1. Deltavoid

    Flash Player (standalone) not loading mods...(SDTL) PROBLEM SOLVED

    quick answer: Remove or comment out sdtl.swf from mods.txt This is an issue I have had for a while. I started using @some_dude 's SDT Launcher and i liked it, however after some time, issues with mods started appearing and load times were not ideal for troubleshooting settings. When I went back...
  2. dantethedarkprince

    Gamer Girl Headsets: X-BOX 360 1.0

    This is the X-BOX 360 Headset Pictured above. Wii Headset can be found here. PS3 Headset can be found here. X12 Headset can be found here.
  3. Shadow0000031

    moreCumSpurts causing frozen spit

    Hi there - recently discovered SDT and it's great, a lot of the mods are great, but I'm having an annoying problem. I'm using the moreCumSpurtsV5 mod (and only that mod, aside from the ones that came in the default folder). When I started using it, I noticed that spit strands often completely...
  4. Sihon

    PNG Error

    Hello community! I ran into this problem. Super deepthroat does not want to open PNG files (backgrounds and hair). I tried to run through a browser using a loader and without it. Please help!
  5. A

    How to load Faceless' s Loader Archive 1? Renamed as problem is not in archive 4

    Hi. I was trying to load Faceless's archive 4 loader mod. I managed to get the eye mods working. However when I try to load the arm and breast mods, it gives me an error saying "Mod Loading Failed". Does anyone know how to fix it?. NOTE: I used the method of loading the mods via Mods.txt but...
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