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Got very inspired by the works of BW30, so decided to start this thread with my own universe.
I often pondered the idea of writing stories, and I did it in the past, but got kind of tired of using and creating so many different characters and disposing of them. So lately I was starting a story, then another one, then another and not finishing any of them. Another issue was that in each story I had so many ideas for fatalities that I'd like to include, and only getting one per story seemed like a lot of work wasted. So first the Finish her thread seemed like an answer, but then BW30's concept of QuickTimeEvent style bad ends turned out to be the missing link here. The ability to use the same established character, and include multiple potential bad ends in a story is a great idea!

So it's my first try that I sort of wrote quickly after that. Maybe not my best, but I hope you'll like it! If so I will continue this series.
Sorry if there are some similarities to BW30's story, I will try to keep things as much separate as I can, but in this kind of fighting world it's hard to avoid some similarities and concepts.

My stories will include more sexual activities, while trying to stay as brutal as I can at the same time. My world is also not opposed to using anthro characters or creatures, so that may get it's way into the story as well, I'm not sure yet. I kind of like the idea of it being quite grounded yet still brutal, but I also like anthro characters. Will have to try to find the right balance.

And feel free to comment and post any advice on my writing, what to improve and how. Also feel free to suggest who she should fight next, what kind of stages you'd like things to happen in, and what kind of bad ends you'd like to read more about!

With all that said... let's start this journey!

P.S.: This story has a long intro before the fight starts, obviously it's here to establish the character and the scene. Latter stories will just jump into fights with little to no intro text.



UFL stands for Underground Fighting League, a network of underground fight clubs in the modern fantasy\near future world. It also supports a spin-off deep web streaming show called Rendezvous Fight or RF, which has it's own rules and uses random locations in the world instead of pre-determined arenas, with hidden cameras placed their prior to the fight, and a smartphone app used for signing up and match-making.

They are all governed by people above the law, but still authorities often try to ruin this network from within, sending spies and the like. So far everyone who tried to bring it down was killed, either by assassins or in one of the fighting events. Sometimes agents pose as fighters and just dont handle it and die. Sometimes they are busted and forced to fight in an uneven match, which is a form of execution with no chance of winning.

Rules may differ from fight to fight, from night to night, but one thing remains - no limits. Rules are usually there to either spice things up... or make a fight look less 'dangerous' for some fighters. For example - pin to win. Or strip to win. But it's often easier to achieve it when your opponent is crippled or dead.

Who fights here? All sorts of people and creatures and anthros. Some make a career out of it, some just go for a quick buck, some are lured into the fight by some false pretense and misinformation.

How do they keep it secret? They keep tabs on anyone who ever visits this place. And if they find out that someone leaked information about the club to authorities... Let's just say they don't live to see another day after that.

Some possible fight club locations and fight stages that fights can occur in. These are here to help quickly set the background for RP.

- A fight club hidden under a bar in one of US towns
- A fight club deep in the forest of Russian rural area
- A fight club that stages fights on the beach, any country
- A fight club that takes place in Phuket, Thai, on one of the 'fun streets' under one of the bars

Laura was walking to her boring job when a guy stumbled into her. He said "sorry" and walked away, and Laura proceeded to go to her job. She was a young blonde girl, cute looking, with blue eyes and a nice fit body. She recently graduated and was starting to realize that she did not really like doing what she did, working in the office was boring, but she never really thought about this, her parents picked her high school for her.

She did have a hobby, thought, and maybe that was what distracted her and let her live through the high school. She was an amateur wrestler performing in local amateur wrestling club. Nothing special, just one of many clubs with relatively small audience, but she just liked this kind of friendly brawling and had lots of fun with it, and even a little money.


One more day at this boring job passed. She walked into her rented apartment, dropped her purse, she started to pull her pants down and sat into a couch and with a moan just leaned back, leaving her pants halfway down. It was almost a year at the office, she had hoped that the boredom she felt there was just some initial depression and she had to adjust. But it was almost a year! And it was still as boring, and frankly she did not even make much money there. She could barely pay the bills, and looking at the date she realized that she had to pay the rent soon and that would leave her with barely enough money to live until her next paycheck. And her amateur wrestling club, even though visited regularly, would be more responsible for that surviving than her salary. She even regretted paying for a yearly subscription of her gym this time.

The thought of this made her kind of sick, not even being able to just keep up.

"Ah, fuck..." she said, and stood up, and finally finished removing her jeans. And noticed that some flyer fell out of her purse. She never picked those up, so how the fuck did it get there? She picked it up and looked at it.

Some fighting club. UFL\RF and two logos. "Hm..." she already had a club, but maybe this one pays more? She kept reading. A network of clubs, okay, maybe she can find one nearby. It was advertised as Mixed Martial Arts, well, wrestlers dont always do well in MMA fights, she thought, but she did visit some kick boxing courses in her gym, so that might help.

The more she read, the more she liked it, and then here cute eyes and mouth opened wider when she read about the prize money rules.

First off, even if you lose, you're payed 150$ just for trying, that's more than what she got at her amateur wrestling club for winning! Then there's a base prize of 500$ for winning, which is then multiplied by the fucking weight difference between fighters! So you get more if you fight someone who's heavier? That's awesome! She was getting quite excited, knowing how many fat guys she fought in her club and defeated them. They are usually slow and she was always able to outmaneuver and outsmart them.

And then there's a grand prize for winning the tournament of one million... She rubbed her eyes. No, she miscounted the zeros. No, that's right, one million dollars for the winner of the tournament.

She looked at herself in the mirror. The fuck she was doing in the office again?


Surprisingly enough she did find one of those clubs closeby. She did feel a bit worried that she had to use Tor network to access their website as the flyer instructed, but the 1 000 000$ title and the fact that website was well designed and looked very much like some UFC website with dark theme made her worries go away.

The club was located on another side of her town, under a bar. So, she showered, packed a bag with her wrestling outfit and less than an hour later she walked into the bar. It.. did not look like it was very popular, only a few people were at the bar or tables, a barman and a huge looking guy guarding the door she was supposed to walk through. She hesitated and got nervous. She changed her mind, this did not look legit, sure there are other ways to earn money. But it would look weird if she just walked away, so she pretended she came here for a drink.

She walked to the bar and ordered a long island cocktail. It was evening, so sure enough a girl walking into a bar for a drink before going home should not look out of place. Sure enough no one bothered her. She sipped at her drink, realizing that it must've been the strongest Long Island she ever tried. Nice place.

But they don't call alcohol liquid courage for no reason. By the time she finished her drink she felt like giving it a try. With her confidence back she stood up and walked up to a guy guarding the door and showed him the flyer. He nodded and stepped to the side, openning the door, and then locking it once she walked through.

"Hello dear!" a red haired girl was sitting at the desk in a small room that was behind the door. There were two more doors here, apparently one for fighters and another for spectators. "Came here to spend or earn?" she looked at the sports bag in Laura's hand. "If I may guess.. You're looking to sign up for a fight?"

"Yes" Laura replied

"Good, I bet the crowd would love to watch someone as cute as you fighting!" she winced, Laura blushed a bit at the compliment for some reason. "Here, sign these forms and you'll find locker rooms through that door. Pick one and wait until you're invited through the comms in the room. Then just walk down the corridor and you'll get to the arena!"

Laura took a little while to look through the forms. They looked kind of legit, there was one for no liability in case of injury or health problems. She did remember signing similar one in her amateur club too, though she did not remember how exactly it was worded. So, finally she signed all forms and walks through the door, down the stairs and into her locker room.

There she changed into her fighting outfit, the one she used in her fight club too. It was quite cute, and she was obviously going for extra money for the 'interesting outfit' bonus. It was basically a kitty outfit, black dress with stripes about mid-thigh length maybe a bit shorter. White stockings on her sexy fit legs, with a garter on her left thigh. Some plush bracers on her arms and converse sneakers on her feet. And of course plush kitty ears on her head.


She was called in surprisingly soon. She knew fights started at 00:00 and gone through the night till morning, and she walked here at 23:30. Looks like she was the first!


She walked through the corridor and into the arena. After her eyes adjusted to the bright light and her ears to the loud cheers and some heavy music playing in the background she looked around. She was basically in a pit surrounded by glass walls with a ring in the middle. She smiled to the crowd who kept cheering her up and even whistling to her. Gracefully she jumped over the ropes, inevitably flashing her cute butt and white panties at the crowd, before landing inside the ring. It had white mat with club's logo on it. She posed a bit for the crowd and then she was told to take the red corner and so she did.


"And fighting against this cute kitty girl we have the deadly and devastating, The Rhino!" announcer girl, the same redhead who was at the desk before said.

"Wait, did she say deadly?" Laura thought to herself, concerned. "Ah, part of the show, sure..." she dismissed the thought and watched her opponent walking into the ring. "Oh well.. at least I'll sure take advantage of that weight difference thing..." she thought as she saw the man in front of her.


He was huge dark skinned guy with massive muscles and an evil glare in his eyes. He had tattoes over his body, and was only wearing some shorts, a starp around high right thigh and a bandana on his head. He walked into the ring like it was his home, he looked around at the crowd waving to some specific guys he clearly knew in person. When he saw Laura he smiled and grunted clearly enjoying the view. Laura gulped. But then started to think about it. He looked more like bodybuilder than a fighter, if so he likely lacked skill or speed even compared to Laura. Even if he had fighting skill he was simply too large to be fast or flexible.

"Tonights rules!" announcer declared and the crowd went silent and music turned down in volume. This was an important moment. "You lose if you leave the ring!" the crowd cheered, and Laura exhaled, this was one of the best possible rules for her to wish for. The bell rang and both fighters moved into fighting stance and started to close the distance.

"I'll have fun playing with your corpse, girl!" he said once they were closer. "Such a cute little thing, it will almost be a shame breaking it..."

Laura thought... hoped it was just for show too, thought something about how he said it was giving her some concerns. Still she was quite cocky and confident herself and had to reply in the same manner.

"Sure, keep fantasizing about it. I bet your cock will make for a nice trophy to hang on a wall!"

While she was distracted with her mocking she did not notice how she lowered her guard. He was just waiting for this and the moment her fists got lower, his fist was already flying towards her pretty face.

His fist slammed into her face, snapping her head back and making her stumbled. She already looked disoriented, her eyes crossed a bit as she stumbled. He just kept going, not one to play around, he kept punching the poor girl, her chest, her belly, her face all while making her keep staggering into the corner of the ring.

By the time she was in the corner she had a lot of her ribs broken, her jaw dislocated, one eye starting to get dark and she was barely conscious.

"You wanted my cock, slut?" he said, turning her around and pinning her to the corner post, roughly he pulled her skirt up and slid her panties down her thighs and a moment later she felt his large hard cock slamming into her asshole.

"Then fucking take it! UGH! UGH!" It took a few thrusts for all of his cock to manage to get into her tight asshole and then he started slam-fucking her against the post, her broken ribs further damaging her organs, her lungs making her start gurgling with blood, too dizzy to resist.

Being high on adrenaline it did not take too long for him to feel the orgasm coming, soon his cock started to throb and twitch pumping, filling her ass with cum.

He then grabbed her head by her hair and started slamming her into the corner post, making sure she was knocked out before, with a grunt, he lifted her up over his head by her neck and by her crotch. "GRAAA!" he roared for the crowd. "OFF YOU GO!" he said and tossed her over the ropes, making sure she went in head-first and her being knocked out meant she would not be able to readjust her fall.

And so she fell, the floor outside the ring was concrete. With a sickening crack of her neck and her skull and a spatter of blood she dropped on her head, and then on her belly. The crowd laughed as she lay there with her arms and legs spread, her panties pulled down her legs and cum slowly leaking from her ass and over her pussy, forming a white pool between her legs, with blood pool spreading under her head.

But Laura did it on purpose, provoking him to make the first move, and the moment he did, she moved in behind his arm, she lifted her right leg gracefully and slammed the heel under his knee. He was strong, but it was a weak spot and if the hit is aimed properly then it does not matter how strong he is. He fell on his knee, and Laura used the moment while he was surprised to kick his other knee down too, and once he was there she wrapped one of her sexy legs around his neck and fell on her sweet butt locking in a figure 4 headlock and muscles on her legs tensed as she started to squeeze, attempting to choke him out.

It went for a little while, he squirmed under her, his spit spattered over one of her legs in the process. But he was a lot stronger, so eventually he managed to overpower her by rolling over, wrapping his arms around her waist and standing up. Seeing as this was clearly not a good positino for her to be in, Laura opened her lock and kicked him in the face with her knee, to force him to open his grip on her so she can get out of this obvious pilediver pose before it was too late.

But he did not let go of her. Her heart started beating faster, she was starting to panic and kept hitting him with her knee, but then he stood up and pressed her closer to him, so her legs were now over his shoulders with no way for her knee to reach him.

"Your pussy smells nice, kitty!" he commented the fact that his face was between her legs now.

"No, don't!" she screamed as he jumped, he lifted his legs as high as he could, restricting her arms from reaching for the floor and exposing her neck, and fell on his ass. A crack could be heard. He held her body like that for a while, giving a loud sniff for show, before pushing her away. Her body tilted and fell on it's back and ass, legs away from him, her head between his spread legs. He slapped her a few times.

"Hey, out already?" he checked her pulse. "Fuck, she ded." he said and laughed along with the crowd, meanwhile Laura's legs twitched a few times, her face had expression of fear frozen on it.

He stood up, pulling her along with him by her blonde hair, and then lifted her up above his head, face up, one arm on her ass, another on her neck. "FUCK YEAH!" he screamed as he turned around the ring so everyone could see him and the girl, as he stood in a victory pose. He then dropped her on the floor near the ropes. He leaned down and ripped her kitty ears off her head. "My daughter will love these!" he laughed and carelessly pushed her out of the ring. Her body rolled over and with a thud fell on the concrete floor. The bell rang, and The Rhino was declared victorious.

The hit with her knee was done in time, before he managed to hug her tightly to himself so there was enough distance for her to perform it. It was strong enough that Rhino staggered back, releasing her, she fell head-first onto the floor, but supported her fall with her arms, so she did not not hit it with her pretty head.

She rolled away from him, and ended up in a graceful pose on one knee, with the other leg stretched to the side, and facing her opponent. She licked her lips, he was open for attack and not far from the ropes. She charged at him with a battle cry, she jumped and aimed both of her legs at his chest, attempting to jump-kick him out of the ring!

But Rhino recovered just in time to step to the side, grab her legs, he turned around 180 and used her own momentum to throw her out of the ring! She screamed, she hit the ropes and they made her spin, cartwheeling in the air before with a thud she fell on the floor.

"Fuck, that sure killed her..." Rhino said, kind of disappointed in how it turned out. But then he heard Laura moan. She pushed up and stood up outside the ring, looking around, and holding her right arm with her left, her shoulder was bleeding.

"Fuck, I lost... well, at least I get that prize for participating, huh?" she thought to herself.

"Rhino wins the match, Laura fell out of the ring." announcer's voice said. And then a shot fired, a bullet hit her in one of her eyes, the back of her head head exploded and her brains spattered back into the ring, some of it landing on Rhino's muscular body.

Her other eyes was wide open in surprise as was her mouth, her body made one step back and then fell forward, flat on her face and chest, and started squirming in death agony.

"Laura is disqualified." announcer's voice boomed over the arena and the crowd laughed and cheered.

"Haha, yeah, baby, shake that ass for the victor!" Rhino said, he watched her shaking and jiggling ass until her thrashing turned into just small twitched, and then walked out to take his cash.

"HYYYAAA!" she exhaled when her legs hit his body, and she extended them, pushing him into the ropes, and herself back into the ring.

"AAARGH FUCK!" he screamed in his low voice as he hit the ropes and fell over.

"HAHA! Yeah I win, you prick!" she said and even spat in his direction.

"Laura wins the match. Rhino is disqualified." announcer's voice said.

"NO! NO PLEASE DON'T!" Rhino suddenly looked scared and terrified.

"Look at who's whining and crying like a little boiii!" Laura laughed at him. "What, so scared of losing you wi..." suddenly a gunshot sounded and Laura twitched and blinked as she felt something warm spatter across her face and body. When she opened her eyes she saw Rhino still standing on his feet, but there was a huge hole in his head with most of his brains missing... Then his body fell to the side, and when she looked down she realized that she was covered in his brains.

"Oh..." so THAT would be her fate if she lost? The thought of coming so close to death made her double over and throw up, her legs shaking. But surprisingly... it was that which caused her to vomit, and not the fact that his brains were all over her.

That felt... oddly satisfying.


So, I hope that story was at least close to being as satisfying to read as it felt satisfying for the girl to have brains of her ruthless opponent spattered all over her.

As I mentioned at the top, feel free to comment and post any advice on my writing, what to improve and how. Also feel free to suggest who she should fight next, what kind of stages you'd like things to happen in, and what kind of bad ends you'd like to read more about!


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Thanks for kind words! Any suggestions for the next stage or opponent or rules? :) I encourage people to post those, let's make it interactive :D Could imagine it like readers are part of the crowd that watches these fights.
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Elena vs Karakurt

Laura was not the only one participating in UFL tournament. In fact with such good prizes, for winning the whole tournament, for winning just single fights and even losing there was no shortage of people coming in to try their luck. Some, like her at first, misguided into thinking this was a rough place but still obeying laws, as in no death would be allowed. Others even thinking it was just all fake, though those were extremely rare, as while UFL tried to hide that death could happen here, they usually did not say anything against it being real and quite rough fighting league.

In the main branch of UFL death was possible, but it was relatively rare. But the crowd was just as bloodthirsty for the most part. Maybe clasic Rome style gladiator fights were not a thing in modern society anymore and people pretend to be civilized. But you can't completely remove the animal part from humans. Deep down they still crave the same things as centuries before.

So they always enjoyed when one of the opponents died, by accident or not. And this is why, at least more violent people in the crowd, had some favorite fighters, those few complete beasts with very little compassion or sympathy who preferred to kill most if not all of their opponents.

Such was a russian male challenger called Karakurt. He was known to kill every opponent he met. And he always marked his opponent's foreheads with a drawing of a spider with their own blood.


So tonight Laura was enjoying her drinks and snacks while sitting at the VIP zone, special separate VIP zone for participants, another perk of being in the tournament. And watching tonight's fight. Tonight was the fight between Karakurt and another promising young girl, Elena. While Laura had only one fight behind her back Elena already had 4, first three ended with knockouts and last with a broken neck of her opponent, who talked too much shit about her and her twin sister, threatening to kill Elena and rape her sister after. So she decided to not take any chances and killed him.

Meanwhile she was reading about Karakurt's nickname, it was in fact a name of a spider that lives somewhere in Russia and Ukraine, poisonous and it's poison known to cause ipains all over the body, but most insuferable around belly, waist and chest areas.

Meanwhile announcer finished announcing fighters, and Laura heard: "And welcome our first challenger of this beautiful night, just as beautiful - EEELEEEENAAAA!" and with that, blinking of the light and music playing louder at this moment Elena walked into the fighting pit. She was not tall, maybe even shorter than Laura, she had long blonde hair which were getting darker closer to roots. She was very well built, fit with nice defined abs. Her body was just nice to look at. Especially now, in bright lights of spotlights and wearing nothing more but some white Victoria's Secret panties and bra.



After she entered the ring and waves to the crowd, she never made much of a show of her entrance, her opponent walked into the pit. He was huge compared to her, in height and width. He looked to be quite older than her, but it was hard to tell his exact age. He was muscled, with veins visible on his biceps the thickness of her thighs, and his forearms. He was wearing some red boxing shorts and some white MMA gloves.

"What, afraid to hurt your knucles over a girl?" Elena mocked him with a smirk as she moved into fighting stance. She clearly did not see his previous fights. Otherwise she'd know that yes, he does need those cloves for protection...


"READY!?" announcer shouted into the microphone. "LET THE BEST FIGHTER WIN! FIGHT!" and the bell rang.


Two opponents started circling each other. Both with fists up, looking into each other's eyes, watching each other's step, even Karakurt, though obviously outmatching Elena, was not letting his guard down. In fact this was one of the reasons he was so good at this. He was here to win. He was not leaving anything up to a chance. One of the reasons he preferred to off his opponent's. This way he was making sure to completely disqualify them from the tournament, otherwise he could be matched against them again.

They circled each other and circled, for over a minute, until the crowd started booing at them, some were laning back in their seats, some even looked into their phones, clearly bored.

Elena gave in first. She finally charged at him and started attacking him with her best combos and attacks. Those sexy legs flying through air and hitting him in his sides, his legs, attempting to hit his knees, her fists hitting his chest, his face. He did block about half of her attacks, another half did hit his body but did not seem to do anything.

It went on like that for about another minute or two, the crowd was now quite excited watching this cute girl going all out on that male monster. Watching her skin getting glazed with sweat, shining in the lights of the arena.

"You can do this, go girls!" Laura got into the fight so much that she stood up and cheered her up with the rest of the crowd.

Finally Karakurt saw a short openning in her flurry of attacks. That was all he needed. His fist slammed into her jaw with a sickening crunch, her head snapped to the side and a handful of teeth flew out of her mouth and rattled on the floor. She stumbled back, clearly out on her feet already.

Where other fighters would give any chance to their opponents at this stage, Karakurt would not. The crowd split in two groups now, one chanting "KILL HER!" others "MERCY! DONT DO IT!" and the like. Not to satisfy anyone in the crowd but to seal his victory he moved in and started to punch her. Her abs, her chest, her sides, with full force of his strong arms and body, some punches breaking her ribs and forcing her to stumble further back until she slammed into the wall with her back.

"Oh fuck..." Laura said, she already learned about his reputation and knew that this girl was going to die tonight. Soon. Somewhere in the crowd Elena's sister was crying for this to stop.

Elena's body was shuddering from obliterating punches for a while longer until he finally stopped. When he did Elena just balanced on her feet. Her arms swaying, her head tilted forward on her chest, with blood dripping from her mouth, and not just from her gums, but from the inside too. Soaking into her white outfit. One of her shoulder laces did not hold and ripped, her top snapped open exposing one of her tits with a nipple quickly getting hard from exposure to cold air.

When he grabbed her hair to drag her into the center of the pit she was nothing but a ragdoll in his arms. She was not going to recover from this any time soon. This was it for this proud female challenger.

He placed her down on her knees in the middle of the ring. The crowd could enjoy the look of that sexy fit body one more time. He walked behind her, holding her by her shoulders. Almost caring one could say. Just for a moment though, as the next moment he shoved his finger into her mouth, rougly moved it around in it, stretching her lips, collecting her blood. He started drawing on her forehead. A spider. As he always did before killing his opponents. At some point he felt like blood from her mouth was not good enough, mixed with drool, so he punched her hard in her nose, breaking it, blood burst from it. With this blood the drawing looked clearly thicker.

He held her up like that for a while longer. The crowd might think he was doing it for them, for the show, for suspence. But no. He was just waiting for the blood to dry, so it does not get smeareed too early.

Unfortunately for Elena it gave her time to start waking up. She opened her eyes and looked around. "Wha..." was the last sound she made before he started to slam his fist into her pretty face. Over and over he punched her in the face, a sickening sound of her nose breaking followed, then other facial bones, blood spattering all around, over his glove and arms and chest as well as over hers. After about a dozen punches she just twitched and gurgled, her face disfigured and bleeding. Last thing she heard in her life was her own neck cracking and suddenly she was forced looked in other direction, almost behind her back. She could see his thighs with her side vision. And in front of where she looked at she could see her own sister screaming in terror. All through the red haze as blood covered her eyes from punches.

Seconds later Elena's eyes lost focus, and started to look like glass. Empty. Dead. Karakurt swayed her head from side to side a bit, verifying she was dead, and let her drop on the floor, on her back, her legs still bent in knees with her feet trapped under her shapely ass.

As if it was just his job, showing no emotion on his face he left the pit, leaving Elena's corpse in it. On her back, legs bent in knees and spread, her head twisted at unnatural angle, eyes still open and blood leaking out of her nose and mouth, one of her tits exposed. Bruises did not even have time to form on her body. Her face a mess, disfigured and covered in blood. Somehow it did not make much way to her forehead, leaving his signature symbol visible clearly on her pale skin.

Elena was destroyed without even having any chance against Karakurt. All of her dancing around him and all of her attack meant nothing, as soon as he had the shot, he just murdered her in the next few minutes like some murder machine.

Laura sank into her seat up in VIP area as Elena's corpse was dragged out of the pit. Even now her body looked fit and firm, she was a strong girl and her quickly rising record of her previous fights showed that he was a good fighter. Laura had to come up with something. A plan on how she could win a fight against this monster, or how to rig the whole thing to avoid him. She had to finish her drink in one go to calm her nerves, as as of right now she could not think of anything that would help her stand a chance against him in the pit.


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