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[Final Fantasy VII] How Things (Could Have) Began...

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Ryona_Scribe, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Ryona_Scribe

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    Final Fantasy VII - How It All (Could Have) Began

    An average day came and went at the Seventh Heaven bar, with customers coming and going, celebrating their successes and wallowing in their failures. People come in for a number of reasons, but always a priority was the woman running the place. She was a beautiful youth, looking to be roughly 19 or 20 years of age. She had long dark brown hair that reached her lower back, and her bangs nearly covered one of her eyes. She had a charming smile and a body that drove onlookers wild. She did little to hide it, seeming to be as proud of her figure as others are lustful of it. She wore a white tanktop that exposed her flat, yet toned, belly. Barely hiding her more personal assets was a black leather miniskirt that somehow hid the woman's panties. A belt loosely adorned her waist, with suspenders that held the skirt in place that stretched up over her shoulders, conveniently putting a frame of sorts around her rather well-endowed chest. While she normally wore gloves that garbed her from wrists to elbows, she had removed them to work more effectively. Her boots, however, remained on. Just in case she needed to use her training to ward off unwelcome guests.

    As the day started to wind down, many people left the bar as Tifa gathered up mugs and plates. As she did, three men stormed into the bar, seating themselves roughly at a table and nearly ripping out their hair in frustration. By their uniforms, they appeared to be mechanics that worked at Shinra, a major corporation in the city. Their blue clothing might make one assume they were soldiers, but their lack of helmets and firearms said otherwise. One man turned with a glare at Tifa.

    "Hey, bar girl! Bring us some booze, we need it!"

    "Coming right up." Tifa spoke with a nod as she carried the mugs and plates behind the counter. Marlene, a young girl who normally worked behind the counter, stood on a box to clean the dishes Tifa brought to her. She was only a child, but she wanted to help as much as possible. As Tifa gathered up mugs and alcohol for the men, she decided to listen in on their conversation. It was rare for anyone working at Shinra to show up there, and without the others around it might be best to keep a sharp ear out.

    "I just can't believe it," one worker cried out, "all our work for nothing! Laid off, no pay, and this energy economy crap is gonna put us in the slums. Damn that fat bastard to hell!"

    "Ol' Heidy better watch his back," the second man added with a frown, "or something bad might happen to him. He didn't even have the sack to tell us to our faces we were even fired."

    The third man laughed and shook his head. "Of course not. We work our asses off in there, keeping the stupid thing running just dandy, but as long as he doesn't have to lift a finger he can just hire and fire as he sees fit." He turned to Tifa, who had just finished filling the third mug. "Where are the drinks already?"

    "Coming!" Tifa called out, carrying two mugs by the handles in one hand and the third in the other. She approached the table and set the drinks down, the second of the three men downing his almost instantly. The first man glared at Tifa, getting her undivided attention.

    "Bring us a whole bottle, we'll need it." Tifa nodded and walked back to the bar, keeping the interest of two of the men until the third spoke.

    "He never really listened to us, did he?" This returned the attention of the other two.

    "No, I even told him over and over the risks." As Tifa grabbed a bottle of alcohol, she slowed down to listen closely as the man continued. "The damn thing is a problem. The location, the security, all of it. I mean, it is next to a train station, with practically no one guarding it. Sector 1 is full of wimpy little cops that don't know how to handle themselves in a serious fight."

    Another man set his mug down after taking a drink, speaking with a chuckle. "You gotta have soldiers at these things, some cops working part-time won't cut it. Wasn't one of those groups lookin' for ways to mess up Shinra?" The third man looked into his empty mug, sighing with despair.

    "Cops are bad enough." He stopped to hold in a burp, then continued. "What about those passwords? Who the hell just uses numbers for everything? Throw in some letters, some symbols, anything. Any idiot with a computer could bypass those things. I could'a swore two of them was one-two-three-four-five. I am not even joking, man. Shinra don't even care. I am hoping someone blows up that thing, teach them a lesson."

    As Tifa returned to the table, a thought crossed her mind. Former Shinra employees helping out Avalanche, the underground organization dedicated to ending Shinra's tyranny, knowing passwords and weak points in their key structures? Could it be possible? Tifa reached the table and handed one of the men a bottle of alcohol, then she decided to speak carefully.

    "You guys don't seem to like Shinra to much..."

    The first man spoke. "No kidding. They gave us jobs, they took our jobs. Like we are nothing."

    The second man followed, filling his mug. "I'd love the chance to stab them in the back like they did us." A smile grew on Tifa's face as she heard these words. If there was any chance of getting allies, this would be it.

    "You know... I happen to know some people in Avalanche." The three men looked at each other, then at Tifa, who continued speaking. "In fact, I happen to be a member myself. Are you interested?"

    After a moment, one of the men spoke. "Maybe... Give us a minute, babe. We're gonna have to discuss this." Tifa nodded knowingly and walked back to the counter, returning to business as usual. As the three men spoke, one stood up with the remaining beer bottle and walked to the bathroom, the other two then gestured for Tifa to come back. Tifa approached the table, noticing the two men being in somewhat higher spirits.

    "We thought it over, and it turns out we are interested in Avalanche." A wide smile crossed Tifa's face as the two men stood up, one reaching out to shake her hand. Tifa grasped the man's hand happily, but as she began to speak the man immediately punched Tifa directly in the face, releasing his grip and causing her to stagger backward and bump into the counter, using it to balance herself. The man spoke with a grin as the two approached her.

    "Maybe if we beat you senseless, we can drag your sweet ass back to Shinra and make a deal to get our jobs back. Maybe with higher pay, too. Then they can just do whatever they want with ya." Tifa wiped the blood from her nose and gestured at Marlene, who quickly ran upstairs. Several patrons, worried about the situation, also fled out the door, others staying to see where the fight would go. Not only was Tifa beautiful, she had top-notch martial arts, and few who challenged her ever dared returning to the bar.

    The two men rushed at Tifa, who simply kicked one in the chest and elbowed the other in the face, sending both staggering backwards. Tifa advanced, fists raised, as one worker tried swinging a punch at her. Tifa ducked and delivered a painful uppercut to the man's chin, knocking him onto a table that fell over from the force of his body, dumping him to the floor. The second man recovered and tried to strike Tifa with a beer mug, but she grabbed his arm and deftly delivered three kicks to his chest and stomach, ending the attack with a judo throw that sent the man to the floor. The first man recovered and rushed at Tifa, who grabbed both oncoming fists and sent a painful lifting kick between his legs, dropping him instantly. Tifa checked her nose, finding remaining traces of blood from the earlier punch. Annoyed at the lame trick used on her, she grabbed the worker by the collar and looked straight into his eyes with a glare. Tifa intended to get even with him, but as she raised her fist a beer bottle struck the back of her head, shattering the bottle and dumping beer all over her and knocking her to the ground.

    The third man had returned from the bathroom, the three having planned this attack on her, and took advantage of Tifa's weakened state. While downed from the bottle strike, Tifa tried to get back to her feet, but a strong kick to the stomach put her back on the floor. The man continued to kick and stomp at Tifa, beating the strength and energy from Tifa blow by blow. Tifa covered her head with her arms as the second man recovered from the throw, and joined in on the kicking. Tifa did her best to hold in her agonized whimpers from the endless barrage of boots, but her will to do so was draining fast. A hard kick to her lower back caused her to instinctively arch herself and roll over, but this left her soft front exposed to the beating. It did not take long for the stomps to shift to her boobs and belly, forcing the air from her lungs and causing her to cough and wheeze, trying with all her might to keep in what little oxygen she had. When it seemed as though the brutal attacks had ended, she tasted the impact of a steel-toed boot colliding with her face, rolling her over and draining blood from a fresh wound on her cheek.

    The third man recovered, holding his wounded ego, his face almost red from anger. He grabbed Tifa's shirt and dragged her to her feet. While holding the low-cut collar of Tifa's shirt, the man jabbed at Tifa's face once, twice, and three times, cutting her lower lip. He shifted his grip to her suspenders and turned around, dragging her along, using momentum to throw the battered woman into a chair, breaking it to pieces beneath her. Two men grabbed her arms and hauled her back up to her feet, then grabbed a leg each. Being held up over the mens' heads by her arms and legs, Tifa watched the floor beneath her move as they carried her to the table they had ordered their drinks from. The third man cleared the table, then walked off to clear another. Tifa lost track of his activity, however, as she was dropped onto the table, smashing through the middle and falling in a heap to the floor.

    Tifa's world grew fuzzy, but the workers were far from done with her. She was hauled to her feet by her suspenders and lifted in the same fashion once again. After some arguing that she couldn't quite make out, Tifa felt herself lowered until her belly almost touched the floor. One man was now holding both of her wrists, the other was holding both of her ankles. The two lifted her slightly, then lowered her. They repeated this action two more times before using their strength to lift her as high as they could. To Tifa's horror, the third man slid a table beneath her, just in time for her to crash even more painfully through than the last one. This impact was worse, though Tifa felt herself stop before hitting the ground. The roaring fire in her stomach informed her that the third man had kneeled under the table, and her belly caught his knee after smashing through the table. Tifa was released, and both her and the wood under her slid from the man's knee to the ground. Tifa couldn't tell what she coughed up, all of her senses were overloading from the pain. Tifa felt her ankles being lifted and her body move as the men dragged her across the floor.

    One man grabbed her wrists and lifted her back up to her feet, holding her in a full nelson. Before her stood the other two men, one holding a chair leg. It did not take long for the two before her to start their assault upon her body. Fists greeted her failing abs, each blow digging a little deeper into her core. Tifa could do nothing to stop the attack, punch after punch landing on her bruising midriff, slightly more exposed due to her shirt beginning to tear after her table experiences. Grunts and groans left Tifa's lips at a pace equaled only by the fists pushing into her belly. With a back-handed slap to Tifa's bleeding cheek, the first man stood back as the other carried the chair leg to their victim.

    The end of the chair leg was placed on Tifa's belly button, slowly pushing into her belly before easing. A whimpering sigh escaped Tifa as her belly was pressed twice more, before the man dusted off her sweating abdomen. He reeled back and sent a baseball swing into her lower stomach, smashing the chair leg and eliciting a scream of sheer torment from Tifa. Her belly was dotted with large splinters from the chair leg, sending small trails of blood down to her miniskirt. Tifa was pushed into the arms of the man, who slapped Tifa twice before turning her around and holding her arms back. The third man noticed the splinters, and turned his attention to her belly. He reached out and pinched Tifa's stomach tightly, getting a whimpering cry from the hostess. A large splinter stuck out of the center of the pinched skin, and the man roughly pulled it out, giving Tifa a spark of pain followed by barely noticeable relief. He continued with her, pinching her belly and pulling the exiled splinter from her until all were removed. The pinching left bruises on her battered stomach, but her torment was not yet over.

    The two men each took an arm and a handful of hair, keeping Tifa steady and facing her to the man who pummeled her earlier. He reached over the bar and grabbed a full bottle of alcohol, popping the cork as he approached Tifa. The poor woman struggled to move away, but she couldn't bring herself to even budge as the alcohol was poured down her chest and stomach. Her white shirt sucked up much of the liquid, causing it to become tight around her boobs, and revealing her bra underneath. The beer passed through some of her wounds, making Tifa's suffering even worse. When the bottle finally emptied, the man took the mouth of the bottle and rammed it deep into Tifa's stomach, building upon her anguish even further. The man before her appeared far angrier than the other two, and this thought was proven when Tifa felt the empty bottle shatter across the side of her knee, putting pieces of glass into it and almost breaking the knee altogether. Tears poured from Tifa's eyes as she screamed from the agonizing blow.

    "You will regret hitting me there," the man gestured between his legs as he spoke, "because no matter what happens to you, we need you alive." Tifa's eyes widened as the man picked up a match box and pulled out a match for her to see. "No matter what condition you are in." Tifa was covered in wounds and beer, and she knew it wouldn't take long for her entire body to ignite. The man struck the match as the other two eased her grip upon her, preparing to move when needed. Just then, a gunshot sounded as a bullet flew at the man's hands, piercing the one holding the lit match. The man cried out in pain, holding his wounded hand and dropping the match, which was snuffed out by his body landing on it. The men turned to see where the bullet came from, noticing a large man covered in muscles, a pair of army camo pants and an open vest. His arm was outstretched, a gun mounted where his hand should be.

    "What are you piss ants doing to my barkeep? Careful what you say, or I just might blow your #%$&ing heads off."

    Tifa later recovered from the beating, but she had not recovered early enough for the mission her information brought about. Barret, both her leader and (at the time) savior, took the rest of Avalanche and spearheaded an assault on the Sector 1 reactor, setting in motion the events that led to the eventual downfall of Shinra. But that is a tale for another time...

    Greetings everyone. How did you enjoy the trip? It was fairly rough, for Tifa at least, but it was a fun one anyway. I have plans for the other ladies of Final Fantasy, but one at a time. I noticed some of the girls have already been struck by the ryona stick once or twice, but I didn't see Tifa amongst them. I figured she would have a number of entries, but considering how commonly she is chosen for any number of fetishes throughout the fan base, I guess she is a little mainstream. Which isn't fair, she should take her lumps just as much as the rest of the less "mainstream" ladies. Like it? Dislike it? I would appreciate your responses, opinions, advice, or interests for future works.

    Have a lovely day, everyone.

    Ryona Scribe
  2. mm_mml

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    Nov 30, 2010
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    Loved it. Tifa totally needs more ryona stuff. Kinda curious how things would've turned out if Barret didnt come in. Can't wait for the other FF girls too.
  3. sooperhero1

    sooperhero1 Vivacious Visitor

    Nov 15, 2011
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    oooh, i like this one! good characterization of the bad guys and good twists, as well as the point of view stuff with tifa!
  4. Bagel

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    Mar 26, 2012
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    I don't see a lot of ryona done on RPG characters in general, not just Tifa, which is a shame. Thats why I'm excited to see what you have in store for the other ladies, can't wait!!! I could think of some ideas for future works, but I'd rather let you finish the other RPG ryona plans you had in mind since their really good. The table smashing, gut punching, and beer baths were the best parts, made it seem more like a barfight :P
  5. Seth

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    Jun 17, 2012
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    I have to say that it was very, very good story.
  6. TheCrimsonRisk

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    The opening description of Tifa was really effective. Brought back good memories of falling in love with that charming sprite :)

    Very descriptive, maybe too much so at some points. While it does add to the atmosphere, I found myself distracted by everything that was going on with the mugs.

    Oh man, I really like how the bad guys twisted around Tifa's offer. Betrayal is something I love in a ryona story. The table break/stomach break move was really creative!

    Ryona_Scribe, I just started reading your stories and the biggest change I would make is not to separate the ryona sections in bold type. It looks ugly, but more importantly it creates an unnecessary divide between the ryona and the other parts of your story. The set-up, ryona and aftermath should be working in harmony and you shouldn't feel the need to set the action apart from everything else. Your writing is good; it doesn't need a formatting gimmick. Keep it up!