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Oct 3, 2018
Inspired by KeiBree's casting call thread and some conversations in the discord server, this thread is a place to post whatever Zako OC's you have that you don't mind other people using, don't mind other people using with credit, or would let other people use with permission. Please mark which at the beginning of your post.

Postings can be anything Zako-related, from entire organizations to individual girls, as well as requests for help fleshing out your own OC's.
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Aug 23, 2014
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Essentially, this kinda started because I'd said it'd be cool to do a sort of casting call similar to Keibree's to ask if anyone wanted to have their OCs appear as secondary or tertiary characters in the stories I'm planning on getting back in the groove of writing, but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested. We'd also noted this as a kind of thread to be like, "Oh I'd like if something like this happen" or to bounce back and forth brainstorming some stuff to do with the characters for art, stories, etcetera. Or also probably take that to private messages, and maybe post the fruits of the sort of collaborations on this thread as well. Shill yourself. Show us what you got, you know. :grin:

Also by "free" OCs I'd say more as in the sense that you can post about characters you wouldn't mind being used in someone else's work as long as they... you know, still ask first of course. Not only because I sorta have the feeling some people wouldn't want to no strings attached offer up certain characters, and also because hey if your character is in something you're probably gonna want to know so you can see it, lol. Really cool having others do their takes on your characters I think as well. I've had many renditions of a couple of my characters by others that I've enjoyed a lot.

That said, hey, anyone want their characters as a zako or even a hero in my upcoming anthology (of sorts) of stories? It's about the henchwomen of an organization named Shader, in a universe that features many comic-booky types of things, including but not limited to, villains with evil minions, superhumans, aliens, secret agents, or whatever other type of thing you might imagine seeing out of Marvel or DC.
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Oct 3, 2018
Gonna start us off with some characters I made screwing around with Kisekae that are free to use with credit.

A religious demon hunting group that I made for Kayfabe's So You Want To Be A Zako thread. Most have taken a vow of silence and use broken and rotted weaponry, using magic to keep the pieces in check and enhance their attacks. They've also taken a vow of poverty - they don't truly own anything aside from the busted weaponry and they dress themselves in bandages so that they can always treat injuries. The covered eyes are optional.


The Mute, the one character from this group that did appear before the thread died. The design wasn't finalized when I made this.

An Eco-terrorist group made up of ditzy college students I made for my G.I. Jane thread. They usually target businesses and executives, trying to force them into signing legally-binding contracts to stop fucking up the planet so much. Named the Tars due to a misunderstanding of how Oil is made. After the initial group was captured some others took on the mantle, claiming the name comes from how our own polluting was stagnating us, like tar in the road.

A superheroine I made screwing around with Kisekae that I never used for anything. The basic idea was that she was fighting a group of evil students or something. I never developed her much, or the enemy students.


Goldenrod's coworker or something, I dunno. Got even less development than Goldy did.


A blatant, and I mean blatant, ripoff of Shabazik's Shik clones, in a more modern setting. Made for the first SYWBAZ thread since I wanted a character in and didn't have any original ideas. Also was a testbed for me to learn kisekae, which is why there are so damn many of these and why some are such low quality. They're pretty short, standing at 5 foot 2 or 158 centimeters, and quite talented at combat. They're the first generation of viable combat clones their company has produced.


Jungle ops variant



Naval ops variant

Civilian Police variant based on Zako22's work:


Stealth ops setup



Cult variant for a group I never actually got around to writing


Catgirl version

cowgirl version

I also had an idea to write epilogues for each test unit that survived Kayfabe's thread, with a few pre-planned. Then none ended up surviving 5 missions. Rip me. In these, they were decommissioned, memory wiped, and dumped outside some town.
First one I made, ended up getting refined into Jane Doe:

The one that actually got used, with an epilogue made in the thread:

I don't know, but the file name says office alex:

Cosplayer ending I never wrote:

Sukeban ending I never wrote:

ill-fated vigilante I never wrote:


Just some wrestler concepts, I guess they're mob enforcers or something.
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Oct 3, 2018
And here are the actual Kisekae files. I'm only including ones with unique character models, so there's not gonna be a billion alex images here.
85***0*aa13.*0*aa27.*0*0*0*aa25.*aa12.]a00_b00_c00_d00_w00_x00_e003.]_sans/#]Fuck Goldy<br> $6
All but the first one was based on this template. I didn't change the proportions because, yannow, clones.



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Aug 23, 2014
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I could also contribute here with a couple of my main characters. I'll give summaries I suppose.

Angelica "Angel" Snow: In my canon, she's essentially the former postergirl of a zako orginazation that did all their illegal stuff behind the scenes and became a fairly well known actress, but eventually they were found out and her starlet fame and fortune all died out, leaving her a bit bitter staying low profile as a wanted criminal henchwoman. She's a party girl, a bit of a snob, and many won't get along with her, but she really does care about her friends and allies and wouldn't purposefully endanger them.
If anyone else used her I could see her backstory being changed or mostly ignored. She could be just a random rich bitch, a budding or current starlet with a secret double life, or anything else as long as she's essentially a rich snobby henchgirl.

Emi Miyato: Emi is a cynical quiet loner who's there to stick to the plan. Her cold deadpan attitude most of the time doesn't get her many friends, but she has a soft spot for her younger sister, who depending on which canon is either giving her all to protect, or avenge the death of. She's a skilled sniper. In a fistfight she's fast and can throw in many quick jabs, but can't take too much of a hit, being fairly small and thin. She can sometimes break her usual calm and collected composure and get into a huffy flustered state if she's insulted on something she is self conscious about, and may fly into a rage if her sister is insulted or threatened.
Emi's sister, Lisa Miyato, I suppose would also be available as a sort of package deal with Emi but up until recently (in older canon where she was dead) she was mostly a plot device, so personality wise there isn't much right now, as well as no recent pictures.

Oh and as for the pictures, I often use art done by friends or commissioned with the proper credit to represent my characters since I can't draw very well and using Kisekae images always feel kind of... I dunno, silly to me? But screw it, here's the kisekae designs of Angel and Emi as both Shades of Shader and Stargirls of Maxicorp, two of my own organizations. (I'm sure you can guess which is which) The shader redesigns had them looking a bit more mature because the Shaderverse variants are actually more mature then the Stargirl ones which were more like reckless 18 year olds, but I feel both versions are also great for different interpretations, so yeah, both are here.
Angel and Emi.png
Servi07_-_Dinomoneyman_Emi (1).png
Rambling completed. Just drop me a message if you ever have a plan to put either of these girls in something.
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Oct 1, 2017
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Some free to use HS zakos from me. Feel free to experiment with them, but don't forget to credit me :)

Female wrestlers (comes in 5 different color variations. The ones with darker skins are the elite variants):

Fantasy-themed zakos (a sand enchantress, a tribal spearwoman and a tribal champion):

Some bikini-clad beach thugs (three grunts, one elite and one enforcer):

Asian-themed zakos (sumo wrestler, Muay Thai boxer and ninja assassin):

Female mutants, inspired by Batman Arkham Asylum:

Soldier/mercenary girls:

Some random girls I made (two swimsuit zakos, two Nubian grapplers and a masked brute):

Some video game zakos (amazons from Lightbringer/Dungeon Magic, Egyptian gladiatrix from Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance, Victoria from Streets of Rage 4 and Rana from Revenge on the Streets):

Remy Leblanc from Fighters Club (not a zako but, you can use her as a heroine on your projects);

Henchgirl 29

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Oct 1, 2018
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Here are a couple of my favoite characters, although really any of my original characters are free to use: silencio-tardis's DeviantArt gallery

Miu is my main girl, hell she's my avatar, your run of the mill zako, beautiful disposable and incredibly unlucky, she's only in it for the money and she has an incredible knack for being tied up.


Art by Shabazik:


Alexis, a goth college dropout




Efi, fresh out of high school, she takes whatever task assigned to her far too seriously,


Taylor, a former soccer star who had to turn to hench girl work to make ends meet

And last but not least feel free to use my Zako organization R.E.D.D. R.E.D.D. by silencio-tardis on DeviantArt

In the not so far future, the world is in shambles. Although technology is at an all-time high, automated factories have forced many people out of a home and a job. On top of this, with big corporations controlling just about every aspect of citizens lives, the environment is in shambles.

However, the whole world isn't like this. In certain areas, citizens are free from the grasp of large companies via their reliance on renewable resources. In these areas people are happy and free to do as they please.

Enter R.E.D.D. an organization created by a conglomerate of big coal and big oil subsidiaries. It's goal, to eliminate these colonies and allow such subsidiaries complete control of the world. Its force is made up primarily of young women 18-25, who have been swayed either by propaganda or the promise of money (a hard to come by commodity in this era).

R.E.D.D. stands for the Renewable Energy Disposal Division, and its purpose is to disrupt the Free Colonies of Earth by destroying all renewable resources on earth.

The three main divisions of R.E.D.D. are:

What composes 85% of the force. Their uniform is skimpy, to say the least. These girls range from well trained to straight up incompetent. All in all, they are disposable and are often treated as cannon fodder to achieve goals. (Who knew throwing lots and lots of bodies at things could be so effective!)

Elite Soldiers:
Compose 10% of the force. Their uniforms are by far the most complete. These girls are extremely well trained many have trained their whole life just to join R.E.D.D. however just because they are skilled doesn't stop them from being utterly disposable.

What composes 4% of the force. They show the most skin and are proud of it. An officer is the best of the best, not only are they incredibly strong but also incredibly smart too, these girls command most of the units base to base.


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Oct 3, 2018
Oh, something I feel like I should add - I consider the Jane Team and SNEK from my G.I. Jane thread to be free to use, but the individual characters are all created by different people who may or may not give permission for this. You can feel free to include the groups themselves in any story, but please ask the individual creators if you want to use a pre-established character.
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