Anyone know if MLOW is done?


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Nov 7, 2014
The last videos they added were sometime last fall I think, maybe even earlier, and they were all compilation videos. I haven't seen any shoots set up since then. Does anyone know if they're finished making videos? I've pretty much dropped them out of my custom shoot rotation check at this point.

I'll make this a twofer! Are there any good quality custom video production companies that use actual wrestlers aside from these?

- SLAMpegs
- Liberty Pro
- UWW/Classy Broads
- Las Vegas Custom Wrestling


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May 5, 2011
Yeah seems like it. I was a big fan of MLW years ago before they changed owners. Ever since, the quality has been taking a nose dive. I mainly do customs with Slammin. Do you know how the quality is with Liberty? Their site only has still photos. Would like to hear peoples experiences with them.
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