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May 30, 2011

Fierce conflicts on the socio-political issue of abortion were a mainstay of American politics. It took the increasing influence of Japan and its differing cultural views on the matter of death to start a process, which would lead to the appearance of Deathgivers.

Liberal circles began accepting the idea that living one’s life was not an obligation, under the influence of primarily Japanese culture. Debates brought on the issue of equalizing the stance on the death penalty, euthanasia and abortion, questioning the selective banning of only some of these concepts.
This slowly gained popularity, at first in areas where many Asians lived. People, usually martial artists, took lives away, and because of questionable morality of some of those, the police tried to hunt them down, which would result in casualties for the police.

However, as crime intensified across the country in the nineties, along with the spread of corruption into the police forces, this concept would be embraced by panicked authorities, and undergo evolution. Highly trained, strong men would now have the license to fight crime in lethal ways and end lives on request- a nod to political circles who viewed overpopulation as issue.

There was an issue, in that corrupt police forces could not perform oversight on the Deathgivers, and such, these men would get away with committing extreme acts, often leaving trails of bodies behind them.

One of the first Deathgivers would be Ryu Hoshi, a martial artist from Japan who often fought in tournaments hosted in the United States.

On a warm summer day of 1997 in Los Angeles, Ryu is conducting a public execution of a man who has lost his family and is no longer willing to live.

"Are you sure you want to do this?", the burly Asian male asks.

The man had almost a starving appearance, and looked fatigued. Nodding, he answers “Let me be with my family…”

Nodding, Ryu lets out a yell and sidekicks the man in the chest, sending the man flying into a brick wall just behind him. He holds his foot in place and presses forward, making sure the heart has burst before letting him fall to the ground.
Just then, the sound of gunshots can be heard and people are screaming.

Some completely involuntary slaughter was taking place only blocks away. It wasn't just gunfire. A powerful explosion rumbles through the air, cracking glass windows around Ryu.
He makes for the general location of the blast with all due haste, and arrives just in time to see an overturned armoured van, its rear door blasted out and smoke coming out as a result of the explosion.
Two men wearing balaclavas are pulling out weapon crates from the damaged vehicle, while another one shoots into the clothes stalls of a nearby store.

With the stealth of a ninja, Ryu sneaks behind the two men at the back of the van and wraps his harms around their necks to lock in a double dragon sleeper. The criminals resist, twitching and flailing, but soon, their resistance starts to fade, and twin cracks signal their demise. The Asian man releases their limp bodies, and uses the confusion in the shooter to approach him from behind, taking the left side.

The panicked man calls out to his accomplices, but hears nothing. Checking behind the overturned van, he sees their bodies, freaking out.

“Who did t-this…?! Show yourself!”

He technically would never get his wish, as Ryu tackles him from behind, making the initial groan turn into a scream as he applies a straight armbar to the right hand of his opponent.
Quickly grabbing the sides of the target’s chin, Ryu pulls upwards, causing the neck vertebrae to fracture in a quick succession, which, besides killing the man, had also stimulated the fighter’s erection. It was a dark side of him- coexisting with the outwardly values of justice and order.

A bloodied woman crawls out from underneath the corpse of what might have been her husband and child, sobbing. She checked their bodies, but they were not moving at all. Her cries mix with those of other wounded people.
Ryu, feeling her cries to be signs of anguish, heads over to her. It seems she would rather not have stayed alive, alone.

“I can help you be with them, forever…” the fighter says. The woman looks up, to see a muscular man in a very light blue gi, which also had a bulge in the crotch area. The erection was almost hurting Ryu by this point.
Any fear is gone, though, and she simply nods, and the man approaches her, laying besides her, as he proceeds to wrap his legs around her neck.

" will be reunited, soon.", he says, gradually squeezing, until a groan from the female, whose face was in Ryu’s crotch, drives him to twist, eliciting a gasp as the snap on her neck nearly drives him to ejaculation. He couldn’t truly force himself upon a civilian, not yet, at least.

Events would go into his favour, though. The crack of the woman’s neck startled a rather despicable person- a small criminal that was scavenging the bodies of the dead for money and valuables. Not only that, but the latest victim he thought was dead, wheezes out a ghastly cry: "Help me...“, scaring the robber out of his wits.

Ryu is disgusted by this. "You like to steal from corpses? I will make you into a corpse.” He says, and then tackles the robber, wasting no time in applying a kimura lock. The robber’s scream only make him groan. He gets up, quickly flipping over the thief after having grabbed his left leg.

The resulting ankle lock leaves the target crippled and wailing in agony. The Asian man comes over to the woman that had called for help.

“Are you…still alive?”- the answer he gets is a slow nod, at first. Then, she speaks:

“I am...paralyzed...I cannot move, yet I still feel pain. not wish to be a burden...” The cause of her state is a metal fragment in her neck, which Ryu removes after kneeling beside the woman.

“I can ease your pain temporarily." He removes the metal and places a thumb just above her collarbone. "You will be able to feel for a short time and that should ease your pain. It will return, though, and it will be permanent. Make use of this time.” he advises her.

The woman gasps, but then her facial expression calms down. She realizes the Asian warrior is sporting an erection. "I am in a state worse than death. It will be okay, I suppose...if you wish to have sex with me.", she says.

Without hesitation, Ryu lowers his pants, revealing his erection. The girl gasps, revealing her amazement at the Asian man’s penis.

Ryu reaches into her shirt and removes her undergarments. He uses his fingers to prepare the space and then inserts his cock into her. He presses in tightly and begins moving, slowly at first. He thinks of all the battles he has fought and all the people he has killed. He thinks of every bone he's broken on his enemies. He pumps harder and harder into the girl as he focuses on his own physical superiority.

As she makes pleasured noises, Ryu begins to kiss with her, thrusting faster while placing his left arm underneath her neck, already preparing an arm triangle choke to finish her off. She knew death was coming, but strangely enough, the experience of wonderful, painless sex made her wonder if death could be enjoyable, too.

The Japanese man feels he will cum soon, especially when he places his right hand onto the left arm, completing the arm triangle, which he immediately begins to tighten, maintaining the kiss.

The tightness of the female, and the realization of what he’s about to do drive him over the edge. Just as he feels her juices flowing intensely over his cock, Ryu applies maximum pressure, causing the brunette’s gasps to go quieter. Her body goes limp, and it’s enough for Ryu to utter something akin to a battle cry, as he ejaculates.

He kisses her one final time, and then, placing his right hand firmly on her left cheek, pushes hard to the opposite side. The snap of her neck gives him newfound energy as he thrusts more, emptying his balls fully into her.
Looking at her dead body, he smiles and gets up.

Ryu gets up and heads back to the robber who is still squirming on the ground.

"I've decided death is too good for you.“ Ryu says, as he picks the robber up and lays him across his shoulders.

“If I break your back in the right way, you will be completely paralyzed, forever." Those words send the robber into panicked cries and pleas, but the fighter just proceeds to set this sadistic technique up.

Ryu adjusts the position until he feels the proper vertebrae lining up. Then, he pulls down with his arms very slowly, bending the back and stretching the chest and abdominal muscles almost to the point of ripping. The vertebrae eventually begin to separate and then a single crack is heard.

The fracture of crucial vertebrae leaves the felon screaming, as his body goes limp. "N-no...not like this....", he sobs, trying to move any and every limb, but failing.

The Asian man feels his hard-on coming back from pulling the move off, as he walks away. However, his plans of horrific punishment would run into trouble, as a young investigative journalist finds himself near the area of the vicious attack, and at first, the cries of the crippled robber attract him.

He realizes the man was a robber, but his account of an Asian man in a gi killing a woman during sex should be investigated, and thus, he runs off in the direction given by the crippled thief. Quickly, he spots a man looking like a stereotypical martial artist.

He pulls his camera out, attempting to take footage.

Ryu hears the noise of the camera being readied, and comes over to the journalist. "I only kill those who deserve it or those who stand in my way."

“Y-you…are a murderer!”, the young man says, trying to get away.

Ryu catches up, and twists the right arm of the male with a hammerlock, almost dislocating his shoulder. "Are you going to stand in my way?"

The reporter shrieks in panic. He struggles, but then ceases, seeing it is futile. " killed so many people...?!", he speaks in protest, even though it might have been smarter for him to just stay silent.

"I killed only criminals or people who wished to die. Perhaps you'd like to join them?" He tightens his arm around the male’s neck. He struggles to comprehend this, as the lack of oxygen affects him, but also the sensation of something weird pressing against his ass.

"Really...? They die...?"

"Some. Others were murders who deserved to die. However, if you are determined to stand in my way I will be forced to end you as well. I will rid your place of criminals and I will help those who wish to die. Make your choice."

The journalist gulps, torn between his professional quest on one side, and common sense on the other.

“Please let me see…those you killed…on request.”, he asks, hoping to look at the faces of the victims of this man. To his surprise, the hold is loosened, and Ryu walks back towards the dead bodies, with the young man under control.

He lets him from the hold near the corpse of the mostly naked woman he had sex with. As the journalist looks at the expression of the woman, amazed by the lack of struggle, the Japanese martial artist changes his mind on the thief’s fate.
He could cause issues by staying alive and telling lies. Furthermore, Ryu was hard from that paralyzing move, and the idea of another kill turned his dark side on, while calming his good side in a twisted way- death was merciful to the thief.

He raises his right foot high in the air, and just as the press man turns to comment on the dead woman, an axe kick sprays some blood on the pavement- a tell-tale sign of a devastating blow. The robber was dead.
The journalist gasps, seeing the blood on the road. “S-she didn’t suffer…but you just killed another person. I can’t just say I never found you…” he says, blushing as his eyes expand at the sight of a large bulge in the martial artist’s gi.

Ryu smirks, and comes up to the young man, gripping his right arm, and falling onto his back, as the inexperienced man protests. The fighter’s legs form a triangle around the other’s head. Then, Ryu pulls his erection out.

“You will give me a blowjob. I can kill you with the triangle choke, or make you pass out- it will be easy for you to forget details.” Ryu says.

Trembling, the journalist opens his mouth, and Ryu plugs it immediately, as he fully locks the triangle choke in. Upwards thrusts begin, and the Asian feels a rush of pleasure from controlling this naïve, timid man.

There was no issue involving the lack of consent- the male sucked actively, as a casual look by Ryu revealed he got erect, too. The hold got tighter as the Japanese warrior got closer to spurting cum.

“Tap with your left hand if you want me to just knock you out.”, he says.
However, no tapping came. Not because the journalist couldn’t. Ryu Hoshi blinked, but said nothing. He simply tightened the hold, gritting his teeth as the ejaculation came closer.

“I will snap your neck when I cum. Get ready.” he announces, and receives only a slight whimper.

Unable to hold himself, even unwilling, as the (un)fortunate male offered no objection, Ryu Hoshi grits his teeth, twisting his hips. A single, sharp crack makes him roar.

The young male twitches as his mouth is filled with cum, and another twist of Ryu’s hips, this time to the opposite side, shuts him down for good, as Ryu sighs. Wanting to be sure the male is not left alive and forever suffering, with a final jolt Ryu jars the whole neck back, leaving the reporter’s head to dangle off to the side after a slight pop.

He heard sirens in the distance, so he had to be quick about hiding. He got up, and went into a back alley. However, it seems this day was filled with negative energy.
Overhearing angry shouts, he traced back, to see a vicious dispute between two police officers, while a paramedic was involved, too- the latter seemed rather frightened. What’s more, a crowd started to gather.

It seemed one of them was interested in taking items off the corpse of an attacker on the armoured van, despite warnings this was against the procedure.
Just as Ryu Hoshi came into position to better observe the quarrel, the cop directly behind him tries to shove away the paramedic and take something in the pocket of the dead criminal. The other policeman tries to stop him, but suddenly a shot rings through the air, causing panic.

Ryu darts forward, going after the corrupt cop, and even as he reacts in time to turn around, the slightly tubby man gets kicked in the gut, causing him to double over, and drop the weapon. A powerful knee to the face breaks his nose, and then, the Japanese martial artist decides on the method of capital punishment of the police officer turned killer.

Focusing himself, he unleashes rapid punches into the part of the ribcage protecting the heart. The policeman groans, and clutches his heart, then drops dead. The paramedic is now able to try and tend to the wounds of the shot officer.

Ryu turns around to the shocked crowd. "This is what happens to criminals!" he yells to the crowd. "I am here to protect and serve the good people of this city!" After this declaration, he walks away…

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