.

Machoke was very happy to see this, and nodded, getting up as he instructed the girl to lay down, while she swallowed his potent cum load. He was not getting soft though, no way. His erection stood proud, ready to own yet another human female. For what was coming next, he would need one arm and his legs, but the other arm was free to send humans to the afterlife, one by one.

And they duly approached, once the Machoke straddled the girl, placing his right hand on her left breast, as he penetrated her vagina. Her boyfriend lay underneath Machoke’s balls, unmoving and whimpering occasionally. It was a beautiful scene, from a certain standpoint. A sensual act of sex, crowned by the cooperation of witnesses, all doing their part to make this a special occasion.

The girl arched her body into Machoke, crying out a clear” Yes! “after he stimulated her left breast, while his dick thrust deep into her pussy. As he turned to see those coming to give up their lives out of respect for his muscular body, he grunted to the broken male beneath him, while pushing down with his balls. He wanted them licked and sucked, and predictably, the human gave in, beginning to suck on those musky nuts, probably out of happiness for the enjoyment of “his” girlfriend.

While he punched the back of the neck of a man he’d just turned around with shattering force, the muscle stud groaned, wiggling his balls in the mouth of the subservient male, enjoying the act of teabagging immensely.

The explosion of sexual energy he felt drove him to come down on the girl’s breasts, and suck on them for a period of time, causing her to scream orgasmically, as her pussy clenched around his long weapon. Her cries mixed with the snap of a married middle-aged woman’s neck, as Machoke finished her off in a grounded dragon sleeper, while she wailed one final time.

Deciding to mix things up, he lifted himself off the girl a bit as he continued to fuck her, and grabbed what seemed to be the husband of the woman he’d just snuffed, using both hands to twist his neck three separate times, before pushing his corpse head-first into her crotch.

This was a rather shocking image, but apparently, some couples seemed to be intrigued by the idea of dying like that. The burly creature’s next victim was single though, a native with almond-shaped eyes and thick lips.

He grabbed her as she was coming from the other side, locking in a sleeper hold to make her slump into his arms, before ripping her skirt and panties away to get access to her pussy, which he punched, fingered and rubbed intensely, causing soft moans which were music to his ears. His left arm held her in a headlock, while the right hand alternated between pussy and breast play, with abuse mixed in. It seemed punches had no negative effect on this girl’s arousal. On the contrary.

Once he felt this girl was sufficiently turned on- shown by juices gushing down her legs, the Fighting type reapplied the sleeper hold, while kissing her hard. He let her tongue with him for about 10 seconds, before almost twisting her head clean off, once she was fully unconscious.

This made him fire some of his seed into the girl below, much to her delight, but superb muscle control allowed him to delay complete ejaculation for now. He didn’t feel like delaying it too much, though. The male underneath him was in some pain, and Machoke did not want to be hatefully cruel and leave him like this for hours, not when the male had displayed a boner in his pants during his worship of the stud.

Thus, Machoke shifted his position to missionary, returning to kiss, lick and suck on the breasts he had tasted before. Meanwhile, his thick legs locked around the head and neck of the young cuckold, Machoke’s knees pressing into his skull.
The girl cried out in pleasure, feeling the fast-paced thrusts accurately hitting her G-spot every time, while her open mouth invited the Pokémon to claim it.

He did so in his final thrusts, meshing his lips with hers, his impressive groans muffled by her mouth. His right arm pinched her left nipple, and upon his final thrust, the interspecies couple came together, setting off climaxes of horny onlookers, as well as the broken male, who died following a sharp straightening of Machoke’s legs, which made the raven-haired girl scream in ecstasy upon hearing the soft crrkk sound of her boyfriend’s neck, and hearing him expire loudly.

Death. Love. Domination. Might.

This girl would live, as he thought impregnating the occasional female would be another way to assert dominance over humans,

Machoke had broken countless humans physically. But also, mentally. He did it through different means than a Psychic Pokémon would, but he was perhaps even more successful. Humans willingly died for this Machoke’s pleasure, because he was an unstoppable force of sexual and physical dominance, ready to reward worship.
In fact, Stephen actually kept some count of all the people Machoke killed, and it was close to sixty, he thought. There was one really eager male who would make for sixty-one.

A martial artist, wearing only the bottom part of his gi, had ejaculated intensely at the latest submission holds-based kill, and Machoke beckoned him over, telling him to strip. Bowing, the male in his late 20-s nodded, removing his brown belt, the gi, and briefs underneath it.

” I’m honored to die for you, Master…”, the male said, eliciting a smile from the Pokémon, before he was taken down and mounted. He soon grunted, as Machoke’s dick, slick with the juices of women, penetrated his tight ass. There certainly was pain involved, but the muscular human gritted his teeth, ready to wait for bliss.

And it came, as his voice soon conveyed pleasure derived from fast, hard strikes against his prostate. Soon, Machoke shut him up by pulling him to his chest, and making him suck the stiff nipples on the rock-hard blue chest of the Pokémon. The sight of a strong, grown male sucking on the Pokémon’s nipples and making soft noises while being fucked stimulated the audience, particularly males.

At one point, Machoke’s arms latched onto the right arm of the martial artist, securing a kimura lock over time. Despite growing pain, the male didn’t resist. At one point, he could not suppress the sensation of pain, and screamed, upon which the Fighting type simply twisted back on the trapped limb, breaking it.

Then, something amazing happened. Despite agonizing pain, or perhaps because of it, the martial artist came on Machoke’s chest, to which the Pokemon kissed him warmly, while picking up the pace of his thrusts. This soothed the injured man, and the kissing went on and on, seemingly for eternity. This sex was making the Pokémon really popular.

” Can I worship your ass…and die from your legs’ power?”, an Ace Trainer asked, trembling, and saw Machoke’s legs spread instantly in reply. The trainer laid face-first onto the toned ass-cheeks of his future killer, and this made the toned legs to either side of his head cross behind his neck, in a deadly headscissor.

The trapped male rimmed the bluish muscle stud, occasionally kissing his puckered hole, and thus brought the Pokémon closer to another climax, as he made out with the martial artist. It was heaven for all three participants, but soon, it would end. As Machoke sped towards another culmination of his sexual dominance, his legs put increasing pressure on the Ace Trainer’s head and neck.

Once the martial artist and Machoke groaned in unison, a consequence of the former’s ass being filled with cum, two hard crunches interrupted this, and bystanders could see the Ace Trainer flopping very briefly, before going limp. Machoke felt almost ready to end the martial artist, but wanted one more thing from him.
Thus, the Pokémon flipped positions with the martial artist, after having pulled out from his ass, which leaked large amounts of cum afterwards. His left leg went around the top of the martial artist’s neck, and the right one then crossed with it, forming a triangle choke, made special by the insertion of Machoke’s penis into his willing victim’s mouth.

The human sucked without hesitation, moaning as the Machoke petted him occasionally. The chokehold robbed the male on top of air fairly quickly, yet he put whatever energy he had into cleaning Machoke’s erection with his mouth and tongue. The muscular killer was very pleased, as evident from his groans and deep grunts. Once the human was barely conscious and his actions slowed down drastically, it was time to snap his neck.

It was a work of art. Three cracks, each louder than the previous one. To the right side, a sharp jerk forward, and finally, a twist to the left, all accompanied by a loud cry of the Pokémon’s name, as he pumped hot seed into the martial artist’s mouth. It was yet another display of his dominance over humans, and even his” owner” Stephen had begun to appreciate this by masturbating.

Getting up, the burly creature realized there were a lot of humans still, and that some might have to wait for quite some time before they felt real muscle power. Having an ally would also help prevent any escapes by those who suddenly decided their lives were worth more than Machoke’s ego.

He thought he knew of a place that was very close, and where he might find a partner in domination…

He pointed to the exits from Azalea, and waved disapprovingly.” Ma-Choke!”
This, along with a gesture circling the town, followed by an outstretched, halting palm, told the humans to stay put.

They wondered where the blue stud was headed...


Ryonani Teamster
May 30, 2011
Part 4- Practice makes perfect death

Machoke had achieved control of Azalea Town. Lethal control. To fully seal the fate of the people in this place, he sought a helper.

Thus, he went towards Union Cave, while most people in Azalea never thought about escaping. What the stud was looking for, was a male Machop willing to try out…live training. He actually found one trying to push away the boulders and squeeze through, confused about why there were boulders at the Azalea exit, when they had not been there before.

Machoke went to explain everything to the pre-evolved form of himself briefly. Machop was skeptical initially, and was unsure about killing humans, as it was normal for his species to train with humans. However, the offer of training was just too significant for any Machop to refuse. Machoke’s height, greater than the average member of the species, must have also factored in convincing the smaller Pokémon. If he did what the Machoke had done, he could perhaps grow as strong as him?

As all this took fewer than five minutes, the remainder of Azalea Town’s population soon saw Machoke coming back, but not alone. A Machop was with him. Some quickly realized what was going to happen, but as they decided to face death, they would die from the little one’s hands or legs, if it was fated.

Now amongst humans, Machop watched the Machoke grab the mayor of the town. To Machop’s amazement, the blue muscle beast locked in a cross armbar, and simply pulled back all the way, making the middle-aged man scream, following a hard snap of the right elbow.

Told to try it himself, the smaller Pokémon waited for a few seconds, before grabbing a Psychic trainer, and targeted his left arm, breaking it despite the cries of his victim, as he really got a feeling for doing a cross armbar right. Looking across his shoulder, he watched his teacher break the poor mayor’s spine by pulling back on his legs and sitting on his back at the same time, while hearing some humans utter the words” Boston crab”.

The crunch of the man’s spine was loud, and the consequences…fascinated Machop. Those legs twitched horribly, then stopped moving. Hurrying to cripple his victim in the same manner, he received praise when he elicited the same ghastly pops and cracks from the Psychic trainer’s spine, accompanied by weak whining. Smiling at the words he heard, he nodded when invited to finish the dark-haired male off.

The Machop was experiencing a hormonal surge, and this made him gain an erection- the first time he’d ever had it.

Because the brutality began to arouse him, the Machop rubbed his growing hard-on on the back of his victim, as he locked in a rear naked choke. He waited until the body moved no more, and then tried out a movement he thought could break the bones in the male’s neck.


It worked, and the young creature was amazed. He had just taken a life. Shut a human down leaving him a limp corpse, and it felt good.

Noticing his hard-on, the Machoke went over to the woman he’d made a widow by doing a dragon sleeper on her husband in the midst of cumming inside her cunt. Machop watched him lick and suck on her breasts, but also, punch them and her belly, from time to time. He noticed the woman liked this mix of abuse and pleasure, and quickly took hold of a young florist, stripping her hastily.

Meeting no resistance, he licked at her growing breasts, eliciting moans of pleasure. He soon sucked on them, and found this made it easier for him to finger her down there. Despite being a novice at sex, he had natural talent. Something twisted grew in him, and, as he gave the red-haired youth a kiss, he punched her hard in the stomach, enjoying the wail she emitted in his mouth.

Breast and pussy punches followed, and the girl was wet, drained of strength, and apparently ready to be taken, just like the woman being mounted by Machoke.

Machop penetrated his sex partner, and cried out in sheer pleasure at her tightness. He fucked fast and hard, trying out various things such as kissing for long periods, chokeholds to faint her, and even pressure point manipulations.

As he felt his confidence grow from the encouraging, pleading cries of the young girl, he noticed a man come up behind Machoke, and get put in a leg-based chokehold. Those were headscissors, and it seemed the victim wanted this, as he set out to lick Machoke’s ass.

The young creature spread his legs in the same inviting way, waiting to see if someone would let him practice this killer hold while he fucked the pretty girl underneath.

A Youngster came up somewhat hesitantly, and as he began licking Machop’s ass, the Pokémon gradually locked strong legs around him, while moaning in enjoyment. At one point, he thought of doing a double kill, and there was certainly opportunity to do so. The idea aroused him greatly, and at one pointed, while he raced towards a climax, he decided the girl would die.

He set up an arm triangle choke on her, while his kisses broke any ideas of resistance. Deeper tonguing from the male locked in his leggy prison made him tighten both holds. Soon, he couldn’t and didn’t want to hold himself back, not after he heard cracks of Machoke’s victims, as well as the woman’s final orgasm.

The Pokémon’s arms and legs tightened instantly, making his victims go limp. As he came in the girl, Machop repositioned his hands and quickly snapped her neck, just as he felt his dick get covered in her orgasmic juices, while his legs did the same thing to the Youngster. It was all so well synchronized and flawlessly executed, that the Machoke decided to give him a reward.

After high-fiving the trainee, Machoke pointed to a fainted blonde a bit farther away. She was somewhat older and bustier than the redhead Machop had just snuffed. And Machoke would let him have her. A friendly advice came with this gift: the young one was told he can leave girls alive, to knock them up. One deep bow later, and the young one was off to explore the blonde.

Approaching her, he casually attacked another Youngster, snapping him over a knee after he saw his teacher do it to an old man. This trainer with a broken back would end up crawling to the young creature and Machop, to watch them.

To wake the girl up, Machop began eating her out, slowly at first. However, as more juices flowed out, his tonguing became more vigorous. He liked the taste a lot, and, she liked his cunnilingus, as it soon made her awaken.
She was stunned, and confused. There was no Machoke in front of her, but a Machop. He also…made her feel really good. However, a look around quickly revealed where the dangerous, burly Pokémon was. The Machop seemingly…was his apprentice.

Frozen in fear, the girl pleaded:” D-don’t break me…please no…”, and trying to scoot away

The Machop simply scowled harshly, gripped her left wrist painfully, and then went down on her left nipple, and sucked on it, eliciting shocked gasps from her, while his left arm massaged the other breast. He waited until she begged for more to go and lock in a hold.

As Machoke continued crippling and killing weak humans, one move seemed really cool to Machop. Replicating it, he wrapped his legs around the girl’s left leg, and, ignoring her fears, pulled on the locked limb, away from her body, using full force. The kneebar immediately destroyed her leg, and the young Fighting type immediately felt a painful boner from the way how the bones snapped. This just turned him on so much- the fruits of his own endless training, and the purpose of it- deadly domination over fragile humans.

Desperately, the girl wanted to crawl away, but she quickly found herself mounted by her assailant, who kissed her to shut her cries up. The penetration, combined with deep tonguing, soon produced a reduction in the girl’s resistance, which faded fast after his thrusts began to hit her G-spot.

Now, the young human-killer wanted to hear her moans, so he broke the kiss, licking her neck, and as he thought, she wanted him now.

“Please…more…touch me…fuck me…”

What girl wouldn’t want a strong male?, he thought.

Enjoying her breasts, Machop felt like blowing another load. To impress the girl, he grabbed the broken Youngster, and snapped his neck with both hands while kissing the blonde.

From having once a fear of displays of strength, the blonde became aroused by them now, cumming on the spot, which triggered Machop’s eruption, followed by cries announcing complete triumph.

“I’m sorry for…resisting. Please…break me…again.”, the girl spoke, quite embarrassed by all this. It was obvious resisting wasn’t going to work. compliance meant pleasure, and she didn’t even hate the Machoke anymore for ending her grandfather. Later, she would give the blue muscle stud a blowjob.

Machop kissed her passionately, before nodding. Flipping her around, he thought it was time to try another leg lock. An ankle lock required skill, and could permanently cripple someone. This blonde doll didn’t need to walk- Machop would carry her easily to where she needed to be. So, he gripped her right foot and ankle, locked his legs to fixate her leg, and twisted.

Instead of pure agony from the destruction of bones and ligaments, the sounds from the blonde conveyed some pleasure as well, derived from feeling how strong “her man” was. Machop would occasionally return to toy with her, but he made sure to participate in the massacre of remaining humans.

Although smaller than the Machoke, he was quickly attracting volunteers with his eagerness to fuck, and a willingness to try out new things. A female Ace Trainer was left squirting like a fountain after death, following a 69 with the Machop, ending in dual climax and a snapped neck. During this amazing performance, he guillotined and dragon sleeper choked many curious onlookers, learning along the way how to cause people to cum by breaking their necks just at the right spots.

As dusk hours came, it was the dusk of Azalea Town. There were only 5 humans left alive: Stephen, Machop’s blonde, Machoke’s raven haired girl, and two Veteran trainers. They had challenged the two Fighting Pokémon to a double battle, and lost, due to the activation of the ability Guts on the Machop, in a situation which looked bad for the muscular duo.

The price for losing was of course, death. Since they were a married couple, their death would be somewhat humiliating, but also, contained some pleasurable moments, as a reward for being no sore losers.

The male faced away from the Machoke, feeling that long dick in his ass, while the scorpion death lock tortured his bad back. He could only whine into his wife’s cunt, and licking it brought relief, as the hold would not be applied fully.
His wife had to suck Machop’s dick and balls as he thrust into her vertically, knowing a twist of hands placed on her skull could end her any time.

Over the course of an hour, Machop and Machoke would exchange positions, and even force the male to suck dick, while straining the wife’s spine as she serviced her husband. This happened several times, but ultimately, as darkness was very close, the Veterans’ lives ended in the original positions.

Machoke came hard, thinking of how pathetically weak the human race was. They were his toys to break. And break them he did. A long drawn out crunch of several vertebrae was mixed with the muffled cries of the male Veteran, as his body spasmed all over.
He frantically ate his wife out, his nerve impulses firing at random, making his tongue uncontrollable. This caused her to begin cumming, as she cried out loudly. The Pokémon were both ready to kill them, now. After completing the scorpion death lock, it was easy for Machoke to transition into a stepover toehold face lock quickly.

The twist on the male’s neck happened just as Machop finished his wife off, cumming all the way down into her throat. Thus, Azalea was…no more. Turned on by the consequence of their actions, and the explosion of masculine power, Machoke and Machop shared a kiss, forming a bond centered around their desire to drive humans into a crunchy, muscular extinction.

The few survivors left were carried off. Already, Johto was in danger, and Machoke hadn’t evolved, even…

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