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DA Merrill Dialogue

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by secret_goblin, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. secret_goblin

    secret_goblin Potential Patron

    Sep 3, 2012
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    As a fan and a lover of mods. I was inspired by RajasGrime's Merrill hair and my love for Dragon Age, I created my first Dialogue.

    I present for your consumption: DA_Merrill.


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  2. SpectralTime

    SpectralTime Potential Patron

    Sep 28, 2011
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    This is a very good dialogue that well-captures the actual character. So... rock.

    On the other hand... I feel it could use a bit of proofreading.
  3. secret_goblin

    secret_goblin Potential Patron

    Sep 3, 2012
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    Thank you. I do have to say that spelling and punctuation are not my strong suits, having been a computer major in college.
  4. Omnomimous

    Omnomimous Potential Patron

    Sep 12, 2012
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    I did a quick proofread and fixed the few errors I noticed. If someone could give me a quick explanation of how to upload it when clicking the browse button does nothing, then...
    Meh, screw it. It's in the spoilers.

    intro:"I'll try not to do this wrong. The way you want. I mean I'll try to do this the way you want. I'm babbling again. Let's go."
    intro:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Over here, you- you vile, mean thing -giggle-"
    intro:"Isabela taught me some things she says you will like."
    intro:"[HAPPY_MOOD]why are you smiling? Is it something dirty?"
    intro:""Where do I put that? There? It won't fit!"
    intro:"I don't think that's a real snake. How would you keep it in there without it getting away? I mean- Oh, I'll stop talking now."
    intro:"I learned a dirty spell from anders. Do you want to see it?"
    intro:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Yes, ma vhenan?"

    general:"[HAPPY_MOOD][LOOK_UP]I love you. I say that a lot. It makes things clearer, more reasoned. Oops, I'm babbling. I need to stop. Please stop me. -giggle-"
    general:"I want your mark upon me*, YOU*."
    general:"Things are about to get exciting!"
    general:"You'll get more than you bargained for!"
    general:"You brought this upon youself, you know."
    general:"If you tell Varric about this, I will strangle you."
    general:"It is hard like stone."
    general:"Is this what they do in the Blooming Rose? I thought it was a brothel. What does this have to do with broth?"
    general:"This would be nicer if we could do it in the sun. But then I guess everyone could see us. I don't know how I feel about that."
    general:"Have I mentioned that I love you?"
    general:"I'm glad you took me from the alienage. I want to stay with you always."
    general:"Let's turn away from Messerre Pointy-Face. It feels like he is watching me."
    general:"Aveline says only slatterns like to do this. does that make me a slattern? I think I like being a slattern."
    general:"Did you hear something? Besides us, I mean."
    general:"Do you think we could go swimming later?"
    general:"Is this dirty? I feel dirty."
    general:"I was told dirty is bad. But I like this."
    general:"Maybe I need to stop talking."
    general:"I'm so nervous. What if I do this wrong? What if I bite? Will you not want me to do this again?"
    general:"Maybe Isabela could join us next time. I would like to see how she does it."
    general:"Even mages need exercise."
    general:"Do you think Andraste did this for the Maker?"
    general:"I have to say, this is a nice break from being chased by Templars."
    general:"-giggle-You're not going to say anything?"
    general:""Ma vhenan."
    general:"Are you happy? I am."
    general:"Creators! That's a big one!"
    general:"Keeper help me!"
    general:"[HAPPY_MOOD][LOOK_UP]The Keeper always said not to stop pulling hair. But you can pull mine.-giggle-"

    restart:"Maybe I'll become a Cum Mage. Do you think there is such a thing?"
    restart:"Maker's Breath! More!"
    restart:"Even the parts of me that weren't black and blue are bruised now."
    restart:"You are like the Dread Wolf himself! *FINISHES* already and you want more?"
    restart:"Is this going to be a new tradition*, YOU*?"
    restart:"So the first time in my mouth...an accident, right?"

    interrupt:"-Oh, for the love of-"


    resistance:"[LOOK_UP]Please help me do this. You will, won't you?"
    resistance:"Oh dear. I wasn't ready."
    resistance:"I'm a little overwhelmed here!"
    resistance:"It's much too long!"
    resistance:"That should have worked. why did that not work?"
    resistance:"That didn't go quite like I thought it would."
    resistance:"Oh, I have an idea!"
    resistance:"Oh, let me try again."
    resistance:"I've tried everything. Can you help me?"
    resistance:"I don't know why, but I feel nervous."
    resistance:"It is not a spell I am familiar with."
    resistance:"[SHOCK]It's enormous!"

    first_throat:"[SHOCK]This is good, right?"
    first_throat:"[SHOCK]Oh, that's gonna hurt-"
    first_throat:"[SHOCK]It's no good. I can't..."

    first_dt:"[SHOCK]My goodness, that was exciting!"
    first_dt:"It occurs to me: How did Throating get it's name? Can you show me?"

    pull_off:"[ADD_TEARS]Keeper help me!"
    pull_off:"[ADD_TEARS]Creators! That's a big one!"

    held:"[ADD_TEARS]I know Dalish are meant to be close to the earth. But we still need to breath!"
    held:"[ADD_TEARS]I couldn't move!"
    held:"[ADD_TEARS]I can't move!"

    wake:"[COUGH]Can I just lie down for a moment[DROOL]."
    wake:"[COUGH]Keeper Marethari? Is that you?[DROOL]"
    wake:"[COUGH]I was in the Fade![DROOL]"

    vigorous:"You are going as deep as the harbor![DROOL]"
    vigorous:"It is my risk to take!"
    vigorous:"This is so...intimate.[DROOL]"
    vigorous:"It is like magic. It just takes practice."
    vigorous:"Your swording is excellent[DROOL]."
    vigorous:"[COUGH]Are you sure this is right? I've probably messed this up."
    vigorous:"I'm sorry I can't do this anymore.[DROOL]"
    vigorous:"[COUGH]I'm tiring."
    vigorous:"Treat my mouth like the Deep roads!"

    pre_cum:"Ma serannas! Oh, that was close[DROOL]."
    pre_cum:"don't worry*, YOU*. I'm cumming!"

    cum_on_face:"I think it's over. Do you think it's over? Is it over?"
    cum_on_face:"More? Really*, YOU*? Even more? This is ridiculous!"
    cum_on_face:"Does this mean I get my baby griffon? I'll name him Feathers. He'll be extra fluffy."
    cum_on_face:"Is this like vallaslin? Does it come off? Do I have to keep wearing it?"
    cum_on_face:"Is this what Isabela means when she talks about the salty spray in her face?"
    cum_on_face:"Ma vhenan, I was thinking. Can we do this again?"

    cum_in_mouth:"Ugh! This tastes terrible."
    cum_in_mouth:""It's wonderful! Thank you!"
    cum_in_mouth:"Shall I swallow? Am I supposed to swallow? I think I will swallow.[SWALLOW]"

    cum_in_throat:"Bottoms up![DROOL]"
    cum_in_throat:"[COUGH]I'll have to ask Isabela how she does this without choking."

    cum_in_eye:"By the Creators! My eye? Really? Of all places. You did that on purpose*, YOU*.-giggle-"

    swallow:"You're very kind. Thank you."
    swallow:""I came...Did you?[DROOL]"
    swallow:"Well, that was nice of you!"
    swallow:"Did you enjoy that, ma vhenan? I did!"
    swallow:"This is so much fun. I'm glad you asked me!"