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Ellin(popori)JPPCVoice Possible Method !

Discussion in 'Game Mods (Archive)' started by notebombs, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. notebombs

    notebombs Guest

    ok i have constructed a little project to hopefully get those JP voices working on NA main characters.
    i have extracted files from ellin (PCFemale_Voice04) (this is for popori).

    they have been extracted succesfully in two methods
    one is just ogg files so that the actual audio can be listened to

    because the JP version actually has extra audio for animations that are no longer available on the NA version
    when editing and replacing you now have to choose between say Bow01 and bow 02
    this is because the JP client works that way and it is why our NA doesnt like it and has that
    fatal client error, this wasnt the case before only recently because of the fate of arun patch.

    i guess en masse decided to delete some things? i dnno.

    the other method extracted everything from cues,attenuniation,triggers, and so on

    please have a look at the package i have compiled
    and if this isnt anything new let me know
    i have a feeling i am onto something here im just not the most knowledgeable
    but have taken a good step forward i believe.
    if someone can help me repack the contents extracted back to GPK
    the voice issues will be solved.

    EXTRACTS for POssible MOD NA JP
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  2. junkcollector

    junkcollector Potential Patron

    Apr 19, 2015
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    Very cool! I'm no good at modding, but this is definitely interesting!