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Black Widow's Demise (Ryona Fiction Request)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by RyonaSensei, Feb 4, 2014.

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    Black Widow’s Demise (Requested Fiction)
    Thanos had been spotted above the earth and without missing a beat S.H.I.E.L.D. enlisted the Avengers to go after him. The problem was that while the battle was taking place Dr Doom had started a plan of his own. He was taking the world at ransom while the Avengers were out and the Fantastic Four were trying to protect those under the battle. The only remaining forces were the SHIELD agents willing to go against Doom themselves.

    The Black Widow however wasn’t going to let them go on their own. The track record for facing super villains without having powers was not good. She volunteered to go with the other agents on the chance they will need her. They fly overhead to get right into Doom’s castle. They had no time to waste on trying to sneak in so they all burst through the room with guns blazing.

    Doom was more than prepared as the SHIELD forces came from above. As they crashed through the ceiling Doom simply lifts his hand into the air and machine guns come out and fire. Natasha quickly back flips from the area the bullets were flying. She takes cover behind a computer as many of her companions are shot down. Half were dead before they hit the ground and most of the rest were injured.

    Natasha knew this was exactly what she was there for. She draws her dual pistols and rushed out and fires at the machine guns taking them down one by one. Dr Doom watches and marvels at her speed and abilities.

    The moment she turns toward Doom a plasma ray flies her way from his hands. She quickly jumps away causing her to drop one of her guns. “You’re under arrest, Victor!” She yells at him while taking cover.

    “You are unlike a puppy telling his master that his treatment is unfair.” Doom stands up. “You hide from me and expect me to surrender. Laughable.” He snaps his fingers causing rockets to come from his back and fall from the sky at her.
    She sprints away but gets blasted back by the force of the explosions. She rolls on the hard metal ground and gets up to one knee. “Grovel before me and I may just spare your life.”

    “No chance is Hell!” She tosses a flash grenade at Doom. He fires a finger plasma beam at it causing it to explode in the middle. “Ah!” Natasha covers her eyes when another beam hits her in the chest. She gasps hard and falls back on to the ground. She curls up a bit never feeling that kind of pain before.

    He floats up into the air and she crawls backwards getting to her feet. “I gave you a chance.” He fires a massive plasma ray at her and before she can run away she is blasted head on into the wall.
    “Ahhh!!” She hits the wall and screams in burning pain. She shakes while in a fetal position and holding herself. She had never felt so helpless in all of her life. He grabs her by her throat and chokes her up in the air and slams her back into the wall.

    “How fragile are you?” Doom asks her before grabbing her arm with his hand. He then takes it and snaps it with a single swift motion.
    “Agh!” She gasps and screams in agony. She couldn’t help but break down into tears over the sudden shattering of her bone. He drops her down so that she may cry and hold her arm while laying on her back. He lifts his leg up into the air.

    “Please… don’t…” Natasha was begging for her life for the first time. It did her no good as the metal foot came down and broke one of her ribs off. It was so painful that she couldn’t breathe enough to scream. He laughs manically at her suffering and kicks her in the back when she tries to turn away. “Ah!” She cries out.

    A few SHIELD agents open fire on Doom taking his attention. Doom was having too much fun with her to want to turn his attention back to the lowly agents. He had no choice in the matter if he wanted to continue his fun.

    “You fools.” He sends plasma lasers their ways as well, and a couple other agents grab up Natasha and carry her toward the exit. A helicopter was waiting on the pad. They climb their way on to the helicopter when Doom uses his powers to make a plasma hold on the chopper. It was unable to fly away and no matter how many times they fired they couldn’t escape.

    “Your fate is sealed. Unless you’re willing to make a trade.” Doom says getting their attention. “I will spare all of your lives if you live the Black Widow here and your other choice is to keep fighting and die, and then I’ll take her anyway.”

    “You can’t seriously be considering?” Natasha asks when the agents get quiet. “Don’t do this.” She says moving away from the agents as they move closer. “Get away!” They grab her up and open the door. SHIELD agents had been taught to sacrifice no one and to leave no one behind. They were willing to let her die to save their own lives.

    They toss her out of the chopper in midair and she falls snapping her ankle in half. “Agh!!” She screams and cries in agony while holding her ankle that was swinging in the air. Doom walked to her slowly grabs her by her hair. “I’m not ready to die… please…” She begs of him.

    Doom had no interest in letting her live for any reason. Instead he puts his hand down and creates a glass chamber for her. The plasma inside when then cycle around within and destroy all inside of it. Natasha screams at the top of her lungs as the plasma powers torn her body apart on the insides causing her to have a heart attack and her organs to shut down and bleed. She shakes violently inside of it as her world wasn’t going dark fast enough now.

    As the endless assault continued she hadn’t even noticed that it only went on for about 15 seconds before she finally went black suddenly. It felt like an eternity with how painful each and every second was until her demise. Dr Doom had let the SHIELD agents go but they did not escape in the chopper with their lives. The sexy agent of SHIELD had been slain before Doom’s feet and he could take that as a victory. This had become personal…

    (Is there anyone you would like to request? Let me know and I’ll see if it’s someone who catches my interest)
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