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Crimson Flare stories

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by detritus, Nov 28, 2011.

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    Nov 23, 2009
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    I chanced upon this guy's page (which looks like it was made in the early 90's for some reason...) awhile back and read through his first story about what I think is an original superheroine. I couldn't find any pictures of "Crimson Flare" even on the SHC site, but he has these stories posted along with his Wonder Woman stories.

    The premise is somewhat similar to the late kained's Teen Girl series. Seemingly average female with supernatural strength, heals quickly, and can take a lot of punishment. The heroine is older though and I think there are plenty of ryona themes. I honestly think his Crimson Flare series is one of the best superheroine stories I've read. Obviously not counting the usual supernatural power themes, the characters and situations felt much more believable than most. I'll give some specific examples in the box below. If you'd rather not have it spoiled, you can skip over it.

    Crimson Flare is pretty much always up against gangs and thugs that are all fighting for power in the city. These gangs are run by some seriously mean mofo's that are out to get her and spare no expense. The finale to his first story, Threat of Pitchblende, starts with Crimson Flare being captured, beaten, and raped after being... well captured, beaten, and raped earlier in the story. I used to read a lot of adult fiction on AFF and TGA when I was younger and man, even the better stories had some retarded antagonists and it was kind of disappointing, but whatever. In this story, they're not stupid.

    To make an example out of her and to make sure she stays incapacitated after round 2, the leaders of the gang she's captured by decide they need to seriously mind-fuck her by forcing her to get hooked on heroin and then cut her off, making her turn tricks to get the money for her next fix. Okay, I know even in a fictional sense, that's incredibly fucked up, but I think it's very plausible and you would expect a street gang to be that fucking brutal to their enemies. Her best friend and confidante is then captured and forced to see what they've done to her, which is another part I enjoyed.

    I know some of you guys don't like rape with your ryona, but I think there's enough ryona for most people here to find it enjoyable (assuming you don't think reading is for nerds). Bottom line: If you enjoy reading adult fiction and ryona, I'm pretty confident you will enjoy the Crimson Flare stories. I read his first Wonder Woman story but didn't find it as interesting. If you decide to give it a read, his stories are listed from the most recent at the top, so start at the bottom.