Reiko Hinomoto - Dirty Tricks (1 Viewer)

Asuka Kazama Ryona

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“That Reiko girl really is something, isn’t she?”

Sebastian nodded in agreement as he and Mistress Spencer continued to watch Reiko Hinomoto’s match. Reiko’s opponent, Candy Cane, was a teetering, punch-drunk mess in the ring after being completely dominated by the Japanese wrestler.

“It’s over!” exclaimed Reiko as she got behind Candy Cane and wrapped her arms around her waist. With a grunt, she lifted the dizzy fighter up, took her over as she bent her body backwards, and slammed her down in a vicious powerbomb.


Mistress Spencer turned to her slave while the crowd cheered at the announcement of Reiko’s victory. “Say, Sebastian, Mistress would sure love to see you take on that little Reiko in the ring.”

The clown looked at Spencer quizzically and pointed at himself and then at Reiko as if to ask, Me? Fight her?

His mistress laughed, running her hand on his head and down to his neck. “Don’t worry, pet, I have a plan for you. And if you win...” She put her hand on his chin, turned his face to hers, and pulled him close to whisper in his ear.

“...I’ll punish you generously right after.”

Sebastian gulped; he felt his face flush a hot red behind his thick clown makeup, and he felt the back of his neck break into a light sweat from excitement. He looked back at the ring and watched an ecstatic Reiko celebrate yet another victory, running to each of the ring posts and playing up the crowd, blissfully unaware of things to come.

“Introducing tonight’s fighters! Starting with the rising Rumble Roses star from Japan, it’s the Zero Fighter Reiko Hinomoto!”

The crowd erupted as the curtain over the arena entrance gave way to reveal a tall figure draped in a white hood. Music swelled from the speakers, and as they played the first lines of an upbeat Japanese pop song, Reiko took her hood off and ran down the ramp leading to the ring. She leapt over the top rope, made a thunderous landing onto the canvas, and basked in the audience’s undivided attention.

Reiko turned to the cameras and bent over slowly to their level, giving the crowd a view of her bright, smiling face and of her ample cleavage on the big screens around the arena. Her smile grew wider as the audience roared in response. The whole arena was completely enraptured with her as she winked and posed for the crowd, showing off her athletic body in her brand-new outfit. Reiko’s pre-match routines and her undeniable talent in the ring made her a fan favorite in the world of Rumble Roses, and she loved it. Becoming a wrestling star had always been Reiko’s dream, and she had finally made it.

“And introducing our challenger… Mistress- what?”

There was a sea of confused murmurs as the announcement paused for a good few seconds. Reiko turned to the announcers’ booth and saw the emcee turned away from the mic as a staff member whispered in her ear. Huh?

“Looks like there’s been a change in plans! Our challenger tonight is the Clown, uh, Clown… Clown from— Hell... Sebastian!”


A very confused Reiko turned to the direction of the arena entrance and saw a bald, shirtless clown lumber down the ramp. His painted face remained expressionless despite the shower of boos and the calls for Mistress Spencer from the crowd.

This guy… I’ve seen him before. He follows Mistress Spencer everywhere she goes. But why is he here now? What’s going on?
Reiko faced the announcers’ booth again and called out.

“Hey, where’s Mistress Spencer?!”

The announcer replied on the microphone for everyone to hear. “We’ve been informed that Mistress Spencer had an emergency to deal with, and that she has sent her, uh, servant Sebastian to fight for her instead.”

Strange… thought Reiko as she stepped to the center of the ring and squared up across Sebastian, eyeing him skeptically. I didn’t even know this guy could wrestle. But whatever, I’ll give it my all against whoever I face!

“A strange turn of events, but the show must go on! Roses, on your marks!”

Reiko bent her knees slightly and tensed her body, ready to strike. Sebastian merely put his fists up as he stood still.



Sebastian staggered as Reiko immediately tagged him in the face with a powerful left cross that went around his lazy guard. He saw a follow-up elbow strike coming as he turned to face Reiko again, but he couldn’t react in time to save himself from getting slammed in the nose.


Sebastian whined as he cupped his nose with his hands, leaving himself completely wide open. Seeing this, Reiko took a few steps back to give herself a small running start before leaping high into air to drop kick the clown across his chest.


The crowd roared as Reiko’s drop kick leveled Sebastian. The Zero Fighter quickly climbed up to her feet and watched Sebastian writhing in pain on the floor, clutching his nose as he did so. A half-annoyed, half-baffled look came over Reiko’s face as she spent an uncomfortably long amount of time waiting for Sebastian to stand again.

“Come on, is that all you’ve got? We’ve barely even started! At least put up a fight and make me work for this!”

Nothing. Sebastian still made no effort to pull himself up.

“Fine! If you’re not getting up, I’ll make you!” Reiko approached her fallen opponent, intent on dragging him back to his feet. Reiko circled Sebastian on the mat, who saw her but stayed put, looking up at her toned legs from his position. Meeting his leer, Reiko turned and bent down to grab Sebastian who instinctively covered his face. Behind his cupped hands, the clown grinned. Faster than anything he'd done so far, he shot upright and threw a punch to Reiko's face— which she met with an open palm.

“Really? A cheap shot?” An angry, two-handed yank on Sebastian’s captured arm forced him up, and Reiko smashed her knee against his solar plexus. The clown let out a loud wheeze at the blow and doubled over instantly. And as he paused to catch his breath, Reiko reached over to wrap his arms over his back and around his waist.

“I don’t mind seeing beginner wrestlers in the ring, but!” Reiko rooted her feet on the canvas and tensed her muscles. Then she roared with effort as she lifted Sebastian clear off the floor, holding the now-panicking clown upside down.

“Dishonorable fighters like you piss me off!”


Reiko drilling Sebastian’s head and neck onto the canvas made a sound like thunder, the sound of the vicious piledriver ringing out through the whole arena against the cheers of the audience. Sebastian was instantly knocked out, his legs awkwardly splayed out in the air as his upside-down body remained folded in Reiko’s grip. She kept him in that position for a brief moment as she caught her breath, then she dumped him on the ring floor, stood up, and pumped her fist in the air.

“I win!” Not that it was a challenge at all, but I’ll take it anyway. One by one, she went over to each corner of the ring to face her adoring fans. Tugging on her leather arm sleeves, Reiko revealed her toned arms, flexing for the crowd as a treat. With her costume partially off, she posed for the cameras like this, cocking her hip to the side and crossing her arms behind her head. “You like that?” Shooting the crowd a smile, a late realization crossed her mind.

Shouldn’t they be calling the match yet? Reiko turned to the referees’ table to check—


The only referee there was blindfolded and tightly bound to a chair with his mouth taped shut. Posing next to his struggling figure was Mistress Spencer, who had a roll of duct tape in her hand and a menacing glint in her eye. She seized a microphone from the table, and spoke, “Celebrating a little too early, aren’t we Reiko? This worm of a referee hasn’t announced anything, so you haven’t won this match yet.” she ran the tip of her riding crop over his cheek and down the black leather harness that was holding the ref in place. “Isn’t that right, Sebastian?”

Reiko glanced at Sebastian only for a split second just to see if he had gotten up. He hadn’t, so she turned back to Mistress Spencer and her captive referee.

“Wha— what’s going on? Why are you doing this?!” She gripped the top rope tightly as she stared daggers into Mistress Spencer’s unfazed eye. The audience could only sit back, watching the tense exchange.

“Oh Reiko, how adorable you look when you’re angry,” chuckled the dominatrix. Tucking the riding crop into her thigh-high garters, she slinked over to the ring with a twisted smile on her face. She went on, her hard eyes on Reiko’s the whole time, “Why am I doing this? It’s simple, really. Because I want to. And whatever the Mistress wants, the Mistress will get.”

The Zero Fighter looked back at the bound referee and then at the announcers’ booth, which she found to be empty. Spencer followed her gaze with a lifted chin and remarked, “Don’t worry, little Reiko. I’ve taken care of the worthless emcee and the other staff here in the arena. Unless I let the referee go, which I won’t, no one is going to call the match for you.”

“What’s stopping me from going down there and setting him free? You?” challenged Reiko.

“No, not me. Him,” replied Mistress Spencer sweetly while pointing behind her.

Reiko’s eyes widened as her feet left the floor and her view of Mistress Spencer was suddenly replaced with the harsh lights on the ceiling.


She barely even registered that she’d been lifted onto someone’s shoulder; the two thick arms that hauled her up brought her crashing back down immediately, slamming her ass against her assailant’s kneecap.


Reiko popped out of the attacker’s hold, staggering forward as her hands flew to her hurting tailbone. The shock and pain passed over quickly as her fighting instincts kicked in, and she brought her fists up as she turned around to face her opponent. The sight of Sebastian standing lazily in front of her, with his hunched shoulders and smirking lips, fanned the flames of Reiko’s fury. “It’s just one dirty tactic after another with you, huh? You were down!”

The clown raised a finger to his bottom lip, pointing to himself as he put on a puzzled expression. Then he raised his arms and shrugged while shaking his head, playing dumb at her accusation.

“That’s it, I’ve had enough of you!” An angry Reiko charged at Sebastian, intent on beating him to a pulp. Panicked, he raised his hands in front of him, pleading with her to stop. She didn’t.


Sebastian was rocked by a flurry of blows; he could not see Reiko’s fists as she bashed his head with a couple of strong punches. One of them landed squarely on his weak jaw, whipping his head backwards and causing him to lose his balance. He fell on his ass at Reiko’s feet, holding his temple to try and recover from the beating he took.


Reiko took a quick moment to turn to the stands and play off the crowd. Bobbing her head, she threw her hands up a few times, getting the audience to chant her name even louder. Then she turned back to Sebastian, bent down to look the clown in the eye, and spoke to him.

“You’re outmatched, and the crowd is all on my side. You’ve lost.” Reiko’s face hardened with anger as she continued. “So get. Out. Of. This. Ring. You’re no wrestler, you’re not a fighter; you’re a pathetic thug with nothing but cheap tricks. You disgust me, and you don’t belong anywhere near wrestling. Go and run back to your mistress—”

The sound of fast shallow breaths interrupted Reiko’s words, and a chill ran along her spine as she looked down to see Sebastian staring straight into her eyes. He was flushed and panting hard like a dog. Her blood ran cold, deeply disturbed as Sebastian got on his hands and knees before her, drooling at the mouth.

What— what the hell is this?! What is he doing? Reiko instinctively stepped back from the deranged clown, eyes wide open as she watched Sebastian’s sweaty body heave with every breath. He brought one of his knees up, and then, without warning, leapt at her like a crazed beast. Reiko, rooted to her spot by her confusion and dread, went down as Sebastian tackled her midsection.


She hit the canvas hard, and Sebastian was right on top of her. His ugly clown makeup looked like it was melting; black rivulets ran down the sides of his eyes, and the red smile painted on him was distorted as its tips drooped down his lips. This nightmarish visage made Reiko freeze beneath Sebastian, letting the clown smash his heavy, studded bracelet against her temple.


The blow whipped her face to the side, stunning her. Sebastian stood up and grabbed her right arm to roll her over, flipping her onto her stomach.

Urgh… I can’t stay down like this- “Unh!” Reiko’s breath escaped her as Sebastian stomped his boot down on her back, pinning her to the canvas. As she tried to push herself up and get Sebastian’s foot off of her, two arms grabbed her left leg and pulled it up in the air. Then Sebastian sat on her back, yanking her captive leg as close as it could get to her head and bending her body.

“Aaaaaaggghhh!!! Stop it!!!”

The single leg Boston Crab strained the muscles in Reiko’s groin and drew pained cries from her. She tried, and tried, to push herself up with her hands and get Sebastian off her and free herself from the hold, but to no avail. She looked to the side as her face was pushed to the side under his weight. The clown was simply too heavy and wouldn’t budge.

What’s happening here?! How is he doing this? He looked done for just now! Was he just faking it?!
The crowd’s chants for Reiko were gone, replaced with confused murmuring and surprisingly, a few cheers for Sebastian. Burgeoning panic in Reiko’s chest drove her to push harder against Sebastian’s weight. I can’t let them see me on the ropes against this cheater! I gotta get out!

“Aw, poor little Reiko’s in trouble! But she was just winning a while ago, wasn’t she? I know that’s what must be running through your little brains now, folks.” Mistress Spencer’s sickly-sweet voice suddenly sounded over the arena speakers, catching everyone’s attention.

“Sebastian really gets going when he hears someone talk down to him. And you all heard Reiko really give it to my poor pet, didn’t you?”

That’s why that clown changed all of a sudden? He just gets creepier and creepier…
Gritting her teeth, Reiko made one more push against the canvas with all her might, and it was finally enough. Sebastian let go of her leg as he was forced to roll off her back, so he clambered up to his feet while Reiko got on all fours, catching her breath. He reached down and tried to grab Reiko by her hair, but she saw his hand and swatted it away angrily.

I can’t let this drag on
, thought Reiko as she brought one of her knees up. I’ll end this now!

As Reiko rose from the floor, she swung at Sebastian with a big left haymaker, fully intent on knocking his lights out. But the clown saw it coming from a mile away. He ducked her attack easily and countered with a solid left uppercut that landed squarely on Reiko’s chin.


The Japanese fighter staggered back a couple of steps as everything in her vision seemed to double momentarily. She shut her eyes tightly as she tried to fight off the dizziness she felt. This let Sebastian take position beside Reiko, wrap an arm around her lower back and grab her thigh. And before she could do anything, he lifted her whole body horizontally and then dropped down, smashing her lower back on his knee.


Sebastian wasn’t done. He immediately put one of his hands on Reiko’s chin, the other on her thighs, and pushed her head and her legs down, arching her body atop his knee.

“Aaaagghh… let- let me go!” Reiko banged one of her fists against any part of Sebastian that she could reach, trying to free herself from the backbreaker stretch. But Sebastian held strong. His only response was to push down even harder on Reiko to stretch her body out even more.

Damn it, this can’t be happening! I can’t be losing to this creep!

Reiko felt her face grow warm as she denied the realization that Sebastian was actually starting to get the better of her. Embarrassment growing, she started to get desperate. Reiko shut her eyes and flailed harder, hitting Sebastian as much and as hard as she could from her vulnerable position.

I won’t lose, I won’t! I won’t!

Much to Reiko’s relief, it only took a few more hits on Sebastian’s body for him to finally let go. He rolled her off his knee and she flopped facedown on the canvas, groaning and holding the small of her back with her hand. But Reiko’s relief was short-lived; she barely got any time to recover before Sebastian took a handful of her hair and yanked upwards, forcing her to her feet.


Her hands instinctively went to her head to pry Sebastian’s hand off — exactly what the clown expected. He smiled as he looked into Reiko’s panicking eyes, and unloaded a vicious blow to her tummy.


Reiko’s mouth gaped wide open as the gut punch knocked her breath right out of her. Her mind went blank and the poor girl froze in place for a second, letting Sebastian force her body to bend over. He wrapped his arms around her waist, bent her knees, and lifted her up until her long legs pointed at the ceiling and her head pointed toward the ground.


Dread filled Reiko’s heart as she dangled upside down in Sebastian’s grasp. And when Sebastian walked over the side of the ring facing the media’s cameras, her dread doubled.

No no no no no no not this-


When Reiko came to, she felt a dull ache in her head and an awful pain in her neck. She struggled to see through the bright lights flashing in her eyes, and everything sounded distant, as though she were underwater. An icy chill zapped through Reiko and jolted her awake. Nothing was clear except the vague, sweaty feeling of a hand running along the inside of her bare thigh and pulling it to the side.

And then everything hit her.

All at once, her vision finally came to focus, showing Reiko a world that was turned upside-down. She heard wild hooting, cheering, and even whistling from the crowd, and she felt her skirt tugged to reveal the garter of her underwear pulled to the side—cutting in between her legs. It didn’t take long for her to remember that Sebastian drilled her in a piledriver and knocked her out in front of the cameras for all of the audience and the viewers at home to see. Not only that but the hoots and hollers from the audience was their perverted response to having her panties flashed thanks to Sebastian spreading her legs wide open in the air! Reiko bit her lip to hold back a cry.

No, no, no, this can’t be happening! The crowd, they’re- they’re seeing my- they’re seeing me like this and they’re cheering…

Sebastian finally let go of Reiko, dumping her to his side. The shell-shocked wrestler didn’t move a muscle as she lay limp on her stomach, struggling to process everything. The crushing reality that she’d been publicly defiled like that finally sunk in, and it left the spunky wrestler dumbstruck as she lay helpless on the floor.

An eerie grin came over Sebastian’s painted face as he looked down at the deflated Reiko lying prone beneath him. He rubbed his hands together, positioned himself at her feet, and stepped onto the backs of her thighs with both of his heavy boots.

“Ah!” Reiko was jolted from her stupor by the clown’s weight on her thighs, but she still had no way of escaping what was to come next. Sebastian tucked her feet on the insides of his calves then bent down to grab her wrists and pull on her arms. Finally, he let himself fall onto his back while keeping his hold on Reiko, lifting her off the floor and brutally wrenching her limbs and her back in a Mexican Ceiling Hold.

“AAAGGGHHH!! GAAHHH!! HAAAAGGGHHH!!!” The screams began to be too much for the last of her supporters in the stands. They headed for the exits, unable to watch their idol get demolished by her opponent. The ones who stayed, though, all moved to the seats closest to the ring.

Sebastian's smile grew wider as he pulled on her arms and extended his legs, stretching the Japanese wrestler to her limit. Reiko shut her eyes tight as she was wracked with burning pains that shot up her thighs and shoulders, flooding her senses. She could not move, could not think, and could only scream as Sebastian strained to keep her in the hold.


Reiko’s desperate cries only egged Sebastian on; he was sweating as he struggled to support her weight in his submission hold, but hearing her beg to be released gave him the boost he needed to keep her in the air for just a few more seconds.

“The little pest is in quite the mess now, isn’t she folks?” The Mistress’ voice appeared once more to mock Reiko. “I almost feel bad for her. But the thing about Sebastian is that he wants my punishment so bad, he’ll do fucking anything to get it!” The Mistress cracked her riding crop, elated at how well her ploy was turning out.

The sound of Reiko pleading and screaming in pain was sweet music to his ears. He closed his eyes and savored them, before finally letting go of her wrists and pushing her off. His victim crumbled to the mat right away, where she once again lay face-down, unmoving except for the rise and fall of her body as she panted hard.

Sebastian sat up, pausing to rest and to think about what to do next to Reiko. He figured she wasn’t going to fight back anymore in her condition, giving him the freedom to toy with her in any way that he liked. And he was right.


Snippets of the crowd’s ill-wishes reached Reiko’s ears in her prone state, and the last remainders of her will to fight left her.

They… they like this, they want to see me like this…

Reiko’s eyes shut even tighter as she held back her tears. Her whole body, especially her lower half, continued to wrack with pain, but the blow to her pride hurt almost as much. Reiko heaved. It was bad enough getting manhandled by a nobody in front of thousands, but the apparent fact that her suffering was a source of pleasure for people in the crowd demoralized her completely. Greatest wrestler? She didn’t even struggle as she felt Sebastian grab her legs to set her up again, all she could do was moan in complaint.

No… no more, please…

The clown stood facing away from Reiko as he hooked her ankles under his arms, forcing both of her legs to go up in the air once more. Positioned between her legs, he stepped backwards and went down into a squat over Reiko’s back. Sebastian then tightened his grip and forcefully wrenched both of her legs towards her head and folded her back into a full Boston Crab.


The submission hold was unforgiving to Reiko’s already ravaged body, and she was helpless yet again to do anything about her terrible situation. But this time, the pain wasn’t enough to block out everything else from her environment. As she screamed and suffered in the Boston Crab, the audience’s calls for more violence continued to reach her ears.


No! No more, I can’t take any more!

Unfortunately for Reiko, Sebastian was all too eager to bend to the audience’s will. He took a few more steps back with her legs still in his grasp, and-


Reiko tapped out, slamming the canvas frantically. Sebastian had transitioned into a Lion Tamer submission, putting her in an even worse spot than before. He had pulled her legs so far that her feet were now over her head, forcing her torso up in the air. And in response to Reiko tapping out, he knelt down on her head with one knee, bending her back to its absolute limit.

“GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” Someone call it already! Please! Why is there no one calling the match?!

Reiko scanned the arena for the referee, but stopped right away as she remembered what Mistress Spencer had done. In her desperation, that crucial detail had slipped her mind. Her tapping out died down as she realized that without any officials, and with only half-hard perverts cheering against her left in the stands, no one was going to stop Sebastian from having his way with her. It was a hopeless situation, and realizing this completely demoralized Reiko.


The girl’s desperate screams for mercy made her throat hoarse, but still to no avail. Sebastian bent her flexible body to the point where it practically formed a letter C, and the sheer pain from his hold brought Reiko to tears. She couldn't believe it had gotten to this point. I won, god damn it! The audience saw it happen! They were cheering my name! But now— Her mind blanked as she felt Sebastian tug tighter. All she could do was wail as her back felt like breaking from all the clown’s pressure. Her abs were on fire with white-hot pain as they stretched with her spine to their utmost limits. As Sebastian held her down, her shoulders and jaw dug into the rough canvas, rubbing her skin raw. And like salt in a wound, her groin and thigh muscles felt like they were about to tear—and she was practically fully exposed for the audience to see.

“Aaaagghh… gaaahhhhhh...”

Her wails were reduced to loud moans as she ran out of breath, though the pain she was in only grew worse. Spots of light danced in front of her eyes as the excruciating hold continued to its toll on her body. Her head started to feel light as the jeers from the audience suddenly sounded much farther away, almost as though she were underwater. Suddenly, the world turned into unrecognizable blurs in between flashes of light, and then everything turned dark.

It took Sebastian a second to realize that Reiko had gone silent. He tugged at her legs and got no reaction out of her. Then he finally released Reiko and let her body fall to the canvas with a loud thud. He stood over her and paused to observe the downed fighter, then walked over to her head and picked her up by her hair to get a good look at her face. Reiko’s eyes were shut while her mouth hung open; her soft features were a picture of exhaustion in her unconscious state. He dropped her back to the canvas and looked to his Mistress for direction.

Mistress Spencer took the microphone again and beamed a sly grin to her servant before announcing, “Sebastian! While she’s out, why don’t you give the girl a taste of what I’ve taught you? Give these fellas a show, eh? And of course make sure it’s worth my while.”

The vacant expression on Sebastian’s face was replaced by a sinister look of determination as he walked over to grab Reiko’s ankles and haul her dead weight to the center of the ring. The stragglers that remained in the stands cheered loudly as Reiko’s shoes and pantwarmers were tossed aside by the clown, exposing her smooth, toned legs to them. Sebastian then knelt down and grabbed the back of Reiko’s top, using it to pull her up and drape her body across his knee so that her stomach rested atop his thigh and her ass was pointed up in the air. The cheers around them magnified as Sebastian carefully pulled Reiko’s miniskirt up until it no longer covered her panties at all, exposing her well-rounded buttocks to the world. He raised a hand high in the air as he trained his eyes on Reiko’s ass, and—


The spectacle of Sebastian spanking an exposed and unconscious Reiko in front of a hungry crowd of perverts who were counting each slap to the girl’s ass was nothing short of delightful for Mistress Spencer. The pair in the center of the ring, under the bright, fluorescent lights of the arena, were a filthy sight to behold. The Mistress licked her lips as she watched Sebastian wail on the defeated wrestler. Watching a bratty upstart like Reiko get put in her place never got old.







Reiko was jolted back to consciousness by the compounded stinging sensation on her bum. But before she could gather her bearings, she felt a hand slap her ass, hard.


“She’s awake!” “Keep going, clown!”

What- what’s happening?!
Wha- “Kyah!”

Reiko cried out again as another spank punished her ass, which had already turned red at that point. Her face turned equally red with embarrassment as she felt her skirt hiked up around her waist and saw the lewd gazes of the people around the ring. It was to her relief when Sebastian pushed her off his knee and let her roll onto the canvas. She quickly brought her skirt back down as she hit the ring floor, but her relief was short-lived as a boot crashed down on her bare stomach.


And he did it again.


And again.


Sebastian’s stomps made Reiko curl up in a vain attempt to protect herself, and the last one made her torso shoot up as her entire body jackknifed on impact. This made it easier for him to reach down and grab one of the straps of her top, which he used to drag Reiko towards the corner as she coughed and clutched her hurting stomach.

“Haven’t- ” Reiko coughed. “Haven’t you… had… enough?”

Reiko looked like a mess. Her eyes were dazed under her smudged eyeliner and a line of drool shone down her chin. Her words came out slowly in between heavy breaths. To none of her surprise, they were completely ignored by Sebastian, who tossed her back-first into the corner. She couldn’t catch a break as the clown seized her top again with both hands this time, and hauled her up roughly until she stood up against the corner. Reiko closed her eyes and turned away from her tormentor, not wanting to see his face nor the faces of the perverts left in the stands.

But with her eyes shut, Reiko couldn’t see Sebastian reach for her belt, and only felt his hands on its buckle. In an instant, her eyes shot back open and she tried to stop him from undoing her belt — to no avail.


And she was powerless to stop him from stripping her belt off her waist. Laughter and cheering rippled loudly through the ring from the audience, making Reiko’s face and ears flush red with embarrassment again.

I hate this! All these weirdo things and Mistress Spencer and her creepy clown… I was supposed to become the best wrestler in the world… At this rate they’ve seen more of my body than my moves!

The sight of Sebastian raising his arm high with her belt in hand shook Reiko out of her thoughts. Trapped in the corner with no way to dodge, all she could do was cower behind her hands to protect herself as the clown whipped her with her own belt.

“Ahh! Gah! Augh! Ughh!!”

Her forearms and her sides turned bright red from Sebastian’s onslaught. Reiko doubled over to protect her body as much as she could, but there was no escape for her. With her torso bowed to the ground, Sebastian saw a new opening to strike.


Reiko let out an almost inhuman noise from a lash that struck her on her neck. She clutched at where she’d been hit and turned to her side to protect that area, and Sebastian pressed his advantage. He grabbed her shoulders, turned her completely away from him so that he was facing her back, and pressed her against the ring post in the corner. Reiko yelped as her chest was suddenly smushed against the foam, then her expression turned back to fear as she felt both of her wrists get seized by the vice-like grip of Sebastian’s rough hands.

What are you doing now?! Dread built up once again as Reiko felt her belt loop and fasten around both of her wrists, tying her hands behind her back. Sebastian turned her back around to face him and leaned into her body to grab her thighs. Then with a grunt, he lifted Reiko up and forced her to sit on the top rope.

God make it stop… Whatever this is going to be, please, just don’t make it hurt too much… I don’t know if I can take any more…

The rowdy spectators who stayed were now all silent with anticipation. Even Mistress Spencer bit her lip and leaned forward in her seat, as she too watched with rapt attention. All eyes were on Reiko and Sebastian as everyone waited to see the Zero Fighter suffer one last time for the night. The clown looked up and looked straight into Reiko’s eyes, and he spread his painted lips slowly into a toothless grin that chilled her to the bone.

The terrified Reiko could only close her eyes.

Sebastian grabbed a fistful of Reiko’s hair and pulled her down to him, tucking her nape into his shoulder. He grabbed the backs of her thighs and pulled her away from the corner, walking back to the center of the ring with an upside-down Reiko in tow. The girl was practically putty. Then finally, in one motion, Sebastian dropped to a knee and wrenched the girl’s legs outwards.

A choked sound came out of Reiko’s throat, as if her scream didn’t quite survive the impact. Her neck and her back felt like they were being crushed, while her thighs and groin muscles burned every second they were stretched to such an unreasonable degree. With her body bent forward at her midriff, her spread-open thighs once again gave spectators the view from under her skirt — a view she couldn’t cover up, not with her hands tied behind her. And after the beatdown Sebastian had given her, even her underwear struggled to cover her dignity up.

She kept her eyes shut tight so at least she wouldn’t see the faces of the sick bastards enjoying this show, but she couldn’t tune out their celebration over seeing Reiko so exposed and in pain from the muscle buster. Her fragmented thoughts were interrupted by a sudden rare moment of reprieve that found her as Sebastian loosened his hold. Reiko practically melted as some of the pressure was taken off her body. But it turns out the pause only made it worse as he dropped back to the floor, pumping the muscle buster a second time on poor Reiko.

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Now the scream really made it out.

Reiko’s head shook violently as she screamed, and her eyes were forced open as they bugged out from pure agony in her lower body. Her bound arms banged against Sebastian’s back as they tried, and failed, to reach for and nurse her thighs; with how far Sebastian had spread her toned legs, the audience could already see the outlines of her muscles against her skin. And as if they didn’t have enough to look at already, her boobs were starting to spill out of her stretched-out top while she struggled upside-down in the muscle buster.

Reiko was a fool to think that the pain couldn’t get any worse as she was met with the sight of people going wild as they watched her. She felt their malicious leers boring into her—fixed on her sweating face, down her top, between her legs. Her eyes locked on the ones bold enough to record her right then and there. Hardly caring about hiding their own excitement, she watched as they held their phones up to her, zooming in as they took pictures and videos of her in this disgraceful position. And as the pain and humiliation reached a fever pitch for Reiko, she couldn’t help it. Her face broke. She resigned herself to the bleak conclusion that cycled on and on in her head.

I… I lost… I wasn’t strong enough to beat him...even with all his dirty tricks I’m practically a little girl… And my fans—

Sebastian intensified her suffering once again by loosening and then pumping the hold, drawing out a hurt and tired wail from her, to the delight of the audience.


I’m no wrestling superstar, not even close… Is this all I really am? Just another jobber that people want to see get thrashed and humiliated...

The audience’s fading yells and Sebastian’s heavy exhales matched Reiko’s despairing thoughts as Sebastian pumped the muscle buster one last time and finally put her lights out for the night.

“Hey, you done yet?” A reporter tapped his foot and checked his watch as he waited for his buddy. There was almost no one else left in the arena and he wanted to leave, but his photographer partner was taking his sweet time taking pictures of the poor girl left in the ring.

“Hm…” muttered the photographer as he looked through his gallery. “Yeah, I’m good! We can go!” He browsed through his pictures of Reiko as he left and thought to himself, Damn, they really did a number on you, didn’t they?

Reiko Hinomoto was a truly pitiful sight after her bout with Sebastian; her limp and unconscious body was slumped on her knees in a corner of the ring. Her arms were over her head, tied by her wrists to the ropes with her own belt. Her head hung low over her chest—which was bare—the top of her Superstar outfit doing nothing to cover her up with how stretched-out it was. But her skirt fared even worse; it was nowhere to be found in the ring, taken away by Mistress Spencer and Sebastian as a sick, twisted trophy.

Her nightmare of a fight was finally over, but she was never going to live this down. Reiko’s utter destruction at Sebastian’s hands was immortalized in the pictures, videos, and memories taken tonight. With such a severe, damning loss, it was going to take nothing less than a miracle for Reiko to ever redeem herself in the eyes of the wrestling world. And even then, the Zero Fighter would have to go on knowing that the people who cheer her on are really only looking for her to lose.


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Just the way we like them: On the losing end, very decisively. heheh....

great story! Your work is always worth the read.

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