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Jun 25, 2024
The girl is forcefully pushed against the wall, her body trembling from the impact. her leg is viciously kicked, causing her to collapse onto the floor. Her legs are forcibly spread open. With a sadistic intention, the attacker mercilessly jams their boot into the delicate spot between her legs. The excruciating pain shoots through her body, causing her head to lift upward involuntarily. A small spittle escapes from her quivering lips

now she realizes these guys meant to truly hurt her.

still on the floor, scarcely got time to react on the attack on her groin, the attacker suddenly lift that boot jammed on her crotch upward and it hit her on the jaw. The impact is jarring, causing her head to snap backward with great force. As her jaw collides with the incoming boot, a violent burst of saliva erupts from her mouth, spraying in an arc towards the ceiling. The sheer intensity of the strike leaves her momentarily disoriented, her senses overwhelmed by the excruciating pain and the sudden release of bodily fluid.

With a chilling display of power, the man with the robotic hand ruthlessly lifts the girl by her hair, forcing her into a standing position. Gripped by his inhuman strength, he positions her facing the unyielding wall, her face pressed against the cold, unforgiving brick. The relentless onslaught begins as the steam-powered hand delivers a relentless barrage of punches, striking her face with an alarming speed and force. The impact of each blow reverberates through her skull, sending shockwaves of pain coursing through her body. The unrelenting assault causes her spittle to erupt uncontrollably, mixing with the saliva that now stain her bruised and battered face. The metallic punches from the robotic hand amplify her pain, leaving her gasping for air and struggling to maintain consciousness.

In a display of sheer brutality, the assailant flips the girl around so that she is now facing him, her body trembling with fear and pain. Without a moment's hesitation, he unleashes a rapid series of jabs to various parts of her already tenderized stomach. Each punch lands with a sickening thud, causing the girl to convulse in agony. The force behind the strikes is relentless, as the assailant mercilessly targets her vulnerable abdomen. The ferocious assault culminates with a final, powerful blow to her right breast, eliciting an intense reaction. The girl's body reacts instinctively, unable to withstand the onslaught any longer. With an overpowering surge of nausea, she vomits forcefully, her stomach heaving as the contents of her stomach are expelled in a violent eruption. The acidic bile mixes with the remnants of her ordeal, further adding to the degrading scene before them.

the four men forms circle around the girl.Each of the four men, each equipped with a powerful robotic hand, takes turns unleashing a relentless barrage of kicks and punches upon her defenseless body. The blows rain down upon her, striking with bone-crushing force. The impact of each strike reverberates through her trembling frame, leaving her gasping for air and unable to find respite from the onslaught. With every kick and punch, her body convulses, causing a torrent of saliva to escape her mouth. Thrown from one assailant to another like a twisted game, she becomes a mere plaything in their sadistic symphony of violence. The cycle repeats, with each rotation intensifying the agony and humiliation she endures. The combination of their robotic strength and the overproduction of saliva induced by the medicine she took makes every impact a catalyst for more spitting.

With cruel intentions, the assailants seize the girl by her armpits, lifting her with a callous grip. Without a shred of empathy, they forcefully drive her down onto a waiting knee, the impact landing squarely on her most sensitive area. The excruciating pain radiates through her body, causing her to arch her back in a desperate attempt to escape the searing agony. A rush of saliva escapes her lips.

Hunched on the cold, unforgiving floor, the girl clutches at her injured groin, her face contorted with anguish. The pain courses through her body, radiating from the area that bore the brunt of the brutal strike. As she crouches there, her body convulses with spasms of pain, and her breath comes in ragged gasps. Saliva drips from her trembling lips, mingling with the tears that stream down her face

they are not done yet

After a few hours, the girl lies sprawled on the cold, unforgiving ground, her body convulsing with spasms of pain and exhaustion. The culmination of the relentless assault has taken its toll, leaving her utterly defeated and broken. Her once-delicate features are now distorted by the agony etched across her face. Her eyes roll upward, revealing only the whites. Steady stream of saliva escape her parted lips. Pool of bodily fluids surrounds her, a mixture of vomit, saliva, and urine.

Does anybody knows any video with this kind of content? Just a brutal merciless hand-beating of a girl by multiple men
Does anybody knows any fiction with this kind of content?
is anyone interested on writing this kind of story. i will request comission

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