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Chun li vs Bison; Burning Hatred

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Baku|Haku, Aug 16, 2012.

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    This is the chat log from 15/06/12.
    The Players are Bakurette and Idoro.
    [22:42] * Chun-Li has fought a long way throug. She stands righ in front the man she's been chasing all her life. Her heart is pounding a million rates per second. She is going to get revengue.
    [22:42] <Chun-Li> *MBison stands tall with his cape. Waiting in the arena. A small crowd has gattered around the two competitors
    [22:44] <Chun-Li> *The arena has a bell in the middle and two statues at the sides*
    [22:47] * M_Bison stands in front of Chun Li, whisking off his cape and looking at the woman curiously.. "Hmm.."
    [22:49] * Chun-Li stands on her traditial guard. Her breathe is fast and her eyes determined*
    [22:49] * Chun-Li wait for the signal to start*
    [22:51] <M_Bison> As soon as the announcer waves for the fight to start, M. Bison smirks, bowing before his opponent. "I'll try not to bloody you up too much."
    [22:51] * M_Bison then assumes a fighting stance and moves closer to Chun Li.
    [22:52] <Chun-Li> "Save your manners for someone who cares"
    [22:52] * Chun-Li shoots a energyball while screaming "Kikouken!"
    [22:54] * M_Bison swiftly dodges the attack, disappearing in a flash of energy..
    [22:54] <M_Bison> "How brash you must be!"
    [22:54] * M_Bison 's voice can be heard, but he cannot be seen..
    [22:54] * Chun-Li looks around looking for her oponent.
    [22:54] <Chun-Li> "W-What...."
    [22:54] <Chun-Li> "You Coward show yourself!"
    [22:55] * M_Bison in a flash, appears on top of Chun Li, drilling both knees into her head!
    [22:55] <M_Bison> "Cowards hide- I simply use such techniques to my advantage!"
    [22:57] * Chun-Li is send into the floor. Before her head hits the ground she puts her hand and stands up once again
    [22:57] * Chun-Li runs and tries to kick Bison on the face
    [22:58] * M_Bison puts up his guard, blocking the kick and returning with a punch to Chun Li's midsection!
    [22:59] * Chun-Li corves due to the punch but she is determined after a quick moan she keeps attacking. This time with several punches*
    [23:01] * M_Bison is able to block a few, but the last one sends him stumbling back.. "Guagh.."
    [23:02] * Chun-Li uses her signarute "Lighting Kick" kicking the villain several times with the same leg*
    [23:03] <M_Bison> "Arrghhh!" With a yell, the evil M. Bison is sent flying into one of the statues, colliding with it and toppling it over..
    [23:03] <M_Bison> The statue falls and shatters, sending pieces of it flying everywhere!
    [23:03] * Chun-Li poses for a moment waiting for him to come back
    [23:04] * Chun-Li sees that he doesn't get up and jumps, She later makes the "v" sing saying "Yatta!"+
    [23:05] <M_Bison> Then suddenly, one of the large pieces of stones is hurled at Chun Li's back!
    [23:06] * Chun-Li feels the pain on her back she is sent two steps further due to the rock's speed
    [23:06] * Chun-Li quickly turn around*
    [23:08] * M_Bison stands before you, hovering in the air with several stones floating.. "You seem to truly underestimate the depths of my Psycho Power, little girl..."
    [23:08] <M_Bison> "Perhaps it is time I showed you just how frightening it can be!"
    [23:08] * M_Bison then hurls two more stones at Chun Li, one at her head and the other at her legs!
    [23:09] * Chun-Li walks a few steps back. When she sees the rock coming she uses her lighting kick to pulvires them
    [23:12] * M_Bison uses the rocks as a distraction, hurling himself behind them and elbowing you in your chest!
    [23:12] <Chun-Li> "Gaaah!"
    [23:13] * Chun-Li cover her chest with her hand
    [23:14] * M_Bison follows it up by swinging his fist into the side of her head!
    [23:15] * Chun-Li 's head is sent to the side
    [23:15] <Chun-Li> "uuu!"
    [23:17] * M_Bison is relentless and roundhouse-kicks Chun Li to the side!
    [23:18] * Chun-Li is sent flyind to the side. She almost hits the belll
    [23:18] <Chun-Li> "Aaaah!"
    [23:18] * Chun-Li land on her side
    [23:20] * M_Bison walks over and looks upon Chun Li as she lays down and smiles..
    [23:20] <M_Bison> "You were a fool to claim victory so soon.. Huraagh!"
    [23:20] * M_Bison delivers a kick to her side!
    [23:21] * Chun-Li curls in postion as she grunts
    [23:23] * M_Bison pushes her over with her foot. "Ha.. I bet you can't even get up.. I'll even give you a chance."
    [23:23] * M_Bison crosses his arms and chuckles.
    [23:24] * Chun-Li slowly get up, She has her hand covering her side as she does this.
    [23:24] <Chun-Li> "You......You...."
    [23:25] * Chun-Li uses her strenght to do another Kikounen
    [23:25] <Chun-Li> "Kikouken!"
    [23:26] * M_Bison chuckles again, easily dodging the poorly-aimed attack and comes up from behind Chun Li, driving his hand into her back...
    [23:26] * Chun-Li gasps
    [23:26] <M_Bison> ...And powering it with psycho energy, begins to push it into her back!
    [23:26] <M_Bison> "Now.. feel the power!"
    [23:27] <Chun-Li> "No,,,No.."
    [23:29] * Chun-Li screams and quickly turn around. She tries to elbow Bison on the face*
    [23:30] * M_Bison is quick and blocks her elbow with his other hand.. infusing it with psycho energy as well and burning her elbow with it!
    [23:31] <M_Bison> "Hahaha! You'll never learn.."
    [23:31] <Chun-Li> "Aaaah!"
    [23:31] * Chun-Li takes her elbow quickly back and cover it withe her other hand
    [23:32] * Chun-Li is with a burned back, a broken side and an damagued elbow. She walks back trying to think of a plan
    [23:33] <M_Bison> Before she can get too far, M. Bison grabs her around the neck with one arm from behind!
    [23:33] <M_Bison> "Where do you think you're going, little girl?"
    [23:33] * M_Bison then uses his other arm to drag her down into a headlock..
    [23:34] * Chun-Li stuggles to get out. However her pain get in the back
    [23:34] <Chun-Li> "Let.....me...Go!"
    [23:35] <M_Bison> "Haha.. I'll give you an option.. join me and I will release you! If you refuse.."
    [23:35] * M_Bison tightens the lock, and Chun Li can feel her breathing getting harder.. "You won't want to refuse.."
    [23:36] <Chun-Li> "You mosnter you killed my father!"
    [23:36] <Chun-Li> "I will never join you!"
    [23:37] * Chun-Li feels how the air is scaping her after this words"
    [23:37] <Chun-Li> "Aahh...Ahhuuhh"
    [23:38] <M_Bison> "Heheheh... and by the sounds of it, you seem to want to join him.."
    [23:38] <M_Bison> "Very well.."
    [23:38] * M_Bison raises one of his fists and quickly pummels your head through his grasp, sending you tumbling back!
    [23:39] * M_Bison raises his hand, it glowing with psycho power.. "Hahahaha.."
    [23:39] * Chun-Li 's eyes are turning white. Limb are going bland
    [23:39] <Chun-Li> "Uuuuhhhh......."
    [23:41] <Chun-Li> *limbs
    [23:41] * M_Bison walks over to Chun Li and kicks her onto her back, placing his foot on her belly.
    [23:41] <M_Bison> "Did you really think you'd be able to succeed where your father failed?"
    [23:42] * Chun-Li 's body is twiching
    [23:42] <Chun-Li> "Uuuh......Uh....Uuuh......"
    [23:45] * M_Bison bends down and places a hand on Chun Li's breast. "Hm.. perhaps I should start.. here?"
    [23:46] * Chun-Li 's eyes start sprout tears*
    [23:48] <Chun-Li> (Umm..Is he going to abuse her or....?)
    [23:48] <M_Bison> You can feel the hot, dark energy begin to come from his hand.. "Is that a yes?"
    [23:48] <M_Bison> ((Nah, he's just toying with her emotions. :D))
    [23:49] * Chun-Li 's body is filled with adrenaline and she screams
    [23:49] <Chun-Li> "Aaaeiii!"
    [23:51] * M_Bison smiles and blasts her with Psycho energy! "Feel the pain!"
    [23:51] <Chun-Li> "Gwaaaaaaah!"
    [23:51] * Chun-Li 's spine curves as she twilrs in pain
    [23:52] <Chun-Li> "Gwaaaa....Noooo!"
    [23:53] * M_Bison begins to cackle! He then places his other hand on her belly.. and blasts her again!
    [23:54] <Chun-Li> "Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaah! Please Noooo Nooo Aaaaaaaah!"
    [23:55] * Chun-Li 's belly is starting to bleed
    [23:55] <Chun-Li> *Also the burns and the broken side are worsening as she screams
    [23:56] * M_Bison laughs even more as he continues to assault her.. "You will die like your father!"
    [23:57] * Chun-Li keeps twirling erratically as she is being burned by the psycho power. Her blood is spilling on the floor her tear are running through her cheek
    [23:58] * M_Bison finally stops, lifting his hands off to examine just what he's done..
    [23:59] <M_Bison> "And... I will make you suffer.. just as he did."
    [00:00] * Chun-Li 's wounds have opened, Her blood is all over the spot she's been. She tries to get up on her fours. However she starts to spit blood
    [00:02] <Chun-Li> "Fa-Faather....Noo..."
    [00:02] <Chun-Li> "Not...like this nooo!"
    [00:04] * M_Bison laughs again and walks over to her, both of his hands glowing with psycho power...
    [00:04] <M_Bison> "Now.. where should I attack next..?"
    [00:04] * M_Bison waits for her reaction..
    [00:04] * Chun-Li 's eyes are shoot down. She in on her four cursing Bison as tears bloom
    [00:05] <Chun-Li> "Dam you! Dam you! I'll kill you!"
    [00:07] <M_Bison> "Heheheh... not if I kill you first.."
    [00:07] * M_Bison walks around Chun Li and places both of his hands on her thighs.. unleashing the burning psycho energy into them!
    [00:07] <M_Bison> "Now, SUFFER!"
    [00:08] <Chun-Li> "Uuuwaaaaaah!"
    [00:08] * Chun-Li raises her head as she screams.
    [00:10] * Chun-Li falls flat on her face. Not making a sound. Smoke come out from her body*
    [00:12] * M_Bison drops her legs to the ground and examines her once more.. "I hope she is not dead yet.. I have so much more planned!"
    [00:13] * Chun-Li is still breating.
    [00:13] <Chun-Li> "I...Will...Beat....You...."
    [00:13] * Chun-Li while trembling tries to get up. She falls back to the ground
    [00:15] * M_Bison laughs in happiness! "Splendid!"
    [00:15] <M_Bison> He then reaches down and lifts both of Chun Li's legs up, spreading them apart..
    [00:15] <M_Bison> "I bet you know what I'm going to do next, hm?"
    [00:16] * Chun-Li is trying to stay awake she can no longer mover her powerfull legs
    [00:18] <Chun-Li> "I..Won't moan for you....Monster"
    [00:19] * M_Bison smirked. "Please, do not take me for a lecher!"
    [00:19] <M_Bison> "I assure you, all I intend is to make you feel the greatest pain imaginable.."
    [00:20] * M_Bison lifts a foot over Chun Li's crotch.. and his foot begins to glow with psycho power...
    [00:20] <M_Bison> "Are you sure you don't care to join me, girl?"
    [00:22] <Chun-Li> "Never....."
    [00:24] * M_Bison smiles, his eyes flashing.. "Suit yourself.."
    [00:24] * M_Bison then brings his foot down hard on Chun Li's soft crotch...
    [00:25] * Chun-Li gaps and no scream come out. The pain is so much that she cannot scream
    [00:25] * Chun-Li let's out a series of short whimpers as she puts her hands on her face
    [00:26] * Chun-Li breathes heavily
    [00:27] <Chun-Li> "Gaaaah!"
    [00:28] * M_Bison laughs.. pressing his foot in harder on her. "I gave you too many chances.."
    [00:29] * Chun-Li rolls to the sides as she screams. She cannot scape
    [00:34] * M_Bison finally tosses Chun Li's legs to the ground and removes his foot from her crotch... "Heh... I enjoyed that a lot more than I probably should have."
    [00:34] * Chun-Li tries to crawl away but her burns bring her back to the floor
    [00:37] * M_Bison smiles as a few of his Shadaloo underlings rush over.
    [00:38] <M_Bison> "Bound her up.. and bring her to our headquarters.. I have a lot planned for Miss Chun Li.."
    [00:38] * M_Bison looks to Chun Li and smiles. "Your torment has only begun.."
    [00:41] * Chun-Li is bounded and gagged, She whimpers as she is dragged to a Van. The Chinisse fighter has fail now nobody knows what torments the master of the psycho power has for her
    [00:41] * Chun-Li let's out a final tear run thruohg her cheeck as she is locked inside the van
    [00:43] * M_Bison smiles and grabs his cape from the floor. "That's one down.."
    [00:44] * M_Bison begins to cackle maniacally as he is escorted to his private vehicle...
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