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Bloody Good Time

Discussion in 'Games' started by planetbrated, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. planetbrated

    planetbrated Guest

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently bought this game from Obisoft called bloody good time.

    Basically, you walk around various movie sets and attempt to hunt and kill different characters without getting caught. The game has at some hot little numbers, a Pamela Anderson-esque beach babe, a goth chick, a Play Boy Bunny, and a show grl. This trailer alone practically sold me on the game.


    I kinda like the idea (beyond the fetish of sneaking after busty chixs and wacking them) but the game seems like a cool concept, like a stealth assasin game. Problem is, it was too cheaply made, and feels pretty shallow when u play it. It may have been high tech like, 8 years ago, but its lacking in some decent physics (DOA chest physics), better sneaking like metal gear(all time favorite) and for petes sake some decent gore!!! Not a drop of blood in the whole game, descouraging. Violence is very rock um sock um robot too, no time to enjoy it. Insta kills when people are eating and sleeping are good though. Can't bring myself to kill someone on teh john though, thats low.

    at least its cheap, wouldnt go outta my way to recommend it though. Anyone know any cool alternatives taht lead in the same direction?
  2. Black Lion

    Black Lion Ryonani Teamster

    Nov 25, 2009
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    I bought the game myself after playing the demo. It's actually kinda fun. There's really no good ryona quality, however, and the game seems like it was finished in a month or something. It lacks quality.

    You know, I didn't realize this sooner, but the game is called Bloody Good Time, and there's no blood in it. Ironic...
  3. planetbrated

    planetbrated Guest

    Right, it is kinda fun, the concept is pretty sound, but like, it should have been a stealth hunting game as opposed to a fast paced death match. Like the splinter cell spy vs merc gameplay mode. That was the bomb. I still play with my friends. Now if I could get that kinda game, with a wacky cast like bloody good time, some rpg and open world elements, some mortal kombat fatalities, and a bit of polish, that game would have just about everything
  4. maxmansupa

    maxmansupa Guest

    And I have to break my lurking to say to be a bit more lenient with the developers.

    The developers (Outerlight) were a pretty small company and didn't have much of a budget compared to the other games that people seem to gush on about out here. Doesn't exactly help that they were bassically cannibalized by their publisher after releasing this game (Ubisoft) and now only one person works there unpaid and is now only receiving royalties from the game.

    Just saying.