Can anyone tell me where to start if I want to learn drawing?


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I took art classes in school, and always hated them because I was terrible.

But now I really want to learn how to draw.

My specific desire is to learn how to draw like any of the following:

Agent Aika/ Studio Fantasia (as seen in my avatar)
MiTO on Deviantart, Pixiv
Shabazik on Deviantart
Kuroyoshi on Pixiv

I don't need to learn how to draw flowers or machinery or realistic muscles or anything else. Just sexy cartoon females. In fact, I think Kuroyoshi is the best, because his work is the simplest and probably quickest to learn.

Can anyone give me a few pointers on how to start?


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1. Line Drawing -- Learn how to draw good lines before anything else.

If you can't make the lines look good, then you've already failed. Step 1 is always the line drawing.

2. Shading -- Once you've figured out good lines, you start to learn how to shade.


Different shades of black and grey add depth and 3d-looks to your drawings. Anime-style is typically done in 3 or 4 shades. The above is an "Ink" drawing, with only one shade (black vs white), with the illusion of multiple-shades due to inking skill (hatching and cross-hatching). Even with just black-and-white, a master can make the illusion of many different shades.

3. Color -- Once you've mastered lines and shading, you add color to the pictures.


To help you see lineart better, go to danbooru and checkout lineart: Lineart Art | Danbooru . Trace and copy those lines, and build up your skills.


It also should be noted that a lot of "sexy poses" are simply anime-renditions of classic pin-up models.


In many cases, you can just turn classic vintage pin-ups into an anime-drawing, and BAM, you get "sexy anime drawing".


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I don't want to play the poop but there are no secrets ... work, work, work and a little bit of talent!
Why not create with 3D software first? (Honey Select, Skyrim, Daz ...) ?
Good luck !

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I have had no real experience drawing at all in my life, but just started about 3 months ago. Just get your ideas on paper, it is really satisfying. You'll decide what you need to improve on as you keep doing it.

Again, I have no skill or know how, and I'm having fun despite the flawed result.


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Another recommendation I'd put out there is to use a lot of guide lines, basic shapes, and references.

A common mistake beginning artist make is to wing it without any proper setup. The only time you'll see people draw without guide lines is if they're pro artists who've built muscle memory for their specific style. When I first started out years ago, I didn't see the need for them. And because of that, I got stuck at a specific point where foreshorten or even building a human silhouette was REALLY challenging. Trust me, they're probably the best thing to utilize.

And as for references, don't feel ashamed in using elements from model photos or even others work. People who've been doing this for their whole life have and still are doing this. Just don't deliberately trace and steal others art and claim it as your own, make sure when you're using them to change it up in a way that fits you and your developing art style and give proper credit when posting it online if specific drawings of yours were based off of certain references. If you're up for it, take pictures of yourself. Maybe strike a pose or two. Then use those photos to draw out a character in that same pose. Doing stuff like that will help you develop a bridge towards proper anatomy, and will speed your process up a little faster.

The last thing to take into consideration is basic shapes. Combining the two examples above with shapes like squares, triangles, circles, etc, will make it easier for yourself to draw out a human or animal. Look at a reference, break it down into those specific shapes, and assign one to each body part (like a rectangle for the hips or a circle for the head).

Hopefully all of this help you out. As an artist to another, we'll always improve, don't give up on it.