1. RokPhenix

    Yvonne 1.0

    Import the Kalos female character. Based on Sombra "Serena Dynamic Hairstyle", remake it RGB adjustable with modifications RGB adjustable colours code is due to the programming skills of ModGuy. Notes: open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab. This mod is compatible with Vanilla To...
  2. Kyruel

    Zoroark hair test

    my first try
  3. GeorGeR

    Lana's Mom 1.0

  4. Samoth

    Pokémon GO Trainer Hats [RGB-Adjustable] 2021-07-18

    Note: This mod works best when paired with the HeadwearLand mod for compatability with more hairs. The following mods are all originally based on @D-Oxygen's Pokemon GO Girl Static Hairs, and edited by @tickles to make them standalone. D-oxygen's original versions can be found here: Pokémon Go...
  5. K

    Pokemon Dynamic Hairs 2015

    Pokemon Dynamic Hairs by KIR (2015) (Lorelei, Sabrina, Winona, Fantina, Fennel, Candice, Delia, Clair, Jasmine, Cheryl)
  6. K

    Homika (Goten) Dynamic Hair 2015

    Homika aka Goten (Super Smash Bros + Pokemon) Dynamic Hair (2015) by KIR
  7. Beggar Fox

    Lorelei / Prima (Pokémon) Anime - Outfit Pack 1.0

    First attempt to reproduce the character "Lorelei" from the Pokémon anime. Visually this is a different character from manga and games (in my opinion, much prettier). She appeared in episode 101 of the orange islands (Ilha Mandarin), at least in Brazil. Note: clothes are third-party productions...
  8. Beggar Fox

    Dawn - Cheerleader (Pokémon) Outfit Pack 1.0

    First attempt to reproduce "Cheerleader" model of the character Dawn. I would like someone to remove Dawn's hat to make this "outfit" more faithful to the original. Note: clothes are third-party productions and are credited at the end of this post. (I have no idea when this outfit is used in...
  9. T

    N Static Hair 2021-05-28

    This static hair was made by an anonymous user from 4Chan. It can be found here: 4.93 MB file on MEGA There's some pretty neat stuff in that Mega folder. Definitely worth a look if you're searching for male hairs. Tent background is from Failing Up's tent background pack! The Hilbert male...
  10. Beggar Fox

    Serena (Pokémon) Outfit Pack 1.2

    Reissuing my first post, this is a personal attempt to further improve the Serena outfit created by the author "Sombra". The main objective is to make the clothes more colorful, make the pantyhose show part of the thigh and allow the movement of the skirt. Note: clothes are third-party...
  11. P

    Where can I find this Jessie (Pokemon) Outfit?

    Saw this online, so someone has this outfit for Jessie from pokemon, but I can't find it here anywhere. I'm talking about the outfit itself, not the hair. Does anyone know where to find it? EDIT: Found, see link in Post #5
  12. P

    Braixen Static Hair (Pokemon) 1.0

    I am a bit impressed that no one has done this before...
  13. Parasitoro

    Fiery Passion for Pain

    May Maple, a novice Pokémon Trainer from Littleroot Town in Hoenn, had just won her fourth Gym badge, defeating the Fire type Leader Flannery. She could now challenge her father Norman, who was the Gym Leader of Petalburg. She was confident of winning there, actually, as her Combusken was...
  14. R

    Klara (Pokemon) hair 1.0

    Klara from Pokemon Sword
  15. Samoth

    Gloria Outfit v2

    This mod requires the Loader and Template Extension to run. The hair mod can be found here: Gloria Static Hair A pre-set folder can be found here: MEGA The above folder download includes all items that were included in the original pre-set folder download for the static hair (i.e. custom...
  16. R

    Team Skull Grunt (Pokemon) hair 2.0

    Team Skull Grunt from Pokemon Sun/Moon
  17. R

    Plumeria (Pokemon) hair 1.0

    Plumeria from Pokemon Sun and Moon
  18. R

    Lillie (Pokemon) Ponytail hair 1.0

    Lillie's Ponytail style from Pokemon Sun/Moon. I used the bangs from the Lillie hair by @dark_knight17 and copied the art style to make them consistent.
  19. R

    Team Yell Grunt (Pokemon) hair 2.0

    Team Yell Grunt from Pokemon Sword/Shield
  20. R

    Oleana (Pokemon) hair 1.0

    Oleana from Pokemon Sword and Shield


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