1. R

    Bea (Pokemon) hair 2.0

    Bea from Pokemon Sword The skin code I chose was: Light H: 0 S: 147 L: 83 C: 100
  2. R

    Marnie (Pokemon) hairs 1.0

    Here's Marnie. Both sides are available. On the nonshaved side theres 2 variations since it covers her eye; I made one where its opaque and one where the tips of the bangs are transparent Shaved: Bangs Transparent: Bangs Opaque: [No Screenshot]
  3. Perdition

    Hilda Static Hair Hatless 2019-12-18

    Based on @Chance's 'Hilda Static Hairstyle' mod, this is an alteration of it without the hat.
  4. DigitalSmutExports

    Professor Juniper Lab Coat RGB adjustable 1.0

    This is a conversion from an original by @Sombra which is found here made at the request of @Hank East. He requested it be made into an overtop (it was a normal top previously). In addition to that change I also made it RGB adjustable using the standard for Overtops which is the collar RGB...
  5. Samoth

    Nessa Static Hair 2019-07-13

    The following character code recreates the above image (without modifying everything else, i.e. mood, background, or anything about the male): "Vanilla Clothing Only" outfit preview: The following character code recreates the above image: A pre-set folder can be found here: MEGA The...
  6. Samoth

    Sonia Outfit 2019-07-01

    This mod requires the Loader and Template Extension to run. Shot of right arm: Shot of left arm: The hair mod can be found here: Sonia Static Hair A pre-set folder can be found here: MEGA The above folder download includes all items that were included in the original pre-set folder...
  7. Samoth

    Sonia Static Hair 2019-06-27

    The following character code recreates the above image (without modifying everything else, i.e. mood, background, or anything about the male): "Loader Clothing Only" outfit preview: The above outfit can be found here: Sonia Outfit "Vanilla Clothing Only" outfit preview: The following...
  8. H

    Wooloo Hair 2019-06-16

    The hair, or wool, of Wooloo, one of the new gen 8 Pokemon! Note: Much like with my Ralsei mod, the base art of this one is also from artist sssonic2 The correct skin tone to match the nose is skinhsl:21,0.55,0.45,1.51. Also, I'd recommend tinkering with the blush a bit, or removing it...
  9. Hank East

    Weavile Pokémorph tail and collar

    Lately I've been using the Weavile Pokemorph hair posted here ( Pokemorph & more (Update: Weavile & Espeon) ), yet something felt off about the import. Then I finally put it together, and it was the lack of a tail and collar! Therefore, I'd like to request 2 separate mods for a Weavile tail and...
  10. Archknight7

    Alola Hotel Room BG 1-26-2019

    Background of an hotel room in Alola.
  11. Perdition

    Lopunny Paws 2018-11-19

    RGB adjustable shoes shaped like Lopunny paws. Uses the footwear slot.
  12. SyntaxTerror

    Wicke Static Hair 1.0

    Notes: To use, open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab. This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader. The glasses can be toggled by Shift-clicking them (works best with sby's moreclothing if used with the Loader)...
  13. C

    Pokemon Wicke Hair Request -filled.

    I'd like to see a mod for this character. If possible I'd like it to be dynamic but it doesn't have to be. Reference Shot Thanks in advance! EDIT: FIlled: See post #5
  14. Parasitoro

    Gotta Break 'Em All 1

    Team Rocket grunts were causing quite the chaos in Azalea Town, as they tried to steal Pokémon and valuables from inhabitants in a rather bold operation. As the attack happened in the morning, the townspeople were caught by surprise. Amongst them was a young man of a relatively fragile...
  15. TurboSnike

    Gardevoir Shiny Edit

    Can anyone please edit the first hair on this thread (link to thread: Gardevoir) to be a shiny Gardevoir? I uploaded a picture to show the color of shiny Gardevoir
  16. G

    Aria (Pokemon) Request

    I would like to request Aria from Pokemon. This is what she looks like. Aria (anime) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
  17. Phantom-Wolf

    Delphox Head (STATIC) 2018-04-12

    Okay, I'll be honest with you guys. I am not particularly proud of this one, I been looking for a good delphox picture to make a head because I really wanted one, and decided to make one instead of requesting one :x After looking through alot of pics and making prototypes, this is the best I...
  18. Phantom-Wolf

    STATIC Absol Hair 2018-03-28

    This one I feel okay about, let me know how it is! Body Code: charName:SD...
  19. Phantom-Wolf

    Froslass Head (STATIC) 2018-03-23

    Body code! charName:SD...
  20. O

    Archelementals of Eiss - Collect spirits of the natural elements

    This is an adult psychedelic fighting game with spirits of the natural elements. Choose your character to represent an anthropomorphic version of the different elements. Earth, fire, air, water and more. There are 28 Archelemental spirits to unlock. Take on challenges to earn more goodies...
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