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Black Desert Valkyrie Skimpy/Nude Armor Mod

Discussion in 'Adult Mods' started by gotflipped, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. gotflipped

    gotflipped Potential Patron

    Mar 18, 2016
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    Hello there all. I decided to share my mod that I put up pics in this thread --> Modded Valkyrie Pics



    Tools and Steps to get this running:

    Step 1.)
    First off, you need to install Resop's Texture Replacer. Install it as normal, making sure you have write permissions as this seemed to be my problem when trying to install it. You can always visit the thread and ask for help there for troubleshooting. Also, if you want the various original .dds files, make sure to select "Save original textures to:" when hooking the Black Desert application. And then turn it off when you don't want to save textures as it will possible bog your game down.

    Step 2.)
    Download some modded textures such as these ones --> Modded Resop, Cerophono, or Joku textures. Make sure you only download one as it is the basic mod that will turn the default underwear nude. This will NOT make the basic armor nude yet. You can also go to the other topics that have only the nude textures and replace them (usually the 3 .dds files -->1354249286.dds, 1477890455.dds, and 2432761501.dds). But make sure you have all the rest of the other .dds files from the downloads above. Simply only having the 3 aforementioned .dds will not make it work.

    Step 3.)
    Then I installed Cerophono's Nude Patch which makes the default starter armor nude. So when you take off your armor, you will be nude but putting on armor or costume will still show.

    Step 4.)
    Download my Karlstein/Venslar modded .dds files below and insert them into your Resop's modded folder.

    BIG NOTE: The top part of the Karlstein armor is done by dinmor and thus is not added here. Please go to the link and download his from there. Credit goes to him for the top armor.

    Step 5.)
    Download and use eyenight's partctudesc.xml. Search for the word Valkyrie and delete all the lines under it that have to do with upperbody, sho (which is shoulders), and lowerbody. If not done properly, you will get missing parts for the breasts area and possibly the lower area too. There is a better way by individually deleting only certain rows but I do not have the time to look for the specific .pac files :frown:.

    Step 6.)
    Run your game using Cerophono's method in that thread!

    ANOTHER BIG NOTE!!!: I DID NOT use the multiplemodeldesc.xml version that defaults the armor to their low durability versions. I believe I have an older multiplemodeldesc.xml version. I do not know if Cerophono's latest multiplemodeldesc.xml turns all the armor to low durability? Please let me know so as to not confuse people! Thanks, and greatly appreciated!

    ANOTHER BIG BIG NOTE!: I also only used the patcher .bat file in Cerophono's mod that only removes the Starter armors, leaving all the rest of the armors/costume visible. Not fully sure how that works but I'm sure that is the option I used.

    Miscellaneous Notes:
    I'll list the .dds numbers and its descriptions in case anyone wants to grab the original textures (using Resop's Save textures method) and edit it their own, unique way.

    Venslar Armor Top/Bottom --> 94526970.dds
    Venslar FEATHERS --> 1829412762.dds
    Karlstein Undies --> 2025121141.dds
    Karlstein Stockings/More Undies under the undies --> 972482231.dds

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  2. Evilshana

    Evilshana Potential Patron

    Apr 1, 2016
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    I'm asking for the Karlstine armor.

    Can you make it so that the broken armor has the same effects?

    Also I tried the breast but keep getting invisible breast and I can't use Ceph's nude mode atm because I cant change the option.

    If your using Ceph's mod could you help by giving me a verison that the setting is in that only hides starter clothing? I think its possible if you apply the configuration then copy the three folder it came with.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
  3. rlawlgus7680

    rlawlgus7680 Guest

    Unable to download the eyenight's partctudesc.xml.
  4. fleet

    fleet Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 16, 2012
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    Download works for me. Are you getting any error messages?
    Also, next time please use the site's REPORT function. It immediately alerts moderators when a problem is identified and gives the exact location of the problem,
    Very respectfully,
    fleet (global moderator)
  5. eyenight

    eyenight Content Creator

    Apr 27, 2012
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    My partctudesc.xml is included in PrincessNicky's mod now.
    Or the other version on attachment.

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  6. latuel

    latuel Potential Patron

    Mar 24, 2016
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    Karlstein NO Stoking

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  7. Captain Si

    Captain Si Vivacious Visitor

    Jul 31, 2017
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    hello everyone how do I get the venslar armor and feathers to work what does this mean Venslar Armor Top/Bottom --> 94526970.dds and this Venslar FEATHERS --> 1829412762.dds I don't see them at all