Ayane nudemod

Ayane nudemod 1.0

This nudemod for Dead or Alive 5 reveals the major part of Ayane’s breasts and uncover a lot of her lower body.

Oh folks, I’ve never received so much feedback then in the time I've released my first DOA 5 nudemod. Thank you so much! That really motivated me to instantly work on my second Dead or Alive 5 nudemod. I thought Ayane would be a good idea since she has this nice outfit which can be modified partially. There is an issue on her butt and on the front side that I couldn't get rid of though. I hope you can still enjoy this mod. Keep up your great support guys. I am really happy to make nudemods for you awesome nudemod-loving people. To all the other modders out there: keep it up guys, your doing good!

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