Black Desert Nude Skins & 3D body for Meta Injector by Suzu


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Jun 14, 2016
United States
Does anybody know what I would need to edit to fix the texture of the outfit around the waist? Notice how the Black Leather texture of the armor is sticking out of the rest of the armor? This out fit has various pieces and while I was able to find a fix for my Mystic armor that was suffering from a similar problem I'm not sure if a similar fix would work for my Kunoichi.

I'm not the best at editing meshes and I was able to use a fix Suzu had posted for the Mystic by adding a line to my "partcutdesc.xml".

I thought it was weird that the problem with the Mystic armor was tied to the feet of the armor but it makes sense because that outfit doesn't come with separate armor pieces for the feet as they are equipped whenever the body of the armor is equipped.

Hope my post makes sense and thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply!
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