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Bad End/Good End in ryona

Discussion in 'Ryona' started by neosushi, Dec 30, 2014.

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    A lot of the ryona fantasy is about taking a powerful girl and bringing her to her knees. A good portion of ryona is themed around humiliation and total defeat of a heroine. However, even though the majority of the ryona I've seen is about defeat, some of them end in triumph. Sometimes, though, as badly as I wanted to see the heroine taken down a peg, the triumphs are every bit as satisfying as the defeats. What is it about heroine victory that makes it so invigorating in a fantasy that is primarily about domination and total defeat? Is it because the story is structured in a way that would make my mind expect a total defeat? My mind, expecting - no, WANTING - the heroine to be trashed is now racing at the thought that maybe, just maaaaaybe, the heroine will win despite all signs pointing to her defeat and all the odds heavily against her.

    At the moment, I am unsure of whether I prefer Bad Ends or Good Ends. I think they are both amazing for different reasons.

    Victory and Defeat Conditions

    One of the exciting parts of ryona is the idea of a defeat condition. Victory conditions are less interesting because they are more typical. Heroine defeats villain and saves the day. In Good End ryona, the intrigue is not in the victory itself, but in the trials that the heroine has to go through to achieve that victory. Defeat conditions on the other hand are different.

    Often times, defeat in ryona isn't “just” about losing. It is about complete humiliation. This can take many forms from torture to slavery to rape. Rape is often used as the ultimate symbol of humiliation. I know that not everyone is a fan of rape, but it is often the defeat condition used due to how dehumanizing the act is.

    The anticipation of defeat in ryona is not just about losing a fight, but about the promise of rape (or whatever defeat condition you wish to use in place of rape).

    Bad End ryona

    Obviously, Bad End ryona would focus on the defeat conditions, almost ignoring the victory conditions. The build-up to the defeat is pretty common between both Bad End and Good End ryona. The exposition typically shows both the heroine and villain performing awe inspiring physical feats, legitimizing both as a threat. This sets up the epic clash of the two superpowers. The clash ends in defeat for the poor heroine, leading to the humiliating defeat condition (often times rape).

    The appeal of the Bad End ryona comes from the satisfaction of taking down a powerful girl, humiliating her in a way unlike anything she's ever experienced. The closer the heroine gets to victory, the more satisfying her eventual fall is.

    Clean Good End ryona

    The Good End ryona follows a more classical mould of story-telling. It starts off similarly to Bad End ryona, with a show of the heroine and villain's power. A series of overwhelming trials are then thrown at the heroine and one by one, she overcomes all odds and surpasses everything the villain throws at her.

    This is more of a feel-good classic story, with the overwhelmed underdog heroine, backed against a corner and helpless, eventually finding a way to victory. We get to see the heroine getting badly beaten up, AND we get to see a satisfying happy ending.

    Murky Good End ryona

    However, there is a different style of Good End ryona where we all get what we want. The underdog heroine faces unexpected challenges, gets humiliated AND achieves eventual victory. It is possible for the defeat condition to be satisfied without the heroine actually being defeated.

    Most of GIGA studio's good end movies involve this. Due to the sexually explicit nature of GIGA films, we often see the heroines stripped naked and tortured, or raped. Even in the Good End films (yes, they exist).

    In the Murky Good End ryona, the defeat conditions are shown explicitly, before defeat actually happens. The heroine, on the verge of defeat, gets raped or tortured. This lets the viewer know what is in store for her if the villains were to achieve complete victory. The heroine resists and fights back during the rape, at which point the promise of rape is made clear to the viewer. Even though the heroine has yet to lose, we all know what will happen to her should that happen. We already caught a glimpse of that.

    Even though the heroine eventually wins, I call this a Murky Good End because the heroine crossed the line into defeat. The promise was that should the heroine be defeated, she would be raped. The heroine was not defeated, yet she was still raped. It was a victory, yet she still suffers the humiliation that defeat would have brought.

    Examples to come...

    - - - Updated - - -

    GIGA and ZEN studios has a large variety of different styles of ryona Endings, ranging from clean victory to utter humiliation. Here I will give two shining examples of a Murky Good Ending.

    Example #1: ATHB-17 - Heroine Battle - Get on top of the crisis, Eri the athlete Detective

    The plot summary can be found at GIGA's website.
    GIGA-WEB.com - Japanese Superheroine Sex Movie

    I always love reading their plot summaries. The language is so awkwardly colourful, and the English is just good enough that I can actually understand what's going on (well, not always).


    The first serious fight is a tough two-on-one handicap match, pitting Green Guy and Red Guy against our heroine, Eri. We see our lovely heroine getting brutally beaten up, and eventually she achieves victory over both of these henchmen. Nothing sexually explicit happens. Our heroine has overcome a serious disadvantage, achieving victory against all odds, showing how amazing she is.

    Her next match is another tough match, where Eri takes on Big Guy. Though nothing sexually explicit happens during the match, Eri is defeated. Upon defeat, she is brought to a dark room, tied up and tortured with a stick. She is beaten and molested. For whatever reason (entertainment I suppose), the villain decides to give her another chance and let her have another match.

    During the torture scene, we are given a glimpse of Eri's defeat condition. If she were to lose her next match, she would be subject to endless torture for the remainder of her life. We have all seen first hand what would happen in a Bad End situation (and consequently, we, or atleast I, am turned on).

    In the following match, Eri is to take on an overwhelmingly ridiculously three-on-one handicap match. She needs to fight Green Guy, Ruler Guy AND Big Guy. Consider that Big Guy ALONE beat Eri one on one. The odds are impossible. She can't even beat the Big Guy one on one and now she faces him in a three-on-one match. Granted, the Ruler Guy is pretty useless so it's more of a two-on-one, but even so, she should not be able to win this match. This setup absolutely promises defeat. Eri HAS to be defeated and she WILL spend the remainder of her life tortured by these vile monsters. There is no other possibility against these odds.

    That's not all.

    During the fight, she gets molested and ass raped. The Ruler Guy fingers her pussy, feels her breasts, and humps her ass. She will be sexually abused on top of all the physical torture she must endure.

    Eri finds a way to win. It is an awesome feeling seeing one overcome such crazy obstacles. Yet even in victory, she was molested.

    Double submissions are always fun



    Before watching this scene: Sweaty girls just don't do it for me
    After watching this scene: Every single one of my fantasies involves sweating girls


    This is typically what happens to the defeated



    Eri is almost certainly going to be living her entire life like this. No way she's winning under these conditions

    I just love situations where the heroine gets stripped naked and is forced to continue to fight.

    Example #2 – WXXD-02 - Idol VS. Tentacle Alien - Asteria's Chronicle[Rated-15]

    Plot summary can be found on ZEN's website:
    Idol VS. Tentacle Alien - Asteria's Chronicle[Rated-15]

    OK, first of all, what the hell ZEN? I always thought that GIGA was where the sexually explicit stuff was, and that ZEN closely straddles the line but never crosses over to sexually explicit. I guess we can define “sexually explicit” as “contains nipple shots.” Tentacle penetration is completely not explicit as long as you don't show any nipples.

    Showing a nipple isn't allowed, but this is perfectly fine.

    No penetration is explicitly shown, this is perfectly acceptable.


    Completely harmless. Nothing happened here.


    You were gonna be alive either way. The only difference is that you should have a tentacle up your ass for the remainder of your life.

    The movie begins with an unimportant gunfight that is mainly there for introducing the plot and characters. We are introduced to the three good guys: the heroine Asteria, Mentor Guy, and Guy. The three of them are attempting to rescue the princess, who got kidnapped by some sort of generic evil organization.

    In the next scene, we see the villains talking to the Princess. They wanted some sort of information from her and she wouldn't talk. I'm not really sure what's going on but the important part is that she's dropped into a pit with a hideous tentacle creature. We then spend half the movie staring at this freaky monstrosity ravaging the helpless princess.

    While the scene does not establish competence from the bad guys, it shows how vile they are. The weak princess, unable to defend herself, is fed to the tentacle monster. Humiliating and breaking the princess is not some sort of great feat, the same way that breaking Eri in Example 1 is. The princess puts up no fight against the monster. In fact she is shown trying to crawl away and escape, but she has absolutely no chance of escaping her fate.

    The fact that they have no qualms with picking on the weak shows what kind of villains we're dealing with. It also gives us a clear idea of what the defeat condition is; lose the coming battle and our heroine will suffer the same fate as the princess. It hypes us up for Asteria's eventual confrontation with the tentacle monster.

    In the next important scene, Asteria arrives at the villain chamber and sees the violated princess lying unconscious on the ground. The villains taunt her and suddenly we see that the Guy she was hanging with betrayed her. He shows up with a gun pointed behind Mentor Guy's back. I seriously have no clue what this entails. No matter what, Asteria was gonna enter the villain chamber, and no matter what, she was gonna fight a tentacle monster, so I'm not exactly sure what's up with the Guy's betrayal.

    She fights a mini-boss, some sort of furry tentacle thing that feels her with his tentacles a few times before going down. She then drops into a pit and confronts our favourite tentacle monster. She puts up a better fight than the princess but is ultimately overpowered and raped by the tentacle monster. She exhausts her energy using some sort of special move where she her body turns all white and the tentacle monster suddenly fell down on the ground. I dunno, I have a feeling that special move is only useful in a situation where you're getting raped, otherwise she would have used it sooner.

    Exhausted, Asteria remains on the ground, breathing and sweating hard. The tentacle monster apparently doesn't care about her special move and just gets up, ready for round two. Then somehow Mentor Guy beats up the useless villains and throws her a gun and she wins?

    The heroine saves the day (with help) and rescues the princess, so this is definitely a Good End. However, the end result is that both the princess and the heroine got raped by the tentacle monster (except it's not rape because the penetration wasn't explicitly shown, but yeah... there was definitely penetration).

    While Example 2 had top notch tentacle action and was wildly entertaining, the Good End wasn't as satisfying. It's a shining example of what a Murky Good End would look like though. Both females in the movie were violently raped and utterly defeated by the tentacle monster, despite the Good End. However, the way things turned out, it really ought to have been a Bad End. Asteria's trump card was useless against the tentacle monster, and she was only able to win due to the non-tentacle villains' sheer incompetence. As much as I loved the movie, I feel like the Good End was undeserved.

    Example 1 on the other hand was a great Murky Good End. As much as I was cheering against Eri, she really fought hard and earned the win. She really gave me everything I wanted. She was tortured and sexually harrassed. She was half undressed. She was thrust into an unwinnable situation, promising even worse torture and eternal rape. She went through everything a losing heroine should go through, but she also overcame all odds when hope really should have been lost.

    I think the great thing in both examples is that it leaves more to the imagination. It allows the mind to further fantasize about how the Bad End SHOULD have occurred. In Example 2, it should have been a fair one-on-one fight between the tentacle monster and Asteria, which would have certainly lead to a Bad End. In Example 1, many things could have gone wrong for Eri. It could have been a four-on-one instead, seeing as how the Red Guy from her first handicap match was missing from that final match. Or perhaps the match could have occurred immediately after her torture, leaving her barely able to move going into the three-on-one match. Either way, the Murky Good End provides us with all the best aspects of both the Good End and the Bad End.
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    I prefer the ATHB-17's murky good ending, even though I have never watched the film. The 'never say die' attitude of the heroine/victim fascinates me, I don't like the protagonist to go down easily.