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Oct 19, 2015
Black Widow looked around the house of a rival’s student, looking around the photos of Rainbow Mika with Yoko Harmageddon, Yamato Nadeshiko or the other members of IJWPW; short form for Iwashigahama Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling and Rainbow Mike previous wrestling company. She then glanced up at Mika who carried a tray of tea and some crackers.

‘I see that Yoko been training you for years.’ Black Widow stated the obvious, trying to start the conversation.

Mika smiled as she placed the tray on the table before Widow. ‘Yeah. I learnt everything from her. She’s an amazing coach despite her injuries. I hope she didn’t harm you too much.’

Black Widow grimaced as she massaged her back before stroking her new pixie cut hair. ‘Besides my pride but I survive. So, what does the student of my arch-nemesis want with me?’

Mika smiled as she sat opposite of Widow, taking a snack. ‘Well you see, there’s this Heel in the CWF. Her name is Ezra Scarlet and she’s been terrorising the other Faces for months. I’m the… De facto leader of these Faces but I got my ass kicked by Ezra. Even as we speak, that psycho red hair bitch is recruiting more members to her league.’

‘And you want me to join your clubhouse and help you against this Ezra woman?’ Black Widow concluded. She continued when Mika nodded. ‘What does your mentor say about this?’

Mika shrugged. ‘Yoko doesn’t really involve herself in CWF matters now a days. And she said that she doesn’t mind if you join me. She even encouraged it.’

‘I see…’ Black Widow murmured as she sipped her tea. She took a snack and munched on it before grinning. ‘Well… Before I say anything, let’s spar.’

‘Come again?’ Mika asked in surprise.

Widow smirked. ‘You heard me. I want a spar with you. If you win, I’ll join your cause. If I win, I will humiliate you like how Yoko did to me last week.’

Mika smiled and stood up. ‘Sounds good. Follow me.’

Black Widow nodded and followed the blonde wrestler down her basement. Mika turned on the switch and her dark basement lighted up, revealing a wrestling ring in the middle of the basement and surrounded by gym equipments. Mika climbed into the ring and pulled Widow into the ring, walking away from her.

‘Let’s do this like this is the CWF.’ Mika said as she slowly removed her clothes, revealing her white toned body with biceps and six-packs. Her pink nipples were hard and blonde hairy vagina exposed.

Black Widow chuckled and began taking off her clothes, showing her own white toned body with biceps and six-packs. Her brown nipples were hard and brown hairy vagina exposed. With both wrestlers in their birthday suits, they put their clothes in neat pile before facing each other; getting into fighting stance.

Growling in unison, Black Widow and Mika collided into each other as they flung their arms around their heads: grappling each other back and forth in the ring. Being the more experienced fighter, Widow pushed Mika’s arms away before karate chopping the blonde on the sides of her neck.

Mika gasped as her hands went to her neck, only to be scooped up by Widow. The German woman spun the younger wrestler in circles before slamming her feet onto the mat in an atomic drop. Mika gasped as she stumbled away from Widow, the German woman preparing to slam an elbow into the blonde’s back.

To her surprise, Mika leapt into the air and slammed her bottoms into Widow’s face, slamming her back onto the mat while face-sitting on her. Widow gasped into Mika’s bottoms as the blonde punched her stomach twice before rolling off her. Mika grabbed one of Widow’s arm and leg and slammed both her boots into her sides, bending her body in a Bow and Arrow hold.

Black Widow screamed as her body was bent sideway, Mika putting more pressure onto her sides while yanking her leg and arm from her joints. Widow managed to roll towards Mika and using her free arm, punched Mika right in her hairy vagina. Mika gasped and let go of widow, rolling away from her while holding her hairy vagina.

Mika reached the ropes and used one of them to pull herself up onto her feet, only for Widow to tackle her out of the ring. Mika screamed as she was knocked out of the ring, slammed into the basement’s walls before falling onto the floor. Mika groaned and got onto her fours while Black Widow climbed on the ropes. With deadly accuracy, she leapt off the ropes and aimed her knees into Mika’s back.

Mika sensed the attack from above and pushed herself away, landing on her back as she watched Black Widow’s knees slamming into the floor. Widow howled as her hands went for her injured knees, leaving herself defenceless before Mika. Mika got onto her feet and grabbed the older wrestler by the head, slamming her face into the wall before stomping on her spine.

Then she pulled the disoriented Widow onto her feet and threw her back into the ring, following after her. Widow held her face as she and Mika stood up, ready to face each other. Both of them roared as they locked fingers, pushing each other back and forth in a test of strength. It was Mika’s turn to win the stalemate as she wrapped her arms around Widow’s waist, scooping her up into the air and bear-hugging her.

Widow gasped as she felt the air being pushed out from her but because her arms were free, she began punching Mika in the temple repeatedly. Mika groaned as Widow’s punches were giving her a headache, releasing the German woman from the hold. Before Mika could either launch an offensive or defensive move, Black Widow grabbed hold of her head and pushed her down; locking her in a headlock.

Mika screamed as she felt the pressure on her head, slamming her elbows twice into Black Widow’s stomach. The German woman only grunted as she ran forward, bull-dogging the blonde wrestler into the mat. Then she quickly rolled Mika onto her back and lay on top of her, hooking one leg up into the air as she goes for the pin.

‘1… 2…’

Mika managed to kick out from the pin, sending Black Widow onto her back. Both wrestlers laid on the mat for a few seconds before getting back onto their feet, looking at each other and breathing heavily. Black Widow smiled at Mika.

‘Not bad. Looks like Yoko taught you well.’

Mika smiled back. ‘Thanks. It means a lot hearing that from her rival.’

Black Widow chuckled and got into fighting stance. ‘Perhaps if I win, I can show you more wrestling moves that your master may had forgotten to teach you.’

Mika smiled back as she got into fighting stance too. ‘Sounds grand but I think I stick to Yoko’s teachings.’

Mika and Widow roared and charged into each other again, sweat flying every where as their white toned bodies collided into each other. They grappled back and forth for a while before Widow planted her feet firmly into the mat and lifted the blonde wrestler up into the air, falling backwards and slamming Mika’s back onto the mat. Mika yelped and rolled away from Widow, arching her back in pain.

Widow grabbed both of Mika’s pig-tails and yanked her up onto her feet, kneeing her in the stomach and in the face. She prepared another knee missile into Mika’s face but the blonde wrestler wrapped her arms around the German woman’s leg and forced her onto her back, twisting her ankle in an ankle lock. Black Widow screamed as she tried to kick Mika off her, enduring the pain without tapping out.

She planted her other boot into Mika’s stomach and managed to push her away, slowly getting up onto her feet. Mika roared and charged towards Black Widow and leapt into the air, turning her back at the German woman in mid-air. Widow screamed in surprise when Mika’s bottoms slammed into her face, slamming her onto the mat. Mika quickly got off her opponent and rolled her onto her stomach, sitting on her back and began applying a double Boston crab hold on her.

Black Widow screamed as her spine was bent, trying to reach for the ropes. Finally she used her legs and catapulted Mika into the ropes. Mika moaned as she was in between the ropes while Widow got back onto her feet. The German woman growled and shoved her fingers into Mika’s vagina, fingering her hard and rough while holding her hair and putting her in the ropes.

Mika moaned as felt Widow’s fingers inside her clitoris as she was being forced into the ropes. Before she could reach her climax, Mika pushed one leg back in between Widow’s legs; sweeping one leg off the mat. Widow yelped as she hit her side as Mika turned around to face her, grabbing her by the head. Mika pulled Widow up onto her feet and onto her shoulders, carrying her back to the middle of the ring.

When she reached the centre of the ring, Mika roared and brought Widow down in a brain buster. Widow screamed as she fell on her back, arching her back. Mika was not done with her yet though. Mika pulled Widow onto her feet and pushed her down, wrapping her arms around her waist before lifting the German woman onto her shoulders.

Mika grinned as she had full access to Widow’s hairy vagina, licking and sucking on her labia. Widow moaned lewdly as she felt Mika’s soft tongue inside of her, holding onto her head as she rode her. Mika pushed her tongue deeper into Widow’s vagina, poking her sensitive spots. Widow moaned sexually as she orgasmed all over Mika’s face, her eyes were crossed.

Licking cum off her face, lips and Widow’s clitoris, Mika smiled as she power bombed Widow into the mat; making the entire ring shook. Widow groaned in pain as Mika continued to lick her leaking vagina, pinning her as well.

‘1… 2… 3!’

Mika smiled as she pushed Widow’s legs down and climbed on top of her, face-sitting her. Mika bounced on Widow’s face for a while before moaning lewdly, orgasming all over Black Widow’s face. The German woman gagged and coughed as her mouth was filled with Mika’s thick cum, swallowing as much as she can. Once she was done unloading her cum on Widow, Mika rolled off her and rested on her bottoms; breathing heavily. Widow was still on her back, panting heavily as she slowly licked the cum off her face.

‘So?’ Mika asked. ‘Now that you been defeated by my master and me, will you join my cause against Eza Scarlet?’

It took Black Widow some time before she reply. ‘A deal is a deal, yes. I am your ally.’

Mika smiled. ‘Great. We will achieve great things and make CWF a safer place for Faces together.’

Black Widow nodded and gasped when Mika pulled her head up and kissed her cum-covered lips, sucking on her tongue. Widow recovered from her surprise and kissed Mika back, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. They broke the kiss and Mika giggled, connecting her wet hairy vagina to Widow’s.

‘Perhaps you can help me with another kind of fight?’ Mika asked as she slowly grind her labia against Widow’s.

Widow smirked as she grinned her labia back to Mika. ‘Sure.’
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